: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uqbudMgA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-21T04:52:09.989+0000) > > My only problem is nerfing other classes could quickly make them useless, a lot of champions in this game are reliant on burst damage, single target bursters like assassins are completely useless if their target doesn't even need to {{item:3157}} to survive. thats completly false. you dont need to be able to kill somone in one rotaation from full hp as long as NO ONE ELSE can do it either. that was the game in season 3 and 4 when i started playing. even squishy champs took 2-3 seconds to die and the only time you would get really get 100/0 was if someone was ASBURDLY fed i miss TRADING in lane... one of the reason i stoppled playing mid (yes the biggest one was m main nid got kicked out) but i also have had a BUNCH of later mid laners and another large reason i stoppled playin mid was "trading" such as going in for damage then going back out... something u would do over and over.. flat out stopped existing now its kill the person or force them to back.. the only "trading" is from two full tank champs in top lane. i miss being able to go in and then out out and re-engage. a mistake would cost you a bunch of hp.. but it wouldn't cost you your life or two waves of minions exp and gold. assains when i started playing wouldn't go in and 1 shot targets from low hp... they would pick off the low targets, not 100/0 people.
Lifesteal / general healing is so much easier to get as an adc now because full crit only takes 3 items instead of 4... {{item:3107}} {{item:3812}}{{item:3153}} runes...masteries....etc Its really easy to recover from being low hp with all of these options available to you and your team. And my argument was not about laning phase it was mostly about mid to late game. Yes burst damage can be reduced and balanced but I seriously doubt riot will do anything across the board, if burst damage is nerfed then we might see a specific set of champions get too comparatively strong
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Play another lane then
I don't think his off meta picks would even be possible in another lane..unless he wants to be reported.
Yenn (NA)
: Why is Zoe able to kill me without landing her E or Q?
I was against a full build zoe with over 200 MR and 4k hp on tahm kench, her long range q did nearly 1k damage even though she didn't sleep me , I was body blocking for the person who was asleep.
: Kassadin getting all these awesome buffs because the meta is bad for him meanwhile...
: Why don't turrets having a slowing attack?
Stacking slows wouldn't help that much anyway, a large majority of the turret dives that I see involve some sort of champion with both mobility and heavy damage....and pretty much every champion in this game that has a gap closer is virtually resistant to slows. I would much rather see part of the turret passive "where the target takes extra damage from turret additional turret shots" be for all damage sources..maybe just a small %.
: PLEASE not NOT buff ADC's, nerf the other classes
My only problem is nerfing other classes could quickly make them useless, a lot of champions in this game are reliant on burst damage, single target bursters like assassins are completely useless if their target doesn't even need to {{item:3157}} to survive.
SkyeMoon (NA)
: Funny enough, WW blocks Sona ult which doesn't "leave" her model like projectiles do. You'd think her ult acts similar to Vel'koz's beam ult.
It acts similar to vel`koz w atleast.
SkyeMoon (NA)
: It's a dash, not a projectile, just like {{champion:79}} {{champion:113}} . Projectile leaves the champion model, which is why {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} AAs don't get blocked.
In the context of this game yes you are correct but I was joking around the actual definition of a projectile.
Gooback (NA)
: Windwall and Ultimates
I just wish it would insta kill {{champion:19}}s who ult into his windwall since he is techniquelly a projectile
: Can we have a civilized conversation about where Karma is at and what needs to be done?
Maybe you are playing her wrong or against the wrong team... late game her R e will shield her squishy carry by over half their heath bar and the aoe speed buff / shield is enough to make most juggernauts and bruisers cry. (this is in response to lack of high impact moves) Her q also helps her get her R cooldown ticking late game so its still not all that weak .. early game its mostly damage and poke oriented.. Everything else im not sure.. I always saw karma as an early game lane bully / poke that transforms into a true team player late game.
: I miss those simple champions...
Because easy champs tend to be based around forgiving, playing against an enemy that made a mistake and not being able to capitalize on it is really tilting sometimes Its a whole next level when you have champions that can be forgiving for their teammates. (I still see people complain about morg e and tahm w to this day) So ya garen isn't really as bad, the only thing I hate about him is the fact that his spin cannot be stopped..it really should if his anti cc ability is down / got baited out.
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KE6GunI6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-17T23:17:09.444+0000) > > When assassin junglers > support junglers at vision control. > > Duskblade is a powerspike on so many assassin junglers and its not even for the vision control. > > I think its cute/cool but this effect is too strong on such a combat oriented item. > > > Riot wanted duskblade`s 2 passives to synergize with eachother but instead the synergy isn't used its just a tool for dominance as most assassins already have a way to proc the damage multiple times or make use of the damage with multipliers (like shaco backstab) and now with pyke there can be 5 fucking duskblades on a single team, ofc the team comp with it will be trash but who cares nowadays just pick someone cause they running around blind and win off that. you dont need to setup perfect team fights or wombos you just need to get rid vision and ambush some poor sap running around trying to get vision out.
