: 2018 NA LCS Spring Split Award Winners
Bjergson winning is proof that these things are just as rigged as a Russian election. Bjerg had his worst split in years, yet you sheep still seem to vote him top dog. Jensen getting second also supports this claim as he was the king of the chokers (C9) this split. Good thing this is more or less meaningless.
HavokGMS (NA)
: Time for some SSW {{champion:31}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:117}} skins!!!!!!
I hope someone picks Gallio, he had tremendous impact when he was still clearing bans.
: Aaaaand, rip everyone's brackets {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
My bracket got blown up in the first match, and I know I'm not the only one who rode the Longzhu hype train. Hard not to when they rolled through groups like it was nothing.
: I thought they pick who they want the skins for? Not who they won with?
They do get to pick, but it would be sad if Malz didn't get picked for Crown, since he was stomping people all tournament with it.
Vizulix (NA)
: And as soon as Samsung wins they start playing legends never die, with the singer sounding horribly off tune. Irony.
Shit, overdeveloped, underdeveloped, a bad songs a bad song.
Domermac (NA)
: I understand the bracket system and that most professional sports use it. However if you looked across the other major regions (NA, EU, LCK, LPL) you'll notice a bracket system playoff to decide the 3rd place team for each region at worlds. I'm saying that I think LMS being a bracket for the worlds qualifier is stupid. They've already done that for the title of their region. Points are accrued over two splits, a team that is more consistent and has more points should be rewarded more. If you've fought for that advantage, you deserve it. Hence the PC of making it all equal anyways, your non sequitur comment leads me to believe you missed that. Also I think its naive to think that video games are devoid of politics or their influence.
And you missed the part where I mentioned that each region besides NA and EU get to decide how they do things. They probably have a reason for it, so there's really no reason for you to be bitching about it because it doesn't affect you in any way.
Domermac (NA)
: Why is LMS the only region where there is a bracket? To me it says seeding is extraneous. Probably creates more playoff competition but seems a little PC for professional gaming. Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons for all! First seed should get a bigger advantage IMO.
They've allowed regions not named NA or EU to regulate themselves, to set their own rules for how things are determined. That's why you see the weird things like the old game 5 blind pick rule in LCK, or the splitting of the league into two groups like LPL first did and EU followed. Look up non sequitur, it fits what you're bringing up. Most professional sports playoffs involve a bracket system exactly like the one LMS is doing, where the top seeds play the bottom seeds, and it's just like the split playoffs are laid out in NA and EU with the top seeds getting paired with the lower seeds. It has nothing to do with PC, and there's no reason to bring up politics in a video gaming comments board.
Tharus (NA)
: Why not make more groups in the group stage for the other regions and a bigger knockout stage like in soccer?
The whole thing takes a month to get through as it is, doesn't need to be any longer.
Miror B (NA)
: Summer always takes priority, thus IMT would get in.
Which is pretty ridiculous. C9 made playoffs both splits whereas IMT stunk it up in the Spring. C9 has shown that they are more consistent but are punished because they had a slightly better showing the previous split. What's the point of even having the point system if that's how you're going to do it, just give the second seed to the second place team in Summer. Backwards thinking, and possibly influenced by the desire to have different teams represent NA (as if it matters).
: why so toxic?
Is that really a question you need to ask on an internet comments board?
: The Breakdown with Zirene: An SKT jungling masterclass
As if we needed more examples of why they're the best.
: You might be right about the throwing from Darshan but I don't think that happened at all from him this split. I do remember that happening last split though.
I'm a Darshan hater and I can't really call out his shortcomings this split, he played quite well. I'm pretty sure there was some bias going on with the top lane.
: 6 thoughts going into Playoffs
Go IMT! It's time for some fresh blood to win a split.
: Olleh achieving over 100 points is insane, well deserved on his part. The voting was incredibly close between Bjergsen and Jensen too, a difference of 2 points jeez. Really want to see just how close the MVP voting is going to be this year, after looking at this we might be in for a game of inches.
