: Because you are losing your other teamcomp bonuses for the benefit of Hextech instead. Think not of what you're getting by running Hextech, but what you're losing by not having 6 Demon or 6 Glacial or 6 Blademaster etc.
I went 6 Blademasters and 4 Gunslinger with 2 Hextech and came in 2nd place only because my opponent had the same build but better tier units and items. His hextech hit my 3 carries, mine hit his 2 front liners so i lost. The units themselves are decent, but they have really good synergies
Derity (EUW)
: He must've had 2-4 more items than you as you used 4x Spatula, and he pumped all items into his 3* Units that all have a level 4 Gunslinger synergy, your strongest unit is Veigar, and Veigar's spell activates on units that are lower level than him, but unfortunately most of the enemy units in this scenario are not lower level than him, so he probably didn't get any kills. 4x Level 3 units is no joke!
Yea i was sure having almost double his units would give me and advantage but level 3 units + kayle making them immortal turns out is much better than a bunch of level 2's. Plus I was reminded that RapidFire Canon negates Yordle buff :( so Trist was disabling my whole team from outside of my range to deal with her.
Comicman (EUW)
: Kayle have the highest base attack speed in game out of all units, RFC counter your yordle synergy, gunslingers attack 2 more enemies with each AA and apply on hit effect like Hush(the silence item) which have 50% chance to proc so that did disable most of your sorcs imo, could have switched cho for seju as you would glacial buff thanks to braum and her ulti is op, also stacking your units together isnt most effective vs gunslingers as they hit 3 units with 1 AA if they are stacked, so positioning might be the main reason you lost
holy moly i forgot about the RFC thing thats ridiculous. Ye i was thinking about going for Glacial, i just thought if i could get level 3 Cho i would be able to deal with his squishy units easily. I didn't end up getting him though :( Also its hard to position with 11 units. i was spread across the entire board basically
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Kei143 (NA)
: Sure you aren't confusing your PvE rounds? Raptors are not the same as wolves. Also, in patch 9.14 the item protection was sometimes bugged and people weren't getting their items 4-5 items on that round. It should be fixed in 9.15.
how would i be confusing them? When i say finishing the game with 3 items, it is definitely long after both. But the point isn't that I am getting items, its that I am getting 3 complete items versus 2 people that have more than 6 complete items. That isn't fair. Sure raptors can drop me 4-6 boxes, but if it does the same to everyone else on top of the items they have already gotten, i am still at a disadvantage. Items still rely on RNG, its just now I am guaranteed at least 2 complete items.
: Why even play? It's probably just going to be removed in a few years anyway.
its fun. Sure it is frustrating to lose because you don't get items or one guy finishes 3 lvl 3's back to back while you still have mostly level 1's. But when you can get your team working, its fun to strategize on what build you need to go and how to go about getting it. Do you econ or do you hyper roll? Do you switch off of your early build now or wait a couple more rounds? Its just fun.
Kei143 (NA)
: There's already an item protection in place. If you don't get items early, you'll get then later in Raptors. Karthus is not supposed to target everyone on the board. Karthus ults 5/9/13 units depend on his level.
except thats not 100% either. I have finished the game with only 3 complete items before while everyone else has 6+. Why is it so hard for everyone to have equal amount of items? The game already relies on RNG more than other Battle Chess games and items are the most important aspect of the game. It really shouldn't be RNG. Derp. thank you for enlightening me i did not know that. I never use Karthus, i just noticed that when enemies have him 1 or 2 of my units don't get ulted.
Wuks (NA)
: Honoring Opponents, WYA?
We should just get 1 for our team and 1 for the enemy team.
Rioter Comments
: I don't have that on my laptop but i do instead have 5+ seconds delay on swapping while a normal league game has at most 2 seconds if i run too many things and less than 1 s if it's a clean start. My laptop is more than powefull enough to run League, but TFT is wonky as all hell.
Even though my Laptop is now about 4 years old, it can definitely run League of Legends. I've had to turn down the setting over the years as every patch seems to make it run less optimally more and more. But I can run it, I can tab out of it, I can do whatever. TFT though has so many issues running on my laptop... I don't even load in until after the first round is complete. It has trouble buying and selling champs. I can't minimize or tab out without crashing. Its bizzare how badly both League and TFT run on my computer. I run higher requirement games on this laptop just fine, but League of Legends for whatever reason has a lot of issues nowadays.
