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: Hello, nightmare fuel.
mind yelling at the skin team to fix lolipoppy's pure nightmare fuel?
Meddler (NA)
: Seems like a solid idea to me. We'll throw that into some playtests, see if it feels right in game. That'll likely involve a smaller than current missile at zero AP, same size as current at moderate amounts of AP and bigger than current above that.
Meddler-senpai noticed me, holy crap, i have never gotten a red post YEEEEEEE
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: 2000 unit projectile would fill up like the half of the screen (if we're talking diameter, which I presume we are). I think you don't know how much league unit is, so for reference: Teemo = 100 in-game units. If this doesn't put it into perspective then: Galio R radius = 600 units (that's 1200 units diameter)... So you would like a projectile that's nearly twice as big as whole Galio ultimate xD
yeah but to get a 2k unit limit, you need 4.4k AP, and in a average ranked game, that's never gonna happen
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: No likes any of those champions why would you make items just for them
uhhhhh, lee sin is the 6th most picked champion according to lolking with 7,780 games daily.
: >i understand that it regens quickly, but sometimes, you get OOE, and someone jumps on you and you are in a bad spot Imagine how mages feel early game when this exact situation happens. Manage your resources properly. You got above average regen and a meh energy pool, making for a good early game and a meh lategame, so make good use of it when you can. Don't just spam abilities, because you get punished for it too.
i could deal with no regen items, but make the energy runes less exspensive, they are useless atm
Nilok (NA)
: How about no. Energy can never be exhausted, regenerates quickly, and those champions have a move that restores a large chunk of energy if it connects. The entire concept of energy is you have a limited pool to perform your actions so you can't spam your abilities, such regen would invalidate what balance had been built around it. TLDR: Giving items that grants energy regen would force Riot to either nerf base energy regen or the champions themselves so they wouldn't be able to spam abilities.
10% Energy regen isn't even that much, it's like 11 energy per 5, it's minuscule. i understand that it regens quickly, but sometimes, you get OOE, and someone jumps on you and you are in a bad spot
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: On the one hand, this would be really cool. On the other hand, this might get a little out of control with high AP values. I don't want to go into the super late game against Veigar to the point where he has 2000 AP and has an ult projectile big enough that it covers the entire screen.
See above, 2000 unit limit. which is as about as large as 2 Ez ults next to each other
: there is one problem........ veigar can infinitely stack ap. . . . with time he can make his ult the size of the whole screen there should atleast be a cap to how big it gets
cap of 2000 units large? i mean, as a magekiller it shouldn't have a limit, but honestly who is gonna spend 9 hours to get one that big?
: Yes please! *When I was first learning about Veigar and started playing him I had a hard time figuring out what his Ult actually was when it casted. This will be a huge QoL change for both the enemy and the Master of Evil.
i still haven't figured out wat his R actually is, it looks like a giant magic blob to me. IF only i havd final boss, then his ult would look absolutely awesome
: Make the explosion bigger too and I'll take it.
yes both do get bigger. After 1000 AP He says a special line upon killing someone with his ult. of course in his manic crazy voice "DELETE!"
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: Rabadon Changes on the PBE
Wait i just realized something.... With Masteries you get 6% more AP i belive, + 35% from New Rabadons..... 41% More AP on Every Q, Along with Scaling AP runes. Veigar just went Godmode Freelo. So yeah {{champion:84}} {{champion:45}} Main here. I want to see the world get burned because, burst damage is fineeeeee. Veigar next time URF comes around, jesus he is gonna be scary
: Rabadon Changes on the PBE
{{champion:84}} Before: It's good on me, i guess i can pick one up After: WHY BE A KING, WHEN YOU CAN BE A GOD? {{champion:30}} Before: Yay power spike After: LET ME SING THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE, IT GOES LIKE THIS, RRRRRRRRR PENTAKILLARU {{champion:7}} Before: There goes her HP Bar After: For my next trick, i'll penta the enemy team with my W {{champion:45}} Before: I suck until late game After: RUSH THE RABADONS, MUAHAHAHAHAHA AP {{champion:107}} Before: Rip DFG After: I NEED NO DFG! {{champion:38}} Before: Wanna see my Riftwalk? After: Wanna see me get nerfed?
