: Okay, but this isn't Buzzfeed. At least make it look like you're trying to be constructive.
lol i woulda believed you weren't offended till you started complaining lollo
: Even every streamer I watch is hating on league really bad.
Crit is literally the root of all problems with league right now. Balance team? HAA more like blind team hahahahahahha.
: Fixing Critical Strike: A Proposal.
Only thing it needs is so that if you have per say 50% crit it would always crit every other auto not a chance to crit but guaranteed and change with the amount of crit you have so if you have 10% you will crit every 10 autos or 70% you wont crit 3 out of 10 auto. The two main problems are how to spread out uneven numbers like 70 weather you want it like :CCCCCCCAAA or CCACCACCCAA C being crit and A being non crits. And then to prevent abuse in lane just gaive a visual indication like fleet footwork hope that made sense kinda rushed through it
kargish (EUW)
: Syndra can never be allowed to be a top tier pick, it's way too frustrating to fight against. Her kit in itself is fair enough, it has high burst and semi-low cooldown, but her ultimate is what makes her so unfair. There is nothing worse than to outplay Syndra's kit and kill her, only to be point+click+deleted. It feels like you've been cheated, in no reality should it be okay for someone to do a potential 1260 + 140% AP damage with a point and click ability. I know Syndra mains will say "but you gotta prepare/maintain your balls," you can do that as easily as pressing Q a few times (you don't even have to hit it!) and holding one with your W. If there was a proper setup/requirement for her ultimate to do so much damage, and it wasn't a point and click ability, then it's a different story.
yeah i agree, i think her balls should only stay on the ground if she hits them otherwise they disappear after like .5 seconds
Barkley (NA)
: A public service announcement to ADCs everywhere
lol mobility creep makes it so they can fly two screens away into melee range
: He said they told him that they'd look over his case again this year, i haven't really seen an update from him or Riot on this at all.
on twitter he said he was unbanned 18 hours ago
Get Art (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CLG Trash,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jXajJ59n,comment-id=00110000,timestamp=2018-01-01T03:58:04.219+0000) > > its pretty easy to lose to tank 1v1 even if they are 1/7 Depends on the tank, I still think it's unlikely if the 10/0 player built and played correctly
yeah you're right pretty much entirely depends on champs
: I wish games were short, i always have ppl feeding, were done, but it still drags 40 min
Ljubezen (NA)
: I love how mid game is legit at the 10 minute mark now.
i honestly don't mind but i want to ff at 10 with 5 people vote and only 4 people at 15 mins.
: 10/0 and lost to a 1/7. Umm were you AFK? Did the 1/7 have like 350 cs? I wanna see this because I call bullshit (or you played like an absolute turd).
its pretty easy to lose to tank 1v1 even if they are 1/7
: Have no friends that play league :(
if you open the discord program there is a find groups tab where you can find or create a group of people to play league with
: 3 things that Riot needs to change about turrets to stop snowballs 1. More attack speed on turrets 2. No first tower gold 3. The closer a turret is to the nexus, the stronger it needs to be. There's no reason my inhib turret should be the same as the outer turret.
: Better Locked Camera mechanism perhaps?
or in battlerite where the camera centers around your mouse within a limited range of your character
: To be fair, point-and-click adcs SHOULD be trash in urf mode. When they're strong in urf their gameplay is literally "hold position and win forever". The point of urf is to have fun with the abilities, not be attack-walking simulator.
Sure in urf mode but we have ARurf not like you get to choose who your playing so if you get an adc and they are shit then its not fun consider you wouldn't want to play adc
Rioter Comments
: Low logic always amazes me
When i first started playing the game i played a decent amount of lux and i would max my w because i thought it did damage
: So you're telling me, you wouldn't even be the slightest bit upset if you were toxic for one game, then it got banned right on the spot? Put yourself in my shoes for a second pal.
put in a ticket don't come to the boards... if they just give you a copypasta on how "use this time to reflect" or whatever the fuck then maybe you can come to the boards but, its a 14 days just make a new account and play on that in the meantime
: According to lolinactive, your name should be available next year. https://gyazo.com/cceb81228cbfeae185f8cadbeaf2f7c0
: I got a 14 day suspension because of 1 toxic game, no bullshit.
Leylania (EUW)
: So "Lore Update" means throwing away champions?
Yeah won't play Varus now that hes gay.
