CLG ear (NA)
: The Dawn has Arrived
Wow, cool fan art summoner! Thanks for sharing!
: Phreak's voice is making it hard for me to tilt when my aillies dies
Greetings Summoner, If you're unhappy with the custom announcer, you can simply click 'disable custom announcer' in the audio tab of your settings! Thanks, and good luck on the fields of justice!
: Transformer Movies are SHIT
Once I was viewing the 3rd installment of the series, and drifted off to sleep in the theatre only to be woken by the sound of explosions
: Good ziggs main names?
: Can we give Kei'Sa some actual pants please?
I agree she'd look good in some levi's
: So I needed to go to the bathroom, and the toilet seat was warm...
Shorty (NA)
: Zoe may have been cancer but she's overnerfed now.
: what in the world killed me?
Ye ßoi (NA)
: How can I enjoy this game?
: Inb4 Kai'Sa is Scarlett Johansson
all the females in league are also scarlett johansson when u get rite down to it
Amachy (NA)
: Le Crushing Les Other People's Le Children Le Dream Out Of Boredom Like
: The ranking system is horrible
: What's the Main factor in Victories?
DairyLad (NA)
: Is league the worst game ever created?
AssauIto (NA)
: Ranked is ALL about the matchmaker. (seriously)
NotSid (NA)
: Steamed Hams but every line is posted by a different boards user
: Ghosts of the internet, I want to hear from you
I got a job but I barely talk to anybody and everyone think I am weirdo :/
Proxy345 (NA)
: EMERGENCY!! A new videogame tax might be coming soon!
: If you're autofilled support
blame riot for autofilling not what the victims of autofill do in their desperation
: Do when is damage being scaled down
by season 10, every ability will oneshot you
: i hate EVERYTHING right now
Don't worry, just purchases some chests and keys so you can unlock your FREE skins
: Thought Poll: Dinner or Supper?
you can say "time for din din" but if you say "time for sup sup" it doesn't really work so keep that in mind
: Unpopular opinion time: Dragon Master Swain is a forced meme skin.
i think its more that it was an idea meant for old swain and doesnt fit as well with reworked swain
: Riot we expect this game mode now!
give me the REAL sion back :'(
: Ideas for Leblanc Revert/Rework?
Make her about actual "trickery" and not just hypermobile champion deletion
: Mastery rank 7 with Eve is called... deathmaster
: I Miss League Of Legends.
I would no joke probably play an "old school" version of league like season 2-4
: Where will I be placed?
Bronze 3 is the best I can give ya
HomDon (NA)
: KaiSa can have a helmet toggle but Swain can't have haircut toggle?
Diana should have a helmet toggle as well rly dont wanna be accused of being a waifu-er
Barkley (NA)
: If you own a cat, get in here.
does that mean you're NOT supposed to eat the mice they bring you? damn...
: How an intentional feeder made me have the funniest game in a while
: Is it harder to gain honor in season 8?
yea but you get stuff for levelling up
: the future is now, gd
get cnn on the phone i think we got something here
: i feel like "blame the jungler" is less a meme and more the truth lately
: What Made You Stop Playing a Game You Loved?
Pikammo (NA)
: Does Elo Hell still exist?
: It's not fun.
yeah this game isnt fun
I agree remove mountain and cloud too
: League Trivia-Round 1!
: Most team dependent support in the game
: If anyone likes Game Theory and wants one of their hoodies...
: Which ADC you guys think is the healthiest for league?
all of them could be if we stopped listening to adc mains whine and nerfed the role
CLG ear (NA)
: if an anime character is watching anime on their TV, is it still anime or live action?
: About to start playing league the first time this season, What to expect?
Pinkaj (NA)
: Why aren't banned accounts just deleted?
This account is banned nuff said my man
CommetHD (NA)
: Do I even deserved to be banned for 14 days?
I mean kinda but I seen streamers do worse without bans so its w/e
: The Special Relationship we have with Riot
Yeah see the problem with the customer is always right thing is the customer is wrong like 99 percent of the time so I mean maybe you shouldn't balance the game based on whichever role complains the most
Rioter Comments
: What if EVERY item was added back to League?
all y'all meta slaves want force of nature, deathfire grasp im here like, gimme back ionic spark
: "Mad"
That's my secret, 0/12 fiddle support, *I'm always angry*
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