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: > [{quoted}](name=Jelly Mac,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jLREAfQ4,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2016-10-22T02:27:58.185+0000) > > He made one mistake, his other creations are fine for the most part He didn't made one mistake {{champion:157}} {{champion:82}} and old {{champion:122}} He is known for making a lot of mistakes, and that's why the community no longer trusts him.
His Caitlyn rework is fine and Morde is in much healthier state now and Darius is Darius. And please just because he made champs people don't know how to counter doesn't mean he's a terrible designer and the "community" doesn't trust him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Starfish H,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gLxEqrEX,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-10-22T03:05:04.731+0000) > > Perfect kiting should be rewarded for perfect kiting. If you fuck up your kite you die. It's a risk and reward. really, then why do adc get so many get out of jail free cards in case they fuck up? seems a bit onesided to me. and if i get a perfect engagement on a vayne as a melee champion, why is she still able to just straight up stat check and kill me, or pop a few item actives and resume kiting?
I can name only about 4 with a free jail free cards. Vayne, Lucian, MF (if you cant get to her first) and Varus. Everyone else is immobile and can be blown up by an assassain. It's strange how the one thing the board hates is now the counter to one of the Boards hate of the month.
: perfect kiting breaks the dynamic and is extremely unfair to melees; to my knowledge no other MOBA allows it thanks to turn speeds
If you're getting kites that hard then you shouldn't fight them one and wait for another teammate. Kiting only works against one player, not if their whole teat is there. If you have a problem with kiting don't fight alone and bring teammates.
: remove perfect kiting because it's the source of almost all of the ranged v melee problems
Perfect kiting should be rewarded for perfect kiting. If you fuck up your kite you die. It's a risk and reward.
: 2 melee and 8 ranged Champs on world's rn
So what do you want ranged champions to do have melee range? And what do you want melee Champs to do have ranged autos? How would you fix it enlighten me. Melee Champs and Ranged Champs counter each other. Melee can gap close and even if they don't have one they have Deadman or a MS buff in their kit and have a form of cc to prevent kiting. IF a Melee champ gets the first drop they almost always win. Meanwhile Ranged Champs have to kite and peel for themselves or rely on others. The only advantage is range and even then as I said we have some sort of CC to gap close or a dash. Please maybe one day the Boards can complain about something not stupid.
: the thing YOURE not getting is that they literally IGNORE ALL DAMAGE NO MATTER WHO ITS FROM,ive seen illois laugh off the damage a kogmaw is doing ive seen dariuses that just waltz into the battle and destroy even when the enemy team ccs him up the ass, **THEY ARE TOO TANKY FOR THEIR DAMAGE** whether you like the fact or not **TANKS SHOULDNT DEAL CARRY DAMAGE**
But they aren't tanks. They are juggernauts. They are tanky fighters that sacrifice CC in favor of blowing up the nearest squishy. Illoai is a pisss poor example to use because she was against Kog'Maw the most immobile champion since the discovery of a rock. He's going to get pounded by the tentacles. Darius is not a front liner so if he does walk into then battle halfway and make you all cc him he did his job correctly.
: "flat armor pene is useless against tanks"
Not as dumb as the phrase "Assassains are the most broken class and should be removed from the game" Like wut? Without assassains Mages and ADC would be so out of control it wouldn't be funny.
: Championship Zed Splash Art
Here we see the elusive Zed in his habitat as Zed mains all band together to try to get a piece of him.
Coperos (NA)
: You know the boards doesn't seem to realize {{champion:74}}'s W/L is less then 50%. AND he's the champions who's mains are the most hardcore in all of league... So apparently having a strong presence during the laning phase instantly disqualifies any champion, from being buffed. Even when undeniable proof is slapped in a lot of the board communities face they'll tell you "too cancerous" or some shit. Then dislike bomb you and circle jerk each other. Btw Heimer would need way more then this, to see LCS coverage.
