: Riot doesn't employ permanent chat mutes. They tried something similar before, and it simply resulted in an increase in toxic players trolling or intentionally feeding for lack of being able to spread their toxicity in chat. Once a player reaches the point of a permanent ban, that account is gone - unless the ban was applied in error, but for the largest part, that isn't the case.
There isnt anyway to work this out?
: I’m the wrong person to ask. AFAIK no, but try talking to Riot support. Wouldn’t expect them to do anything like that, but you don’t lose anything by trying.
Also let the record state his "toxicity" didn't ruin my experience of the game
: Again, I don’t think they care about context. Don’t know what to tell you, except type less.
Would there be anyway to revoke the perma ban and substitue it with a perma mute?
: I believe my ban was wrong
Yeah, what he says is all true. I was "flaming" him in Discord like we also do because, heck flamings just fun when you know the person personally. His microphones broken so he opt to use the league chat to flame me back. He had no ill intent behind his words and was just messin' around. As friends you should be able to poke fun at each-other, this ban was not necessary.

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