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: unfair
Yet i got a glorious champion capsule
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: I've seen some instances where someone did announce they were going to first-time a Champion in the pre-game lobby, and as soon as it was said, someone dodged. (albeit it was fairly rare, and it hasn't happened for quite a long time, so, there's that). Besides that outlying risk, there's a number of factors to consider about whether or not someone does announce they're first-timing: - Are they mechanically good at the game? - Do they frequently play Champions of a similar Class/Playstyle? - Is the Champion mechanically intensive/difficult? - Is it actually their first time playing the Champion? - Do they want their teammates to know they're first-timing? These are just a few that pop into my mind, but even then, this is just abstract math that probably doesn't go through anyone's mind - let alone those who actually are first-timing a given Champion. I imagine, the only thing going through someone's mind when they first-time is something along the lines of "this Champion looks cool, let's try them out" - and they say nothing about it to anyone. And that first half can be changed out for other stuff - "maybe I should branch out into Jungle with this Champ," "Oh hey, I just got a skin for this Champ", "I just got this Champ" - etc. In the end, it really shouldn't matter if someone's first-timing a given Champion. Some may use it as an excuse, others may joke, and some will be sincere, and some may not even bother to tell you - but in the end, whether or not they're first-timing shouldn't really have an impact on how you play*. *With some exceptions, of course - if they're first-timing an ADC and you happen to be their Support, a little flexibility goes a long way.
Whenever someone tells us that theyre first timing in the lobby, most of the time not allot of people dodged immediately. Although i have been blamed for performing poorly when i said a million times ingame or in the lobby that i was first timing. I just cant tell if theyre ignorant and ignore what i said or are blaming me for first timing.
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: Stop bringing healthy ADCs up, start knocking OP ones down
Please dont tell me that Jinx buff is gonna change her abilities.
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: I asked this 2 years ago, when I've just started playing League...
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Why duo top is hated so much?
If you still do this, just think about how many people you've pissed off.
: If it's kahoot, you can't be an idiot
ZenGamr7 (NA)
These kinds of messages were sent to me a few times.
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Death Rex (EUW)
: i kno de wae
Some idiot in class actually used that as his name in Kahoot.
: This is your chance, Riot! Show us that you actually care!
Dukues (NA)
: Can people please stop complaining about kill stealing
I had a supp complaining about me kill stealing when he had more kills than me in lane phase Dx.
: Almost a month old post... Still, they traded old flaws for new flaws. Not sure why that's important.
Yeah but i feel like its just more noticeable in the old one.
: The old art put a lot of focus on the bow, which would make even more sense now that he is a Darkin. Just feels odd to have the splash art focus on his new body more than the bow now.
Tbh the old one had serious flaws in the anatomy.
: "In queue" ambiance continues playing for the ENTIRE GAME
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: What's your top 3 hated abilities?
Tristana E: Annoying bomb. Taric E: Annoying thingy that stuns you and he can follow you as he casts it. Twitch Q: He hides and you don't know where he is.
: Theres one thing i hate the most
I thought it was gonna say something about Teemo
Vad Nova (NA)
: Game has gone downhill hard (rant warning)
Adc items ain't that cheap tbh... taking forever to build Infinity Edge during early game.
: So wait, you are mad because a group played a roaming hunt style instead of lanes and farm?
Yep, what can i do i havent been here for long and i have seen toxic games before, but not in a way like this. EVER.
Jo0o (NA)
: Seems like a terrible strategy. They'd need to earn a MASSIVE kill lead to make up for lack of xp and gold from efficient lane farming. Your own jungler would have had two jungles to farm from, too. Edit: And you won the game, too. So what's the problem?
THe problem is that i was mostly annoyed, lol. Plus for the most part i didn't expect us to win.
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: Stuck after Victory/Defeat Screen
It just happened ti me out of nowhere where the defeat thingy doesn't even appear.
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Almighty (EUNE)
: PSA: Do not tell people what champion to pick!
I was matched with one of these people demanding a person to pick Jinx instead of Jhin.
: Vote To Dodge- Suggestion
I would rather much have it a certain person gets kicked out of the lobby and replaced with a new one that was queuing.
: BuT THey'Re bUILdInG sWoRDs!
But they're also building rapid firecannon.
: this. is. a. thead. from. **TWO** YEARS. AGO. lmao what are you doing [edit] p.s. namedropping and shaming is against the rules here. you should really remove that from your comment. p.p.s. if you're playing support and your adc wasn't afk for the first several minutes you *shouldn't* have more cs than your adc. and if I was adc and you were actively trying to kill minions while I was trying to farm or freeze lane, i'd be pretty pissed at you too.
Yeah but they like, completely overreacted, and it was only about 10 cs.
Bay B (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Summonah12369,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AuUW1jXU,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-01-02T16:53:59.833+0000) > > I was just in a game with an op/fed Aatrox though. This post is from 11 months ago, how tf did you find this?
: Intentionally banning your teammate's champion when you're First pick and in Promos
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Bay B (NA)
: Aatrox: My thoughts on what makes him a weak champion
I was just in a game with an op/fed Aatrox though.
ZenKe (NA)
: Yasuo Rework incoming.
Has the rework already been made?
: How I felt getting that perfect Jinx base ult...
Good for you, I'm a Jinx main and that is HOW you use Jinx's ult. I've seen too many idiots use it in the totally wrong way (firing it at full hp enemies).
: 15 Likes And I Will Write a Several Page Long Analysis on Why I Hate Singed.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Stolen Meme
Yep cus the only way ur gonna build is by dying.
: Who's the best preseason adc right now?


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