I never said Heimerdinger was strong just said he's very frustrating to play against. I think he would as he'd just stand inside his big turret or minions while you're getting him and make it very difficult to click on him.
: You're insisting the implication that tear+roa is an automatic defeat for your team which just isn't true at all.
I never said it was an automatic defeat. Sure you can go that build I just said by the time you get it's probably either really late into the game or it takes 20 minutes for you're 3 core item to work. The wording I should have used was the game ended.
: there is no champion in the top lane that cant already fuck {{champion:75}} at first. and making friendly creep block not a thing will not fuck him any harder. {{champion:80}} doesnt need to worry about creep block cause he can just q you. again and again and again and again. and then w you to get onto you. and get around creep block {{champion:122}} can pull you to him or land decent ranged harass with his q. and his E pretty much garuntees he isnt walking STRAIGHT at you. but he doesnt need to cause you get slowed so much that by the time the slow wears off he has pathed around the minion block {{champion:17}} just needs to press q/AA. and teemo mostly stays at the edge of his minion wave anyways. the only person i can think of that would make this worse against nasus might be {{champion:39}} as she likes to dance through minion waves. but she is already so hilariously good against nasus that it doesnt matter anyhow
Example: Darius stands inside minion. Hell any Champion that can duel Nasus early which is everybody will stand inside it and deny him.. Now you have a 50% chance to click on it or you click on Darius by accident. Now he's standing on top of the Melee minion. You can't get it unless you want a Q to the face. Teemo runs into the edge of minion wave and Q-auto-auto. He then scampers back to inside back one of his minions. Pantheon stands inside a minion and anytime you get near he E's then Q. Now how can you farm?
: > [{quoted}](name=Starfish H,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FI0chr4g,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2016-08-29T01:09:37.097+0000) > > Because MordekaIser has a constant shield thanks to his passive as well as having a game changing ult that gets him a second ADC. He also gets a reliable source of healing from W and Hextech Gunblade if he builds it. Not only that his constant slow benefits from Rylai. He has the most damage overall compared to other Juggernauts. > I understand Malicious Metal made him popular but there's too much circle jerk of Morde now. Starfish H. This gamechanging ult can easily be countered by QSS, Not sure bout cleanse though.
I doubt someone would use cleanse for a Morde ult. Chances if are if Morde is already on top of you you're dead or was just cc'd. There's way more CC's worth using QSS over.
: wait . . . your saying a buff that makes it easier to cs will make NASUS go out of the meta?
It makes him easier to cs but way more easy to get poked down in lane which Nasus hates. I guarnetee you Nasus will be unplayable unless he's against someone he can farm against. Champions like {{champion:80}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:17}} will make his life a living hell. Pantheon especially.
bill84 (NA)
: Wait are any of those except maybe malphite currently in the meta?
Susan will never be and Galio well I've seen more people call him Galalio then see him in a match. But they all fit some niche and can be brought into the meta if the meta provides.
TFBaam (NA)
: ikr how is it fair poppy gets 345 ms with a dash and a speed up while morde who has 325 ms and no form of cc not even slows if im right you cant say hes a juggernaut because jugg garen has 345 and jugg darius has 340 and jugg mundo has 340
Because MordekaIser has a constant shield thanks to his passive as well as having a game changing ult that gets him a second ADC. He also gets a reliable source of healing from W and Hextech Gunblade if he builds it. Not only that his constant slow benefits from Rylai. He has the most damage overall compared to other Juggernauts. I understand Malicious Metal made him popular but there's too much circle jerk of Morde now.
: If Yi is dodging with Alpha he is outplaying you.
Wouldn't that apply to Yasuo as well? If he's dodging a skill shot that makes him appear behind a champ and also doesn't make him untargetable then he's outplaying you. Then there's no problem with Yas doing that.
