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Gubaguy (NA)
: To be fair units resell for full value, so... Its realy jsut removing the extra steps of removing a minion, placing a minion, placing items, selling unit, replacing units and items.
While this is true, why make the user jump through hoops just to perform a simple task. What if I told you that you had to turn around three times before opening any door. Also what happens if my bench is full of units waiting for upgrades? Sell a useful unit so I can buy a useless one, combing an item, then sell the useless unit.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Katareener,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zuuZr9pL,comment-id=0001000100010000,timestamp=2019-06-26T16:49:07.623+0000) > > I can build a deck with the cards in my Pokemon pack, and use it at the local card shop on Sunday to school some little kids in the ways of the unlimited format, can't do that with little legends. :V Your friends cant play LoL? Point is its essentially the same as a pokemon card pack. Open pack, see what you get. Likely unable to get duplicates, that would be the only complaint i can see as valid other than potential pricing; if they allow duplicate rolls.
> [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zuuZr9pL,comment-id=00010001000100000000,timestamp=2019-06-26T16:54:10.529+0000) > > Your friends cant play LoL? > > Point is its essentially the same as a pokemon card pack. > > Open pack, see what you get. Likely unable to get duplicates, that would be the only complaint i can see as valid other than potential pricing; if they allow duplicate rolls. Let me just trade my little legend with my frie.... Oh wait. I don't play with this little legend anymore I better sell it fo..... Oh wait. Let me burn this little legend because it's the 20th I fou.... Oh wait. Exactly like playing cards
: I miss Teambuilder, it's was the most funny thing in League of Legends...
I miss Tribunal, some of the shit i read there was hilarious.
: Tahm Kench is the very embodiment of a Win Lane Lose Game champion
good thing they gutted his support capabilities /s
Stupafly (NA)
: afking in PBE client
yea i started queue about 1 hour ago, i have moved up about 3 minutes
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: Either I or you making shit up. But I dont see 53% anywhere. Also her pickrate dropping means only her mains play her again which obviously means that her winrate WON'T drop that hard. If only Yasuo mains would play him his winrate would skyrocket too. Garen and Renekton are legit counters against Riven again, so I would say the nerfs were fine, at least according to stats that are not pulled out of my ass. But even those stats could be wrong.
On your first link, go to the top and change it from plat+ to diamond+ and you will see your 53%. i dont know if she is strong or weak though, havent been playing recently.
: TLDR Conclusion - This means that by surrendering every single game that you are being dominated you will save 18 seconds per win and technically climb faster. You will however not have those satisfying 1 in 100 games that I linked above all in the name of saving 18 seconds per win. That is like 8.95 seconds per game when slightly above 50% win rate. Edit - one thing I forgot to account for is that if my opponents surrender 90% of the time when being dominated, then my own win rate while dominating would be inflated above 90%. I'm not going to go back to recalculate but this would bring the time between wins even closer than 18 seconds apart. Some math for you with assumed numbers based on my own experience: 10 minutes between games for loading, queuing, and lobby. 30 minutes for games that are played out. 40% chance to be ahead, 40% chance to be behind, 10% chance to be dominating, 10% chance to be getting dominated 65% chance to win while ahead, 35% chance to win while behind, 90% chance to win while dominating, 10% chance to win while getting dominated I am going to assume that 90% of people think like you and games that you are dominating will then average a length of 21 minutes with 90% ending at 20 and 10% ending at 30. Now if myself and a duo never surrender my games whilst being dominated will always be 30 minutes average. The times of each game type are added with 10 minute downtime. .4 x .65 = 26% chance for a game to be won while ahead - 40 minutes .4 x .35 = 14% chance for a game to be won while behind - 40 minutes .1 x .9 = 9% chance for a game to be won while dominating - 31 minutes .1 x .1 = 1% chance for a game to be won while being dominated - 40 minutes Overall game time averages out to 39.1 minutes. I have 52.5% win rate average (not sure where you see 51%) so that is 1 win every 74.5 minutes. Now if I always surrendered in a game whilst being dominated, the average game time becomes 38.2 minutes. My win rate would drop by 1% to 51.5% and I would win one game every 74.2 minutes. This means that by surrendering every single game that you are being dominated you will save 18 seconds per win.
Where are you pulling these percentages and times from? I feel like these numbers are pulled from someones ass making the conclusion basically irrelevant.
