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: FPS drops since last two patches
Since preseason hit my fps will not rise above 50 and will out of no where drop to 4, most of the time resulting in my death and my team flaming me. Before this preseason i would get a consistent and constant 200+ fps im just pretty annoyed and fed up with the drops
: I did it fellas, I applied to Riot
good luck, oh also congrats man im excited for you and I dont even know you lol ^_^ i hope u get the job
: He needs a rework. He looks out of date and really only has use as a midlaner. Feels totally forgotten.
I dont think he needs a major rework (sion lvl) but i do agree he should have somethings changed about his kit, look and lore. I saw a post a while back that highlighted some good ideas for a new passive.
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Rock MD (NA)
: Can we stop nerfing the one thing that Graves doesn't do egregiously?
Serial (NA)
: Do you NEVER forfeit? Even in normals? Why?
Sometimes if my team is being toxic then i refuse to surrender just to spite them, i don't care if i don't win but your being toxic I'm not letting you take the easy way out.
: The new lore of league has kinda sucked lately IMO. The worst offender was when they changed Trundle into a generic king archtype. Varus's lore atm is pretty lack luster though. His joke, taunt, and dance are also kind of disappointing. I feel like he could use a total update, besides his kit. Varus is all about revenge but he should have some quirks. His scarf, for example, could be used to indicate that even though he is cursed by the blight, he is still fashion conscious. Him and Taric should be buddies.
I think his kit could use some tweeks like is passive is pretty meh, but i think if they give him more depth id be happy
: [Jaredan's lip seems to bleed]( whenever someone asks about Varus. :^) [Seriously though](, it sounds like Varus is one of their biggest priorities. Perhaps we'll even see him make an appearance in an _'arc story'_ (Shadow & Fortune esque).
really? thats awesome new for me lol
: A lot of mains want lore for thier champs. Either too many were tied to the IoW or they just dont have much to begin with. Other mains feel your pain too (lore wise at least, at least Sona has had gameplay attention).
Yea i know, but im happy with any lore. Ill be happy when they take a look at varus again, anyway thanks for the comment
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ocd300 (EUNE)
: Leaverbuster for nothing.
I recommend submitting a support ticket to get the leaverbuster removed or amended.
Eeyore (EUW)
: it really depends on what systems support it. Tanks should innately be able to draw aggro by virtue of their class - perhaps even having items that cause them to generate additional threat. This is why crowd control is the biggest source of threat. I'm not saying diving should be impossible, but it should be something that has to be gamed in a more obvious and predictable way. I don't think the nuances change all that much except in scenarios where people duck in and out - abusing the turret's attack wind-up.
Yea i see where you are coming from and like i said earlier its a brilliant idea, i just dont like it personally as a player... But then again im pretty happy with the state of the game and towers and stuff. So i have a little bias but i cant refuse a good idea when I see one ^_^
: I think point 3 and 4 are a bit too much. Some tower dives are very coordinated in who dives, when they dive, and whatnot, and the problem I see with point 4, is that turret doesn't fire as soon as it targets because there is no visible boundary so people can accidentally walk into turret range without realizing they are doing so.
A person who knows what they are talking about I can respect that
SanKakU (NA)
: If you and your team know what you're doing, hugging a tower should work out just fine.
: tower diving was always a thing. if it's happening to you at level 3 and you aren't trading kills you are doing something wrong.
