: That's not even remotely the same thing. Zoe doesn't get stuck in place by her ultimate, because it puts her back to where she cast it from after 1 second. She can still cast her other abilities independent of her ultimate, and her ultimate still allows her to jump back even if she gets stunned while using it. So in essence, there's actually no comparison between Xerath Q and Zoe R in ANY way, at all.
She **_always_** returns to her cast location. She hits R = you **_know where she will be one second later_**. Your mistake is targeting where she R'd to.
: Yea, because if you bothered to read the post, it had nothing to do with her power. It's about how a champion designed to one shot people from long range with long duration CC is not a fun champion to play against. It's not enjoyable.
I also wouldn't nearly call it "long duration cc". It's more like "conditional long duration cc". Once you're asleep as soon as you take damage you are no longer cc'd. Moreover, you are given 2.2s (granted you are slowed) to do something about it. You can try to kill her during this time, or you can get closer so her Q doesn't do as much damage, or you can try to get farther. Ahris charm is a 2.0s duration at max rank, and it is immediate, and doing damage still keeps them charmed. How come that 2.0s isn't long and Zoes E is?
: 1. If you think that holding onto a flash while having a large movespeed attached to the usage of that ability is not effective defensively, you have a very skewed view of the game. If you were talking about her R, I would agree 100%, but her W, come on and be realistic. 2. You have Zoe in your summoner name, it's hard for me to take anything you are saying seriously. 3. Again, it's NOT ABOUT HER STRENGTH. It's about what she does being insanely frustrating and a poor play experience, even when you are winning. The fact that some things affect her negatively too just makes the play experience bad for people playing her too. She's all around bad design.
Ok let's just look at a fact you are missing. How does she get that flash? 1. You have to use it, then she has to _walk over it_. If you are chasing her, she has to go to where you are, to walk over it. Predictable. Note that it is MUCH EASIER for her to walk over it if she is chasing you! (Hence more of an offensive use) 2. She got it from a teammate of yours who flashed earlier. In which case, I'd say yeah, the amount of time it's being kept on the ground from a summoner spell use might be a bit long (enough so that she can come by 40s later and pick it up). 3. In terms of other summoner spells from minions, if you notice they always spawn OPPOSITE of her direction. It's a risk to go get it. Go get her at that time! What's the difference between summoner names? Is that really a reason to not take others seriously? What if someone's actual name is Zoe? Come on. Regarding poor play experience, yes I can get that. Well coordinated teams do better against her, solo q does not. Getting hit out of a bubble from the wall might seem really unfair, but there are ways around it. You can travel around with a teammate that can block the shot for you. Remember that regardless of how far the bubble has travelled before entering the wall, max range after leaving the wall is 650. Treat her as a shadow assassin Kayn with slightly less of a warning.
: Zoe is the definition of unfun design
Her W is meant to be used offensively, she can’t use it defensively nearly as well. It’s the same idea as Yasuo’s E. it’s a super conditional ability, and if you flash for her, she is not going to get that flash without going back in your direction. While “one shotting” is something that she does, it still requires her to use nearly her entire kit (E, Q passive and R) to be able to do so. In which case it’s actually 3 instances of damage. You rarely see her be able to destroy someone directly with Q and R unless she’s really ahead, and all champs do that when they’re ahead. And the true damage isn’t really true damage it’s just so that it’s not hit by resistances twice. To add more to this, try playing her when the enemy has Merc Treads. That shit really cucks Zoe cuz it’ll give her a super low window to hit you with Q after sleeping you. If you hate a champion, either ban it or learn how to deal with them. She’s probably a bit overtuned but generally balanced atm
Akumu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jesuszilla,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HrEsL2U1,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-15T04:55:22.288+0000) > can deal true damage without needing to hit you herself. You clearly dont understand this game or otherwise lack reading comprehension. Zoe for all intents and purposes does not deal 'true damage' Her E hits a second time for equal damage to the** post mitigation** magic damage as true damage. This is literally the same thing as her E merely dealing its damage twice as magic damage. If her first hit does 400 damage - 100 for MR. = 300 damage the second hit ONLY does 300 damage and not 400 which is the same value it would be if it were magic damage.
This is incorrect. The E bonus true damage cap is actually the same as premitigation E damage and actually depends on the postmitigation whatever damage (Q, auto, some other champs ability). Say you have 100AP at Level 18 on a target with 100MR, your E will first do 130 magic damage, then if your next hit permits, it’ll do up to 260 true damage. Proof: https://gfycat.com/DeafeningLazyAmoeba
OS Kyra (EUW)
: I just wanted it when I got back from school the skin was already available. I get home at 2pm{{item:3340}} And the Ward skin? Does anyone know if it comes with Elementalist Lux?
I think there might be a bundle or something that you can buy, not sure... The DJ Sona skin came with summoner icons but no wards, so I dunno
Ragueky (EUW)
: Is elementalist lux out?
Ragueky (EUW)
: Is elementalist lux out?
The League of Legends Germany facebook page announced it would be available on the 28th (knock on wood) GIVE US THE SKIN!!!!


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