: Virginia ult.....?
Moody P (NA)
: Sejuani - Please, god, not like this
_Don't worry, guys, there's no damage creep._
Dessem (EUW)
: I actually do play World of Warships a lot now, instead of the League matches. :D I can react as slow as a potato and justify it by saying I'm in a BB! Fantastic!
_Eyyyy._ I'd offer a clan invite but I have my doubts you play on NA. :P
: > [{quoted}](name=Julian Caesar,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=YjXP4uEh,comment-id=000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-01T20:14:30.611+0000) > > Oh stop with the righteous bullcrap. I now know that Riot has a flawed system so I wont risk making a joke again. Thanks. Good jokes, smart puns, and even dark humors are always appreciated. Telling someone to do something with Thier life is quite distastful. So if those are the only jokes you have perhaps limit it to those you are sure won't offend. I feel this "friend" that "understand" you probably reported you too. Lol
> [{quoted}](name=Faneseeker,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=YjXP4uEh,comment-id=0001000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-01T20:32:00.975+0000) > > Telling someone to do something with Thier life is quite distastful. _Live yourself a full and harmonious life, scum._
kyupi (NA)
: ***
Little aggro there, but painfully accurate. +1. _Of course, there's always the option of just playing something else._
Dessem (EUW)
: I feel like I'm getting too old for League.
Four words: **play a different game.** Three more words: _**World of Warships.**_
: Double the health - That's honestly one of the biggest misconceptions about Tahm. The shield falls off in 3 seconds. In a teamfight, if he uses it, he's dead in 3. He's not tanky like other tanks who have shields upon activation - Tahm's shield is based on him taking damage. If he's caught out, he's dead as he's not like Maokai with sustain and his damage late game is heavily decreased/delayed if he doesn't get 3 stacks on someone. If you do the math, which I did, only 14% of the damage he takes is actually refunded as health, so you never want to use that E for sustain. That's not sustain. Sustain is Cho's passive and Akali's Q, which heals you at their whim. Tahm already has double the CD when devouring any ally. And his Tier 5 status already show how weak he is, when only few people pick him outside of LCS.
You are correct that calling it sustain its inaccurate; however, being that it's more accurate to call it a delayed optional percent damage reduction it is unfair to understate its potency. Especially when it is not only boosted by healing boosts but SV as well. More to the point, your math is wrong. Barring boosts it effectively reduces incoming damage by a base 10.5 / 15 / 20 / 25.5 / 31.5%. Even if 90% of damage became grey health at rank 1 your math would still be wrong (it'd be 0.9x0.15x100 = 13.5%) but at least closer. If you're going to bring up math and talk mechanics it helps to make sure you're correct, 'specially if you're gonna be snide about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=b93IAyV7,comment-id=00000005,timestamp=2018-09-22T02:08:52.190+0000) > > \>champion is weak > > \>riot buffs damage, never anything else > > \>wonders why there is damage creep A *bit* of an exaggeration. In the last two patches they've buffed Annie, Bard, Kayne, Master Yi, Rengar, Trundle, and Viktor without damage increases. Totally get that it can feel that way though, often because damage buffs are more noticeable when you play against them.
I stopped playing ages ago but still get these topics occasionally in my Google Now feed-- I'd just like to point out that while all increased damage buffs are damage buffs, _not all damage buffs are increased damage buffs._ If they had their cooldowns lowered or got better access to their damage, through reduced mana costs, increased utility, or better maneuverability _without_ also having the damage dealt nerfed, then those _are_ damage buffs.
Ýisus (NA)
: "Alas, I check in to find out that Riot is hosting events that discriminate against me because of my biology. Screw that." ? What is he / she referring to ?
> [{quoted}](name=Ýisus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YiKbewrE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-10T04:26:59.925+0000) > > "Alas, I check in to find out that Riot is hosting events that discriminate against me because of my biology. Screw that." > > ? What is he / she referring to ? Riot hosted an art and design panel at a recent convention where the first two hours or so were only open to female and non-binary individuals. It was an insanely tone deaf and contradictory move, further made bizarre by the fact they then, on the side, admitted that "if you come and you're a guy we'll probably let you in anyway"-- then why discriminate to begin with? Anyway, a prominent Rioter got the boot for saying silly stuff like "you can't be sexist against men" and calling the players complaining "manbabies" and all that.