: I mean, Archangel's can give an insane 160+ AP on the best builds for it, which just happen to be filled with RoA (another 100 AP item), Morello (Oh look, 100 more AP), Lichbane (80! this time. Also, we are already at 30% CDR), and then you can pop all of that into a rabadon passive. Now add Blue buff for the remaining 10% CDR and +15% AP.
Except your sacrificing early game for stacking potential. You'd have to buy tear then roa which will set you back in damage for about half the entire game. Probably by the time you get Sephra, RoA, and a Rabadon's your team would have surrendered. Also if you're gonna buy a morello you need to buy it early which counteracts the point of your build. So you'll buy a tear, a RoA and a Morello. You'll have around 160 AP with a 6200 gold build. It's not worth it as it sucks when you're underfed and it won't be effective if you're ahead compared to one Luden's and a Morello which offers more damage and helps you hit an early game powerspike.
: and then the jungler changes the side of jungle and still get xp/golds, a camp doesn't work like that.
Just buy wards and pink in choke point like blue bush and red bush. As well as their's that way you have constant vision of them and you can pincer them within your team mates
Durfain (EUW)
: I challenge any Rioter to explain to me the value of allied creepblock
So Champions that the board loves to complain about and are frustrating won't be top tier. Champs like {{champion:74}} that simple change will bring this boi straight to LCS and pick and ban. His turrets and minions will prevent him from getting hit and prevent people from getting in. {{champion:157}} can now walk through minion waves like their air while you struggle to click around them {{champion:92}} will just combo you everytime you get near one while being inside a melee minion meaning no minions for you. Not only that it'll just prevent champions with skill shots to do stuff in laning phase {{champion:63}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:8}} and many more wont be able to poke you laning phase or cc you because you'll be stuck inside a minion. Id rather have a small I convince than a change that would redefine the meta and make some champs pretty much useless.
: Except then the enemy laner can also do it to you. so...
Some Champions can do it better than others {{champion:122}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:80}} etc will, abuse this as free pok,e and damage then you can't do anything about it. Other champs like {{champion:3}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:54}} can't really use this type of abuse and will probably drop outta meta completely.
Julanus (NA)
: So, if ally minion block is removed, then ally champion block should also be removed, right?
Well yeah once people get minion blocked remove they'll be like "hurr sure allies blocked be and made me lose durr" and then riot probably would for consistency for shame shitty reason and next thing you know Vayne stands inside Nautilus and there ya go it's league of Big tanks and small carries.
Chrio (NA)
But it was a group of enemy minions. People have problems with ally minion block. So there's no need to fix it. Did anyone watch the game at all or just jumped into the "LEL DAREHAN GOT STUK IN MINIKNS I DINT SEE IT BUT WHATEVES"
: Nah guys, minion block totally isn't an issue
I mean he dashed into a group of minions what else would happen? And there's no point here since people want ally minion block gone. That's enemy minions. So yeah it isn't an issue.
Sharjo (EUW)
: WHO THE SOD IS SHE HBSAKCGHB DEGKHAS VGAS Lady Darkrai not only gives me the creeps but also revs up my lore engine something FIERCE.
: The Walking De-
This is why I hate zombies. Always wanting to eat brains when it's very high on cholesterol yet when presented a hearty delicious serving of Justice they won't eat that. Even if it's organic and evil gluten free
: Why did you main your champ?
{{champion:53}} I like to run up to people and forcibly grab them and then knock them up while silencing in the process. I'm probably on the FBI watch list now.
: Who do you ship in League Of Legends?
{{champion:92}} and {{champion:157}} Because I want them to have a kid that will cause a new generation of salt and tears. Also because they are both banished and considered exiles.
ƒoes (NA)
: Kha x Lulu - *"Yup, that tasted purple."*
: [Poll] Were Keystones were a mistake? Discussion inside!
Keystones are a good idea just needs more diversity. Stormraider's Surge is pretty much useless it's purpose is to help people like Juggernauts help against kiting when they can just get {{item:3022}}, {{item:3025}}, or {{item:3742}} to help. Idk why riot couldn't have made it get more Movement speed against CC'd targets.