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: Carousel Cheat
Um when this happens to me I can't do anything with the bench or my board. How does that person have 3 extra champs using this method if they can't buy, sell, or combine champs?
phoda (EUNE)
: glacials are so shit. ashe + glacial can SOMETIMES stun and its nice LITTLE BUFF, 6 glacials is complete shit. so imo they need to buff 6 glacials version 4 and 2 are okay
I mean I consistently get top 3 because of Ashe plus literally any other Glacial unit. Everyone keeps saying "Glacial isn't OP" but 9 out of 10 games the top 4 people all have at least 2 Glacials (Ashe mostly, sometimes Voli/Sej and any other Glacial). Glacial by itself isn't OP, but combine it with another trait like Ranger or Gunslinger and its stun city. I've been told "go Yordle, it counters Glacial!!!" so i try it (probably tried it 4-5 times now) and i just get dominated by some other build. I am going to keep trying different comps, but so far the best counter to Glacial builds is to have a better Glacial build (mostly Ranger Glacial). Although Aurelion Sol has worked quite well for me in the past, its just hard to go Sorc right now i feel.
Rioter Comments
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.15 notes
So no nerf to Glacial? The meta isn't going to shift because Glacial is too OP. The strategy right now is just hyperroll for Glacial. No one is even bothering with econ anymore, I am always the only person with more than 20 gold in every game I play because i am not rolling for Glacial. Also you nerf the Dragon passive (yay!) but then you BUFF A SOL's DAMAGE??!?!? He already 1-shots 80% of the roster how does it make sense that he does more damage now? The only way to kill him is with long range units, but he massively out damages all other long range units so now you allow him to melt the front line too? How does that make sense? I don't personally like the new Void buff. I liked that Void buff worked on your whole team, it wasn't strong by itself but it was alright when paired with the right damage comp. Plus all the units tend to be tankier front liners, not damage dealers (with the exception of Kha and maybe Kassadin but if you are using it as a buff to your damage dealers you don't have Kha generally). {{item:3137}} needs to be removed. Its still too strong, literally everyone buys it.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: https://i.imgur.com/8dgJPSn.png voli 3 with warmogs and claw definitely gg if it's 80% rng you would be placing 1st only 12% of your games 2nd only 12% of your games 3rd only 12% of your games 4th only 12% of your games add a 0.5% to each for nice round numbers and you saying that you are winning the majority of your games directly contradicts this unless you mean that that 20% that isn't rng heavily skews the odds of you winning or not which again proves my point and supports the claim that being good at the game overcomes the RNG
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you mean online poker you also have positioning item prioritization champ prioritization adaptation all variables that rely only on you
I used to complain about the RNG, but then I started to learn how to play the game. Now i rarely ever end below 4th, usually 1st or 3rd are my two highest placements I believe. The issue is, all the skill you mentioned only gets you that far. RNG decides your placement after that. You didn't get 6 items? Well enjoy 3rd. Someone got Glacial with level 3 Voli? GG have fun in 2nd. Didnt end up getting the units you wanted? Well too bad no 1st for you. The game is like 80% RNG, 20% skill/knowledge. If you are good, you will almost always place higher than 4th, beyond that its all RNG. Items (both in whether they drop and what drops), Carousel, Champions (both in what you get and how much you get), Racial Passives, and Unit targeting/pathing are all mostly RNG and are the main mechanics of the game. I am totally fine with Random Items being dropped, but not that they are random IF they drop. I am fine with random Champions, but it sucks when you have 1 lvl 3 and another person has 3 level 3's (econ doesnt mean shit if you can't beat their units). I am fine with the Carousel having random champs with random items, but not that where you spawn is random (picking first doesn't guarantee you the champ/item you want if its on the other side when you are picking). All of this RNG is fine by itself, but the fact there is so much of it and it all relies on each other to work is why this game gets way more shit than the other AutoChess games (at least from what I have seen).