: Look at this!!!! Riot your system is broken!
I guess the ban gods were with them after all.
: > [{quoted}](name=saltran,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VpP2F0Rx,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-04-29T20:15:04.871+0000) > > Laughs in Kai'sa I regret everything
> [{quoted}](name=AquariusGine,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VpP2F0Rx,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2018-04-29T20:24:42.230+0000) > > I regret everything Janna shields give.. Adaptive?
: Guys it’s okay to joke around and have fun. This is a forum about a video game.
Normally you're my favourite rioter, though certainly that has a fair bit to do with visibility. But this and your previous post in this chain are uncharacteristically dismissive and unbecoming. I get he's pretty salty but he makes a fair point about a broad survey being easy to deploy and difficult to argue with the results of, and even sets the failure threshold (80% against) extremely generously high. If you guys have hard stats to back up your current path making such a survey superfluous then share them. If you don't and it's off "observed sentiment" then admit so. Additionally, "it's a game, not a ____, don't take it so hard" is a really lousy stance to take when it's not immediately followed by a "but seriously, there's probably room for some more clarity(tm) on that matter so even those who disagree will at least know the majority don't." Altogether a light general apology and concession of that is probably warranted, friend. I know if I were him I'd probably walk away from the game altogether after an interaction like that with one of the most prominent representatives of it.
: which is why i said the former both times
The latter is what you meant. The former is incorrect. As for op, I've played since season 2 and never received even a chat restriction. I'm sure I've been reported countless times. It simply isn't how the system works.
: ***
Now, I'm doing this on my phone or I'd be a bit more scientific about it, but I was curious what each of yours and his ranks were. Diamond 3 to silver-- no contest, you're the more qualified player. And yet his sentiments still hold a great deal of truth. So how do we reconcile this? I looked at your games as sure enough they seem to average just over thirty minutes. So far your case is holding up quite well. Then I began to look into your wins and losses and comparing game events in each, and determined that in in roughly 9/10 cases, the first team to accrue a 2k gold advantage wins. Period. There are a few outliers that can be attributed to the odd surprise sweep, a successful backdoor, a disconnect, etc. But in the overwhelming majority of games the first team to accrue a 2k gold lead will go on to win. EVEN if the other team takes the gold lead temporarily-- the damage is already done. Just in perusing your games, this 2k gold lead can happen as early as 8 minutes in. And while it's true that the gold lead likely stems from better play and thus better players and thus the reason the team wins, it still goes to show that many of these games, even 40 minute ones, can and are often statistically decided between 7 and 20 minutes. This means that on average one third to one half of every game is purely academic-- just a win or a loss playing out to a foregone conclusion. This is where the bad feels are, as it's not engaging for most players to be on either side of that equation.
Jkrexx (EUW)
: Clerity is nonexistent to me. Transcendence is way more valuable IMO and Absolute Focus is a close second. If I could replace something else on the tree with Clerity I'd try and fit it in, but currently the other two are more important so I'm left without the option.
That's your choice, then. Absolute Focus, for example, is mostly garbage to me. The boost isn't that high and it's heavily gated-- but mind you I normally play juggernauts and bruisers that are often fighting around half health. Transcendence is nice for the 10% CDR and it can open up your build a bit by letting you grab another interesting item with CDR on it that you'd normally avoid, but if your build can't be bettered by switching out items with ignoring the CDR cap, then Celerity is practically by default the best choice. One way or another saying all three of your MS quints were "ripped away from you" is a bit disingenuous when you've also been given a lesser run with practically the same effect as all three PLUS a bunch of AP glyphs on top. If you don't want to use it, that's up to you. Shouldn't you be happy that as strong as that is, there's other options that are appealing enough you don't automatically take it? I can't understand everyone's complaining about there being so many fewer obvious choices. The fact that the choices aren't obvious is exactly why you _finally have a choice._ Before, it was just busywork min/maxing and you either knew what you were doing or you didn't, but there was no skill in it 99% of cases, and that last 1% just consists of theorycrafting some less obvious way to abuse the system which will probably then dominate the meta and erase all individual skill or choice all over again.