I also find it pretty crazy how much the points dropped off after those two, 92 points for Bjerg, 22 points for Huhi. Means there's really only the two of them that deserve the spot.
: 2017 NA LCS Summer Split Award Winners
Seeing no CLG members until third team made me smile.
: How can I watch Rift Rivals 2017?
Thank you for this, I've been trying all week to find ways to watch the less covered regions, and it seemed the only place to watch it was while it was live. Thanks Riot!
: 10 thoughts going into Week 3
If it weren't so early, I'd drink every time a player says "like" out of context, I'll be drunk by the end of the intro.
: Evolution of the NA LCS
All in all, great changes. I like how the structure is starting to resemble the structure of athletic sports, which have hundreds of years (cumulatively) of development behind them leading to what they are now. The Academy series is fantastic. When Baseball created the minor league farm system, the overall quality of the game went up exponentially. The only real problem I see is the revenue sharing. I know its beneficial to do that so the lower level teams have a competitive balance, but as shown in Basketball, it can encourage tanking. If your revenue is guaranteed, what's to stop you from filling your roster with cheap players and laughing all the way to the bank? Just need to keep an eye on that and have penalties if caught doing it. Other wise, keep it up Riot, you're doing great.
: I disagree. I think you are over estimating things. I'm all for being empathetic towards the players. But I don't like this 'forced to do this' logic your using. Players are playing competitively because they want to be here. The goal of the players is to be the best. One way to do this is to give more international opportunities. Nothing says these teams **have** to go. In fact, at their leisure, I'm sure they can opt out. This event gives teams other then TSM the chance to learn some things. It can strengthen the region as a whole. Nothing says that a pro player has to practice as much as they do. They can leave whenever they want. But to be the best they need the opportunities afforded to them in the off chance that they **do** want to practice this much. To out right never give it means that certain regions remain stagnant for some time and probably never win an international event for as long as league exists. Stop trying to baby people who made this lifestyle choice.
I'm surprised there's someone here with some sense, bravo to you. Earlier this year C9 passed on an IEM event because they wanted to keep their focus on the great start they had to the spring split. It's absolutely not mandatory. Plus these guys are pro's, and like you said they spend more time playing in their off days than they do on their game days. They don't take too many breaks because they have to keep their game at the top level or someone is going to take it. More international events gives players chances to be on that stage besides worlds, besides MSI or IEM since usually only one team represents a region. I bet the players will love this.
: More international tournaments don't have to mean a fully restless year. Burned out players = lower level of play. All professionals need some time off.
That's a BS statement, you obviously don't watch athletic sports, those guys really bust their humps for 6 months straight with very few off days. MLB players play 5-7 games a week, with the other days spent traveling, for 6 months straight plus a month for playoffs if they make it. Basketball players have days off between their games, but they are still in the gym, or at the practice facility. If you are a pro in esports, you have to be constantly tested, because there's plenty of players chomping at the bit to take their spots. If they can't take it then maybe they should find another profession.
: SKT repeats as MSI Champion after dominant run
What a surprise, SKT won. When does spring split start?
: "One Shot" -- Revisit TSM’s narrow win over G2 to understand their MSI run
Get your tongues out of TSM's assholes Riot, NA sucks, we're the weakest region for sure, and TSM is on top of that pile of dog shit. It makes you look like a bunch of sycophantic suck ups when you're constantly writing articles about TSM when they NEVER do well in international competition. It's pretty pathetic, almost as pathetic as the TSM chanters in the audience.
: What is the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational?
It's basically Riot trying to rig it for the NA team. When NA can't compete with either Korea, China, or EU, then don't invite any of them to the show. It's shameful, and I wont be watching.
Rodarson (NA)
: Always look forward to reading Kien's content. I laughed more in 3 minutes than at 2 half-hour scripted comedy TV shows.
I wish I was as easily amused as you, these articles are terrible.
: Where's contractz!?!?!?
: Meteos got let go because of his less than stellar play, and still somehow makes 3rd all pro over Akkaadian, k.