: glaciel dont have really tanky units, its brawlers that make things tanky while glaciel is the side buff for 4 brawlers tho i think glaciel should be changed to 10 > 25 > 50 % from 20 > 30 > 45 % so at least using glaciel as a side buff is not effective while using it as your main buff [aka going 6 glac] would be more rewording. also revert voli buffs [and smack akali as will]
Sejuani, Volibear, and Braum are all fairly tanky. Knight and Brawler kick that tankiness up a few levels too and only require 1 other of that type. No I disagree with that change entirely. The problem is how often they proc Glacial stun, upping it to 50% is just going to worsen the problem. At 6 Glacial, they pretty much win every round as it is, giving them more chance to stun just defeats the purpose of nerfing them. It is really easy to go 6 Glacial too as all their units are really freakin good. They need to address the chain stunning or change the stun entirely. It just isn't fair that 4 of your units are stunned for the entire round, its auto-lose...
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Glacials were nuisance before. Now when Volibear and his spell interaction with onhits has been found you can bet at least two players will abuse this freelo in your game. If you aren't stupid you are abusing it too.
the worst part is you don't even need more than 2 Glacials, just 2 alone proc it enough to win most rounds. I straight up surrender when I see an enemy get a level 3 Volibear. I have not yet found a comp that can deal with that. Ninja/Assassins, Noble/Knight/Imperial, Noble/Knight/Gunslinger, Demon/Blademaster, Wild/Sorc/Shapeshifter/Dragon, nothing works against it... I always come in 2nd by a huge margin.
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: 2 suggestions to potentially improve the Demon Class...
Demon is super strong though. Going 6 Demons pretty much guarantees you top 3.
Nanien (EUW)
: (TFT) Ways to counter assassin builds
Lucian is a good pick, with the right items, he will dodge at the start of the match meaning he won't be targeted by the Assassins. He will dodge often enough that even if they aggro to him, he dodges a lot of damage. He is actually a strong unit anyways, but I hate fighting Lucian when I am going Assassins.
spazgod (NA)
: I have been about to beat assassin with brawlers and 3 assassins. Voli does great work being tanky and does a lot of damage. Put hush on him is key as with his ultimate you can hush a bunch of the assassins at the same time. Hope this helps.
I was going to say this too. Glacial Brawler with 3 assassins is the comp I lose to most when I am going 6 Assassins. Glacial and Voli is pretty busted, Brawlers give the tankiness to survive long enough for your Assassins to wipe.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Stephenizgod,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=e9bVhpfU,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-20T02:52:01.075+0000) > > My poppy was level 3, my Darius was level 3, my Morde was level 3. You are right he didnt 1-shot them, but he did enough damage they died instantly. Every time he ulted, one of my units died. I realize now its because Lucian was in the back that he didn't die immediately. > > Yea Noble Knights was probably not the best comp against him, although i was 1st and had 60+ Health on him until it was just me vs him. I agree with no damage, but I think even more damage wouldn't have helped. He focused heavy on defense too he just had his Veigar which was obviously destroying my team. I think long range damage would have been helpful though, like a Varus or A Sol. My lucian and trist dished out a shit ton of damage, just not on Veigar. His base dmg isn't high on his ability they had to shrunk by a cursed blade in order for Veigar to gib them which might have been on a tristana near him or on him directly the only other possibility is if he had 3 deathcaps or something but even then a lot of other sorcerors are way deadlier with that because Veigar only hits one unit.
I just confirmed today that level 3 Veigar will randomly 1-shot level 3's with his ult. I had a Veigar and no item that shrinks and I 1 shot their level 3 A sol and level 3 Lulu. it didn't do it everytime but when it did, I won immediately.
: then they stacked heavy ap into him or had a shrink item on one of their units since poppy with dragon touth will be extremely hard to kill with magic damage , if they had the ap then its like how {{champion:136}} can two shot whole team or {{champion:84}} one shoting things every half second [i throw her in a non assassin comp and she steal dealt the most damage lmao]. tbh how much hp in late game dont matter much if the other person comp hard counter yours.
oh i forgot about that item, it could have been that then. Seems the opponent was getting very lucky with it though if it was that one item. I mean he had Guinsoo and I think Rabadon on his Veigar + 6 sorc.