: > [{quoted}](name=SturmPioniere,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jp6tYvWJ,comment-id=0002000100010000,timestamp=2017-11-12T22:59:39.478+0000) > > How many keystones could you center a viable playstyle around before with Sion? Like two? almost all of them That being said keystones aren't the only runes out there, just because i like grasp doesn't mean i want iron trash There are significantly less options for tuning your champion and playstyle and you wont synergize with all of them it's inevitable i'm disappointed with a few of the new runes as well as the lack of choice or diversity
So don't take Iron trash. Take Conditioning and buy an earlier cloth to make up the distance while having way more late game tankiness than you would before. Etc, etc.
: Where's the less death timer, where's the crit chance and damage . . . there is alot that isn't there. They've cut options and choices. You have 5 things to choose from and then you get a secondary. How much option is that when before there were 30 slots to fill with anything x the mastery page. We don't get to be diverse, nor do we have many options.
More than half those options were literally noob traps (which punishes lack of player knowledge with a bad experience, doubled when it cost IP to boot (looking at you, death cdr)) or were otherwise simply suboptimal. Another small subset were deeply abusable in very specific situations. I'll grant you that there's no crit any more but that was always a rune that led to toxic gameplay when it was good, or was useless. Crit damage and a few others are missing but these all fall back to the same problems listed above. 30 slots is a lot of possible combinations, but only a very small amount of useful ones where the rest just set you back ip for even trying. Three ms quints and a handful of ad reds or ap blues being condensed into a single lesser rune in the new system is a prime example of how you haven't really lost any power-- you just have to make ACTUAL choices now. So many people are getting upset they don't have totally obvious choices now while also complaining that the old system of obvious choices involved more skill. How? These are mutually exclusive.
: ##Edit: Even if you disagree with the reasoning below, don't downvote me too much! I want more people to see our honest response to this question. This orange essence thing is a spicy one but I'll take my best shot at addressing it. The most honest answer it comes down to is that we wanna be able to spread out orange essence type loot and rewards across multiple systems without having to take an additional huge revenue hit at the same time that we're making runes free. I'll explain what I mean. Basically, when we first started giving out skins and stuff through the loot system, the only way you could get it was by 1) paying for it or 2) earning it through the mastery chests. Going into 2018 you're also gonna get skin content through things like events and honor (lets call them "orange shards" since we're really talking about anything that can be disenchanted into orange essence). We lowered the disenchant rate on shards, and we're giving out more shards. So that's what I mean by spreading it across multiple systems. I think we'll actually have to wait and see whether players feel that the additional shards from the other systems make up for the disenchant rate changes. Preseason shipped with some other upgrades to loot like bad luck protection and chances for double drops in chests, and I think we'll have to wait and see how that feels for players before we'll know. Now, there's another question implied here, which I think also bears addressing: **"Why can't Riot just give us more orange essence and more shards?"** The answer is that we make money on League through RP sales, and we want to be really responsible about how much we cut into RP sales when giving away stuff. Giving away skins and cosmetics through our in-games systems is something we have to manage really carefully—if it becomes to easy to earn orange essence and shards, RP sales would go down a lot (why pay for it when you can just get skins for free?). Even though League is free to play, we do need to make money and manage it responsibly so we can reinvest it back into the game. That's why making cosmetics too easy to get for free would be irresponsible for us, as a business. I know it's hard to get excited about an explanation like this, but I hope it makes sense! ##ONE MORE LONGISH EDIT TO CLARIFY A POINT: **I don't want to make the promise that the orange essence amounts you get will “even out” or be the same as before.** There’s way too much variance in the rates that people get OE from mastery and all the other systems for us to say that with a straight face. And the truth is the nerf to OE disenchant rates was significant. It’s more than we reigned it in to give ourselves wiggle room with these other systems. And honestly, the revenue hit from making runes free was a factor we considered as part of that. The goal is to make rewards systems that feel meaningful, rather than just constantly increasing the amount of stuff we give out every year because player expectations keep rising. It feels icky when we start talking about protecting revenue and budgets and shit, but we’re open to feedback on this stuff. I see basically no one talking about the double drops or bad luck protection that we already added to the system, so I wanna wait for a while for people to get used to the changes.