: Watch reward system
I havent watched it and havent received the reward. working as intended over here
: For all the people that suggest to this man that playing with friends is going to make it better, picking all troll team comps can be fun and so on: I myself got banned from the game in a game where we were full premades and all of us were inting and running down under turrets. No one got banned except me. So still try to have fun without playing the game in other way, because as a riot support member replied :,, the game is supposed to be played in a way" and we were,, ruining the experience" or something like that. Cannot remember how exactly he wrote that, because I stopped playing right after that and to this day I am glad I did.
This is why i think riot ignores the boards. There are SO many people that claim to have quit but spend their time roaming the boards throwing shade at the game. People need to move on
: I'm not as old as you but I'm nearing 30 my friends and I fuck around way too much, one of my buddies and I are proud of our (Unintentional) 30% winrate It definitely has nothing to do with him throwing me under towers as Tahm kench then spamming emotes on me... which TOTALLY can't end with me Kali ulting him back under the tower anyways i've said too much, the world can't know about the heroic struggle i face keeping the demon at bay so if you want to joing add me I'll be on tonight
How do you Kali ult him under the tower? Doesn't the person being picked up control where they land? Is he throwing himself to his death under the tower? I'd be pissed if this was my botlane
: Don't waste your time with League, find something that's actually fun. League will only get worse with Riot at the helm. I quit League more than a year ago and it's been great for my mental health and my real life relationships. I still game but since my comps a toaster I can't do well in most FPS, but playing with my friends is still fun.
If league will only get worse with riot at the helm.... How did it become such a huge game when it ONLY gets worse when riot is in charge. I know riot fucks up alot but this imposed cynicism isn't helping anyone
: Playing High/Drunk in Ranked should be bannable
I play high ALL the time. I don't often say anything about it. I could be destroying or I could be getting owned, but the ONLY time I will mention I'm high is when I fuck up badly like miss a free skillshot like a pleb. Does this mean I should be punished the one game I shit the bed? Basically it's fine to be high, as long as you don't tell anybody? lmao.
: Lol. This is why I can't take this forum serious........ Give it a few weeks. Players need to adjust to champ changes. If you can't expect silvers and gold's to listen to pings you certainly can't expect them to relearn a champ in a few days. Rivens still busted. Just wait.
Did you read the second paragraph? Maybe the reason you can't take it seriously is because you don't even bother to read the content. He said she isn't stabilized yet and she is still probably in a strong spot
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Now that the VGU voting is over... How long until the results are announced?
I'm hoping for fiddles, I don't really want it to be voli, and I am indifferent about Mundo. I think fiddles needs it, voli only needs a new ult, and I don't care about or play Mundo lol
CD8 (NA)
: Battle academia bullshit
I agree, they shoulda made a mythic Zoe skin so i can spend my gems
Antenora (EUW)
: I'm tired of seeing Mages rush Lost Chapter vs Zed and then cry when they are useless. Seekers Armguard is a cheap and very effective item.
Rush lost chapter and die or rush seekers then go oom after 3 waves and lose by attrition.
: When mods get their mod card
Good shit sir, take the upvote.. take all of the upvotes
: And there we go, another patch without Vayne or Riven nerfs
Why nerf vayne and riven when Tahm is out of control!?!? /S
: No, Zoe is not fully grown. She's still a young child, and she has the mindset of a young child, not an adult. I don't think it matters if she's human or not. But if you really want to go into it, yes, technically she's still human. She just has magical powers now. Doesn't change the fact that she's still a child, and has the maturity of one.
You got a source to say zoe is not fully grown? And it kind of maters if she is human. Maybe aspects dont age and have no concept of a adult aspect or a child aspect I feel like most of your assertions are assumptions
: The important thing to keep in mind is that "a thousand years old" does not equate to "being an adult," and you need to be an adult to consent. Being an adult is not truly a concept that can be defined by age. We just do so for convenience. It's the difference between being an "adult" (which you physically develop into) and being a "grown-up" (which you transition into as you leave behind childhood). Honestly, how many 18-year-olds can claim to have fully-developed and become an adult? Not many. (In fact, it's at about age 25 that a person has truly finished growing. It's all downhill from there.) How many 18-year-olds can claim they're ready to take on the responsibilities and expectations of the grown-up world? There are people in their 30s who would have a difficult time making that claim. But age is still relevant, of course. You can be the most mature, responsible, self-reliant adolescent there is, but you would still not be an adult, because you still have growing to do, both physically and as a person. Where does that put Zoe? She's not an adult, as she hasn't developed into one. Nor is she a grown-up, because she hasn't transitioned to one, and chooses not to. "Nobody has to grow up if they don't want to. Or maybe they do. I don't, though." So there you go.
okay well an adult is a person who is fully grown or developed. Is Zoe fully grown? I actually cant say yes or no to that question, i have no clue if an aspect ages. On top of that... is she even human anymore?