Look at P1's match record when Meteos played and rethink what you just stated.
Andy Guo (NA)
: How is bjergsen is better overall player when the stats show otherwise, but it whatever still rooting for Jensen next spilt
C9 performed well from all 5 positions this split, TSM were consistent in only 2 positions, yet TSM did better overall. Bjerg and Hauntzer carried hard, that's why they won their respective positions.
KillTill (NA)
: Eh Meteos over Sven?
Definitely. Sven had one of the worst splits of his career.
Andy Guo (NA)
: everyone praising hauntzer for like his last two week peformances. But there was a meme about him missing taunt after taunt lol
You gotta praise Hauntzer for his entire split performance. Yes he missed some taunts down the stretch, but he also was a major carry for them throughout the split. He said at the beginning of the split that he wanted to prove himself to be the best top in NA, and he put up a pretty convincing run to support that.
Andy Guo (NA)
: Feel bad man, when Jensen has the higest gpm, most kill, most creep differences, and is second in kda in the lcs but still no 1st pro team
It's because Jensen had help of a solid team top to bottom, even with a rookie jg. Bjergsen and Hauntzer pretty much carried the rest of their team to the top spot. When you look at it that way, you have to respect what those two did this split. I am a huge C9 fan, and am sick of TSM always being top dogs, so it's hard for me to admit that. Bjergsen and Hauntzer were super studs this split.
: 2017 NA LCS Spring Split Award Winners
Lots of people talking lots of trash over Sneaky and Wildturtle in this thread. Heaps of mediocre, and many mentions of not being spoken of much. To be fair, the ADC role has had a hellish time this last split, almost none of them have stepped up in any meaningful way. The teams that won the most were the teams with ADC's that avoided death more than others. Arrow is the only one of the bunch that really stood out, and that's why he won that 1st Team award. 2017 ACD life, remember?
Spoo (NA)
: FLY all the way. 1. Hauntzer's overrated. Balls vs. Hauntzer should go even. (Give him a team whereby he actually has to worry about mid lane getting crushed and he'd probably look a LOT worse). 2. Moon, have to keep him off of carries, if you do its Sven, if you don't advantage moon. 3. Hai vs. Bjergsen - Both are honestly about even. Hai plays meticulously so he's not just going to give up kills. All those that think he'll just stomp Hai are just stilly. That being said his pool is rather small at the moment. One thing that Bjerg does play well which has been FQ bane is Zilean. I wouldn't be surprised to see that come and counter Rengar if the series goes long. Neither should honestly be solokilling in lane. But as we know Hai/Moon is definitely a better looking combo when they're rolling. 4. Wildturtle always seems to suffer from a case of the jitters come playoff time. I can't say much about FQ, but keep Altec on Caitlynn and I think FQ has a good chance. LEMONATION NOTEBOOK RULES ALL!!!
Care to share what you're smoking? I'm a C9/FLY fan, and I'm sick of TSM dominating, but I'm not expecting much other than a TSM victory. FLY is outclassed in this one, I'm sure they'll put up a fight but in the end, TSM will be in the finals........ again.
: I'm sorry, it just bugs me that you have P1 as a 5 seed on the saturday graphic. Other than that, great article! Except Isaiah Thomas > Westbrook.
Dude..... triple double, been 50 years since someone did that. Westbrook is running away with the MVP.
: 10 thoughts going into Week 9
So I got bored and worked this out, the crazy situation that is a long shot but would end us with some interesting tie breaker situations if it works out this way. If IMT beats both CLG and DIG they will end 9-9. If FLY beats FOX and TL they will end 9-9. If DIG beats C9 and loses to IMT they will be 9-9. If CLG loses to IMT and NV they will end 9-9. I know this is a long shot, though NV has shown improvement and C9 are showing some problems, and I could believe the rest of the outcomes as very possible. This would end up with 4 teams vying for the last 3 playoff spots with 9-9 records. When you look at the head to heads, all but one of the matchups (IMT is 2-0 vs DIG) are split at 1-1. Stay tuned Sunday, we might be in for a lot of bonus LoL!