: It's a strategy. Nobody expects it, just like a banana.
No one expects the CRITNANA!
: @Riot, What do female champs think when they get dressed?
{{champion:84}} i'd like to employ a triumvirate of shadow warriors to uphold her causes in the world ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -UberDanger But seriously, she goes like this {{champion:84}} Hey Kennen, how much sideboob should i show? {{champion:85}} ALL OF IT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) {{champion:98}} Hey, Kennen, we are an order, we must have balance, we can't have a woman wearing barely anything, WE HAVE STANDARDS {{champion:64}} Where is she? it's time for our date. {{champion:85}} Akali is over there, Too bad you can't see the outfit she's wearing
: > [{quoted}](name=Vistha Kai,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=cO2r5XKA,comment-id=0001000100000000,timestamp=2015-06-21T21:35:30.631+0000) > > Win Zhao don't forget his partners in crime windamere and lee win!
don't forget the *Mostly* useless mid laner Wnydra!
: A good amount of people feel pressured to play better, and thus play worse. Also, no one is toxic in normals. NO ONE! Its amazing. I love normals for that reason, and ranked for an extention of this reason. With out ranked the trolls would all be in normals.
people are toxic in bots. You die once to a bot? They call a ez or scrub. Someone isn't bad because they died to someone. soometimes you just get out of position
: League Dads
{{champion:106}} or {{champion:4}} Flipping babies into the air and catching them or daddy doing magic tricks
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
StegosaurusToast Skin: Headhunter Akali or Nurse Akali To decide which one to pick if the RNJesus favors me, flip a coing Heads: is Headhunter (irony) Tails: Nurse Akali
: 80 AP Liandry's!?
Well, a 40% slow on AoE {{champion:45}} I WILL RISE TO POWER ONCE AGAIN! MUHAHAHAHAAH
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: New free champion rotation: Draven, Twisted Fate, Lissandra and more!
Rito why make Akali free? now in every game there is gonna be a really bad akali player, I just bought her last week, come on...
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Tstrong (NA)
: When to get into ranked
play and win atleast 200 normal games before getting into ranked
: How are blind people going to play League of Legends? ._.
> [{quoted}](name=Szeraphim,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=ibo1vEhh,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-06-14T00:56:42.499+0000) > > How are blind people going to play League of Legends? ._. By using sound to tell where enemies are, they have braile screens. Also as a visually impaired person, I can tell you atleast 50% of visually impaired people are eye issues and their brain is fine, so if eyes were replaced they could see, just the issue of making sure the new tissue isn't rejected instantly. I had a lens placed in my eye permanently a few years back, I can see WAYYY better now, my vision went from 20/80 left and 20/60 right, now both are 20/30 with glasses, I almost have normal vision.
: Medic Soraka Skin concept.
I refuse to let my banana's be changed, just make the banana's look healthier BANANA'S ARE HEALTHY, GIVE THEM POTASSIUM
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: Dear Soraka Mains
But what about us AD Rakas'? do you still love us Even though we will carry you 17/3/9? Runana and Stattik are bae, I can BANANA ANYTHING!!
: Your Fave champ gets +500 damage on their ult
{{champion:45}} AS if 80% isn't enough {{champion:84}} Dive kick ninja became full drop kick ninja {{champion:99}} Laser of Death x2 {{champion:39}} BETTER NERF IRELIA {{champion:33}} Drop it like an earthquake {{champion:38}} Mobility and damage all in one? BETTER NERF IRELIA AND EKKO, AND AKALI AND KASS
: Doran's Blade should have 5% life steal for melee champs
Doran's shield too strong? better nerf irelia
: Map Concept: 3v3v3
inb4 illumnati(nautilus) jokes about the jungle
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Arie (NA)
: Which champion abilities would you want IRL?