: I honestly believe Riot Games is not doing anything with custom games on purpose. Imagine losing your playerbase for ranked to custom games. I'm sure they want players to play the main game and not a custom game just because they have an "esports" and that the custom game community would essentially take away potential talents from the pro-scene. That or they are planning on removing custom games like they did with Crystal Scar (Dominion) due to receiving zero updates or changes. To be quite honest, League has gotten more stale with each season. They may introduce new game modes like the star guardian or odyssey maps but they never change anything essential about the game. It's still the same boring non-changing and repetitive summoners rift that only ever receives recognition. With custom game changes that you proposed, at least players would have the opportunity to try something new and exciting. But in the end we're not Riot Games and they rarely listen to community feedback on the Boards due to how negative we may seem. So in truth, what you said might fall on deaf ears but you have us, the people who think that your idea may bring the ripple to the calm lake that League needs.
This is the reason Warcraft 3 remastered will be a hit. Im honestly not the biggest RTS fan... But I know the custom games will be a time sink for me.
: Let's put the Custom in Custom Games
Just wait. Warcraft 3 remastered is coming out.. then the age of TD's, mauls, and the like will be back full force.
KTFresh (NA)
: Account penalties should be handled by humans, not a bot
If you think they are money hungry now... Do you know how many people they would need to hire? To manually review EVERY report of toxicity is not feasible. It's like asked ng YouTube to manually review ALL content before it gets uploaded... It's not a reasonable task.
333lom (EUNE)
: Designing a champion - Braum's Momma!
Cool concept, would be a neat to have in the game. That said, It slightly bothers me with people saying we need an old lady. We have a few. What we need is an old lady that looks her age.
: People also forget that not all old ladies have to fit into a particular theme. Not all of them are weak individuals who are barely capable of thoughts or movements, and not all of them are ugly hags either. Take my favorite Pixar movie, Coco, for example. There are 2 living characters in this movie who are old, Coco and her daughter. Coco is very old, wheelchair bound and (possibly) senile. Her daughter, on the other hand, is also old, but she _beats the ever living fuck out of someone with a shoe_. She also carries herself with a considerable amount of authority and strength considering her age, not limping or using anything to help her walk. She's a very good example of a strong, old female character who can still kick loads of ass despite her age.
While I agree the asthetic of old women is missing. I'm pretty sure we have a good couple old ladies in the roster. One of them being LeBlanc, she is 'ancient'. Because of that I disagree with the fact that we don't have old female characters who can still kick ass. Though I would say we don't have old female characters that can still kick ass AND look their age.
: I saw a new Rakan skin is to be released and that, as a Rakan main, makes me happy. But I also saw that no Xayah skin is going with it and I feel really disapointed, sad I'd say, heartbroken, that's the word. You should know that the romance beetween these 2 character has been taken really seriously by the players, not only by me. Riot even choose them to be the first champions figures ! I understand that this is the World Championship skin, and only 5 champion deserve it each year, but could it be possible to give Xayah a skin that fits Rakan one ? Like a Fangirl Xayah ? Coach Xayah ? Stratege Xayah ? Anything that is in relation with the championship, and visually in the line of Rakan ? Please Riot, give their love back ! What am I supposed to do ?
I personally want skins for xayah and Rakan that work similar for every other champion in the game. I want some skins to disregard lore. They already have a bunch of couple skins. I just don't want to see them as a couple in EVERY instance. I mean is there more to their character than 'im with her' and 'im with him'
: > [{quoted}](name=Rathar Dashing,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=UcqEx1PP,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-04-03T00:53:09.487+0000) > > Personally I'm glad to see them no longer shackled to each other in terms of skins, it really limits their individual potential. If you want to match you'll always have classic, cosmic, sweetheart and SSG skins to do so with. This is pretty much how I feel. Idk why it bothers me, but it's always seemed... kinda lame how they've seemed so shackled to each other, whether skins or lore. Tbh I couldn't give a rat's ass about Xayah, I find her character intolerable, but Rakan I actually find to be rather interesting, too bad he's basically boiled down to "Xayah's man"
I agree. I thought skins were for fun and to break away from lore
: Rakan without matching skin in the new line of Invictus Gaming 2019 skins.
I know Rakan and xayah are a thing.. but seriously. Most people just want their main to get a skin. You want your main AND you friends main to get skins.. at the same time. I mean before you go out with your significant other do you make sure you are in matching outfits every time? I hope Rakan/xayah are not eternally glued to the hips when it comes to skins. Some, cool. All, lame.