finally someone with some sense who's not whining high five {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Eeyore (EUW)
: One way to make towers more dangerous would be to have who they will target be more reliable/gameable. # Towers * Tower health is now segmented. * **Reinforced Armor** will now display a buff icon while active. * **Warming Up** removed. * **Heating Up** removed. * **Fortification** * Now only granted to outer towers. * Effect no longer blocks 30 damage from champion basic attacks for the first 7 minutes of the game. * Now grants the tower a shield that mitigates up to 500 champion damage. ''The shield is displayed in a separate bar to the tower's health, and is segmented'' * If the tower has not taken damage in the last 30 seconds, its shield will regenerate to full over 5 seconds. * **New Effect - Vigilant:** Towers attack the highest **Threat** and deal bonus damage based on how _threatening_ the target is. * Turrets will no longer persist with their current target until they are dead or move out of range. * Even if you move out of the turret's attack range, it will instantly re-target you if you move back within range if your Threat remains the highest in range. # Tower Threat * Towers now operate on a **Threat** system. Valid enemy targets that come within X range of a Tower will display a _Threat_ level above their heads (the range will likely match its sight radius). Performing certain actions within that range will generate threat, and turrets will prioritize the targeet with the highest threat within its attack range (it's worth noting that its attack range is lower than its sight radius). *Base Threat * **Zz'Rot Portals** have 10 Threat. * **Targetable Traps** have 7 Threat. * **Controllable Pets** have 6 Threat. * **Super/Siege Minions/Ironbacks** have 5 Threat. * **Autonomous Pets** have 4 Threat. * **Melee Minions/Voidspawn/Razorfin** have 2 Threat. * **Caster Minions/Ocklepod/Plundercrab** have 1 Threat. * **Champions** begin at 0 Threat. * **Champion clones** begin at -10 Threat. * Minions will have their base threat _tripled_ while under the effects of Doom's Eve, Hand of Baron, Crest of Crushing Wrath or Banner of Command. * Champion Threat Generation * Applying an immobilizing crowd control effect will generate 10 Threat. * Melee basic attacks will generate 5 Threat, once per enemy champion hit. * Applying a non-immobilizing crowd control effect will generate 3 Threat. * Ranged basic attacks will generate 3 Threat, once per enemy champion hit. * Ability damage will generate 3 Threat per enemy champion damaged, per ability (excluding applied DOTs). * Weak ranged basic attacks will generate 2 Threat. Their total AD does not exceed 135% of their base AD. * Applied DOTs will generate 1 Threat per instance of damage against a champion. * Some champion abilities could be given Threat manipulating effects, e.g. * Trample/Tremors will generate 3 Threat per instant of damage versus structures. * Stand Behind Me/Safeguard will take 50% of a champion target's Threat. * Unbreakable will generate 1 Threat each time it intercepts a champion effect. * Monsoon purges Janna of all her current Threat * Devour halves an allied champion's Threat * Playful reduces Fizz's Threat by 4 - 14 (based on level), or possibly passively loses 5 Threat every second from Nimble Fighter. * It is intentional that non-champions may occasionally retain aggression over champions even if the champion performs hostile actions.
The whole shield ideas pretty cool, but the threat thing made me cringe hardcore. Dont get me wrong its a brilliant idea i just dont agree with it because it COMPLETLY removes tower mannagement and who tanks it. It would make towers too oppressive. I like the style of tower diving its a high risk high reward. The threat system would remove it.
: If you find ranked too stressful, you might want to hold it off for a while. It takes a huge commitment of time and energy to climb even if your MMR is decent. ADC is the most stressful role given how important they are in team fights and taking objectives. Perhaps you should consider playing a more relaxing role. Anyway, if you still want to climb as ADC, I recommend high ranged ADCs for low ELO. I played champions like Jinx and Tristana to climb out of Bronze last season. A lot of lower ELO players don't know how to deal with the extra range and takes free harass. Caitlyn would also probably be a good fit. You may also want to learn some ADC with dashes. Lucian, Graves, and Quinn are all really good because they can peel for themselves. And as always, remember to get QSS.
: Smurfs.
So one suggestion I have for you to learn the game is to find a few friends who already know the game and have them mentor you, thats what I did and it helped a lot. Also Pick a main champion this is really helpful. But my option on smurfs is completely opposite to yours, but i wont go into that, what you need to focus on in the beginning is not to focus on if your winning or losing the game but try to get core mechanics and game knowledge down. Get a feel for the game and focus on each little detail rather then your Win/Lose ratio. If you need someone to help you with core game mechanics and such hit me up i can help you and practice with you in a customs game, FYI I main ADC>JG>MID so my knowledge is best in these lanes if you need help there but i can always help else where ^_^
Lukiner (EUW)
: Fire Diana skin "recipe" ... RIOT please
isnt diana getting a Fire skin from the Alstar Event?
