: Fun Fact: Vayne Is the only champion in LoL with no AoE abilities whatsoever
How often do you see {{champion:223}} use his W spit to win groupfights.
Terozu (NA)
: You get raw stats from exceeding the CDR cap, this would make it so you get more raw stats but arent able to use spells as often making it a more niche and unique rune than simply, "get free cdr when you don't really need it."
Raw cdr is a lot better than the 50-60 ap you can get from it.
Terozu (NA)
: I think Transcendence should lower the CDR cap.
What would be the point in getting it....you can already hit the cdr cap before lvl 10 without it so there is no point in gimping yourself over it.
Rioter Comments
: honestly one of the biggest problems I see is that people are Q maxing then trying to damage. They don't get they are supposed to be enchanters and should be E then W max then building a Grail with a mikhail and ardent(does the percentage on w increase with level? If so then that should be second). So that they buff their healing,buff their allies damage, and buff their allies attack speed. sole purpose should be building Alot of AP and healing while grabbing items that can break your attached person out of CC. You aren't brand,zyra, or sona. Stop trying to be a mage support people. Heck, I havent seen anyone abuse guardian keystone yet.
Her q poke is the only thing she can do to discourage an engage / all ins due to the fact that she can slowly take down the enemy hp before combat starts, most of her early game healing / shielding comes over time/through small trades so she is weak to all ins. People who go full ap on her arnt trying to play as an other ap support would, they arnt trying to turn it into a kill lane they are trying to turn it into a poke/farm lane.
: What if Yuumi...
She is a high skill champ but as of right now the only main thing anyone who plays her needs to work on is talking their team out of inting, because every game i pick yuumi its constant flame,toxicity,being called useless. Teammates will run it down early game even though her power comes from short trades and sustaining the lane with her passive + e and poking with q to lower the enemy hp enough to discourage engages.
Dreamesa (NA)
: Yuumi Doesn't Need Boots
You shouldn't be downvoted because your title is correct, she doesn't NEED boots but they arnt useless on her, sometimes you have a bad team that literally runs it down so you need to hop off of them and run away rather than procing your passive. That and going sorcerer shoes just for the magic pen is pretty selfish since that doesn't help with her healing/shielding. Even if {{item:3916}} costs more, yuumi doesn't have a hard time applying grevious wounds to the entire enemy team with {{item:3165}}
: Yuumi is really fun
How to play with her* I keep getting adcs who run away when im trying to poke the enemy with my q or simply dive the enemy thresh + vayne just because we were winning trades due to my passive shield + e.... People need to realize that having a yuumi slightly leans the dynamic of a kill lane into more of a poke/farm lane.
: Yuumi damage buff?
Would be appreciated but she isn't the only support that is useless by themselves. She may be the most useless by far by herself but that balances the fact that she can just build full ap and be untargetable throughout a groupfight, she has ALOT of power allocated to her ability to safely heal teammates and damage enemies. (not to mention her insane poke potential with 1k damage qs late game) The only real issue with yuumi is that she is a true support who can only perform as well as her teammates, she is at the mercy of their skill level.
Nyandere (NA)
: Please disable Yuumi in ranked until she gets massive buffs
Shes not bad in ranked the only problem is when your adc just decides to all in despite her early game being all about poking and out trading. She can turn a kill lane into a farm lane and her scaling is insane considering she gets to share tons of ap/ad with teammates.
: Buff kog maw pls
I mean, I guess he wouldn't be as bad with the 5.0 attack speed gap with rageblade nerfed but... I think the point of removing that was because it was a win more / lose harder thing, kog cant kite and utilize 5 autos per second.
: Yuumi - what people got wrong and tips
I don't think shield bash helps if you put it on your adc/anyone else except you….it would only give you the armor + mr bonus + extra damage if you were to auto the enemy AGAIN which is risky.
: Resistances don't have diminishing returns.
YES THEY DO 100 armor is half damage (50% damage reduction) the next 100 armor (200 total which is TWICE AS MUCH AS 100) should halve damage again (75%), instead it only reduces it by 25% (63.5)
: @Riot: Can we get some reasonable answer on why Warwick's bug list is still not fixed?