: 2017 World Championship Update
I hope that if P1 end up being a Worlds team (more likely than we think with CLG on the ropes) they don't have to worry about the Immigration ban in the US, otherwise Inori (who was born in Iraq) might have trouble getting back into the country. And people still think the USA is the greatest country in the world, we should all be ashamed.
: NA Spring Finals is going to Vancouver, BC
So question regarding P1 and Donald Trumps executive ban on entrance from people born in certain (Muslim majority) countries. Inori happens to have been born in one of those countries. As far as I can tell, people from the banned countries are affraid to leave the USA for fear that they wont be let back in. P1 is having a good split so far, and Inori has been a major part of it. I hope for his sake he doesn't have to deal with that BS.
Lockit (NA)
: Report this guy unsportsmanlike/negative attitude. See you in tribunals!
I'm stating a fact, sorry you can't live with truth.
Womp123 (NA)
: WildFrost? BioTurtle? TurtleFrost? It doesn't matter. Because **BioGod** will dominate bot lane for TSM!!!
: nah, the way it was worded just made you seem sodium filled. We get enough of that as it is, after all we play league.
Oh yeah, my fellow countrymen are mostly idiots. I can see how some things can be taken certain ways, there's no fonts for context, we have to do the best we can with what we're given. Also the internet has given people the anonymity to say whatever a-hole thing they want without repercussion, so I can see why people can take things the wrong way. Honestly, I don't care where the finals take place. The world championship last year was 10 miles away from me and I didn't go, so I'm not going to ever bitch about it being in Canada. This whole thing is funny to me because people take things WAY too seriously.
: I'm Sorry we live in a much much much much better country than you. If it's any consolation you now have Donald Trump as president.
I'm not denying that, but it doesn't get cold here so I at least got that on you. I'm also not a person who ever says "RA RA! My country is better than yours!" because I'm surrounded by idiots that chant that mantra, guess there's plenty above the boarder that do the same. Guess that means you're not as enlightened as you think you are. Have fun with that.
: NA Spring Finals is going to Vancouver, BC
Proof that if you bitch loud enough, sometimes you get heard. Keep bitching Canada. ;)
: sorry aboot that eh
No need to apologize, I don't actually care, just funny to point out something that happens all the time, and to see the kids who cant handle truth down vote it. This LoL community is really something.
: Since there's been two events in Canada in the last year, maybe they'll stop bitching about it. I wont hold out hope though.
Funny this got voted down, guess when you speak the truth, the kids on the internet cant handle it.
: Logged in just to downvote lmao ... you're the only one bitching here.
There's a difference between bitching and pointing out something that happens every time an event gets announced in the US, which is what I was actually doing.
: NA Spring Finals is going to Vancouver, BC
Since there's been two events in Canada in the last year, maybe they'll stop bitching about it. I wont hold out hope though.
: NA LCS Offseason, Scheduling, and more
it's the 9th, where's the schedule?
: Exactly why we need to keep regulations
I'm all for relegation (which is what i think you meant there), just thought it was funny you mentioned the often accused of tanking 76ers when they now own DIG.
: I'm happy with how they kept relegation and made it a means to weed out bottom feeders. You don't hope a team is relegated and keeps the LCS from having teams like the Browns or 76ers.
Although, now the 76ers do have a team in the LCS. Beware of the tanking!
: Yes, they can still keep pros in their pockets for swapping between CS/LCS. However, those teams are no longer eligible to go for promotion. They could previously (i.e., TL and C9C in Promotions), but in those situations the team then had to sell the slot to another team (i.e., C9 selling to DIG) or transfer the roster to new ownership. Teams were not allowed to have multiple active LCS teams since the days of CLG EU.
DIG acquired Apex's spot, not C9C's. Though I guess if you want to get technical, Apex and DIG were purchased by the Philadelphia 76ers and merged into one team under the Dignitas flag.
: WHERE TF IS DARSHAN! {{champion:157}}
Probably crying himself to sleep on his c@ck shaped pillow.
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