: Everyone crying about Tahm, meanwhile Yummi most broken champ in the game
Yuumi is a champion that excels with snowball comps as she can attach to the snowballing champion and make it twice as powerful a snowball. Totally get what you are saying about Yuumi but she isn't great early against engage tanks and she can struggle to have any impact if her team is behind. She scales well but she only scales into damage so killing carries still works and hinders her greatly. That said, I do believe she is too powerful and she should have some far greater risk to unattaching. I believe a minimum 1 or 2 seconds after unattaching before reattaching would help a lot with making counterplay against her better.
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: Their still nerfing Tahm support LMFAO
Honestly, they should just rework his ultimate to take him out of pro play. Give him back his devouring IDENTITY but remove that ult that moves him and ally semi global. They keep nerfing him to make him useless in support lane but all they need to do is change his ult so pros don't get to abuse the map mobility. Tada! Fixed champion. They could even put his devourer back on a shorter cooldown making him a good support that is a good choice into heavy pick/assassin comps.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aPy0jmvH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-12T09:30:28.646+0000) > > They could've just made them not stack with each other, like how Vladimir's passive works. i dont know the coding behind it but i think its intentional give one effect priority over another.
Yeah, someone made a choice to have Dissonance overwrite Harmony instead of just having both. I'm cool with it as I want that extra AP later I'm just curious behind the reasoning.
: Most likely to prevent an excess of synergy between two items. This would cause them to be bought together constantly, and then they would need to both get nerfed and then become highly inefficient on their own. They've shown the same sort of decoupling philosophy with Steraks+Triforce, where they made a change to Steraks to prevent the two items from needing each other to be successful, and allowing them to be balanced independently. Imagine if Iceborn and Lichbane stacked for an AoE 50% AP effect on every proc, or if both Hydras could be used at the same time. Their effects would be too powerful if they combined fully, so having one partially negate the other (especially in the component item phase) is a good way to keep them as separate choices.
That would be crazy op. That's why they are unique passive Spellblade. I find it curious that in this one case it's Harmony and Dissonance disables it instead of just also being Harmony. It makes me think the original plan was to have AP supports buy Mikaels for early game CC then switch to more AP with Athene's after. At that point though would the health regen make that much of a difference?
Alzon (NA)
: {{champion:76}} {{item:3174}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}}
Lol, I saw this once, didn't work out too well for the nid.
: Pretty sure it's to force people to choose one over the other, or to remove synergies between the two leading to them being bought together constantly. If they're gonna do that with these two items then they should do the same with Tear items.
Why force a choice though? Hopefully someone at riot will swing by and let us know.
Done25 (NA)
: To prevent them from being too efficient with each other given how both scale off mana regen. Even though Harmony is a piss weak effect in the first place and most enchanters have low HP/5 anyways...
That's why I don't feel that it was a balance issue. Supports are only ones really buying these and a bit of extra health regen isn't going to break them. I could be wrong of course but I just don't see it. Would love some Dev feedback on it because I feel only they could explain the reasoning.
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: It's been 3 days and Sona still has a higher winrate than Karma, Lulu, and Soraka
You're tackling this in the wrong direction. You shouldn't be grumpy that people are upset that Sona is being nerfed. You should be upset that Karma, Lulu, and Soraka are not getting buffs. Also, in higher Elo Sona's winrate is sub 50% atm. I don't feel Lulu really needs buffs as buffing her is a dangerous thing to do due to her amazingly difficult to balance kit but Karma and Soraka could certainly use some love.
: I don't like one bit the fact that melee attack oneshot the plants. Now is not a good supp against any melee pg (es Yasuo), they simply destoy the plants and gg u are dead. I liked her better before, now i will stop using her. A pity, rly.
My question is....Yasuo support? Honestly, her damage isn't really effected by this (if anything it's higher). I crush Leona when she engages and she's melee. The thing is that's one melee AA your ADC doesn't take if she's attacking the plants. Also, even before you'd often only get 1-2 attacks per plant on an enemy and even at 1 hit they still spit out one attack. The smaller radius for plant spawnning means they often spawn right in your area for a fight too so you often have more plants to fight with.
: I'm excited! Haven't tried her yet but will very soon. Hopefully she's as good as you're describing it.
if you play her in the jungle make sure to stagger your W seeds and you always have more after each camp to allow really good high health clears. Her passive spawns seeds closer too making it far more likely they spawn close enough to attack the camp you are clearing. Raptors are rough in first clear because so many attacking kill your plants faster so wait till you have both Q and E (level 3) before that one and the AoE will help a lot with that. She seems a bit vulnerable to invades so ward up defensively in beginning. (they will mess you up if you use your CDs and don't have them ready)
: Utility Supports VS AP Supports : Which is more anti fun
There is a misconception about support damage with a SS. Even with Zyra hitting all her stuff she can't quite 100-0 you. If you are 50% yeah sure, you die. But what is more is that in the bot lane we are talking about 2 champions attacking 1 at a time. Zyra + Draven for instance, if you get snared...odds are you're dead no matter what your health. Let's take shields too, for the most part one shield negates the damage of one ability. If they get fed its obviously more. This damage negation should always be calculated before going all in because you need to be aware that one of your abilities will not deal damage likely making you come up short on insta killing a target allowing valuable time for them to lifesteal up or to have other forms of protection placed on them.
: WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE NEW PATCH 7.24 NERFS AND BUFFS(Sona is getting nerfed)??
Owe, my eyes. That is one big block of text. I think i get the jist of it though. Yeah, the nerfs are a bit much especially when added to the blanket nerf of all enchanter items but not support tank items. My theory is that they are trying to make them so weak that people start complaining about them being too weak so they can give them even stronger buffs later! On another note the damage nerf isn't as bad as it seems. If you get 150 AP on sona you break even to what it was before. Sona players will often have more then that so its a buff to her late game which is a good thing. I do worry the mana nerfs are a bit much though.
: I have 123 of the 139 champs
I've given up on collecting champions for this reason. It's just insane how much grinding you have to do to get one 6300 champion now. Before, I could get one of the missing champions I want in about 3-5 weeks now? I'd be lucky to have the BE in 3-5 months. I can't even fathom trying to get Zoe at this time even though I want her because it's insane how much grinding I need to do to get her.
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Tìna (NA)
: I know its not uncommon for people to be boosted in this day and age but people genuinely get out-played and/or have bad games more often the not.
> [{quoted}](name=Tìna,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JbXcI4Rp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-06T18:13:23.032+0000) > > I know its not uncommon for people to be boosted in this day and age but people genuinely get out-played and/or have bad games more often the not. There is no outplay if you don't fight and just ride it out. I said straight up we lost to a good gank all we had to do was not fight. ADC litterally went ham 1 second into arriving in lane. died. then repeated 2 more times.
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: So lemme get this straight...again...
It's insane that they are even nerfing all shield/heal passives on items when its a tank meta at this time with tank support running amok dominating everything in bot lane. I mean, maybe if it was a blanket nerf on all supports but nope. just enchanter items. tank supports and their items untouched. It's moves like this that makes the community lose faith in the riot balance team.
yeulx (NA)
: yeah ontop of that hit we took a 5% hit from windspeekers being gone.. and changed into the resolve one that only gives 5% and then 10% on low hp targets
You forget the added armor and mr from windspeakers. Really enchanters took a big hit with runes. There is a pretty good set of reasons why tank supports are strong atm and enchanters are not.
yeulx (NA)
: another planned ardent nerf
Don't forget that the top 5 supports are all tank supports that don't use Ardent and were already pushing enchanters out of meta. Also, they are nerfing mikael's (15%) and redemption (8%).
: They should.
yes especially if they are nerfing ap support itemization
: WAIT WHAT RIOT HAS DONE WHAT? THE THING THAT THE WORLD HAS NEEDED? OH PRAISE THE LORD! On a side note, I also think tank supports (Aftershock and Leona too) need a nerf, but shielding also needed this nerf long ago.
They are not nerfing tanks/aftershock in anyway atm.
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: I can assure you they didn't miss anything. If something was a major oversight on their part, they're usually good about hotfixing it, or disabling it completely. Even if it's considered strong, they obviously don't see it as currently gamebreaking, and that's probably because someone has to sacrifice power in other areas to get power in this one, so it isn't as bad as it seems. Personally, I appreciate the ability to not have to rely on my team for vision control, since most of the time they don't help anyways.
Lol, I like your confidence. Riot didn't miss anything and have created perfection in a game with no flaws, unbalances, or bugs. :P Just poking fun at that statement. If they want to make it so that it's impossible for people to have vision fine by me. Seems unfair as I abuse the hell out of it at this time. I'd bet money they will nerf this rune in some way but for now I will continue to abuse it's power.
: Riot is very well aware of what the rune that they released does to their game lol. They didn't make it and send it out without thinking of the repercussions. Preseason is supposed to be like this. Think of it as an open beta. They use this time to see what needs to be tuned, and they figure out what needs tuning by analyzing all the data they get from us playing. In this meta though, it's very unlikely that you'll use the same item twice in the same fight, even with the cooldowns being so short.
Yeah, it isn't that common to use the actives twice but the 24 second sweeper I feel is something they might have missed because with this 60% CDR on it I can assure the enemy team never has vision on my own. I've played a lot of support and it feels too strong when fighting enemy vision. Also, I know preseason is kind of like open beta which is why I'm bringing the possible problem to people's attention. i think this should be addressed.
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: Games are too snowbally and Towers are made of candy floss
shhhh, don't tell riot the towers are as strong as candy floss, they might nerf them again so candy floss can destroy them and earn their team huge piles of gold.
Weedbro (NA)
: For every Blue Golem that Ivern frees Daisy should get some armor, something small. +1 like.
Actually...infinite scaling on daisy from camps freed would actually be a really good mechanic for him.
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Sciela (NA)
: But Lux's E and Ori's ball are fine? They're a lot more dangerous too.
