: Is Riot doing their job punishing feeders, griefers, and intentional afkers?
No they don't punish feeders, griefers, or what ever. Even if they do, that person has received so many reports that the system says fuck it and bans them or they show up the front page of reddit and Riot decides to take action. The huge problem with making an automated system that can tell if someone is throwing games or just running it down, is that people will just report people who actually had a bad game. Also Riot can't just get a group of people to check these matches of people getting reported because false reports once again will just waste time. I honestly think Riot should implement an overwatch system, like CSGO, in which high level honor players can review peoples games such as chat logs VODs etc. If that person gets enough reports from the people on the overwatch, then they will automatically get reviewed by a Riot games employee and they can decide what can happen next. But till then it's probably best for you to just report that person and wait 5 minutes after that match to queue up. And if you see anyone do something that's off meta or looks weird in terms of roles, look that player up and dodge if you know they're going to troll. I had to dodge one game which some guy locked in Kayn support with 40 games and 20% win rate and he kept going at it.
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Skorch (NA)
: Is league actually dying *eternals*
I personally believe that Riot is just adding all these cash grab content is for the 1% or the rich people who buy stuff on league. Why put all the resources into, let's say, 5 750 rp or below skins when you know only a small amount of the player base will buy when you can make a 1350 skin on a popular champion that riot knows will sell for sure? They don't care anymore about quality, sure the shit they release are sometimes really nice, but in general they just pump out what's popular and whatever makes money the quickest way. It's pretty sad seeing Riot doing this shit since everyone knows that league is going to go down the drain soon if this keeps up and the players start getting fed up and leave before it's too late. Till then I honestly hope some new management or something happens and they start caring about their game.
: I love how inters dont ever get banned
It's not that the report system is trash, it's just that they don't have a clear effective automated way to punish inters. Some people just have bad games sometimes and of course some people are going to report that person even though he/she was just having a bad game. They could correlate the chat logs with the game they fed in, but then that could get avoided by that person not saying a single word that match. Also riot won't implement a team of people to deal with this to because "small indie company" and doesn't want to deal with it. It is a problem I agree, but it's going to take some time to deal with sadly because riot doesn't care about this issue even though it only takes one person to ruin games.
: I Want a New Skin for Zoe
She's not going to get a skin for a while, she does not have the playerbase she used to have when she first released and because she received so many nerfs, a lot of people just stopped playing her. It's not that they have no skin ideas or anything like that for her, it's just that why put the resources on to making a skin for her when it's not going to sell that well?
Zac x Me (NA)
: Are japanese players even playing on the JP servers?
Form what I remember the Japanese servers had a shitty launch, a lot of the asian regions just flooded the servers and began to stomp on the original japanese players.
: Getting autofilled ADC feels actually horrible.
I never really got these threads, why don't people just take the time to learn the roles they often get autofilled for? I'm not saying that you should completely change your mains just for adc, but at least try to learn adc even though you don't really have a desire to play it. Would it really hurt to pick up ezeral or someone who's easy and safe and learn a little bit on how to position yourself and such? You could probably learn a thing or two when you practice on it and you're not hurting anyone if you just go to normals or just watch a video or something about the role. You just have to get to know it til you feel like you're confident in it so if you ever get autofilled and no one wants to take the role and you don't have anymore dodges, you some what have some experience and can pull your self up. A majority of people feel the same about certain roles but if worse comes to worse it's just best to do it yourself and fix it.
: Is it normal for a gold players to play against a challenger/grandmaster in normals?
I mean I guess, normals have different MMR than in rank. Let's give an example, let's say this challenger player only played rank only till level 30 and just played rank for the rest of a couple of seasons, if this person were to play normals now they probably would be match with the MMR they had when they last played. That's what I know there's probably something that changed
: Who is the easiest jungle champion to carry with?
Hec, warrior+conquerer+triforce you're basically unkillable especially when fed.
: Actually impossile to climb in flex.
Flex is just season 6 rank, don't play it. You're going to get match with people who are just going to have one guy in the team who's smurfing and boosting their friends. They only added it since they still want people to be able to play with friends in a competitive game mode. Just play solo/duo rank like everyone else
: It's very rare that i leave my games but sometimes it extremely justified.
Honestly this is why I hate the "never give up" motto. Yes I do believe that some games you can come back and you can win, but when a game is 0-20 and the enemy has 2 inhibs 15 minutes in and have multiple turrets and dragons, I don't want to play and I don't want to deal with that one guy who is saying "we scale better wait till late game" when the enemy is just going to steam roll us for the next 5 minutes or so till they end. I just hate that people don't see that the game is no way winnable and they just refuse to surrender. I'm all out for a match which is 0-10 but your team has more objectives and such, but I'm not going to waste my time on obivous stomps.
