: Why don't riot make discount for BE too
Because of their F.U. policy. Which stands for Freebies Unallowed.
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: Patch 8.15 Notes
I know I keep asking this, but.... Can you please make some Super Galaxy Shyvana cromas!!!!?
: RIOT has cured my addiction.
I used to play Vi a lot more than I do now, but I played her recently. When I ulted the enemy Xayah, and by the time the animation played of me reaching her, she had already killed me with about 3-4 autos. It was so ridiculously stupid that I really can't take this game seriously anymore. It wasn't even a fed Xayah either.
: Can we please either make cloud drake useful or remove it?
I agree. They should just have three dragons. There have been so many times where the first drake is cloud and it would be there till the 25 minute mark in games because the players are too smart to not int for it. Since Riot is making the game more of a Colosseum type of game, I'm sure it will be removed in the next preseason because they will say, "not enough battles are happening over it, and we want blood, blood, BLLOOOOOODDD." Or they will stupidly overpower it, where entire games are decided upon getting that one cloud drake.
: Get rid of jungle items completely, make red/blue smite separate summoner spells
It's interesting that you say this. The jungle-specific items came out several seasons ago, when Junglers had a very difficult time catching up with the rest of the team gold-wise. Riot invented them so that they can have that extra gold and not be so useless in the midgame. Junglers were basically like supports, without a whole lot of gold income. Then Riot began to add little smite effects to the items, so that ganks were more important. Then they had a stacking effect, and each jungle camp gave a different effect. This made Shyvanna a goddess in the jungle (good times). And now in the modern times, junglers may not even need the items anymore. They've become somewhat difficult to balance in this ever shifting meta. Perhaps Riot could simple make the talisman and machete build into regular items, which get modified whenever someone takes smite. This makes it so the jungler can hit a power spike at the same time as his team, while also giving him the early items to clear the camps.
: Permanently Banned for blaming myself
Dang, I've done FAR worse, and haven't even seen a chat restriction. LOL! I really need to calm down, and not type anything. I'm trying, but it's really difficult. Lately I've just been fountain sitting if we're really behind. Which I shouldn't do either, but...this current meta is so toxic that I would rather move on to the next game at 15 than have to suffer through 25 or so minutes for an eventual loss.
: Learn more: Pool Party 2018
Sorry for the request, but, PLZ make chromas for Super Galaxy Shyvanna skin!! It needs some badly.
Yenn (NA)
: If I'm not fed to shit by 10 minutes as jungle, ganking most lanes pretty much becomes suicide
By "fed to shit" you mean that you are fed, right? Rather than you are "fed to a piece of shit"? Just want to make sure.
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: Why no Project {{champion:236}}?! He hasn't been on sale for over a year.
I got it in a box, but don't feel bad, all those boxes cost me around 60 bucks. :(
Poppy007 (NA)
: Is Primetime Draven or Dark Reaver Draven skin gonna be on sale or am I asking too much?
Primetime Draven is on a permanent sale price. It would be a legendary price of 1850, but Riot put it on perma sale half-off.
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: Patch 8.11 Early Look
This is a lot of changes. But whatever. Seems like Jinx will be buffed with the item changes, not sure though. Vayne will definitely be buffed with the new keystone. Will probably be the keystone for ADCs from here on out except for a few.
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
No, no, no. The rift scuttler changes just sound bad. Really bad. It doesn't even make any sense. Giving that much exp on randomness? You're going to be giving one team jungler a whole lvl up on the other, INCLUDING a lot more health to go gank and pressure a lane. It seems like this will only increase toxicity in games where once the scuttler is killed, jungler or someone will call out, "gg". There will probably also be smite wars on this, just to get this huge early advantage. I like to play Warwick, and without his Sheild/fear, doing raptors is highly risky. Now he won't get lvl 3 unless I clear Blue, Gromp, wolves, and Red (which is what I was doing anyway), But now I won't be going to Red with my shield, I'll have to do red without it. IF an enemy jungler is shaco, and he gets the scuttler, he could probably track me down to my red and kill me without much trouble, since he'll be a lvl higher and have more health. I would almost be forced to track the scuttler, and have a smite war with him. And the outcome determines the next ten minutes of the game. This just seems to weird and silly. I don't know. Whatever. I can deal with changes. It's the nature of this type of game.