YoiNeko (NA)
: playing alone is alot more fun than playing in groups at the moment. everyone just argues lol
Who are you playing with? Then people I play with laugh like donkeys someone fails flash. And then proceed to also do something equally as retarded later.
inplane (NA)
: I play League mainly to have some fun with my friends and to enjoy the few things I still like about this game (there isn't a lot left). Yeah, it doesn't feel very fun going solo. It just feels empty. Ranked isn't very fun anymore. Unique mechanics are being removed here and there to accommodate the newer players and the casual side of League.
Unique mechanics are being removed? If anything unique mechanics are multiplying like a group of mature rabbits during spring.
nami tf (NA)
: Make a Team Comp with a theme
Toxic team. {{champion:69}} Mid {{champion:17}} JG {{champion:29}} ADC {{champion:27}} Top {{champion:63}} Support Brand's in here because he's so toxic he flames people :^)
: Riot, I'd love the ability to gift skin shards to friends
I'd do it be an ass to my friend and gift them an ultimate skin shared only for them to realize they wasted all their orange essence for a 1350 skin. And if this those become a thing make it random so it wouldn't be abused
nami tf (NA)
: come up with the worst champion mechanic ever
Every kill gives you a Pernament 5% increase in movement speed and every assists gives you 2.5%
: What Champ Powers Would Suck To Have IRL?
{{champion:98}} I'd have to be pretty emotionless to get this champs power and think of my daily life after. "Hey dude how was the party last night." "It was fun"- in monotone voice "Umm uhh are you sure?" "Absolutely"- in monotone voice "Uhh okay whatever mr.sarcastic" Dating "How much do you love me?' "I love you a lot"- in monotone voice "Uhh can you repeat that with alittle more enthusiasm" "I love you to the moon and back" - in monotone voice "Why do you sound so sarcastic then? It's over!" "Oh no wait don't go Cheryll" -In monotone voice "Well at least I have this glowing sword thing"- in monotone voice
: There are many champions that can draintank now and they aren't even considered broken. {{champion:84}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:19}} + every ADC lategame with BT
You just listed a bunch of champs who either require items to heal or have very situational heals except for Nasus and WW and we both know how those champs are going. A draintank is someone who inherently has a reliable source of healing while being able to only buy a few tank items and get away with it because of how their heals work. Aatrox in his prime could build almost full damage and 1 tank item and almost be able to 1v5 a team because of his constant heals. And the damage items? Either BT if you want to just duel or Hydra for AOE. And you know what? Vice versa too, full tank and 1 Bork still made him impossible to duel. Those champs have a required situation for their heals Noc's is every once a while, Vlad requires 2 Q's before hand, Xin Zhao's is only prominent when he's fed, Fiora requires her ult, Illoai requires tentacle slaps, Darius requires to hit his Q, Irelia's last for a few seconds, and WW is well WW. And while these "drain tanks" aren't considered broken at a time most of these were. That's why when you gut a champ it's considered Olaf'ed. I also don't remember the time when an ADC was able to both be tanky and able to sustain at half health because every third auto healed him like as if he was eating a bag of oranges every time.
Aazzlano (NA)
: What are you talking about? We are talking about allied minion block, not enemy minion block.
Yeah if allied minion clock didn't exists poke champion would reign supreme and cause all in champs like blitz, thresh and Naut to easily just all in when their below 50% due to the consequences of minions not being able to get pass enemy minions.