Porglit (NA)
: Your intuition about long range spells is good. Aurelion, Varus, Karthus, MF, or something like that. It always helps to have Sorc as well, but no guarantees on that. This is more a weakness that I've found with the hard frontwall of a Noble Knight combo; They're amazing at staying alive, but they can't make their way to tbe backline carries.
MISS FORTUNE!!!! AAAAAAH I forgot she existed!!!! Noooo she would have filled out my comp with Gunslinger and has the long range aoe damage. Wow im dumb, that would have been the difference i think, if i could have rolled for MF i could have won. I think next time I will go Noble Knights Sorc and get A Sol, or i could go for Varus but i think A sol is better.
: veiger insta kill all lower stars units so a 3 star veiger will one shot any 2 stars unit, the reason your lucian was not killed is most likely because he is 3 stars and the rest are not. also nobles/guardians are no match to magic damage as they give armor not mr so they are hyper weak to any magic damage, and your comp was pretty heavy defense wise but garbo offense wise that veiger can ult multi times.
My poppy was level 3, my Darius was level 3, my Morde was level 3. You are right he didnt 1-shot them, but he did enough damage they died instantly. Every time he ulted, one of my units died. I realize now its because Lucian was in the back that he didn't die immediately. Yea Noble Knights was probably not the best comp against him, although i was 1st and had 60+ Health on him until it was just me vs him. I agree with no damage, but I think even more damage wouldn't have helped. He focused heavy on defense too he just had his Veigar which was obviously destroying my team. I think long range damage would have been helpful though, like a Varus or A Sol. My lucian and trist dished out a shit ton of damage, just not on Veigar.
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: Want to Know WHY You Think League is Dead?
While I agree the boards is just a "fuck rito" circle-jerk toxic pit when it comes to balance, its not entirely wrong. The thing is those recycled rants and complaints all originated with a legitimate issue with the game that is only getting worse with each patch. The boards just reposts them over and over again endlessly. Is the game in a good spot? No, this is the least fun League has ever been. Damage is way too high, turret plating was garbage upon release and is still bad (although they are aware of it and are actually trying to fix it), champion pool consists of the same 20 champions just being recycled into the top 10 over and over again with each new patch while 90%+ of the roster is near useless. Game matches has returned to 40+ minutes regularly, but the games are still decided by 10 minutes, so its honestly worse now. At least before the game was over by 25 minutes, now the losing team has to sit through 30-35 minutes of constantly being behind and losing. Why do I think the game is dead (or dying) because I quit playing it. I was someone who thought I would play it no matter what just because I liked the characters and the idea behind it. It gave me something to do and all my friends were playing it so we could always make it fun regardless of how bad the game was. That has changed, none of us play it anymore and it hasn't been fun for a long time. I am not saying I am so important that me quitting the game is going to have an impact, i am just one person. But I am positive I am not the only one who thought like that but ended up quitting.
: What is, in your opinion, the worst designed champion in this game?
There is nothing wrong with Old Malzahar, new Malz is garbage, but old Malz was really well designed he just needed small tweaks. His Suppression was only an issue for people because it was 2.5 second long stun, but there are plenty of stuns and roots in the game that last 2 seconds. It just felt bad, but it was no different mechanically than a stun except worse because he couldn't move or cast spells and it did damage over time instead of burst. As for worst designed? {{champion:39}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:266}}{{champion:429}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:142}} take your pick they are all terrible designs for different reasons
Rammuz (EUNE)
: Do people prefer this over what League used to be ?
