: MSI In-Game Rewards
: Champion Update: Ashe takes aim at PBE
Now please just update her particles, that R looks super clunky.
: Of Worth and Urf: The Grand Finals of the 2015 URFitational
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
It looks like it was curated by the very hands of Tim Burton, got that feel on the last slide where he's walking in the town.
Sgathach (NA)
: A spooky Harrowing Nami skin. Something like that Sea Witch idea! Sea Witch Nami would be great.
: Agreed, i wont be playing anymore either.. Riot is slowly killing champs
Uhm, hes still strong, stop whining. People still play LB and Kass, amirite?
Z46 (NA)
: I think he's just stealthed.
: Plot Twist: It isn't morgana. It's Janna But you still climbd for nothing
Stop spewing shit and putting false info in the heads of others. S1 = J4 S2 = Janna S3 = Elise.
: I'm so pissed it's morgana. Like she needs another skin. She already has a good amount.
: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
: Hell, even iVel'Koz Or eyeVel'Koz, because eye puns
: Headhunter Quinn, Valor could be a Pterodactyl. The whole hunter/ranger thing she has going on fits in pretty well with the overall Headhunter line's aesthetic.
Valor should be vulture, seems more... dated?
: I've said it since I started playing, but {{champion:133}} **All-American Quinn**. Deck her out in some type of patriotic clothing and make Valor a bald eagle.
I'm not American, BUT* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.*
Artais (NA)
: {{champion:89}} I realize a moon themed Leona went out the window when Diana was launched but I did this a few years back for the Chinese New year festival and it never really saw the light of day. At this point I like it less for the moon theme and more for the style of the armor.
Sun Goddess Leona/Xihe Leona (Shes a Chinese Sun Goddess)
: I'd really like to see this become a LeBlanc skin. Maybe Pixie Queen LeBlanc?
: seriously though, why not just a pirate Quinn skin? seems like one of the more obvious choices to do with her, is it because quinn isnt very popular?
: Never posted in the forums before, so I'm almost certain these images will just be links and won't embed, but here goes! Here are a couple of concepts I've put together in my spare time http://33.media.tumblr.com/8d76c85311bcd133f54007176494863a/tumblr_n9tm8cMMUj1qk32lpo1_1280.png - Masquerade Fiora {{champion:114}} (just started this one last night so it's still pretty rough. Wanted to emulate the silhouette of a gown but with a functional breastplate, cuirass and pauldrons. I think it suits her Character really well, very aristocratic, high society. It could function like Neon Strike Vi where the mask is toggled on and off! I could see other Demacian nobility with skins in this theme, like Vayne, Lux, Garen, Jarvan...) https://31.media.tumblr.com/629c40de41e5acd46a68c92e4a9597f6/tumblr_n9y1006rx81qk32lpo1_400.png - here's a pretty rudimentary paintover I made to go along with the concept, but you get the idea! http://33.media.tumblr.com/bea7d9a176761c3fc4861ec4d7fd902b/tumblr_n9cdwcEqXm1qk32lpo1_1280.png - Debonair Caitlyn {{champion:51}} (again, just lines and flats but you get the jist) http://37.media.tumblr.com/19a148a2dbfb8322029a1859e67aa2bb/tumblr_n7pdcltd4J1qk32lpo1_1280.jpg Victorious Fiora {{champion:114}} I know someone would probably get murdered if she was this Season's Victorious skin for no reason, but I think something along the lines of like "Knight Captain Fiora" would be pretty cool! https://38.media.tumblr.com/8f021e75bf370044bdee5489362292a3/tumblr_na8iohdQRE1qk32lpo1_1280.png -Ghost Bride Zyra {{champion:143}} I thought thematically it fit her character well, albeit a little similar to Haunted Zyra. I liked the idea of her plants becoming chains with thorned rose stems entwined inside of them, and the idea of her passive activating as a huge blue rose that she rose out of with her veil obscuring her face seemed like a really cool opportunity. And I know these aren't technically skins, but playing around with VU ideas is something I like to do as well, so I figured I'd put them up! http://38.media.tumblr.com/6dc2a50f7f186f38f4c151f9ea890c7f/tumblr_n7dhewaWvJ1qk32lpo1_1280.jpg - Morgana {{champion:25}} ( I liked the idea of the dark magic that corrupted her appearance manifesting as feathers and beginning to show in her hands where the magic is focused and working it's way up her arms to her shoulders, where you can see it begin to creep into her skin.) http://37.media.tumblr.com/4584258557c1dbf07bf62f4991283fde/tumblr_n0uv11KP6T1qk32lpo1_r1_1280.png - Caitlyn {{champion:51}} http://33.media.tumblr.com/a2678268499db05f42546c3ecba2a5d9/tumblr_n8tl70Xlxk1qk32lpo6_1280.png (also started working on a paintover of her official splash for this skin, just as a practice exercise! The original splash is gorgeous) http://38.media.tumblr.com/c759f9f6cb9d8591964254c075eeef57/tumblr_n64chlod201tz0f3qo3_r1_1280.png and here's a LeBlanc {{champion:7}} doodle!
: Wild West Thresh Think about it A lasso a freakin lasso
His lantern could be a spitoon.
: Sona Update
As a Sona main, I approve.
: Pick up a Mystery Skin for a short time!
I'm curious, I wonder if anyone has ever gotten an Ult skin? possible, or no?