: > [{quoted}](name=Starfish H,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NtEqmGse,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-08-04T22:28:41.390+0000) > > When you don't think Yasuo is op but still dedicate a paragraph about his strengths and now he's toxic as hell. I can't even begin to understand what you are trying to say. Your sentence is missing either a word or several words . . . or a mispelled word, I don't even know. From the gist of it I got that I am not allowed to say he isn't OP while also saying that he is toxic as well. If that is what you mean . . . /-/
Well if you're going to see he's not OP list out his weaknesses. His ultimate is off of bonus armor and percentage armor pen stacks multiplicatevly so it's not as dramatic as it sounds. Windwall doesn't nullify everything and I've seen Yasuo's rarely block whimsy or mikael's unless they luck out. Not only that it has a 20 sec cd meaning it's easy to be baited out and then used to your advantage. The shield is gained but literally a small breeze from Janna can negate it and he has to start all over again either walking around or ultimate. And Yasuo is just as team reliant. Literally any CC from Nautilius or Alistar can fuck him up and blown up in 2 seconds. He has to have a team with him and other forms of knock up to help as dashing in and tornado would be very risky in team fights. He also doesn't scale off of EVERY offensive stat. He only scales off of crit and AD. The reason why Janna and Lulu are more annoying is that they can easily end the fight when they want to and save a whole team if they do well. Janna is literally just shields, slow, knock up, and then ult and run away. Lulu is give massive amount of health shut down the carry with polymorph and chunk them with glitter lance. Or she could give a shield to her adc and peel by flashing and ult to get them off the adc. Yasuo is also one of easiest champs to gank because of his wave clear and can easily be hopped on and stunned easily.
: People don't bitch about them because they don't cause excessive catastrophy, unlike Yasuo, Darius and I am really surprised that you said Illaoi because I never see an Illaoi thread on her. Can you imagine a world without Yasuo and Yasuo based champions? It would be less toxic. Can you imagine a world without Support champions that rely on CC heavy abilities like Lulu, Janna? Good fucking luck shutting down that Yasuo who just crit you for half of your HP. with a 100% critical damage from building literally 2 items. Yasuo scales off of so much shit that it is just unreal that he can even exist, like, this dude scales double with crit- saving him money, thus scaling him with AD items AND launching him head first into early damage spikes. Then you have boots, guess what? He scales with fucking boots too. Then his ultimate, did you know that his fucking ultimare scales as well? Yeah, you know the armor that the enemy team built specifically to like, you know, not die? {{item:3035}} + HASAGI after ultimate, cutting through tanks like a hot knife through butter. Oh hey, did I forget to tell you? You don't need to build cooldown reduction BECAUSE HE SCALES WITH ATTACK SPEED TOO OMFG SO MUCH FUN Like, I don't think he is OP but why does he need to scale off of EVERY offensive stat in the game, plus a shield plus a windwall that nullifies all forms of retaliation from the enemy. Because windwall nullifies EVERYTHING. Including Whimsy from Lulu and Including even {{item:3222}} ????? So, yeah. People don't cry about supports because they don't have the money to be relevent as a solo threat or even a threat at all when it comes to damage. And without them being in the game, champions like Yasuo and Darius would run wild. Lulu and Janna don't go around pentakilling people for building tanky or because a Yasuo decided to build 2 items for 100% critical damage. They are team focused champions, they rely on their team for assistance.
When you don't think Yasuo is op but still dedicate a paragraph about his strengths and how he's toxic as hell.
Aazzlano (NA)
: lol a Blitz main would benefit the most from this. Literally of all champions in the game, I think Blitz benefits the MOST out of enemies not being able to walk through their own minions.
Honestly if minion block didn't exist Blitz would just be allowed to go more ham and since Lucian would benefit from no minion block and so would Caitlyn. Blitzcranks who play him a lot wouldn't start with a hook but with a W-E and then hook. This means a Caitlyn could just be poking away and Lucian would just Q while Blitz stands in a bush until they get low then W-E. Then wait till they run away then Q.
Punkkee (NA)
: it's been addressed constantly and incessantly since the beginning of this season, not sure what you're talking about
Why this season in particular? Why not last season or season 4? It's not new nor a HUGE problem. It's a inconvenience.
: Lower YG armor pen to 10 and/or make Maw have the same arpen passive as DB.