: Tips for playing Rek'sai?
q is an auto reset. {{item:3748}} is decent(use active for double auto reset), especially when paired with {{item:3071}} (2 aoe procs of black cleaver per auto) e Is mostly an execute, much better / more reliable than r. R is mostly for avoiding important abilities / gap closing after they dash away, can also buy you time against {{champion:23}} R {{item:3053}} to become thanos. {{item:3812}} is good if you are desperate for doing more damage, otherwise build tanky.
Ekuro (NA)
: Skilled Champs vs. Braindead Champs
Play those champions for a few games then -.-
: Lets not forget LDR reduces armor by 35% so that would put that back at 50% physical reduction.
No.... ldr reduces ignores 35% of ARMOR not 35% damage of physical damage reduction If you were to have 300 armor, it would take away just over 100 armor. Bringing damage reduction down to around less than 75%. Meaning the person who bought ldr does twice as much damage to you (they do 25+% damage instead of 13.5%)
The E77 (EUW)
: yes because lets have someone build 300 armor and be completly immune to physical damage, sounds like a great idea. armor and mr get less effective the more and more you buy of it, so that you cant just build 2 - 3 armor items and be immune to physical damage
Are you being silly or something? 300 armor wouldn't make you immune to physical damage with that.... 100 50% 200 75% 300 = around 85%...
CLG ear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ho2spmW7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-18T19:00:09.856+0000) > > It depends if her void abilities count as "magical" > > If they didnt then she would probably be sent to help fight demacia, just like katarina who isnt "magical" and just attacks with skilled use of knives. > > > (Demacians are magic haters and use petricite alot) why would it matter to Noxus if her void abilities were magic or not
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ho2spmW7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-18T21:53:08.991+0000) > > why would it matter to Noxus if her void abilities were magic or not I already explained it, noxians are an enemy of demacia. Demacians heavily use petricite which has magic absorbing properties, noxians are slightly limited in the kinds of troops they can deploy to fight demacian armies. If she isn't a magic user then they would probably like for her to try fighting demacians, if she is then they would probably have her help invade ionia or just let her do whatever she wants.
: Nope, besides you have games where your absolutely crushed in lane by a yuumi adc combo and if that doesn't show you she just has a different learning curve i don't know what will.
> [{quoted}](name=Karn Bishop,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XBhgJ6qY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-18T20:25:20.967+0000) > > Nope, besides you have games where your absolutely crushed in lane by a yuumi adc combo and if that doesn't show you she just has a different learning curve i don't know what will. Most of the learning curve is to the player that has the yuumi as their support...its literally the same dilemma of smite singed support where the adc has to adapt to a 1v2 situation and the singed player ended up getting banned for it. (which was later reviewed and lifted) That and yuumi is increadibly useless by herself when your adc keeps running it down for no reason.
: So Gragas just killed me, and the Death recap showed something... Interesting
was that gragas` username sometimes when a rune effect of somesort damages you, it says the summoner name of the player using the runes.
: Yuumi proves how utterly clueless this forum is.
^^^^ I keep saying she is good with champions who have amazing scaling but are forced to build atleast slightly tanky or have trouble sticking to enemies. Imagine a full ap yuumi giving a riven 100 + ad late game.
CLG ear (NA)
: If Kai'Sa went to Noxus do you think they would let her join their ciy?
It depends if her void abilities count as "magical" If they didnt then she would probably be sent to help fight demacia, just like katarina who isnt "magical" and just attacks with skilled use of knives. (Demacians are magic haters and use petricite alot)
: Yuumi canchange the course of a teamfight no more than an ant can stop a tsunamy. Her abilitilies are extremely weak in teamfights. Without her ult, a teamfight is like a 4v5. She is not underrated. she is ok in laning and bad in teamfights and brings little CC.
I think she mostly exists to buff play making champions that have good damage scaling but are forced to build tanky. Imagine a full ap yuumi buffing a riven with her w.