Make bought chests special ("Charged Hextech Chest"? Fun double entendre) that guarantee a minimum value in skin worth (750~rp? Ie, if it's a 520 or less skin you get a second roll guaranteed with reduced odds of higher tiers) and grant a guaranteed drop of OE (300-600?). Tune as needed, but that's really all it would take to make them retain their value.
Quepha (NA)
: If only there were some form of points you could get that represent the experience you had from playing a match. And if only those points could be converted into some kind of tiered achievement system which rewarded you with currency. And if only that system actually rewarded you with more currency per time spent in the game than the previous system while also giving you discounts reducing the amount of currency needed. Oh, wait, all of that is true.
Yep. Alas the critical thinking deficit circlejerk continues.
AcexXXV (NA)
: The way the system was i used to play more than just the 1 game per day, it's just a bummer no BE after a game. lvl 31 gave me 5 champ shards!! 5 with a d/e value of 810BE {{champion:37}}
Uh. Every match does effectively give you BE. It just doesn't do it immediately. Also, five shards with a total of 810be? Were they all 450/1350 champs? And what if you got two shards you actually wanted? pressxtodoubt.jpg
: This is true, the BE side doesn't affect me at all. I own all the champs, but I want my rune versatility back. I don't give a damn what they do with these new "masteries" cause that's all they are, I want runes back.
The "rune" portion is in the path rewards which everybody seems to overlook. If you want ap, pick Domination or Sorcery or Inspiration with Domination or Sorcery second, etc. The only thing you can't do is min/max the shit out of it with different types (spoiler: that's the point) which was unhealthy for the game to begin with. Even then you can still spec into a lot of what was there-- if you find yourself desperately missing those move speed quints for example then take Celerity for almost the same amount of ms in a single rune PLUS ad or ap on top. The only thing that's really missing is up front flat pen (pen is still available but is much more conditional) but even that is heavily offset by the fact people can't spec a bunch of free resistances in their runes (which, spoiler: pretty much everybody did because it was almost always the most efficient choice) so... Largely, you lost pen that you only had to get through resistances people only took because you had pen.
: > [{quoted}](name=EternalSaiyan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jp6tYvWJ,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-11-11T21:35:10.817+0000) > > Riot only cares about making more $$$${{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} $$$$ nothing more nothing less There a business; what business exists not to make money? When I started playing in 2011 the only free item in the game was Rocket Tristanna. Now you have free skins, ward, icons, champions ect. Yet people are still unhappy in a F2P of all things... that you're not forced to spend a dime in. Every year they make more free content, but alright.
Ey. Don't forget Unchained Alistar, man.
: it was changed for new players primarily i don't think the new system is all that bad, it needs more work though personally i don't give 2 cents about levels and shit as long as i have the option to just play and get my stuff that way without it going any slower then before ill be fine I mean i only need sion skins anyway and he doesn't have chroma's yet so im sitting on a gigantic pile of BE until he gets chroma's since i got nothing else i want to spend it on anyway The runes on the other hand are hot garbage we have like 0 choices half of them are useless and the remaining ones only a handful synergize with your champion if you are lucky fun times
Really don't understand this complaint about the runes. Even with just Sion, Grasp is even better than before and lets you opt into the bonus percent health and demolish. Aftershock is possible. Summon Aery if you like to play E-poke Sion. Glacial Augment let's you even more easily train people down or land Q's. You can even take Dark Harvest or Electrocute or even Phase Rush if you really wanted. The only tree that doesn't really offer anything is Precision but if you play AD Sion then Fleet Footwork is still possible and the lesser runes make a good splash anyway. How many keystones could you center a viable playstyle around before with Sion? Like two?