: When is Dragon Sorceress Zyra and Arcade Miss Fortune gonna be on sale?
: Champion and skin sale: 01.30 - 02.02
Irelia is going through an update, and there is Frostblade on sale. Hmmm, should I buy and hope that I'll like the rework?
: I've been trying to main Ashe on a smurf account
Pretty much. A game this old and this big, It's left behind many champs in solo Q.
Sichem (NA)
: Lux will be eternally broken
Play her. Become NA rank 1.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Oh vayne is alone, time to assassinate her.
: 99 lp shouldnt be a thing
When the last time this happened to me, I won the next game, and the system gave me one free win in my promos. Not sure if it was because I was so close, or that I was on a winning streak. I can see this being frustrating however, but it's part of the game.
: make urf great again
Nah, have a 5 game or 22 hr lock (whichever comes first) on recently played champs. Not just a 2 game lock. If it's only 2 games, we will see the same dumb champs over and over again. And besides, with the new runes, the old ARURF op champs, prob will be different. I also dont like the snowball and miss the TP. That's why I only played around 5 games of it, then quit. Riot is slowly killing away URF until the original is a distant memory.
Diego03 (EUNE)
: I just got a 14 day ban for this
What's great about this game, is that there is a mute button. Plz Use it. I use it every time a teammate even so much as hints at becoming toxic. "Dude, their jungler is always here, but you're not." BAM! muted.
: "Report support, no Sightstone"
I would have reported you for playing Sona. And then double reported you if you're a Sona main. And then triple reported if you played any skin besides DJ Sona, or Arcade (only half-report for this one). And then Quadra reported if you didn't honor me at end of game. And then Penta reported if we didn't win the game, because we obviously lost due to the support (and jungle of course).
: Champion and skin sale: 12.26 - 12.29
I just wanted to say that my shop this year, kindof sucked. I was disappointed. Too bad there wasn't a reroll or something. I played Warwick the most last year, and they gave me his hyena skin for only 30% off. Meh, I'll wait for it to be 50% off. I did get three 60% off skins, but I didn't want any of them. Maybe better luck next time.
: Zoe is hella overrated, I don't see what the big deal is.
She does seem like a fun champ. That ult, so many possibilities!
: I guess the point I am trying to make is how is it fair to ban a player for 14 days for what happened in 1 game? Everyone has had a bad game where they flip the fuck out because they have bottled up shit to say, because you are not allowed to say anything on this game without being reported, I think punishment for 1 incident to be as long as 14 days is fucking bullshit, but that's just my personal opinion I guess. I know I will probably get a bunch of backlash for this and a bunch of sheep will come and say "you're toxic" or some other shit that has been regurgitated 1000 times on these boards, but the reality is everyone has a bad game, everyone flames sometimes, everyone gets upset, if you have ever been trolled as hard as I have and not wanted to flame then kudos to you, but I play this game to have fun and when someone deliberately goes out of their way to ruin the next 20 minutes of my life I am going to get pissed off end rant
I know, it's almost like Riot needs to make a place where you can vent and say anything and not be punished for it. Like a forum or something, that players get to talk about their frustrations with others, and maybe get feedback. If only riot could make something like that.
: How To Beat Evelynn
People ban eve? DAyum. Yeah, she is really weak. That charm, just sucks in team fights. Does absolutely nothing, except maybe zone for a few seconds.
: Zoe's E needs to be less reliable
: Still stuck with autofill even though I autofilled the game before...?
It depends on your secondary role. If one of your roles is bot, then it didn't autofill. If one of your roles is FILL, then it didn't autofill. Winning or losing doesn't matter at all.
Latondra (NA)
: Not getting chests after S games
Either, you ran out of chests at the time, or there is a bug. Since you play premades, it's probably b/c you were out of chests at the time. You can only get one chest per week, or something like that, and can only accumulate up to four at a time to get. Someone else can link the Riot post explaining the rules better.
: Gotta say, getting a 6300 IP Champion shard upon level up is pretty nifty.
Or you get two Annie shards, and a Gragas shard, which combined don't even give you 900 BE. Feelsbadman.
: blue essance
You don't. You instead get champion shards from loot crates, which you get AFTER you level up. You can then disenchant these shards for BE. I personally don't like having to wait an entire level just to get more BE. I liked the incremental system of a little at a time. Now it'll take me weeks just to finally be able to purchase something in the store, even if I'm only a few hundred BE short.