: I think yuumi is being severely underestimated.
I had a yuumi help me hardcarry as tahm kench jungle and the entire enemy team complained about both our champions, so id say she has her strong moments. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3045094252/228501044?tab=stats Still lost though because our adc kept running from me whenever I tried to save them from kayn (I spam pinged them I was on my way and even flashed once), must have been why yuumi left botlane to support me.
: Yo if i jump *over* a cait trap, how tf did i trigger it?
: That's not entirely true. Every 1 armor or magic resist increases your effective health by 1% against that type of damage. The argument to be made is that at some point it is more valuable to invest in health rather than additional armor, and that the more armor you have the more value is gained from the Last Whisper and the Black Cleaver, while more health gives BoTRK a stronger on-hit effect.
> [{quoted}](name=AHarmlessTaco,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MTQZ0a6k,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-05-18T15:59:25.589+0000) > > and that the more armor you have the more value is gained from the Black Cleaver Too bad assassins are able to buy black cleaver against a team full of squishies and get away with it because of how lethality works.
: Or armor scaling needs a buff. The % reduction got heavily nerfed so tank's couldn't perma soak damage with the bonus armor pen when it existed. Now that total exists, there should be no reason why armor cant scale that well later on.
Exactly, armor scaling isn't even linear and favors squishy champions. 100 armor is 50% resistance...okay...200 is 63% rather than 75%....hmm....
: And you are 10 iq. Tanks don't die because of black cleaver BUT mostly because of the true damage and mobility there is in the game. What can a malphite do vs a Vayne? Nothing What can a sion do vs irelia? Nothing etc
Actually malphite is very good against vayne due to his e + {{item:3110}} and {{item:3082}}. Just don't e while she is knocked up or you are wasting the cc duration. He just cant build full tank, instead stick to frozen heart and a cold steel upgrade like thornmail, then he has to build mr and damage/magic pen But you are still right about most other tanks and how true damage in general is a plague to them.
: Yeah this guy is a known shitposter. No one likes facing Wukong, sorry bro.
Especially in ARurf where he is perma invisible and there is nothing you can do to try to counterpick against him.
: With her ratios, you’re better off building AD.
You need to go ap in order to utilize the w share the most, due to the way it interacts with {{item:3089}} which might be the only potentially strong item that works with her kit. Ad means you need to actually put yourself at risk in order to auto the enemy multiple times, and she is REALLY squishy.
Rikirie (NA)
: Let's look at the abilities enchanters have when you remove the Poke + heal/shield abilities they all share, specifically the remaining basic ability. {{champion:432}} Tunnel that creates escape/engage routes {{champion:16}} silence/root for zoning {{champion:497}} dash+knockup combo for (dis)engage {{champion:37}} movement speed increase, aa modifier that creates a slow {{champion:350}} %Adaptive damage Having written to this point I forgot my original idea....but it suddenly clicked that her niche is that she can grant extra ad to champions that would rush ATK speed. So characters that kinda do there own thing anyway like {{champion:202}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:145}}? I'm losing my point more and more but I don't want to delete this message.... enjoy this incoherent thought bubble {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
She could be good with certain champions that NEED to build a bit tanky to function but have decent ratios on their abilities to where they could have gone full damage and 1v5 Say...for example... you give rhaast tons of ad....with your w passive...or...god forbid it...riven.
: Yuumi is an Item, not a champion
Some people want to delete my new favorite item.
: Aatrox is in the most balanced state he has ever been.
Hes a less toxic version of riven basically, hes not perfect but he is something that is so far beyond riven in terms of fair balancing that riven might even aspire to be as great as he currently is one day.
: This is exactly why they nerfed it twice. Because people were taking it for the defensive utility, and stalling out matches is **not cool** in Riot's opinion. Flashy micro game plays excite the audience. Smart macro and outplaying the enemy strategically? Only the small, high ELO portion of the audience. If you want to increase LCS viewership, you cater to the lowest common denominator. **Fuck this line of thinking.** Teleport is your way to outplay getting camped and pushed out of the game by early jungle presence. Teleport is your way to keep the idiot ADC from getting caught out the second you back for an item. Teleport is your way to pressure the lane harder after a successful double kill where you have to go back for fear of a cleanup gank. Teleport increases the strategic depth of the game. Fuck anyone who thinks that's a bad thing.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Hes not unhappy at you but he is clapping for you.