: I just hit Platinum as a top lane main. Feel free to ask me anything about climbing the lower ELOs.
hello, I am currently like in Silver V close to my promo's. Last season I managed Gold V just from constant play and what not. I have a lot on my plate atm (IRL) and I would like to get back to gold+(my ultimate goal is by end of season to be in plat) but dislike playing ranked because its stressful and I play league to relax. What are your suggestions? FYI i main ADC>JG>MID and my main would be Varus/Jihn/Azir.
: I Witnessed Something So Beautiful
Rozair (NA)
: I'm so sick of Udyr and yi and zed already
They can't delete champs, people find them fun to play, and people main these champions, spend money on them, devote there lives to it (RedMercy, Trick2G, etc.). These guys (Except Zed in my option) are the flavor of the month champions. I remember when both Udyr and Yi were not picked or worried about. These guys have counter-play in ether itemization or playstyles you need to adapt to play against them. Now if your playing an immobile squishy take my main for example Varus you are in a non favorable match up and thus you are playing to there strengths, Zed isn't strong right now, i don't care what you say he is weak, he may be save but he is pretty weak in this meta of bruiser agro-magnets he cant deal with them efficiently, but he will still see play because he has a fun flashy play making kit that makes you feel powerful and gives you outplay potential. He has insane amounts of counterplay in terms of champions, items, mechanics, matchups, meta he is a healthy assassin(Riot has stated this many times). The other two are counterable as well. Yi CC him. he can't do much. Udyr kit him to death. With all the flavor of the month champions you need to learn and adapt to playing against them instead of crying to for forums to remove them. *Sigh* alright i cant say i've never gotten angry about a certain champion in the game but this isn't a good approach to it. If you truly want to grow as a player and become a little more mature don't say "GG guys FF at 20 they have "X" champion" this isn't the mindset for winning or climbing elo, this will drop your elo faster then you can say "mid or feed". If your first thought when you see "X" champion is to FF then no wonder your losing, you need to stop that and start thinking "how will i deal with them and win". Yi has always been seen as broken, newsflash he's not. he is an assassin who is semi-abusing a favorable item build to yield the most profit, this isn't Yi's fault, you probably weren't around for AP Yi, that was broken it wasn't meant to be so they removed it. the Yi we have now is but a shadow of that. Udyr isn't my strong suit but I've seen many people deal with him and counter and beat him. He is in the same boat as Yi, not broken but abusing a certain item build. If you remember the Udyr were you could buy 2+ Jungle items on him that was scary compared to this. My Best advise is start playing these champions and learning them and there weakness so you can exploit it in future games, good luck and please try to keep the flaming to a minimum ^_^
: Blue essence is useless
I read the title to this tread as Essence Reaver, and I was like "I use it all the time, what are you talking about?" lol i was pretty confused when if found out it was about crafting lol ^_^
: > [{quoted}](name=Neamean,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=IaUehs1r,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2016-03-20T06:14:03.383+0000) > > Not just adc > > I love Ezreal in this picture.
I personally find varus very cute just sitting contently eating, be the polite little bean he is.
: I am so completely disappointed with League right now. Toxic players flood the servers and lane calling isn't even a thing anymore. So my question is, what advice do you have for toxic players that make you just want to completely quit league and never pick it up again. Edit: I really do think about quiting League because everyone is so mean... I don't want to because it's so fun, but I can't take the emotional drain from the games that are supposed to help me escape from the stress of life. League makes me CRY at least twice a day, always because the people on here are ruthless.
