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: Then how about losing the ghosting passive, losing the extra movement speed, or increasing the cost to something more reasonable given that the item gives you utility, mobility, damage on par with other zeal items, AND massive amounts of defense (relative to ADCs base health, and no ADC I have played with or against in quite some time has purchased literally any other defensive item, let alone anything to increase their HP). It gives everything an ADC could possibly want except for sustain which is already covered passively through runes.
Totally agree with you.
The Tank (NA)
: What if the Pre - game lobby showed you what drags were going to be available through the game ?
I think it's a great idea for the dragons to show in champ select. But, I also think that all of the 4 dragons should be made equal in importance. Not sure how they could do this but there is definately a way.
: New Item Concept: Imperial Mail (Legendary Tank Item)
It's a cool idea, but healing for the damage blocked would be very over tuned because of how fast an adc can attack, maybe heals for half? This item is also quite similar to thornmail.
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