Man I miss the old League... games were long enough that Teamplay and Strategy was the win-con, but not so long that it was just a 5v5 6 item clash in mid lane. People hate on Tank meta but that was one of the most balanced metas for teamwork and map control because teamfights weren't over in 1/20th of a second so you needed to fight over objectives to not fall behind. Although it could just be that Tank Meta came in after a much deserved buff to tanks and nerf to ADC's who were completely unstoppable (assassins were garbage and continued to be garbage through Tank meta except for those who could build tank... which eventually led to the death of Tank meta). I see people all the time "hurr durr I have so many 40 minutes games you all dumb" yea i have a lot of games that go longer than 30 minutes, but the game is over at 10 minutes... the remaining time is the winning team ending the game. When I say I want 45 minute games, I want the game to be decided at 35-40 minutes and then the remaining 5-10 minutes is the game closing out, like how it used to be. This was the best for both teams! It was less frustrating to lose because it wasn't dragged out over 30+ minutes with the score 54-12 and more satisfying to win because you had to constantly outplay and out-maneuver. But it makes sense that Riot is making the game the way it is right now. Their largest playerbase is now in China, they are losing the rest of their playerbase and have been for awhile, so they are catering the game to them right now. The Chinese want their games to be shorter due to them not having personal computers and they play in internet cafe's and such where they have to pay for a certain amount of time. Shorter games = more games. Games die, it happens. I really think Riot chose the wrong player-base to balance towards. Its not that I don't care about the Chinese playerbase and I think its fair to want to make the game more accessible for them, but it has gone too far and I think there won't be any chance at recovering at this point.
KazKaz (OCE)
: I just want to go back to seasons 2-4 when the game was actually good. Maybe even early season 5 before all that tank meta nonsense happened.
Tank Meta was one of the best metas after Season 4 where ADC's were walking Gods. The issue was off-tanks started to get too strong and Tanks started doing more and more damage when they tried to fix it.
mack9112 (NA)
: I have never seen rengar not doing what he does now.
I have, in fact last time i played against him he was not capable of doing this. But that was awhile back.
: I have a problem when an assassin can 1 vs 1 a bruiser at even build. That should be impossible, but it's not.
Well tbf our Sion was the only one who could survive his burst, Yi could too if he timed his Q and W right. The issue was, when Rengar doesn't kill with his initial jump he has so many tools to keep attacking a champion or to get away safely and his AA's hit really freakin hard too.
mack9112 (NA)
: Rengar has done that for his entire existance. He does what he is made to do , this is nothing new. He has plenty of outplay potential.
No he does it when he is overpowered and then he is nerfed into oblivion for awhile then randomly buffed until he is eventually nerfed again... Lets not pretend this behavior is ok, just because it has happened before. He is constantly nerfed for this exact reason but they keep buffing him instead of just changing a toxic champion.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: assassins + fed = 1 shot
I am fine with that logic, except that Rengars damage is all in one attack, an attack that deals its damage whether he is CC'd or you flash mid jump. So when you are dying in 0.26 seconds, that isn't a lot of time to react. The other assassins at least can be CC'd with quick enough reaction, even if I predicted where he was, which I did a few times, I would still die eventually because he would run me down.
: Some things to do.... 1) Ninja Tabi. 2) He was "fed" perhaps by farm and kills, and if he gets a kill or two he roams and finishes his necklace..... deny him the necklace stacks by not being silly and when you see the eyes.... you go to tower. 3) Until he has at least 2 items, and if you had 1 maybe or just damage items.... he will not be 1hkoing you unless you are underleveled. How about telling the real story? Because all these stories so far have been BS and im calling yours out too due to me knowing what it takes for Rengo to be 1hkoing squishies. What you are saying is near impossible unless you and your team COMPLETELY messed up, or he came in and cleaned up a fight and you were being "one shotted" from half health.
I know what to do against him (i am not being defensive, I always appreciate advice), the issue was he got 4 early kills from our trash jungler and was completely unstoppable for the rest of the game. I am not exaggerating when I say he was killing us in under 0.5 seconds. My quickest death was 0.26 seconds and at this point I had Zhonya's. I died so quick my Zhonya's went on Cooldown (was grayed out) for about 2 seconds before the game realized i didn't actually use it. It is not impossible at all, he was seriously 1-shotting me, teemo, and our mid laner. Yi and Sion were the only 2 he couldn't insta-kill but he could just beat them to death after a certain point, but Sion was inting Sion so it ended up costing them.