: wooooow such hate a vitriol, and on a preseason patch. Chill out, Riot always makes big changes at the preseason and this is the biggest shift yet. Of course this patch will be rough, change always is. Give it about 2 months and a few patches and a majority of players will of gotten used to it by then and it will be back to business as usual. Also, if you and everyone else on the boards in the last few days who have said they are leaving really are, it still won't matter to much. Even if a 100 to 500 players left it wouldn't even be a drop in the bucket given the player base for this game is at least a few hundred thousand.
Millions. Daily. It was 27 million daily even back in 2014 and the game has grown since then.
Jkrexx (EUW)
: I definitely relate to the frustration about the turrets and the mobility creep. The turrets have been a problem for a long time now, the last straw for me was removing the laser beam on the turrets inside your base which at least offered the protection of a decent DOT laserbeam, which ramped up significantly more than the current shots do, as well as a decent move speed slow. This punished people who went out of position that were greedy for a kill. The fact Ziggs can push a turret in about 5 seconds with a {{item:3100}} , his passive and his W in the mid game is really saddening. I could accept him being a dedicated turret pusher if he was the only one who could do this, but quite frankly nearly every champ can push turrets ridiculously quick these days, especially when auto attack buffs are slowly all being allowed to effect turrets (Cait headshot, Vayne Q, Yorick Q etc.) The mobility creep is getting out of control. It's almost as if all walls should just be deleted from the map because most of the recent roster ignores them anyway. Immobile mages are getting worst effected by this and I'm a bit biased on this subject, being a Vel'Koz main, but having my movement speed quints ripped from me in this pre-season with no base MS buffs is really saddening. I end up spamming spells from under my origami turret shooting spit balls at the enemy kayn/zac/sej/lee/vi/shaco/jarvan/khazix (the list goes on...) who have just dashed over the wall next to me and proceeded to delete me along with the enemy midlaner. Unfortunately we're not able to buy green wards anymore otherwise I'd spend my whole balance on them trying to protect myself from every angle. I'm not gonna stop playing this game, not at least in the near future, but what I used to like about the game is slowly disappearing for a faster paced, sub par experience which leaves me unsatisfied even after winning.
The celerity rune gives you 4% move speed by itself and some bonus ap, though? I realize that's not the 4.5% from quints but it's a base rune. You could always opt into the +10ms from the magical boots too if you can put off getting them until likely after your first back. There are other problems for sure but this one seems really dubious.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 10
The new pings for items and so on. They don't tell you who is pinging them. They have proven to be an enormous toxicity amplifier. Seriously. How did you guys miss this? Someone can just keep pinging your build and rune and so on without you even knowing who it is and your only recourse is to either a) ping mute everybody to save your sanity or b) spend time in the match ping muting one person at a time and comparing results just so you know who to report after the match. There is just no two ways about it-- this is ludicrous and needs fixing ASAP.
: Hey yes that was me 6 years ago sorry I was drunk and don't remember having that conversation.
: I did provide information. Just read the threads. I would never call for violence against someone or use hate speech. I detest those things. I have a deep sense for fairness. It's a blessing and a curse. Maybe I did reward the trolls. But the point is, I feel there is no recourse for actual trolls and people who are not trolling/bullying get punished when they speak up becaue they've had enough.
Two things. One) a single report or nine reports will trigger a review just the same. It doesn't matter if four people or one person reports you-- all that matters is that when the system reviews the report, there is or is not punishable offenses found. Two) you are responsible for YOUR actions. If they are flaming you, mute, report, and move on. You may try to get people back on course, briefly, but no matter how much you think it's fair to "defend yourself" it isn't the point. The report system and mute button is your defence. Flaming them back is an offense. You offend, you get punished, period. Been playing since season 2. I have never had any kind of punishment, ever. Zero. It's not rocket science, comrade. You're just doing it wrong.
: So, since you can't just spec into armor and attack speed for free like you could with the old rune system, how are you guys going to approach making the jungle accessible to off-meta picks? My immediate inclination would be some sort of buff to jungle items, like % increased damage to and % decreased damage from monsters. For what it's worth, I'm glad I can build whatever I want with runes and masteries and I don't get locked into certain picks because I'm jungling, I just want to be sure the jungle doesn't beat the shit out of me if I decide to jungle Quinn or something
Machete does 5 more damage on hit and gives you a 20%aspd boost while fighting monsters. Talisman steals more health based on your bonus health, but I forget the exact specs.