Ok first things first mute them, the second they show signs of being toxic, or if you dont trust yourself just have it completely and always muted and if you truly love this game find something about it to look forward to or find a champ that you cant put down. learn to love league again. one think i do to distract me from the game and make things light is listen to good music while I play (this may be a problem if you have high ping) like I have a mix that I listen to because it makes me feel power full and evokes a lot of positive emotions. Finally I think the best advice I can tell you is kill them with kindness ether dont talk to them at all or just be a positive player become the change you want in the community. This game will have toxic players no matter what and thats ok but you need to be the bigger person an ignore them, your only feeding there rage by giving them a reaction and fighting back. Now i cant say ive never been toxic because I have from time to time (who hasnt) and I can tell you I wanted to rip my teamates a new one, but I didnt because I was skyping with my friends who were also playing with me, so i just ranted to them, point of that last sentence is play with friends because then you will forget chat even exists and you can talk to your friends instead.
: The thing about Azir besides his difficulty: Azir is a Lategame AP-Hypercarry. We dont have Lategames right now and AP is worse than AD and we have a Snowball-Meta. Against a Snowball you cant carry (if you've not snowballed as well, hard to do without Powerspikes). Right now it's just totally NOT the time to play Azir. x'D
i was going to say the exact same thing lol but then I saw your comment you hit it right on the nose, i main azir and i like to say im pretty good at him (still need to pratice tho lol) and I can get snowballing early if i play my lane correct and If the enemy is retarded. But I would like to add onto your "Late game" comment Azir has a terrable early game and in this meta early game champs are kings /queens. I wouldnt nesseserly say AP is worse than AD but thats a debate for a differnt thread lol. Azir is a case of feast or famine in this meta ether he is a god and is opressive and unbearable to play agains or he is terrable and cant do anything.
T1013000 (NA)
: Yea I pissed off a lot of people. They wanted me to bitch about my report, but instead I bitched about trolls not getting reported and they got mad.
i dont really care about trolls or salty people but hey it happens to the best of us at least it wasnt perma ban that sucks so ive heard lol
Levost (NA)
: @Riot I had a thought for a slightly out-there Varus tweak/buff I think Live might like the sound of
So I've mained Varus since beginning of Season 5 and I can say one way varus needs help is changing his passive and putting his W were his passive is and give him a new ability, his ult is in a good position and i don't have trouble landing it when I want it to but I like were your heads at keep thinking of ideas because I think varus isn't in the best position atm in terms of why you would pick him over others.
: We need to talk.
*Remembers Season 5* lol whats a rageblade
T1013000 (NA)
: damn, how'd you find this thread? Most disliked list?
na i just was browsing recent threads and this one had more down votes then I've seen in a while so i had to investigate.
T1013000 (NA)
: To all you little ****'s who flame for being bad
IIxtal (NA)
: @riot Why cant annie's ult be like fizz's?