Bultz (NA)
: Can we gut Jhin already
Just tone down the ms buff scaling from aa speed items a tiny bit, its only a huge issue when someone knows how to build for it while still doing tons of damage. Or at the very least make it so {{item:3082}} and {{item:3110}} lower his total ad a bit more, it really feels like riot didn't think things through with the damage equation and how TOTAL attack speed decreases should affect it.
KentzVk (EUW)
: Rageblade nerf for adc
I honestly thought kogmaw was weak until I witnessed people literally running away from the kogmaw that I was locking down and instead focusing the full tank nunu who was only a fifth of a screen away. Nope... kogmaw has some weird voodoo passives in his kit that make him overpowered af.
: Should we get some sort of changes to black cleaver?
Also had an idea of simply making lethality calculate armor penetration as if it was ignoring the armor shred debuff. (So it would be as if the user had lord dom instead, and the % armor reduction would go last in the damage calculation with lethality) Or just making it so you cant buy it with lethality and must rely on teammates to use black cleaver for you. (its a team game...and this might push black cleaver into its intended role for front line tanky physical damage dealers)
Rioter Comments
: Riot, Riot please this needs to stop... it has gone too far! Creep blocking out of control!
Surreal answer is riot is a small indie company that has a lot of trouble patching certain bugs / mechanics. Straightforward answer is git gud...at having fun despite the bugs.
: Let's rework death recap.
They need death recap to show more than the top 3 damage sources from the top 3 enemies that damaged you... And for death recap to show sources from a longer period before you died....if im tanking for 8 seconds using {{item:3193}} and tahm e I don't wanna see what finished me off in the last 2 seconds after both of those actives / abilities go off and im only down to 20%.
: WHYY DID YOU BUFF YI, This game is awful when Yi is strong, he should NEVER be allowed strong.
Keep in mind they changed rageblade so now master yi does less true damage/passive proc shenanigans...now a lot of his damage has been shifted to his q when dueling. Armor and % damage reductions are going to be a lot more effective against him now. As for your instance against him as xerath, like others have said, you need to group to actually do much against yi, your team can sit under tower while you waveclear / poke the enemy team and there wont be much master yi can do because he sucks at sieging. If he ends up coming after you in a groupfight then make sure to use all your abilities on someone important...like yi...then activate {{item:3157}}
: I cannot get over the fact that Zac got reverted before Skarner
Did anyone ask for a skarner rework in the firstplace anyway? Ive seen a lot of people claiming it was out of the blue.
: Why is Rek'Sai allowed to move through Zyra's E?
Root isn't exactly a soft cc, arguably a medium one at least since it prevents dashes from being casted in the first place while also preventing all movement, reksai simply used her burrowed e which is a very slow looking dash. (but roots only take place before / after dashes, not during, just like stuns) Note that all dashes and "jumps" are the same, zyra can e can hit a tristana while she is high up mid-air (and root her) and she will still finish the jump just like reksai. So there is nothing special about reksai continuing to move, just like a tristana / jarvan / lee sin /
: I'ts interesting, but I think it'd be a bit too overly complicated of a mechanic to add in
Unfortunately there arnt a lot of simple mechanics you can make up in order to balance an already broken rune (broken as in its effectiveness is incredibly varied)
: Yuumi is going to be one of the worst modern champions at launch ever.
75% of the time a champion is overpowered on release / rework, give riot some courtesy that they didn't do that to yuumi, she gets to be one of the uncommon champions that atleast gets to breath for the first time without being called toxic. That and she is newly released, nobody is experienced with her... And most of all, there is probably synergy / strategies with that champion that have yet to be discovered.