I disagree as Youmuu's is more of a snowball item as once you get it you have to be on ball with it and use it to your advantage or else it's useless after everyone buys an armor item or two. And honestly people going an armor pen build is easily countered by just buying armor early. And before you argue "Buh my ADC build doesn't ever include armor" it's probably your fault if the enemy adc has enough gold and is ahead enough to spend on Youmuu's and use it effectively rather then getting an I.E.
: Eh, it's more of a tilt factor than an actual problem. When you get blocked in by minions and take an extra hit, or miss 3 CS, it feels like you missed the minions because of what's effectively RNG. Though RNG isn't literally correct, randomness in terms of complex minion ai.
I guess but I really don't get the hate and sudden need for a update in coding because a few people get tilted by something that happens once every 10 matches. I've never really had a problem with minion block and this is coming from a Blitzcrank main.
: Talon Rework in the Assassins Update
I wouldn't say reworked but more or less updated. His passive is almost nonexistent when actually providing extra damage, his cut throat makes no sense thematically, Noxian Diplomacy is pretty much just an auto attack reset and as you said 2 abilities are only actually good in his case. His kit is literally damage with almost no utility which means if he's far behind he will have no escape or anything as all his spells except shadow assault makes him go in rather then get out.
: It's date night!
{{champion:92}} : It's so nice having a night out finally. Trying to find my true self and the old beliefs of Noxus is tiring. You have no idea how hard it is to say "Excuse me sir have you heard about the old beliefs of Noxus before?" without a knife brandished in your face. {{champion:102}} : Demacia isn't so dandy either. You have no idea how much they yell Demacia in the Royal Palace. Meanwhile in a table across the rock from them {{champion:53}} : Excuse me, Mr. Yasuo. Since I am a robot Beep Boop I do not get what Riven and Shyvanna are doing. {{champion:157}} : Well they are having a night out and enjoying themselves. {{champion:53}} : Oh but aren't you mad? {{champion:157}} : Why would I be? {{champion:53}} : Well didn't Riven kill your master, make you banished from Ionia and then made you hated among friends and family and then made you kill your younger brother? And now she's enjoying a night out enjoying love while you're sitting here drinking alcohol with a Robot and is rejected by everyone and any connections you have are severed because once again Noxus ruined your life? {{champion:157}} :................ {{champion:53}} : Ummm beep. {{champion:157}} where the hell did you get all that info from? {{champion:53}} : I read the lore {{champion:157}} : People still read that? But it updates every-ah whatever the point is no. I have suspicions but seeing her like this makes me doubt, even if it's just a little. {{champion:53}} Oh. But still why are you drinking alcohol with a robot beep Boop {{champion:157}} :Because I'm lonely and hated by everyone so shut up and get drunk with me. {{champion:53}} : But I can't get drunk. {{champion:157}} : Too late I am. _Collapses_ {{champion:53}} : Humans are strange.
: Remove collision from allied melee and caster minions.
I don't get what's with all the hate for minion block these days. It's not a new mechanic it's been here for ages so why bring it up now? And this won't solve anything as cannons are worth like 2 minions and only appear everywhere 3 waves so you can still deny 2 waves and a half by bringing ranged champs top/mid, Hecarim top will destroy, Riven will probably gain an increase of popularity and Yasuo would have a field day as he can now walk through 2 minion waves instead of dashing through 1 and walking around the other.
: Can we get 5 bans so I never have to see Yasuo again?
Holy shit the circle jerk these days to nerf a champ are practically shitposts. Wtf are the point of these posts? You might as well make it into a meme. So a Yasuo hater walks in to an Internet cafe. How does everyone know he hates Yasuo? He told everyone the second he logged into League.
: ... Get out now
SAO is superior to Cowboy Beepbop :^)
: I think we can all agree on one thing.
Nice a positive post. I thought it'd be a negative post about the board's negative hatred and undying unbridled loathing of {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} and {{champion:236}}
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