Annie is by definition an easy champ for new players to pick up and do tons of dmg without much skill required its her entire idea, she is a 450 champ anyone after playing 2-3 games could pick her up. 3 of her abilities do the same thing dmg. She does need much of anything because in high elo and middle tier elo they can exploit her weaknesses as well as playing to her strengths she has counter play in the fact that if u wait/bait the stun then she cant do much. flash is almost 100% NEEDED to land a good tibbers which when her flash is down she is extremely slow without a reliable gap closer. She is also one of the more squishy champs in the game even if she builds ROD so if u can get on top of her and kill her she is useless. And like other have posted in the comments below itemize against her its a vital part to the game regardless of the champ you itemize against. If the item is strong against X champion why wouldn't you buy it, even if QSS "wouldn't" save you as you've stated numerous times it still allows you to flash away or dash away and if timed correct can save you or if your strong enough kill Annie thus saving your team. If you are having a hard time against Annie I recommend start playing her so you can get a feel for her strengths and weaknesses so you can better your understanding of what to do against her and what not to do against her. I've done this with many champions I have a hard time playing against and it has improved my play by a large margin. I do believe riot has stated that they are happy with the state Annie in and don't play on changing her anytime soon so I thing you should just learn her weaknesses and exploit them. Items that are good against annie 1 {{item:3140}} 2{{item:3156}} 3{{item:3111}} 4{{item:3102}} 5{{item:3065}} Champions good against Annie 1.{{champion:63}} 2.{{champion:14}} 3.{{champion:61}} 4.{{champion:99}} 5.{{champion:3}} Champions Bad against Annie 1.{{champion:84}} 2.{{champion:157}} 3.{{champion:105}} 4.{{champion:7}} 5.{{champion:238}} I hope ive informed you or someone of what to do with annie and how she is currently stable in her current state ^_^
: Can we all agree that no one is happy on the current state of the game
I actually love the state of the game I've had more fun in this state than ever before
: To be honest, I AM frustrated, I dont know what it is but something just dosent seem right about him. In higher levels I understand that people can counter him pretty easily with a rengar or zed. But at my level so far, rengar/zed isnt THAT viable due to the lack of runes and masteries ( he IS playable but not as fun when at level 30 ). So according to your experience, what do you think is the best thing I can do against him? Note that I mainly play support.
Yea like JQKAndrei said if u can get to him and stick to him he dies really fast, but if u dont and just let him poke u with aa or anything without returning the dmg then he will walk all over u. And in responds to Zed and rengar yes they are assassins and kill him fast but thats not the only tings that can do it. jhins entire kit is based around executions and long range. he is slow he is a sniper and when u find a snipers nest u uproot him. he takes time to kill, because of how much more dmg he does the lower you are. If you want you can add me and we can practice play against jhin (i own him and play him frequenly).
Navarune (NA)
: Honestly? I do like that roles have more versatility in their picks right now, but I haven't played League in over two weeks for a reason. My opinion is that the snowball meta is ridiculous right now, with many games being decided at 5-7 minutes. The chances of comeback wins are tenuous and dependent primarily on your opponent making a series of mistakes, so falling behind even a little early on makes the rest of the match more than a bit discouraging. There are no real fallback options if things get out of control early, and grinding through another 12-15 minutes just so I can surrender is not my idea of fun if I or my team makes a mistake early. Even the flip-side of this is not as enjoyable, where you crush your opponent strictly on the basis that the game is designed to make a team that has fallen behind lose. It steals some of the flavor from the victory, and you know that the slightest misstep early on in the next match would mean that's your nexus in flames instead. Don't get me wrong, I don't think a team that has fallen behind should be given a buff or boost in some form to try and fight back; I would like to see some strength returned to at least inhibitor turrets so that base defense strategies stand a better chance. "Feast or Famine" is my nickname for Season 6. I enjoy close matches that could go either way at any point in a game based off a team's decision making, not steamrolls that happen because my enemy adc disconnected for a minute and a half at the start of the match, or because my jungler got caught out at blue buff by a roaming support, or my top laner misplayed that 1v1 at 5 minutes. Sure, those things should provide an advantage or disadvantage in a match, but they should not be the deciding moment.
I can see your point and i can sorta agree i do thing it shouldnt be as snowballing as it is now, but playing good early is something i enjoy its sorta a who has the bigger balls contest, if u get what im saying. I do thing it should be a little more fair in terms of combacks but its just a situation of goldilocks make the game not too snowbally but not so slow it cant be ended. its just a matter of time before we reach it.
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: Jhin=Broken
Jhin currently is the least mobile champ in the gam (atm) he does tons of dmg to counter this but since he has a lack of mobility he is very underpowered in this Sudo assassin meta (I don't know what the meta is atm but I'm calling it an assassin meta). I dont want to be rude or anything but since you are only a Lvl 14 you havnt had to grow as a play yet, right now you sound like a B5 player who is frustraited because they cant exploit his weaknesses, see Jhin has weaknesses its just a matter of figuring it out in your own way.