: scorch is literal ass and not a dft replacement..
It's worth framing it in terms of value. For most spells with .7~ ap scalings, that 10 damage at level 1 is about 15ap worth, or, what ~350 gold? It's even more if it's a physical ability. 40 damage is comparable to ~1200g of ap or ~1600g of ad. Granted, it rapidly loses value in all-ins, but considering it's just a regular rune it adds some deceptively impressive punch to harass and skirmishes.
: Why does Xin slash with a spear? Spears are not meant for slashing...
Spears and glaives are both slashing weapons. Javelins and spears and glaives are all thrusting weapons. Javelins and spears are also throwing weapons, but glaives are not. Throwing / Thrusting / Slashing Javelin & spear/All three/Spear & glaive There's also variations on each that lean more or less into each category, and even things like halberds (which aren't thrown but usually incorporate crushing strikes as well), with lances being strictly for thrusting (and some fairly ineffectual bludgeoning), but at the end of the day the spear is definitely not incapable of slashing attacks.
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
Regarding Ornn, if the goal is to make the upgrades end-game-ish bonuses and to disincentivize early purchases, why not, instead of adding the level restriction, give the items each a "Mastercrafted" unique passive that grants the bonus stats based on your level. IE, for Deathcap, it could state "Mastercrafted -- Grants bonus stats based on your level. Current bonus is 63 (3.5*clvl (18))." You can even just roll the "you can only purchase one item with Mastercrafted" into the passive. That would make Deathcap break even with its current Ornn upgrade at level 16 for example, and be 7AP better at 18. Tune to liking, etc, and just do the same in various increments for each other item. Though personally I still think flat stat buffs is kind of boring and it would be much more interesting to just have a selection of specialty items that Ornn can provide his team that include items with more unique combinations of stats or effects that are less gold efficient than average but potentially open up interesting combinations of their unique effects and other kits or items, which would let Ornn have a bit more impact on how his team might choose to play, but not necessitate that they must play that way-- just let Ornn himself buy one of his own specialty items at a discount to encourage the master smith setting out with something he actually made instead of opting for god-knows-what made by an obviously inferior craftsman.
: Yeah, I believe at one point we were planning to have a notch in the health bar for 25%, but it didn't quite make it in. Hopefully in the future though :)
Considering pressing the R again while the impaled target is not below 25% just primes the suppress for as soon as they DO fall below it, it would be nice to have a mark over impaled targets for allies, but just have Urgot instantly fire the suppression the moment they fall below 25%. This would remove a little control, but it shouldn't ever realistically be a feel-bad scenario for Urgot, and it removes the need to press R a second time after it connects the first time, and wondering if they did or didn't actually cross the threshold or what happened exactly. I really don't think a notch in the healthbar would be needed, or any other kind of indicator they're below 25%, since it's a consistent portion of the healthbar (unlike Cho/Garen executes, and Darius doesn't get it because it would remove skill expression). But if a mark or notch were going to be put in, it should be much lower priority next to the first two changes I mentioned, I think. Thoughts?
: Urgot Ult Bug
One hundred percent intentional. It _could_ be changed, but as it stands right now the chains for the execute are their own targeted projectile that on contact with the target suppress them and begin the execute. If intercepted by Braum, they will suppress him instead. Strictly speaking; > If the target is below 25% of their maximum health, Fear Beyond Death can be re-activated, and automatically does so after 3 seconds if the target is within the threshold. >SECOND CAST: Urgot begins channeling as he launches chains at the target, Suppression icon suppressing them on impact and reeling them in over X seconds, during which they are untargetable by other effects. >The channel can only be interrupted by Urgot's death. If the channel is successful, the target is executed and surrounding enemies are Fear icon terrified for 1.5 seconds. The target of the first shot must be below 25% health for the chains to be able to fire, but after they connect, short of invulnerability, suppression removal, or killing Urgot, they _execute_ the suppressed target _at any health._ Again, the 25% threshold is to _fire_ them.