isn't It obvious? {{champion:84}} Ultimate, if I assist in a kill, I get free stacks. wait, that's illegal I guess I can wait every 30 seconds to dash and dive kick like a ninja WAIT EVEN BETTER {{champion:45}} Kit Q to increase strength infinitely W to destroy stuff E to stop idiots from killing me R to blow up people with 80% of the strength they have :D
Raptamei (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=StegosaurusToast,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HzmxVRAp,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-02-15T05:16:23.424+0000) > > TL;DR: Make the roster of Viable LC$ champs higher than 65 (half of 130) and then people would have fun instead of banning the same thing, counterplaying the same way and doing everything to LC$ standards. The LC$ and Ranked Queue are different, STOP forcing them to combine, it's not healthy and your just killing yourself in the end. I can see at least one problem with this statement. "Make more champions viable in LCS" so that "people [in low tier solo queue] don't need to do everything to LCS standards" what.
Wasn't the intended way, the more champs in LC$ the larger the Solo Q picks become because they aren't afraid to do stupid shit
: The reason why there are so few champions picked at challenger level has less to do with balance, but more to do with champion design. Challenger and pro players tend to favor the generalists that are good in many situations over the specialists that are very good in 1-2 situations and mediocre to bad in the rest. They also tend to pick early-game champions because there's no guarantee that mid-lategame champs will ever see their time to shine, whereas early game champs like Pantheon, Lee Sin, and Jarvan are good right out of the gate.
But in a MOBA, all heroes should be an option, not a small %. They are forcing a Choke Hold on anyone that actually wants to have fun. Pro players have a point but, they keep creating/leaving champs that are only good in certain situations, rather than fixing it, they just force all the pre season 3 champs to practically die
: Riot is cashing out. 2015 is the last year of LoL due to better games coming out.
inb4 they sell out to Valve or Blizzard
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: A new sightstone route
inb4 Illuminati jokes it's gonna happen
Sashiki (NA)
: Turn a Non-LoL Character into a Champion
Mikoto Misaka (A certain Scientific Railgun) Role: Mage Passive: Cloud Force: Mikoto's spells range increase per champion level Q: Thunder Strike: creates a thunderstorm that does 10 + 10%AP per second for 5 seconds W: Static Charge: Shocks a nearby champion and levitates a coin around her, can stack up to 10 times, granting 5 ap per stack (50AP Total) E: Iron Sand Sword: Makes a Sword of vibrating sand and extends out max range and slashes the target for 100AP + 30%AP and applies a stack of Iron Sand slash, which stacks to 10 times and increases her AP by 3 per stack (30AP Total) R: Railgun: Fires coins at 5000 Missile speed that is electrified, when it hits an enemy deals 250,350,450 AP + (60% AP), Shoots more depending on Static Charge Stacks. applies a 40% slow upon hit, Global Range
: You're favorite anime character is now in League of Legends;
Mikoto Misaka another Global ult? i'm okay with that
: Just play no rank PvP on Summoner's rift. And also I don't recommend Karthus if you don't like scary voices. Cause I feel like he stalks my soul.
i like him Souls are delicious anyway :P
: A Nautilus Buff Idea
when naut was free i just bought Mobis with Alacrity, +400ms is insane, no one can escape you
: buy ip boosts otherwise play alot of games
well, without clearing out my Bank account, i ususally try to get first wind of the day every day, but still it takes forever and games give like 0 ip
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: I'm not sure what to think, honestly. I don't think he needs a gapcloser, but I'm pretty sure that changes to his E will disrupt a lot of his kit. Ultimately, mobility is the underlying problem with trying to change Veigar's counterplay. If the E has a delay before activating, champions with dashes will never be stunned by it again. If an enemy isn't stunned, there's a very slim chance that Veigar will land his W. I don't see how Veigar can have counterplay added to his kit without completely disrupting his E and W. His R pretty much has to be targeted, and his Q should probably stay targeted too.... It's a messy situation for Riot.
Veigar is a can of worms wrapped in a cloak of counterpicks, and if you don't counter pick and your jungler doesn't camp, you are going to have a REALLY bad time
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