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: Toxic Chat: Overwatch got it right
Mmmm no this is a bad idea, censoring what we say is a slippery slope. People are just going to find new ways to flame each other and more and more of what we say will be censored. Soon it will be safer to just have pre-programmed messages and communication will suffer. Leageu =/= Overwatch, the player-base is different and the companies have different ideology and values. Now I think this would be a good replacement for chat restriction, instead of removing a players ability to text, they just replace everything they try to type with something positive. Even if they don't type anything, it should just randomly say positive things whenever a kill happens or if an ally gets a certain amount of gold/CS.
: Neeko is surprisingly fun to play against
The only part of her kit I think could be changed is her Ult. Every game I've played with her I have seen some crazy damage come out of that ult. Like plays she definitely should have lost but because the enemy wasn't expecting her to just 50-0 them with just her ult she won them. Its overloaded and deals too much damage, I also don't really think it belongs in her kit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stephenizgod,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=625rzeP9,comment-id=0054,timestamp=2018-11-27T06:37:34.747+0000) > > REMOVE RUNES REFORGED!!! > > I can't stress this enough... This was the final nail in the coffin for this game, it spiked the damage creep to unseen levels (and they were already getting bad, remember when ADC's were just A-clicking on the other side of the map and 3 shotting everything in between?) > > You give a burst oriented champion, designed to jump in and deal a huge burst of damage then jump out, a Rune that upon dealing their burst gets additional instantaneous burst without any possible counterplay? So you are rewarding the Assassin for landing their abilities? Is the reward for landing your abilities not already the damage they do? Why do they need more damage? > > People say this brings diversity, certain champions are now viable... Yeah you are right it brought X champion back into the light, but it pushed champions A B and C who were already in the light and Top Tier into God-tier... now they are busted beyond repair... So did it really bring that champion into viability if everyone is still playing A B or C because they are busted? Just because you can play champion X without insta-feeding? I say no... > > There is no diversity in Rune paths anymore, they are all just damage... Classes are all taking the same shit with some exceptions. The only tree that I feel is good and redeemable is the Inspiration Tree (with the exception of Kleptomancy, free Gold is just a different reward to damage but still with the same lack of interaction). This Tree is designed around AUGMENTING HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME, meaning how you use these Runes differs from player to player and champion to champion. Every champion that uses Electrocute or Dark Harvest uses it the exact same way... The Inspiration Tree is different, it doesn't reward after the play has been made, it happens BEFORE the play is made thus its effectiveness depends on the player, champion and situation. There are exceptions to this of course, but generally that is more on certain balance issue with other aspects of the game rather than the tree itself. > > If we want to keep Runes Reforged, we need every tree to be more like the Inspiration Tree. GET RID OF ALL THE FREE FUCKING DAMAGE PLEASE... Give me some strategy, give me something I need to think about before it happens. I don't want to just roll my face across the keyboard and say welp i 1-shot that guy I am so good at game... Runes Reforged was a mistake.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stephenizgod,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bLFG2K9b,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-27T18:09:04.104+0000) > > Well seeing as Jungle has been the make or break role for awhile, I'd say its fine if they are weakened slightly. It got kind of old that games were decided by who was the better jungler despite how well the individual lanes performed. Jungle has been a garbage role since 8.10. The 8.23 changes don't slightly weaken the jungle role. They hard gut the roles late game XP and hard gut any chance of creating a gold lead in the early game. I've had games where i'm 4-1-4 with amazing farm and my top laner is 1-7-1 and hes still to levels ahead of me. It's actually comical how bad the role is.
Thats hilarious because I see the exact opposite in nearly every topic about Jungle except for posts where people complain Jungle is too hard. You are hilariously delusional if you think Jungle was garbage at all this past year, it was the role with the most impact for majority of this Season. You can literally take any champion into bot lane because that lane is a fiest, mid lane is the only lane contesting Jungle for map influence, Top lane is and always has been a complete joke. I have not seen Junglers struggling after the patch but I haven't played as much so take that with a grain of salt. However the rest of my comment is accurate. Perhaps try altering your jungle path or how often you gank, I believe the main goal of these nerfs is to stop a Jungler from being able to camp a lane from level 2 and on while maintaining gold and XP.
: Why was the Jungle position weakened even further?