Lux's and Ori's abilities travel far slower and they don't have a dash to cast it point blank insuring effect, the added range on Zoe E over terrain is pretty crazy too. Also Lux E does not leave a large AoE slow-sleep cc that can't be removed with Mikael's and her E does a lot less damage. There are a lot of added benefits to Zoe E that other abilities don't have and it just feels over loaded for an ability. I mean, it gets a huge CDR when you land it! That is so unnecessary. If the ability is going to be that strong it should have a longer CD to make it something she is more careful with and isn't just spamming it every few seconds.
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Sciela (NA)
: So... Zoe.
I complain because her E has too short a CD and offers WAY too much zoning because of the area of trap.
Winterwings (EUNE)
: The lack of Fortification buff for early game down on bot lane towers is to blame... that coupled with the fact that it's a 2v2 lane, meaning its usually going to be two people smacking the tower instead of just one. But still, yeah towers are in a pretty miserable state nowadays... Couple that with the rise of tower aggro resetting mechanics in champion kits and the fact that the targeting AI seems really dumb at times... But i guess Riot only wants FASTER PACED (Hence the Demolition rune and Dark Harvest procing damage on towers as well as Rapid Firecannon allowing Energized attacks to work on towers) games to cashgrab even more so buffing them is out of the question lol
I don't mind a cleaver push or dive to allow an early tower the problem is that the opponents can take the tower bot lane just because they got an early level advantage and we had to play passively for a couple levels but by the time we could fight them it was too late the tower was already down. There IS a problem when there is legitimately 0 way to respond and save a tower just because you lost the lvl 2 race and backed off before the opponent could punish you for it. I mean, vayne kept up in CS but it didn't matter because we had to farm under turret and the Varus Soraka laid waste to that tower so fast the jungler barely finished one camps rotation + 1 top gank and it was already destroyed. If you auto lose tower because the opponents got lvl 2 first then there is a serious serious issue with tower balance.
: Looking for a new ADC to start using, any recommendations?
{{champion:21}} can make huge plays with her ult and is a pretty good bully in lane so if you're looking to carry I would suggest her.
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: Yeah lol I noticed after I reread your post. My bad {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
All good {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: a summoner icon*
Oh, I'm just talking about posting in the boards. Not icons that display in the game. mb.
: Or the new Evelynn rework as an icon?
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GigglesO (NA)
: I still don't see any damage nerfs
Aery just got reduction in damage so.....???
Ahris (NA)
: Nerf to Sona is extremely harsh
Sona needs nerfs...this one is a bit in a weird spot though. Aery and Q cost nerfs are good and will likely fix the issue a little. The bonus damage getting nerfed is a huge nerf though and WAY off the mark. The biggest problem with Sona was that she was able to poke with Q proc Aery, scorch and spellthief all from the safety of her max Q range. This brought her early harass from strong to outright insane. Sona survives her lane by poking enemies low and avoiding all ins. She has been a late game scaling monster for some time now and a hidden huge burst of magic damage when your team is all AD. This nerf will hugely hurt her ability to add magic damage to an AD team. I think this will very adversely affect her but it will undoubtedly hurt her I just feel in the wrong way.
: pls, sona has the lowest skill floor, the lowest difficulty to master and the lowest mastery curve in the entire game https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1299T6fTssP29VqiLM3f1cl15lGT7lmm6X73D79RHKto/edit#gid=596820747 doesn't mean she has no depth whatsoever, the mastery curve is 4%, not 0%, like you said she has a passive, she still is the easiest champion in the game to pick up and do well with.
Try a game of blitzcrank. You only need to understand one aspect of his kit. Q. There is nothing complex about him in anyway. Not saying Sona is all that difficult to learn but she isn't the easiest. Sona however has a bigger impact in late game which is why she tends to do better when people just pick her up. This is because she has the best scaling of any support in the game. The extra CDR she gets at 11 and 16 makes her a late game monster. Blitzcrank, on the otherhand, falls off later making it seem like he is harder to learn but in reality he's a lot easier.
: you can compare everything using science and facts if x new player is your test subject and performs x well over x number of games with x champion, you then compare both samples for both champions and note the differences or lack of it. then repeat with another x player etc, it's what you call scientific data and riot stores thousands million games worth of it in their database, and some other websites do the same to a lesser extent. it's available to everyone and you can check it right now. someone beat you to it tho https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6hbayf/the_relative_skill_floor_difficulty_to_master_and/
Please use "science and facts" to compare an orange to a U-boat. What you are quoting is math. which is a tool for science to use but the scientific method is a bit more complicated then just comparing numbers.
: Actually, she's really not. Her abilities are easy, but her passive takes work. Leona, Soraka, and Janna are objectively the easiest.
I always give the easiest support reward to Blitzcrank. The only skill you need is to understand is how to hit a skillshot. This is just a thing about how he is designed. He just has so much power in that one ability that he is literally defined by it.
: What is something SPECIFIC you wished Riot would make in a skin to a champion you like?
http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1417889498432/IMG_1557.JPG Starship Captain Sona.
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