: Banned For Abusive Chat
Stating mistakes is nothing to report. It's HOW you state those mistakes that makes the difference
: Yeah, CertainlyT's mentality on balance is one of the biggest threats to the game IMO, I remember MoodyP, a Darius main, complained that Illaoi had 'too much counterplay', so we can see that his mentality affects others negatively too. note: I don't mean any disrespect, please don't threaten me again
I was unaware certainlyt had such control over the balance team to impose his mentality.
: Why can zoe use her second q while in zhonya's?
Can confirm that this is not an issue with zhonya. As SatomiKun said, ANY cc effect does not effect her ability to recast q. But unlike SatomiKun I understand the designer of a champion does not make all of the balance decisions for said champion.
: Riot - You are starting a bad trend with Camille.
I understand the connection between hair color and age, I do. But even in the real world many older women dye their hair so it is not gray. Do you go up to these women and say 'dont dye your hair... You are supposed to look old!'? Look at Camille's legs.... I think changing her hair would be a simple task in comparison.
: But none of those examples make your point.. Garen is characterized by his morals and position as an elite soldier. This is a lot different from the point made about Camille whose age is a big part of who she is. * Dreadknight does not kill this concept of Garen at all. He is still Garen, just darker. * Admiral is just Garen if he had been brought up in Bilgewater instead of Demacia... It's a unique re-imagining, but again. It's still Garen because the qualities of his character remain intact. * Literally nothing about God King goes against Garen at all. That is likely what he would be like if he ascended to Godlike Power. He's already hardcore on Justice and resides in Demacia. **For Camille:** * Elderwood is fine. She doesn't need grey hair there because she's already embodying something ancient. * Program is also fine. She is full machine. No big deal. * New Skin. She looks 20. That's a problem. Her hair should be made gray.
Why does her hair need to be gray though. Are you saying she looks like she is 80 in her base skin because she has gray hair. Does ekko look old because he has white hair?
: Join the Dog side young Skywalker.
> [{quoted}](name=Rowanstar,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JNae4F5Y,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-03-29T14:04:39.102+0000) > > Join the Dog side young Skywalker. I'd rather you join the catside young dog walker.
: Zilean should be able to speed up healing-over-time effects like healing pot.
if you want it to speed up heals and such would it speed up other duration effects like a nasus ult and make it wear off faster? On the flip side, Would it slow down heals and duration buffs like nasus ult for the enemy?
: My account was just BANNED for BOTTING?!
I call bullshit... " I just play and enjoy it". We all play but none of us enjoy it.
Stupafly (NA)
: We need a Zoe Mythic skin
i dont know, she is pretty awesome
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: Story behind your league names?
I get sad when people say my name is a hairy potter reference. I ripped it off the disturbed song "Stupify"
20022012 (EUNE)
: Why is it a sexist organization for making an all female team when they were to late to sell the spot? And how come it's sexist when a team is all female, yet not sexist to have the vast majority of league teams be all male? Double standards yet again, I guess.
If the all male teams were made with the intention of being all male, then it is sexist. Just as if a team of all women was made for the purpose of being all female, it is sexist. If you are discriminating who cant be in your team by looking at a biological trait such as race or sex, i would consider it racist or sexist. This somewhat changes for physical sports due to inherent physical differences between the sexes.
: Riot - we told you this with Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox - WE HATE PRESTIGE POINTS!
If people dont buy it, it will stop. If there is a market for it, it will thrive. If neither are true, it is a big mistake.
: I thought Lucian "strong because other ADCs suck"
Ah the age old problem: Is Lucian strong because the rest suck? or do the rest suck because lucian is strong?
Jikker (NA)
: Why are Morgana's Wings on her...em....rear
Morgana is a fallen angel so her wings naturally fell a little too. Logic
: Can we change the "None" ban option to "Pass" please?
Unpopular opinion: I dont care if people ban something or 'none'
: Next Tank champion
I think we need another mid laner /s
WillyAaS (NA)
: New Rank System Is A Total Fail And Garbage
On my alternate account "CrippledCrippler", I was plat last season and currently D4. I personally didnt find it harder.
: League has been one of, if not the biggest, games every year for about a decade now and has generated billions of dollars in revenue. This poor smol indie company can **bear** doing at least what HotS does w/ try-before-buy.
Didn't hots enter maintenance mode? Meaning it was not generating enough profit to justify them further developing the game?
: "evidently we have a champion named ivern"
lol at your number 3. Why should daisy become a herald as an ulti
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