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Quepha (NA)
: A long time ago Morello wrote a post about this concept and I think he brought up some significant points. The main gist of it was that HoT is the most boring and degenerative form of a mechanic that is already prone to being toxic and degenerative to the game (healing in general). Healing un-does damage to keep champions healthy, meaning that it undos mistakes and invalidates decisions based on enemy zones of threats because enough healing can simply reduce a threat to zero. Burst healing on a long cooldown has a lot of decision making involved as you have to decide who you save and when to save them; Putting some extra health on your Sion is nice, but what if a diver jumps on your adc? the same amount of health on your adc could easily make the difference between winning and losing the game. Even if you use your heal to undo some damage then having that heal on cooldown still means you suffered some kind of cost to fix that issue, this is why Riot has always felt good about the design of Soraka's ult. To contrast, Healing over Time isn't capable of saving a target in a key moment so you just want to spam it on targets who have lost health to make sure you get the full healing duration and maximize healing output. There's very little decision making or strategy and you just kind of make your team slightly better by existing. They were only OK with giving Soraka significant healing over time (her W being on a low cooldown in the late game makes it more similar to a HoT effect than a long cooldown burst heal) because she has that big health cost that still makes it difficult for her to spam her healing and makes it so Soraka taking damage from enemies shuts her down hard.
"toxic and degenerative to the game" But they don't mind 10-35% lifesteal and {{item:3812}}. XD
: I'm not even colorblind and it's hard to see
That's because you're just blind. XD
: Ruby Sightstone Needs an Upgrade Option
Supports don't need MORE buffs to their items, and just because one item isn't bought as much as others doesn't mean it has to be buffed. If it's built situationally, let it be that way, not everything has to be a must buy. This mentality that no champ in the game can be weak in areas or that no item can be less useful in certain matches is cancerous and is exactly what started this adc fetish meta.
: Eternum Casseopia Fanmade Login Theme
Do single champ skins ever get login animations?
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: I wish they would turn Muramana into a item that's more accesable to champs like Nocturne, Vi, and Pantheon. Champs who are really restricted by mana and have no conventional mana item to build. something like. Serrated Dagger+Mana Crystal+Serrated Dagger. 2900 combine cost. 45AD, 20 Lethality, 250 mana, mana regen. Unique affix- Deal up to and receive up to 10% more/less damage based on missing mana.(Caps at 25/100 mana and below)
If a champ is limited by their mana, let them be limited by it. It's okay for a champ to have weaknesses, it's not okay to push for them to be given items that negate their drawbacks. That sort of shit is what got the game into this adc meta.
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: playing league just isnt fun right now
No, it's not, and it hasn't been for the longest time. Unless you have friends to play with, it's just a miserable saltfest.
: The more I know about rune changes, the less I'm excited for s8...
Jesus Christ, so on top of taking fucking forever to make runes free they're also fucking with them? Goddammit.
: I love being forced to get qss /s
Imagine, having to actually build around the enemy team's champs. SHOCK AND AWE! XD
: Annual Reminder for Riot to release Halloween content BEFORE Halloween.
lmao, I'm sorry you're such a pathetic person that a holiday you can't even drag yourself out of your chair to celebrate was ruined for you by virtual cosmetics.
: nevermind i looked at the post and saw all the complaint. smh cass mains are so damn ungrateful i think the skin looks awesome
Cass just looks like shit in general, anyone maining her has no reason to just now start whining about her being ugo or stupid looking or whatever. XD
Darkrown (EUNE)
: Emerald Taliyah
Waiting on Taliyah's Actually Human skin where she doesn't have monster bush on her face.
: Let's all just blame Zilean for all past, present and future lore changes
"I play League of Legends for Riot's impeccable writing!"
: I'm sick of all the janna and lulu hate
You pick the easiest supports in the game and you wanna make yourself out to be a hero for it. That's pretty gross. XD
Necrozard (EUW)
: ALERT : A new kind of bot released in Coop vs AI
Yep, seen at least a dozen of that already But Riot just can't possibly do anything about it, oh well!
Super Kench (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stompme,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=VQd7RkZb,comment-id=000500010000,timestamp=2017-08-21T06:29:20.553+0000) > > Illaoi's been out longer and she hasn't got a new skin. > > [(] But illaoi gets a pool party now!! {{champion:420}}
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: Leona and Diana should go on sale tomorrow
They should both be deleted from the game for two minutes
: Kled has now been out for over a year
Illaoi's been out longer and she hasn't got a new skin. [(]
: Why is Evelyn losing her AD scalings?
Actually, yes, having them does hurt. That's the entire point of AD, is that it hurts enemies. You can't hug your shadow children with AD scaling arms.
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Super Kench (EUNE)
: Cool Skins Idea : New Space Cowboy Skins : Zac, Kled ,Vayne !!!!
: Gragas needs to get nerfed
He's way too reliable and safe. Longer cd's and higher mana costs would be enough to bring him down.
: I don't see how this is balanced
You don't "balance" individual scenarios as they happen, fyi
: uh... books started going downhill w/ 4, and dance of dragons was horrible in terms of story/plot design. One good thing w/ the show is they're atleast moving things along rather than having episodes of Jon Snow riding to the docks, then going on a boat, then talking w/ sailors, then dealing w/ storms, then reaching dragongate at the end of the book... BTW, now we're also hitting a point where plot armor is becoming stronger... Screw GRRM not just for delaying the books, but for giving us crappy ones after the first 3 were so awesome.
Eh, there are worst ways to be a con artist. XD
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Why, GoT has the best plot ever; the acting is usually on-point, but the poor writing very damn well depresses me that such a masterpiece is ruined by it. Obviously I'm talking about the TV show (since you're referring to acting). The books are impeccable.
Sorry, I meant writing as in the lines the actors are given (don't know if there's a specific term for just that), not the writing of the plot.
: Urf is unfun and overrated.
: When my Jungler flames me for taking his raptor camp
GoT may not have the best plot, but GODDAMN if the writing and acting isn't on-point
Aenaeus (NA)
: Why did Riot remove Zephyr?
Zephyr? That shit hasn't been around for so long that 1) Idk what it is and 2) it doesn't even have an item emote here. XD
: Do you think Damage should be reduced?
Lifesteal is CANCER with League's damage outputs, so yeah
: The problem isn't mages being bad. Is that AP items are unsatisfying
: Really hate how riot's design has actively discriminated against passive methodical play styles
There's always Heim if you just wanna be passive and not actually play the game.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Darius: Blood of Noxus
That sketch made me realize Darius' hair is a Berserk reference.
Broporo (NA)
: Y'know, I feel like this post just really gets me. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Needed to make a post to sync my account with boards (it worked), it was either here or mechs and minions or player behavior XD
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