: Another Yi skin, followed by another Tryndamere skin, followed by another Yasuo skin
Rioter Comments
: I put Cass and Singed only because they both have 1 damage spell where Rumble has 3, Teemo has 3, and Swain has 4.
Man people don't understand Adaptive Helm. It won't help you against Swain's W but it tracks all damage sources independently, meaning it'll simultaneously nerf Swain's Q, E, and R.
AmazoX (EUW)
: >they're nightmares for the majority of unorganized solo/dynamic queue players. Lee qualifies for this. Yasuo does not, His nothing but Trashuo at Diamond+ level, Hence the low pick rate and Win rate.
You heard it here first, boys. Apparently the majority of unorganised solo/dynamic queue players are Diamond+. It's a brave new world.
: Blunt question: are you disabled yourself? Do you know what it's like to be disabled? I'm guessing you don't, because if you were, you wouldn't be able to look at this issue as objectively and permissively as you are. Free speech is important, but when you're abusive and toxic (even just through words, which are a starting point for actions) towards disabled folks - especially because many literally can't defend themselves - you're promoting a culture that is actively harmful.
His point is that negative reinforcement (punishment) is not the answer and when taken through its natural evolutions reaches tyrannical. Only positive reinforcement of good behaviours and an individual focus on compassion will solve these problems in any way that isn't thought control. Even then people will still be dicks, but sometimes the dicks don't realise they're being dicks. For now, tell them why it's kind of dickish, then mute them if need be, and report them after if need be. The issue isn't that it's not undesirable enough to be an asshole. It's just not desirable enough to most to try not to be. Riot really needs to get back to pioneering on rewarding positive influences.
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: Yeah, there's some risk there that we make things noticeably more rough for players still learning a bunch of other things. At the same time though we don't want to limit our ability to make support a more engaging position for experienced players because of players after a simpler or low activity playstyle. Would want to find an alternative way to help those players out if a problem does emerge as a result, rather than restricting our options as much.
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=gQ1uBNLG,comment-id=0000000000020000,timestamp=2017-04-11T18:46:08.702+0000) > > Yeah, there's some risk there that we make things noticeably more rough for players still learning a bunch of other things. At the same time though we don't want to limit our ability to make support a more engaging position for experienced players because of players after a simpler or low activity playstyle. Would want to find an alternative way to help those players out if a problem does emerge as a result, rather than restricting our options as much. Can we just keep coin sort of as it is and have the Bilgewater support item back for skill expression? Because that thing was amazingly fun.
: here's a forgotten favorite let's remove a small percentage of Zed's attack speed, a champ who should NEVER use auto attacks unless he is atop a target
That was more about cutting down his needlessly strong split pushing.
Alright mister 30 years 'Murica software engineer. First of all, you agreed to the terms of the application and that lets them collect diagnostic information along with a lot of other non personally identifiable stuff (like your MAC). Secondly, your assertion that this is how they banned both accounts is laughable. Literally hilarious. Two league accounts playing from the exact same IP address through the same routing, and they deduced they are from the same PC? Clearly this is some next level CIA shadow ops stuff right here. Finally, you ran scripts despite there being a nonstop and very explicit stance declaring zero tolerance for them. What the hell did you expect? You're a joke and your post is a joke.
: Permanently Banned, Support Tickets give me copy-paste responses.
So, let me just get this straight... You have a program that when under social circumstances performs a series of keyboard commands for you? Might want to have a talk with them about your translation software.
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: XP deficits for supports are something we'll look at too, with you there. That list wasn't intended to be a comprehensive rundown of everything we want to work on, just a bunch of examples to get discussion going.