Rioter Comments
: Real talk though: Doesn't this mean one good Sivir Q will kill Janna at lvl 1?
> [{quoted}](name=VirginRivenMain,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nAXsyfRx,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-28T01:26:07.499+0000) > > Real talk though: Doesn't this mean one good Sivir Q will kill Janna at lvl 1? no.
kenc0 (NA)
: From what i have read, it appears to be how many hours played, although i dont know how they have tracked that over the years.
there are websites for hours so it has to be possible i assume?
Rioter Comments
koshkyra (NA)
: I have to bring cleanse whenever they have a nasus (im mid, the nasus is top) bc if i dont you automatically die when he presses W
yeah his w is the single most cancer ability in the game, like once its he has 40-45 cd plus lvl 5 w he can perma slow you 1v1
Rioter Comments
: But this is a Chinese based skin
what if i replace the "Japanese" with "oriental"
Raoul (EUW)
: I would like to see that
: The fact that it wasn't a Shen skin actually hurts me.
Shen has a warlord skin, i feel like it would be redundant to give him another Japanese based skin.
: w could be a volcano
Doodlzzz (NA)
: Tropical Taliyah
w could be a volcano
: honestly the entire game could be fixed by doing 2 things, 1) increase death timers post 15 minutes 2) increase turret health, damage, and defence. GLHF out there, cuz i wont be playing until those happen...
increasing death timers makes the games shorter....
: The most hideous question since "Flash on D or F?"
: would lag the game, that is the reason why they go away anyways
thats why its an option for op computers only (depending on how well optimized these decals actually are)
Rioter Comments
: But is there a need for the bar? like for all we know there is only an honor lvl 2 and the other are fake...we were just trolled it's not like anyone managed to get to lvl 3 or even 1 on live servers or will
yep riot will just set a date then honor 3 will be unlock then after some more timne the others and on and on
: Yet, no one wants to talk about it. Though I fucking love flash, saved my ass countless times.
mobile creep is obv a problem but i dont know how riot would easily solve it
: Yet, no one wants to talk about it. Just want to kill an ADC and get away with everything.
and to top it all off is flash a untargeted instant teleport that every champ in the game brings
Áery (NA)
: ThEy'RE SUpPosE tO PotECt YoU eARlY WhILe YOu PrOtECt tHeM LAtE
too bad they dont protect you early
: I think I finally realized I am done with the game.
: Its too easy to "mispositon" because of mobility creep. Its actually impossible to play adc until you have atleast t2 boots and a zeal cause everything will and can 100-0 you
this.. holy fuck literally hyper mobility is insane in this game
: Fiddlesticks hasent been viable since season 4. I actually tried to play him and be viable. And it's impossible he just sucks. Yoi would think that he would have been wave clear.
once upon a time i was in bronze and got carried by a 24/3 fiddlesticks5
: As a ryze main i hate people ffing in my games i tell them dont worry i can carry at the 60 min mark
Yes because with wet noodle turrets and snowballing the games can last 60 mins, i haven't had a 60 min game this whole season
: League is the only game I have ever been banned from. I've been playing video games for over 20 years. Either League is overreacting or everyone else is underreacting.
this is because they want the game to be "E for everyone" thus the community is full of overreacting pussies
: jhin with his 4th shot crit warlords proc
Velgam (NA)
: When you see a {{champion:119}} heal over 350 health from ONE auto attack, I think something(cough lifesteal) needs to be reduced
only 350 lul caitlyn can easily get 1000 from a headshot
nicfel (EUW)
: Damn i know that feel. While pooping you have to hurry up otherwise you will get shittalked by your premades for not accepting the game. I support your idea!
> [{quoted}](name=nicfel,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=FAyVZcz8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-16T20:56:13.797+0000) > > Damn i know that feel. While pooping you have to hurry up otherwise you will get ~~shittalked~~ by your premades for not accepting the game. > I support your idea! shitshamed
Sebetai (NA)
: I want more stuff shown on our profiles in general. We used to have top 10 champions closest to lv7. We also had badges for wins, minions/towers, & takedowns for rift and ARAM. I miss all of that. We should have some customization like to show off our favorite champions.
Arcyyy (NA)
: The Champions most deserving of a VGU after Eve and Aatrox are finished...
if they rework nunu i want to him to be just as annoying and i want to have the same or close to same ult : allahu akbur comrades
: Ahem..."this guys." Go to grammar school.
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