: December sales schedule
OMG!! Crabgot. Need I say more?
Eedat (NA)
: PSA: Do NOT buy lootboxes with RP
Riot probably should take a look at the box prices. As you said, it doesn't give as much anymore, so they should go down in cost.
: Azir and Press the attack from the Precision Path
Oh wow, I thought it did. I don't play Azir, so I didn't test it or anything. I just thought that it would.
: I don't like the new runes dictating how I have to play
> Now we're stuck slaving to whatever meta the rune abuse cases hand us until you nerf the whole system into insignificance like we all know you will. This x1000. Of course they are going to nerf this into oblivion until there is practically no rune system at all, which would actually probably be preferable in the game's current state.
: If you get support
Whenever I get filled as support, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. So standing there seems like a good thing, since I'll probably just get outplayed by better support players anyway if I try to do something.
TheFortex (EUNE)
: Sorry riot but this new system will make me quit
I think Riot changed Too much Too quickly. This is a mess, basically because it's an entirely new game.
Rioter Comments
: Oh absolutely. I said this when it was announced and I'm sticking to the prediction that it will also become stale exceedingly quickly as a result. It's exactly what happened to WoW, and it's what makes games made after WoW's design shift (which attempted to mimic the design of WoW) so quick to exhaust.
I stopped playing WoW a long time ago (usualy in one month long stints after each expansion, but not after Wrath), but I read a little about what they did, getting rid of the trees, and whatnot. I can see the similarities, and can see this possibly getting stale, just simply because there's only like 1/4 of the many different types of runes I used to be able to use. I used to sometimes run a very unique rune build for Shyvanna, that worked for me, gave me health, attack speed, Magic/armor pen, and cd reduction - a little of everything, so that I knew every power spike and could flow with the game. Now, I have no idea. I need to relearn everything, and it all seems completely out of balance. I've faced against two jungle Master Yi's, and they were so freaking strong. I don't have the same lvl 10 CD reduction that I was used to getting, and now I have to build different items to get that same power, or else Riot is going to have to adjust a whole bunch of cd's, which is probably not going to happen.
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: Initial Balancing Thoughts - Predator
: I got autofilled, played my role well, then autofilled again next game :(
That's what you get for playing well. Haven't you heard the term "Run it down mid"? I suggest you look up YouTube videos "Disco Nunu".
: Unsealed Spellbook Will be Meta Pick for Top and Support
Lol! Yeah, no one ever used Revive EVER. And I missed the patch note, back in season 5 that removed it from the game. I guess they anticipated the broken formula in this new rune system, so they preempted it's death. I just thought of this because I like watching pro players more than playing the game, and the recent SKT loss (spoiler alert), when FAKER was caught out, that they could have used this new rune system to come back instantly, or prolong the game a little bit. I really had no idea that they removed it from the game. It would be as if they removed SKARNER, no one would notice.
Rioter Comments
: She actually does a lot of damage, her combo takes a long while. She ultimately trades damage for an agonizing long set-up that has a lot of counter-play built into it. You can spot her before she can deal any damage to you. Her combo requires letting the enemy know where you are though. W- Set up the charm, wait 2 seconds Q- Land the skill shot to proc the charm E- Deal the bonus damage from Q plus %health damage QQR- about 1.3-2 seconds. You could assassinate someone who was wanting to be assassinated. But she has a ton of counter-play available at every step.
I think that was the OP's point. She is an assassin that has LOTS of counterplay. That means she's super weak. Other assassins have less counterplay, if any at all. So why would someone play her rather than someone else, especially in a role as important as jungler, which is better, imo, to be a frontline tank/initiator.
Laura ß (NA)
: How is it possible!? that EVE is so weak
She needs a buff on her Q range. It is so stupidly short. (The initial cast to hit someone, not the hate spikes) I played her a few times, and Dayum, her clear is super bad. They force you to kite your jungle camps as though you are a ranged champ, but you are not, and you miss out on the majority of your melee damage trying not to be chunked down to hard. She needs a hellofalot more sustain as far as I'm concerned. Maybe add a heal to her charm, based on missing health?
: Patch 7.20 notes
Please make a chroma pack for Super Galaxy Shyvana!! I'm counting on you Riot!
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