Honestly, if Sightstone weren't so mandatory and delayed the actual fun support items by so much there would probably be a bigger interest in the role too. What if Sightstone was a 350g item that halved trinket CD (and gave like 80 health) while granting bonus gold every time you kill a ward or one of yours expires (not destroyed, adding value to protecting your wards (could encourage weird behaviour like warding your turret, but at the obvious and much more severe cost of giving up vision control, though it would provide a fallback like other gold gen items if you're on the defense)). It could then be combined with a kindlegem for a cdr Ruby Sightstone (still actively places wards itself allowing for ward placement and clearing from the trinket plus rewards on vision control) version or combined with one of the other support items for an eye variant to double down on their gold generation. There's a lot of ways to take this, but making the vision game both more rewarding for the support and less of a guaranteed expenditure delaying them getting the fun stuff would help a lot. As it stands you either enjoy the vision game anyway or you force yourself to play it to be competitive or you ignore it at a detriment to your team. Making it less of a gol sink means even if you don't specifically enjoy that aspect you at least don't feel bad for keeping up with it, since it's not setting your fun stuff nearly a thousand gold back on your already tight budget.
: Odd Placements in Flex
Yep. G5 last season, played mostly against plats and diamonds in placements, won 6/4, placed... Silver 5? What? Is just our mmr gonna change and we still have to climb at an accelerated rate or will we be re-seeded or what?
: what about "juggernaught" says he has to have a larger amount of sustain? sure the others have sustain but what is the bigger commonality in all of them? more damage and **ALOT-O-HEALTH**. ps did i say a damn thing about flat tank?
As it stands you are not rewarded for building health except for making your walkers and maiden marginally more durable. They all die rapidly regardless, however. I wouldn't be surprised if the most optimum Yorick builds quickly resolve into only getting health incidentally while getting something else as your sustain is actually vastly superior when stacking resistances and ignoring health.
: Death's Dance does not heals you for damage dealt by summoned pets, but Hextech Gunblade does.
It heals for a portion of all physical damage that is dealt that would count for an assist. As of 6.1 it was specifically bugfixed to accommodate pets. > V6.1: >Combine cost increased to 625 Gold from 525 Gold. Total cost increased to 3500 Gold from 3400 Gold. Attack damage increased to 75 from 65. Healing increased to 15% from 12%. Damage conversion increased to 15% from 12%.~ _**Now also heals for physical damage done by pets.**_
: > [{quoted}](name=SturmPioniere,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ATt9zHMu,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-09-09T02:07:14.049+0000) > > You might notice the enemy team had a 21/1 Lux, and most of our team had ~7 deaths, _and_ we had a Warwick support _AND_ I did more damage than the Ashe. _Perhaps,_ and bear with me, because this is going to sound crazy, _perhaps_ that match was not my fault and not only that it's irrelevant. I'm not asking for buffs. I'm asking for changes. > > Yorick should get less free damage and more sustain. Even still, it is generally very frowned upon to take brand new champs, or freshly reworked champs into ranked because most likely you are not as familiar with them as you really should be in ranked gameplay, as well as the fact that your teammates are not familiar with playing with said champion on their team. Also, there are nearly always balance issues with brand new/reworked champions immediately after release. In most cases they are actually over-tuned. This in combination with your enemy not knowing how to play against them actually makes your apparent sucess very misleading.
Generally frowned upon or not, that was a match that should have been and rightfully was, a loss for a variety of factors. It isn't part of the discussion though; the issue isn't with performance. It's that Yorick lost a significant facet of what made him Yorick, and it runs counter to the other established change _and_ it's antithetical to the class he was reworked into-- _Juggernaught._ Missing health or max health scaling is standard on every reworked Juggernaughts (*Mordekaiser and Skarner have max health scaling shields in place of life sustain). Meanwhile Yorick has a single flat health heal that is relatively weak at every single stage of the game. That's a complete 180 from not only old Yorick but his entire class.
: ok we know the old yorick had sustain but that does not mean new yorick has to be cut from the same cloth. why not just suck it up and be the tank?
Building flat tank means you don't do damage, which makes your new job of splitpushing difficult as you can't take towers and you can't fend off enemy champions coming to stop you. It also completely mitigates the very small healing he already gets-- 182 health at below 50% is alright when you have ~3000 health. It's completely pointless when you have 5,000. This issue is resolve in the other juggernaughts by rewarding building health with missing-health scaling heals-- why does Yorick have a flat heal on a single target spell with a ~4s cd that recovers less health then a single ADC's crit at virtually every stage in the game? What about that says "Juggernaught" to you?
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