: You have to spend 1 week in a cabin in the woods with your top 3 mastery champions
{{champion:412}} ,{{champion:110}} ,{{champion:421}} ..... This will be interesting
: How many people are done with having Blue Ez on their teams?
Hehe I main Varus and sometimes Ez and man am i enjoying this so much (sorry I do have a heart sometimes) I just really dont want them to break his legs because i love the blue ez stye I would play Blue varus in season 5 and it my favorite thing, maybe its just me idk but i think its a relativly balanced playstile that was already gutted in preseason (Blue Varus not Ez) before you get manamune and iceborn you not doing dick tons of dmg and ez is completly skillshot based so he has to lane things in order to do dmg. Then again its just my opinion and bios tell me what you think but i dont want riot to break my favorite playstyles legs
: "tad strong" he's the most broken champ in the game right now.
: He's a stupidly effective solo-laner given the distance he can poke from. I feel like Keanu Reeves when I'm running train on some idiot Zed midlane--extremely satisfying. There isn't a lot of room for you to get killed provided your positioning is solid and you don't shove your lane like a madman. I don't think he needs a buff or a nerf--just a more functional passive. If you're gonna play Varus, practice landing Q's at its max range--that means reading the enemy's movement pathing and predicting where theyre gonna go. Another good tip is to step out of their line of vision, charge yor arrow, and step back in so they have less time to react. Finally, don't even put a point in W until Q and E are maxed unless yore up against someone who's quite beefy. Barrier/Cleanse > Ignite since the protection from diving will help you a lot more than a wimpy DoT with meager range. Always use Heartseeker Varus Skin, and never forget to say 'I am Keanu Reeves' in allchat when you bring them from 100% to 0% HP just by shooting your cancer nukes.
Yea I know Ive been a Varus main since beganning of Season 5 when I joined but thank you for the comment ^_^
: ... To be fair, Urgot isn't an ADC, or at least, not a bot lane ADC. The only thing ADC about him is he builds AD and has ranged auto attacks, but he doesn't benefit from crit, attack speed, OR life steal, as well as building rather beefy. But on the subject of Varus, is he really all that bad? I don't personally play him but whenever I do see him he usually does rather well. Great initiation for an ADC, one of the best poke spells in the game, as well as having some pretty hefty burst. I wouldn't mind seeing him a bit modernized but I just don't want to have another Miss Fortune on our hands. (This ADC needs to perform 5% better than she currently is? Let's slap on a bunch of damage ratios while also improving her itemization!)
I can understand what your saying and yes urgot isnt a ADC but i just grouped him because technically he is a "Marksmen" but Im not saying do to varus what they did to mf im just saying itemization he's a little lack luster compared to that of Lucian or cait or other popular marksmen. I'm just a little worried for my main becoming overshadowed by Jhin, Because when I or someone things of Varus you think of his large range Q (Im pretty sure it was the largest spam able ability until Jhin) and all i really think he needs is some changes in itemization and other little tiny quality of life changes to make him stand out a little bit more than what he is now. Dont get me wrong i can stomp as Varus im not complaining im just worried about the intro in Jhin stealing his identity But thank you again for your feedback
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Tanavast (NA)
: What are you talking about, this is incredibly unique compared to the other marksman, which are just right click, right click, right click. He actually has to set up his ult right, his traps, everything, in order to have the Perfect Performance. Some people just don't have the perspective like Jhin, man.
your still generalizing, Varus is Q, Q, Q, Q, Q, E, Q, Q, R.... XD
: Guess Caitlyn and Graves had a child and it entered the League of Legends
dont forget varus that W range had to come from somewhere ;D
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
So will he not have a on release skin? and tbh i dont mind his kit it seems sorta fun but im a little sad someone finally outranges my main ({{champion:110}} ) with a spamable ability ;-; but other than that i think he will make a larger impact in competative and in general than what people think. I like his style of play tho being sorta imobile and doing dmg
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