Well seeing as Jungle has been the make or break role for awhile, I'd say its fine if they are weakened slightly. It got kind of old that games were decided by who was the better jungler despite how well the individual lanes performed.
: Its weaker than old electrocute. Which had the counterplay of, "Don't get comboed." It does less damage then now nerfed electrocute as well. In a solo lane its not very strong early as it can only be proc'd every 45 seconds compared to 25 by electrocute. Tanks don't even care about the damage too. Its only good on poke champs and high damage bot lanes vs double squishies. There are only select cases where DH is better than other options which can be said for every rune besides klepto, which is just bad.
1) Everyone who has it can proc it on the same target 2) It resets on kills 3) Its damage scales 4) It is universal, meaning every champion can take it and succeed The rune is disgusting... Electrocute is disgusting too so comparing the two is pointless, they are both bad.
: This "League of Dark Harvest" meta is just like the "League of Thunderlords" but worse.
There is no iteration of Dark Harvest that could ever be balanced or fair. (this is true for nearly every Rune that gives free damage) Free Damage without paying for it, without strategy, and without counterplay will never ever be balanced in this game. It will either be Overpowered as it is right now, or it will be completely useless. There is no in between, there can't be in a game that was built on the idea of strategy. That is why Power Creep is so unbalanced right now, this game was designed around Strategy not instant flashy plays. Forcing this meta is like forcing a glove onto a foot. It sorta stays on, but its ineffective and feels bad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stephenizgod,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=blEhlbQO,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-11-27T06:42:17.375+0000) > > I have been saying this for awhile, at first I thought they were really fun and cool... that wore off quickly. > > The only good tree is the Inspiration Tree imo, except Klepto it needs to go too. They should just go back to Old Runes (talking old school runes and masteries, before Keystones and shit were made) or make every tree more like the Inspiration Tree. I don't think klepto would be as bad if they just picked items or gold to get. Having both makes it over the top.
Klepto follows the same flawed logic as Electrocute or Dark Harvest, you are rewarded for no reason just for doing what you are supposed to do. But instead of Damage you are rewarded with Gold, still the concept is the same you are rewarded with something completely uncounterable and without strategy. The enemy can not do anything about the Bonus Damage from those two runes and they can't do anything about the Gold you get from Klepto, similarly you don't pay for either nor are you forced to make a decision based on the circumstances. You simply hit your abilities and get free rewards. The Gold is just like the Damage you get from Electrocute, Dark Harvest, Predator, etc. but in a different form.
Doge2020 (NA)
: We need more “game breaking” runes in the style that inspiration does. Doesn’t add damage but adds more utility, or maybe even very low damage with the trade off of a fairly reliable effect. It could be general keystones/runes that have the Inspiration theme of “game breaking/rule bending” or Riot could go in the direction of the Odyssey Augments, like 2-3 unique keystones/augments per champ that is balanced towards the champ’s top playstyles or builds. They don’t add a lot or any damage but they bring unique utility effects and interactions. This might be easier to balance because instead of changing runes because one person abuses them, Riot can balance the numbers of an overpowered champ’s kit. This wouldn’t cuck users of a rune just because one champ abuses it easily, and the game won’t be as snowbally because there isn’t a ton of damage that comes out at lvl 1 just because of the keystones and runes. Sorry for the initial giant wall of text, I tried searching for a place to break it up before I posted it but couldn’t find a good separation of ideas to create a break. Now that I edited it I created some breaks.
Its Augmenting the way you play the game, not so much as Breaking the Game. That is what I like about that tree, they augment the way you play the game and its effectiveness depends on you the player, the champion, and the situation you are in. Its not free anything and everything requires you to make a decision on how you use it. All skill trees should be like this, no free damage for landing abilities... you are SUPPOSED to land your abilities, don't need a reward for it...
Jøkèr (NA)
: Wouldn't League of Legends Be Better Without Runes?
I have been saying this for awhile, at first I thought they were really fun and cool... that wore off quickly. The only good tree is the Inspiration Tree imo, except Klepto it needs to go too. They should just go back to Old Runes (talking old school runes and masteries, before Keystones and shit were made) or make every tree more like the Inspiration Tree.
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