: prestige doesn't have to be better for everyone. Humans have things they do and don't like.
Yeah I'm not sure where people got the idea that prestige skins are meant to be "superior" to the standards. They're more difficult to obtain and thus unique in their less frequent appearance on the Rift. That's it. ...and this is completely putting aside the element of personal preference on each skin, which has more weight than anything else at play.
: huh. where is the obligatory "still no bans in ARAM" comment?
Don't worry, it's up there. The one comment that's written entirely in Caps Lock.
: something tells me its cus so many people complained and called bans in aram stupid and not making sense in the first place. I only heard people complain tho the first few days and nothing after, and i dont see how being able to take out 1 champ makes it any less random. As a aram only player bans made it that much more enjoyable of an expierience
I played somewhere in the realm of 50 or 60 games over the course of the Bilgewater event. Did not see Ziggs or Xerath in even a single match. This does not just mean "I didn't have to deal with them", it means "I never had the opportunity to _play_ them." If the champion pool is effectively **limited** upon entering the lobby, it defeats the purpose of the mode.
updog (NA)
: You listed champions that are only "thoroughly enjoyable" to play because they make the mode unplayable for the enemy team. It's about giving people breathing room to remove some of the absolutely disgusting poke comps and steamroll comps that get faced _daily_ when ARAM doesn't have bans. Not once since bans came out have I been stuck with "Evelynn, Skarner, Rek'Sai, Ivern, and Udyr" either because there are still PLENTY of good champs beyond the 10 (at most) that can get banned. The "nature of the mode" doesn't fucking matter, this isn't some competitive league that needs its integrity to be upheld. It's a game mode for fun. Losing at champ select is a legitimate thing in ARAM and that is not. fucking. fun. Its occurrences have _dramatically_ decreased since bans became a thing, and has only happened to me personally when I get queued into three jerks like you who refuse to ban and just complain about them for the entire duration of the lobby. Bans were the best thing to happen to ARAM.
"This isn't some competitive league that needs its integrity to be upheld..." Then why does it matter that your team gets steamrolled by poke champs on occasion? It's part of the **random** element that's in the very name of the mode. I can tell you right now, I have a hell of a lot more fun playing Veigar and getting my ass beat because our team lacks a tank, than I do playing Tryndamere and contributing nothing toward our 30-minute victory but a Ctrl+4 spam. I once went on a 19-game ARAM losing streak, and I vividly remember why it happened. No, not because of the champion select, but because I had teammates building IE without a Zeal a few patches ago, and Veigars building Abyssal Mask, and Threshes building Statikk Shiv without a frontline. If that Lux is destroying you, grab a Hexdrinker/QSS/Banshee's. Itemization is the key to victory in ARAM. Nobody loves going defensive, but it's a necessary evil. At the end of the day... Just let people have their fun, short games where they wipe the floor with the enemy team in under 13 minutes. Because guess what, **you** will get to do _exactly that_ yourself soon enough.
: Why the fuck are bans being removed from ARAM? that was like the best update in aram's history. I actually enjoyed aram for once without worrying about zilean or fiddlesticks.
Because it goes completely against the nature of the mode. If people would put their brain to work for a second, they'd realize that for any lobby that does **not** ban Fiddle, the odds of encountering him are increased. "How do we combat this mathematical dilemma?", you ask? Easy. Just ban him every single game, along with Lux, and Veigar, and Ziggs, and Vel'Koz, and Blitzcrank, and Pyke, and Xerath, until _all_ of the champions that people thoroughly enjoying playing are no longer on the table. Do you see the problem here? Or do you need to get stuck with Evelynn, Skarner, Rek'Sai, Ivern, and Udyr for a few more weeks to wrap your head around it?
Jabalor (NA)
: Why would you take backtrack away? It was a cool and useful summoner spell :/
Because champions like {{champion:81}} , {{champion:51}} , and {{champion:18}} could dash out of a fight in three different ways, as if two weren't enough.