: Account banned for third party software
Don't worry about it man because my account got hacked a while back and support got my account back in less than 5 minutes. They can tell where the account was login at and they would ask you questions to confirm it is you and such.
: Why can't i get out of bronze?
Looking at your games you do decent or you just do awful on Kayn. And your build path is bad too, seriously go warrior first as your first item best item you can buy. Also you don't need dark harvest, conquerer is just better in terms of dueling. Also another problem I see is the fact you play Kayn, I don't think she's a shitty jungler and he's awful to play, I'm just saying hard carrying on a champion like him is going to be really hard. Yeah sure you can get fed and probably win the game, but if the enemy team knows what they're doing and how to counter you, then you're kind of fucked. If you really want to get out of bronze, pick who's broken now, Hec reksai j4 etc. Also do not rely on your team, at all. Only thing you need them for is for pushing or objective taking. Don't rely on them to show up if you invade or you get caught, because they're not going to show up most of the time.
: > [{quoted}](name=SuchSwagSuchweed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n79eGzga,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-21T06:09:33.818+0000) > > It's summer what do you expect? Every kid is out of school and will stay up. That's why I usually will play mornings because what kid plays league at 7 am? Because age is such a determining factor in how well someone performs at a videogame. Ever had your ass handed to you by a seven-year-old smurf? I have. Age is just a number in LoL.
> [{quoted}](name=Chocolate Frost,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n79eGzga,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-06-21T09:57:35.246+0000) > > Because age is such a determining factor in how well someone performs at a videogame. > > Ever had your ass handed to you by a seven-year-old smurf? I have. Age is just a number in LoL. Oh I know that not all kids are bad, some are really good and chill from what I met online over the years. I'm just talking about the kids who are hard stuck bronze or something that are the ones you need to watch for. I know age doesn't mean anything in league but when it's summer and everyone is out of school to play, especially the insanely toxic ones, it becomes miserable.
: Game Quality is way worse in the evening and night time hours.
It's summer what do you expect? Every kid is out of school and will stay up. That's why I usually will play mornings because what kid plays league at 7 am?
: Toxic People play together
I don't know if league will match you with more toxic people if you're toxic your self, but if you're getting toxic duos messing up your games, just /mute all and just only type when they have no summoners or whatever. Just focus on carrying and not anyone else, you really can't rely on anyone in solo queue till you go up the ranks till you actually find people who know what to do.
: Noob here trying to learn jungle pathing early
Jungle pathing is pretty easy. I always tend to start red on whatever jungler because the HP Regen and that nice true damage helps a lot. If you want to practice pathing, I recommend Eve and Hec. Both have amazing clearing times and can survive pretty well in the jungle because of hunters tailsman. Start red, raptors (clear small ones first and spam abilities to clear as fast as possible), krugs then you can either pull a gank off to your lanes if they're pushed or you can go straight to blue and do scuttle. Also watch jungle YouTube videos, jungle is always changing and people always find the best pathing for each change.
Xilixer (NA)
: how to deal with smurfs?
Dealing with Smurfs may be hard but it isn't impossible. League has changed a lot during the years and carrying games are harder than it was back then, so even if the smurf goes 10-0 if your other lanes are doing really well, you still have a good chance at winning. Look up iron to challenger videos or something similar, these good players still lose some games in low elo. The only real good piece of advice I can give you is to play as safe as possible, literally just sit back at tower and farm, don't attempt to trade or 1v1. Try to not give the smurf an advantage that he use as a lead. But yeah I don't like smurfs as much as the next guy, but you can take this opportunity to improve yourself like I did and learn what makes someone higher rank play different from someone lower rank.
: Do you really have to play a hypercarry to get out of bronze?
No, I don't know why people think that you have to play hyper carry champions/flashy play champions to rank up. Look up league tier list and pick who's best this patch. That's how I went from iron to gold this season with ease
: can i carry with ezreal in low elo?
Any champion can carry low elo, but I recommend playing what's meta. Meta champions are picked because they're usually the strongest. Look up who's best to pick right now and abuse them till the next patch and someone else becomes good. I played a Shit ton of reksai and went to bronze 3 to silver 3 in like 2 days.
: How long have you been playing and why do you keep playing?