Byte (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=tzvEZWrQ,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-14T04:59:43.801+0000) > > I said left... > > you keep talking about the one on the right... > > > Left was hit by both the tentacle AND illaoi ult, (says last hit 241, total hit 481) meaning there was more than one damage source. > > > > My shift key is fine, the problem is the reader who refuses to read and not the writer who is just about done with trolls. Here, I made a new video just for you: https://youtu.be/NzHEaTwxk6c If the first ult hit more than one person, 3 tentacles would have spawned. If you had doubts about the bug it's very easily testable. I will admit that I switched my left from my right when referring to the dummies in that comment, so I can see the confusion there. Downvote brigading isn't fair on a Bug Report thread when it has nothing to do with opinion. This is a bug and downvoting the the thread because you were incorrect doesn't help anyone.
You should post that as the main video then so there are nomore issues. I already knew about the illaoi e r bug, it was posted before. your target dummy made your example look incredibly skewed though. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/lgkkwAvO-gameplay-major-illaoi-ghost-spawns-2x-tentacles-with-ultimate I didn't downvote the (thread) "because I was incorrect" I downvoted your POSTS because of the "your shift key" maneuver.
: This is why I don't like facing Vayne
Shes one of those champions that has too many of what I call (ignore) mechanics...things that ignore what you have in your own kit and can screw you over based on what you are....and all of these (ignores) are towards a specific group of champions while being useless against another group of champions. Her tumble is a low enough cd to make her resistant against slows....its especially triggering to not even see her try to avoid my skillshot slow and instead just tumble while slowed.....but useless against point and clicks unless combined with R, and even then she can still be hit while in r just not likely to be targeted. Her E bullies immobile melees too hard while being relatively useless against most assassins/ranged damage dealers (Im just talking about the knockback) And her max health true damage is max health true damage...that's about it, yes she has to put herself at risk but if you/your team doesn't have the damage to kill her in a timely manner then you lose because she cheeses stat checks despite being an offensive oriented champion. Basically she is too feast / famine based on the champions you have on your team and if the people who are playing the champs that can deal with her are actually competent at playing the game...and this isn't an issue with just vayne.
iPrawn (NA)
: Has anybody ever been hard stuck at silver 3, and eventually broke out of that and ranked up?
I literally just sat down and did a long ranked session today, starting at the bottom of silver 3 and made it up to silver 1 People called me hardstuck despite only playing about 20 ranked games this season total so I honestly don't even know what hardstuck means anymore. But yes even just those 20 ranked games were horrible, my best advice is to do your best to skew the odds in your team`s favor, Its not enough for you to land your skillshot slow onto the enemy adc, your ezreal will STILL miss his q, its not enough to save your fiddle from certain doom, he will still run back in with less than 100 hp and die to an auto attack. Your team will do baron at the worst time while you scream bloody murder for them to stop while the enemy team closes in with their ults ready. You need to utilize atleast 1 of the 3 holy trinities to skew the odds in your favor. (most champions can do atleast 1 of these 3) Waveclear is incredibly useful to have when your team decides to run it down one at a time and you manage to back off when things go south, not only does it stall the game out for any late game champs you have, it also gives your team another chance at group fighting which they probably didn't deserve in the first place. Objective control.....is not just neutral monsters and enemy towers, sometimes you have to focus the champion that your team just doesn't know what to do against, that enemy champion becomes a win condition for you unless your team is actually really bad / far behind. Being scary...………...nope that's really just it, ive won group fights just by standing between 1-2 carries on the enemy team and the group fight that they are trying to be apart of. Just remember, sometimes there are going to be games where nothing you do will ever have an impact on the outcome.
: The Conqueror nerf does nothing to address the core design problem with it.
What about adding a soft minimum time along with a maximum time that you can stack conqueror? Basically it skews the avg stacks per second towards more of an average. (1.5 per second for example) If you are procing stacks faster than 1.5 per second you will start getting them slightly delayed/buffered, but not so much so that its not worth attacking faster in the first place. And if you are stacking way too slow you might get an extra one on your next hit.
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