Fuya (NA)
: Uhhhh Summoner's Rift literally got overhauled tho? ARAM never did, even once.
Perhaps this is because the vast majority of players are content with the current interation of Howling Abyss, and so it does not warrant an "overhaul". Minor tweaks to the minions, items, and healing relics have been sufficient. They aren't going to throw out the snowy map everyone is accustomed to just because some people enjoy the aesthetic of Butcher's Bridge. Shit, the poros wouldn't even have a place in the game anymore at that point. {{summoner:31}}
: Why can't we keep the Bilgewater Bridge? Howling Abbyss is old news.
And what would this say about Summoner's Rift?
: Updating our discounts for 2019
More frequent Chroma sales would be nice. I just wait for the BE Emporium with the way things currently are.
: Is the lunar and solar Eclipse Leona just recolored version? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Pauldrons, headpiece, & hairstyle. Also, in-game effects. Comparable to [this Blitzcrank set](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/new-skins-lancer-paragon-and-rogue-blitzcrank).
: One day we'll get Bioforge Darius on sale.
https://www.leaguesales.com/skins/bioforge-darius 147 days ago. So, likely within the next 6 months.
: Only thing saving this patch from total ZZZ- status is the game mode but that only brings it up 10 letter grades. Things wrong with this patch (balancing for 99.99% players around worlds) i.e {{champion:113}} especially. Still you refuse to balance jungle xp to solo lanes and revert scuttle changes (it has been 8 patches and still you don't understand), this is main reason I refuse to watch worlds. Mastery tokens/chests need to drop on every map in game and not just on Scuttle crab rift. Nexus Blitz was fun and know you need to polish the map assets so you can make it a permanent addition (better be permanent).
Upvoting because of ARAM champion mastery reaching Level 5 only to come to an abrupt halt for no particular reason. _"We see that you're becoming increasingly proficient with this champion, but I'm afraid we can no longer acknowledge your efforts. Go play another mode."_ {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Also, poor {{champion:113}} . Ever since her Ult was turned into a glorified {{champion:22}} R, she's been a less enjoyable experience. Teams are punished for grouping against a {{champion:54}} to this day, so I still don't know their motive for that change.
imkalleN (NA)
: so cute AYAYA{{sticker:sg-lux}}
krt (NA)
: Interesting that the thread with 1000+ comments got replaced by this one, just because of a typo in the title. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/announcements/clash-na-launch-cancelled-due-technical-issues
The title is actually identical. The only difference is in the additional "L" in the URL. And both spellings of "Cancel(l)ed" are correct, too. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Poppy007 (NA)
: Is Primetime Draven or Dark Reaver Draven gonna be on sale or am I asking too much? Even though I’m a poppy main and suppose to be asking for a poppy skin but can’t get wrong with a Draven skin right?
As previously stated, Primetime Draven will never (again) be sold for a discount due to its "Legendary" attribute. The Chromas are currently available for 2000BE or 195RP if you'd like to take advantage of those, however.
: why are there never any bundles with legacy skins anymore?
Was wondering the same thing. It's like those bundles are holiday-only now. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Some Larger Patches Incoming
Please do allow us to switch the champion/announcer languages at-will. Some of us want to hear a certain maniacal laugh {{champion:222}}... VoHiYo ...or a certain questionable death vocalization {{champion:103}} Jokes aside. If you're going to shut the door on custom skins, at least provide us with access to the official audio of non-local regions. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: thats not the only thing that feels super smooth
: lol what
Anyone who's played a bit of {{champion:99}} would know what he's gettin' at.
: So... You're telling me that veteran players who've played thousands upon thousands of games get NO levels added at all? o-o What kind of... Perhaps it sounds petty, but I feel like my large amount of time in the game should reflect my level, instead of showing the same as some player who just hit 30. wasn't an issue when cap was 30, but becomes one now.