I've started playing around the end of season 3 with my cousin. We've been playing ever since then, League was the best game we ever played. We had so much fun playing the game. Even though we had chat restriction most of the time because we're too toxic, we had fun. I don't play league any more because everyone I know quit the game or just move on with life. I met so many cool people on here, every day after school ended I would rush home t login and play with people I met. When ever I see my friends list it makes me so sad to see everyone I know just go offline one day and not say a word about it. It's like they just vanished tbh. I don't see any point in playing league any more if everyone I know moved on or just quit playing.
AhmCha (NA)
: What other kinds of games genres are you into?
MMORPGS, survival games, and open world
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: Any Rioter wanna get my 1000th aram win with me ?
If I where you I would wait a couple of hours then make a post saying you want a Rioter to play with you. It's early in NA so I doubt they will be able to see this message
: Loss of LP due to afk duo remake
Yes, if you're duo, trio, or any thing above that leaves the game, you will lose lp because of it
You want to know a really good tip on how to counter him? You learn to play him and you master him. Why? Because Yasuo is a champion that requires to outplay some one to kill some one. If you're able to predict on what's he is going to do, then you should be fine to play against him.
: Name some champion(s?) that you never want to ever see in a game but you don't ever ban.
{{champion:51}} Jesus christ I hate playing against a good caitlyn. She can literally make bot lane a nightmare if they know how to play her well, and she can make botlane so behind because of her poking/traps forcing them to either take 1/5 of their health for 20 gold. {{champion:37}} I hate Sona so damn much. It's not the champion that's the problem, it's the people who play her. I'm in silver 4 and half the time it will be a good Sona that can poke, sustain, and pull off 3-5 man stuns or it's just a garbage Sona player who does no damage during laning phase, heals aren't even noticeable, and they just waste ult on 1 person in a team fight or just completely miss it.
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: Less and less ppl playing league
I feel like it is going down. Takes like 3 minutes to find a normal game during the day, almost everyone I've met on league quit.
: Elise- better mid or top than in the jungle. After she was nerfed to the ground.
Better in top lane. Her q, does % magic damage which is really good against tanks. Just get magic pen and she should shred through tanks
: Are all the "league is dying" or "Why we hate league" videos on youtube a meme I'm late on?
No it's just them quiting because the game isn't really that enjoyable now.
: Any tips for a new-ish Wukong from mains? (current rank Silver IV)
Don't take thunderlords, you don't need the burst as a jungle champion. Take strength of ages and don't take mobility boots on him, it's garbage unleast you plan on roaming a lot. Also what do you max first on wukong? If you're maxing q, just don't it's so bad for jungle clearing
: Next cinematic release?
There's one going to be made, it's going to have Rengar and Kha'zix. I'll try to find the reddit post about it
WrÆth (NA)
: How do you win laning phase as Rumble vs Yasuo?
Let him push up to your tower and just farm safely, you can't out trade him til you get your core items. Also get your jungler to camp you. When it comes to ganking Yasuo, he can't really do anything unleast he has some one to dash too behind him or flash
: Account permanently suspended, I have no idea why
: Banned for 14 days (suspention)
you're fault for letting him use your account.
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WrÆth (NA)
: A question about the assassin rework
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Tnfw1WW6-next-class-update-the-assassins here's the list. Also here's the champions being changed Akali Ekko Evelynn Fizz Kassadin Katarina Kha'Zix LeBlanc Rengar Shaco Talon Zed
Glîtchy (NA)
: Why does Rengar's roar burst without AP items?
It was either they we're maxing it as a 2nd ability or the roar procing thunderlords, which hurts a lot
: [Gameplay] Azir Ult Removing a Champion from the Game Temporarily
This has been going on for a while they're going to probably fix it next patch or so
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: Stuck in Bronze
Make a new account, don't buy xp boost, and level it up. This will make you go against smurfs (Bronze,Silver,Gold,etc etc) You're basically going to be facing players more better than you since you do get matched with smurfs after a while.
Woook3r (NA)
: Yasuo isnt that good at roaming. Dont try it.
He's good, if you know how to dash between each jungle camp
: Nope cause i don't think it is a legit glitch. 1/10 troll kappa
> [{quoted}](name=Big Bad Doge,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=F6vsHpeF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-25T04:41:00.750+0000) > > Nope cause i don't think it is a legit glitch. 1/10 troll kappa Actually it is an actual bug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSnerfrK9qQ
Nekolie (NA)
: Can I just mention how much I hate Rengar?
That's Rengars job tho, to 1 shot ad carries. Since Rengars e can't be casted in mid air, {{item:3102}} will stop his q from landing on you and there goes all his burst.
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