: Ahri (487 RP) ran and ran and ran. She was either out of mana or her cooldowns were huge. Anyway, she ran away for most of the cinematic. After about 5 minutes of just running, she thought she'd be safe. Nocturne (440 RP) probably gave up on chasing her and went back to kill some jungle creeps. "That was close," she said. Even her own voice sounded foreign to her. After all, no one says a word in the cinematics. She sat down on the floor, took a deep breathe and began to recall back home. However, she heard a tiny rustling sound behind her. She stopped her recall and began running again, but it was too late. "IT'S ME!!!! HAHAHA!!!" yelled Twitch as he fired at her. Ahri felt poisonous bolts piercing her soft, pale skin. She gasped for air one last time and fell to the ground. Dead. "Sneaky, sneaky!" whispered Twitch to himself, smiling. His celebration didn't last for long, as a creature engulfed in flames fell upon him. "What?! What are you?" He asked to the girl with the metallic armour standing now in front of him. "I'm Ironscale Shyvana (375 RP) you noob." "Huh? You look nothing like your splash art." "Quiet!" "And wasn't samurai yi (260 RP) supposed to be the jungler?" Shyvana laughed and said. "No one really uses Yi right now dude. And I'm not a jungler anymore, I'm a top." Twitch had stalled her long enough for his ambush to be ready again. He stealthed. "Damn!" yelled Shyvana, as she fired fireballs all around her, hoping to hit the little rat. All of a sudden, a giant fiery cow (487 RP) came rushing upon them and smashed the ground, sending both of them flying up in the air. The three of them looked at each other. This would be a free for all. "Everyone's expecting some sort of epic fight," mooed Alistar. "Yes, they are," replied Shyvana, her hands covered in fla
I get the Ahri reference. xD (Her dance is Run devil run by GG.)
: Community Spotlight: Episode 1
*"All we have to do is play the map and map the plays"*. Wise as f*ck.
TyShane (NA)
: Something in Boston maybe held by Riot would be nice!
: The Great Bromances of the LCS
***"My favorite part of qtpie's personality is that he moans a lot," he says. "It gets me pumped and I feel like a beast. I love moaners."***
: What do you know? You play at the lowest levels of League. All of the Analyst agree that the NA is the most competitive and least forgiving of the three divisions. A mere 5 games separates the number one team from the number 8 team.
You probably don't watch OGN then.
: I know Righto?
Righto! Just look at it as a Ziggs reference. (He says that.)
: Not to mention he doesn't do all that much damage. Supports like Zyra/Annie/Morgana, if you're ADC is a potato, you can just put your carry pants on and kill people. EDIT: Wow, okay, I guess I should have been a little less vague/exaggerated less in my comment. Been getting a **TON** of responses about how you can do a ton of damage with flay, etc etc. Coming from a guy who would take Janna into Showdown 1v1 and win, yes, I know supports (this includes Thresh), can do a deceptive amount of damage. What I *should* have said is that Thresh's kit is more suited towards utility, rather than damage, as such it is difficult (*not* impossible) to 100-0 someone unless you have a fair of time alone with them or you're under tower or something. As oppose to Annie, who, with some AP under her belt, can 100-0 a carry with like, 2-3 spells. I appreciate your comments, and I've learned a bit from this thread, but hopefully this clears up this comment :P
If you think hes doing no damage you're playing him wrong, he does tons if you execute the play properly with Flay.
: Plays like these make me want to play Thresh more. But then I do and I get sad...
I did something like this a few weeks ago Thresh/Jinx vs Soraka/Twitch, you feel exhilirating after you do this, honestly. It's impressive for Bronze.
: why on earth did nobody suggest cowboy thresh? his ult would be a firkin fence
YES. OH MY GOD. PLEASE RIOT. {{item:3070}}
: I AGREEE +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 MONTREAL PLOZ! (/゚Д゚)/
~~no we don't like french people.~~
Preeti (NA)
: Riot with us at live events!
YESSSS. FAN EXPO CANADA. FINALLY. ;-; {{champion:119}}
: NA LCS Week 6 Preview
I honestly feel sad for C9, after Hai came back from his sergery and the team came back from Allstars, their preformance has been really shaky, especially Hais, being beaten by COL, in my opinion, thats horrible because COL has been trying to get into the LCS for 3 years, I see potential though with Kez being added to the team, and for TSM, I like Amazing but I like OddOne more, bring him back. :[
: I'd let the summoner who made this rift put a rift in me Q.Q
So you'd let Phreak...get phreaky with you?
: Watch the Summoner’s Rift preview
now rito, work on fixing EUW. kappa.
: So I've been hearing this rumor that this is suppose to release like Season 5. I really hope that's a dumb lie being spread cuz all this coverage is just a big fat tease then I DONT WANNA SEE SOMETHING 6months - a year in advanced, Still waiting for that magma 2v2 map v.v Sadly enough I did hear her say there is months of effort ahead around 4:22 WHY THEY DO THIS TO US{{item:3073}}
{{item:2049}}{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: {{champion:61}} how About an Orianna blog? You probably have something to say about her development Another question is how many characters do you come up with a single move for before hand? I imagine you got the idea for Ori's ball then made her around that, but what about a character where you just figured out one or two moves first, then decided to make a kit around that one move, like an Ult? For example, You may have come up with a global ult that damages everyone all at once, so you thought up Karthus, then you made his kit around the ability to do AOE damage and doing the global ult
well, shes based off of a balerina. (kind of obvious). i'd love to see {{champion:127}}
: if anything at all riot needs to make more funny skins and what better then an ice clad poro {{champion:121}} .
: New free champion rotation: Varus, Soraka, Kassadin and more!
{{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}}
: Wait for the GREEN week, dude. Isn't it obvious?
: royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition, purple op
: you cant simply compare Piglet to Doublelift, Piglet is Korean..
Therefore Piglet is better, because...hes Korean.

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