"We're also looking into work on the profile page that'll let you show other players when you started playing League (including all your previous ranked badges). We're hoping to ship that by the end of this year or the beginning of early next year." - FAQ, Riot Support
: It’s time for October bundles!
No Legacies? {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Toppien (NA)
: why you create all those wonderfull lines for the SG Ahri announcer just to take them away forever? {{sticker:sg-janna}} i swear i would pay for any custom announcers over the boring old lady {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} just think about it rito
psst Japanese VO doesn't cost a dime {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: What image does Janna's reference? It looks familiar, I knew it was a reference when I first saw it, but I just can't place it...
Google "Why would you do that?"
: Intentionally Feeding
I was gonna lay around for a bit before going to lunch... _Was_. {{champion:31}} {{summoner:6}} {{item:2009}} {{item:3681}} {{item:3683}} {{item:2052}} {{item:3680}}
: June Early Sales: 6.23.17 - 6.26.17
lol I saw the announcement for this sale back in May, but I went ahead and picked up one of the Chromas earlier this month because I figured someone forgot to publish the article and thus the sale had to be scrapped. That's too bad. Nice for those who demonstrated more patience though. _UNLESS, OF COURSE..._ This very article was posted by mistake and the sale will not be happening after all! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: URF is alright but getting stale. and one for all is complete garbage imo. The only actual good mode they've produced so far is dark star singularity.{{item:3694}} (and urf when it originally came out).
Hey man, don't hate on the {{summoner:31}} King.
: Champion and skin sale: 07.04 - 07.07
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the "June Early Sales" ever took place: The ones listed on [this news post](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/june-sales-schedule-1). The May equivalent took place between the 19th and 22nd. I mean, I guess the discount could have been applied within the client, as I wasn't vigilant enough to check each day... but if so, there certainly wasn't an article published to accompany the sale.
: Ping muting, surrender at 15, and more on the way
What's the radius on this "common ping" location? The video shows them nearly overlapping each other. (i.e.: A ping on top of the drake's Speed Shrine _should_ build with a ping in the center of the drake pit, as they would surely indicate the same intention).
Rioter Comments
: > If Final Spark kills an enemy champion, 10/30/50% of its remaining cooldown is refunded Do you guys have ANY idea what you have done to ARAM players!?
Slightly ridiculous, but there _is_ one compromise: Lux players may now hesitate to R during a fight if it isn't guaranteed to execute an enemy. It's comparable to Darius R; if things get desperate, he can hit it early and hope it pays off, but he'll always prioritize a killing blow. The difference, however, is that Lux's R has always possessed a rather short cooldown to begin with. While I don't think this change calls for immediate reversal, I do believe Riot will find themselves wishing to increase the base CD in the near future.
: The ability to see letter grade in match history, little stuff like that I've wanted is what keeps me enjoying this game.
Hopefully they'll re-add Match Duration to the history page, as well.
: or the {{champion:1}} Bot oh wait...
: All the comments about "Where is x", "I thought x was supposed to be on sale today", and "x? I thought it was going to be on sale this month.is kinda annoying me. On Riot's official April sales schedule it is stated that "we’re not posting the exact dates for each champ and skin". The skin is going to be on sale this month for sure. The skin is just on sale on a later announced date.
Sometimes it's an inquiry concerning (non-legacy/legendary) skins not having received a sale in over 400 days :\
: Quinn's Q has dealt AoE damage ever since her rework.
Hm, so it does... I'd have to mess around in the practice tool and see what it's like for clears.
: Why isn't Quinn a good jungler? On paper, her ultimate looks really OP for jungler stuff.
She doesn't possess any AoE apart from her R, which isn't exactly known for killing things. So Gromp/Drake/buff camps are the only places she would excel, at least until she gets a Hurricane or Shiv (and buying _those_ on a jungler is questionable to begin with).
: April sales schedule
Been a while since Arclight {{champion:161}} , Bilgewater {{champion:55}} , and Rugged {{champion:86}} :(
Modi (NA)
: "This is so unfair, I can't curse on the internet!" Be brave, just say it out loud...it feels better anyway.
It's more an issue with not knowing what _others_ are saying, especially when the asterisk count doesn't match the original phrase length.
: Can Cho at least get infinite size in URF? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Get yourself a {{champion:117}} Buy {{item:3053}} Drink {{item:2138}}
: I would think that she would want him to move on and just be happy, with a sexy bird lady or otherwise.
{{champion:34}} Why thank you.
: Wait, did Swain show up in sales this month? I've been waiting for his sale since last month...
So he's on the [schedule](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/january-sales-schedule-0), but I just went through all of the week/weekend sales articles and never saw him. So unless he's being saved for the 31st, that _is_ a little odd.
: I see no mention of Jayce in these patch notes.
: ***
Went on sale 89 days ago, which is when I picked it up myself. [**Source**](http://www.leaguesales.com/skins/bear-cavalry-sejuani)
: It's a single-player tool. We've focused on something for players to practice their champion mechanics, how to jungle, etc.
I was hoping to see a bit less confidence with this answer, such as "currently" or "for the time being". I personally couldn't imagine a more effective mode for training or guiding a fellow player one-on-one, especially with the elimination of death timers, camp resets, and the like. Demonstrating the use of {{item:3152}} to a friend, for example, would require a ton of farming in a custom game; here, you could instantly acquire it. More practically, and unfortunately, we "referral players" have to relegate the majority of our lessons over to some YouTube channel whose author may or may not cover the same information. Indeed, there's a technical conflict with regards to "Who's in control of the in-game configuration?" So of course, it'd be perfectly appropriate for a single host to run the show. Don't get me wrong, the potential with this tool is through the roof as it is. But practicing fully-customizable gameplay scenarios _with someone else_? I'm partly inspired by GarrysMod, a sandbox with incredible solo functionality that rather magically translates into multiplayer 95% of the time. Please consider some research into the possibility, at the very least. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Żane (NA)
: When does this patch come out? If it already came out I don't have any of the features.
Notes are usually posted a day prior to the update being shipped.
: who the fuk is daisy
{{champion:427}} 's R summon
: Awww. Give {{champion:122}} A skin sale Please!
Bioforge was just on sale 11 days ago.
: So when can we expect to be able to buy champs on the new client? Cause it gets rally old having to load up the legacy client to get a new champ
I was able to buy a couple just fine, at least using IP. Make the purchase from the storefront rather than within the champion profile.
: Ability Update: Shyvana
It's unfortunate when a champion possesses a passive which only functions within Summoner's Rift. Playing a game of ARAM really shouldn't give a massively-flawed image of a champion's capabilities; herein lies Ivern and Shyvana.
: Some thoughts on Support
Concerning recognition/visibility of Support achievements in the post-game statistics, I think a wonderful addition to the charts and graphs would be something akin to "**Damage Mitigated**". Many Support champions possess a shield that can be placed on an ally, but even {{champion:10}}'s R would qualify here. The stat would display the amount of total damage (splitting Magic and Physical wouldn't be necessary) absorbed by shielding abilities, and it would be tied to the champion who _places_ the shield, not the recipient. If {{champion:40}} shielded {{champion:81}} and blocked a great deal of incoming damage to him over the course of a game, his Damage Mitigated would show zero, whereas Janna's would appropriately reflect the value. If "Damage Mitigated" is too vague in that it also alludes to the effects of Armor and Magic Resistance, then I'd welcome any similar terminology. To put it simply, some of us Supports work our hind end off for 45 minutes--mostly by means of shielding and otherwise protecting teammates via items ({{item:3401}} {{item:3190}}) & abilities--and the relevant data is not recorded for post-game viewing. Assist count falls short of telling the whole story.


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