You have yet to see {{item:3147}} {{champion:53}} support.
: Pls delete this item part 2
When assassin junglers > support junglers at vision control. Duskblade is a powerspike on so many assassin junglers and its not even for the vision control. I think its cute/cool but this effect is too strong on such a combat oriented item. Riot wanted duskblade`s 2 passives to synergize with eachother but instead the synergy isn't used its just a tool for dominance as most assassins already have a way to proc the damage multiple times or make use of the damage with multipliers (like shaco backstab)
RealDsy (EUNE)
: Ignite vs barrier
Barrier counts your resistances / ignite ignores resistances.. since it is true damage. Don't use barrier to block ignite, use barrier to block their actual non-true damage and you will have the hp to survive ignite. Just make sure they don't penetrate ALL of your resistance and have 1 cloth armor or 1 null magic robe or whatever...that way you have more effective hp. Barrier in most situations is actually stronger than ignite but it never directly counters ignite. So the more resistances you have the more effective hp that shield gives, but ya ignite is true damage so stop trying to barrier the ignite..especially when it outlasts barrier.
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=h8sAMEMG,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-06-05T19:53:52.090+0000) > > Because you can be permanently banned for what you say which means a new account which means more $ The displayed line of logic is believing a restaurant would actively throw customers out just because it somehow translate to more money as they might come back and keep purchasing the food they did not finish eating before getting thrown out. Ofc, it doesn't work like that, and only a moron would believe that's an actually profitable endeavour. Most people would turn away from the game after getting perma'ed, especially if that's their main account if they have smurfs, which is the original intent of such system, to ask someone to leave and never come back. If the perma'ed account is just somebody's troll account, it's not like anything of value is even lost because it doesn't hit where it truly hurts and neither had the troll put much if any money in the throw-away account in the first place. The purpose of the perma ban system is to first and foremost, make someone not want to play the game again, either because it bans out all the trolls' smurfs (where they often go toxic with due to the lack of consequences) making them bored of playing eventually or it eventually bans out their main account which squash all of their motivation to continue on playing.
Idk why you are replying this to me and downvoting me, Im just explaining/drawing the line based on what he said. I connected the dots for you and provided possible insight yet you seem to have something against me, goodbye.
Chermorg (NA)
: You were constantly arguing, calling people inting, etc... No, the rest of your chat is NOT okay. I am not going to repeat what others have already told you, but you're the problem here. The word you used, even if you didn't direct it at others, has no place in League at all. You do not need to fight and argue with others to defend yourself.
"calling people inting" Nautilus said I was inting when I was 0/4 our mf was 1/4 and bard was 0/5 definition of relatively in relation, comparison, or proportion to something else. Its pretty obvious I was pointing out that nautilus had some favoritism or BIAS, if nautilus can say I am inting then why cant I cant provide that additional information to show nautilus where his logic will lead him and that in all seriousness I was not RELATIVELY "inting" ??????? Yes..it is okay for me to say that...I understand riot can take my account even if I have done absolutely nothing wrong but a line is drawn when a false reason is used. I would have been happier if no reason was used or if a random game from 2 years ago was used. definition of fight a violent confrontation or struggle I was not violent and I did not put down anyone in the confrontation that I did not start. Quickly stating facts between actions in game (because im still playing) in the name of self defense is not fighting or arguing, its stating the truth. If saying someone else is around my own skill level or position in the game is flame then I must be really bad at league huh? Yep you just indirectly and unknowingly flamed me due to a misinterpretation just like you believed me calling someone inting was an attack on someone else rather than a defense of my own based on relativity. The only time I could have ever hurt someone in that chat and the only thing I should ever be punished for is when I said "volibear has no idea what he is doing" in team chat ("he said first time voli, and he was on the enemy team") If youre gonna say im punished for a reason you better pick a good one. And don't you dare say im arguing with you if you reply to this when I am merely acting on self defense. Which is what I`ve done all game. If the word I repeat and used has no place in league at all then why was the other individual able to bring it up in the first place? Shouldn't their be a censor that cannot be turned off for any reason at all so nobody will ever know what that word is no matter what? (atleast inside of the client it should never be found out) It clearly has a place in league if it is allowed to be mentioned in the first place. Also please continue to explain why the rest of my chat is not okay , I have a right to see all evidence against me.
: So a couple of things. I'll start with the bottom. Riot has the automated system in place because they have a MASSIVE player base - as in hundreds of thousands of players. There is no way in this world that it's even remotely possible for any company, not even a multibillion dollar company like Google or Apple, to be able to address speech violations with human intervention. The manpower required would put the company out of business. This is why the system is automated, and there is no better solution. There is also no AI involved either, so there is no feasible way for an automated system to detect context until the world gets Skynet operational and the robot apocalypse begins to set in. On to your other comments. You are actually not allowed to say anything you want to say. Not even in the real world is this correct, even with context. There are some instances where it can be overlooked, but in 99% of the cases where someone needs to say something sensitive, there are ways to bring it to mind without actually uttering it. That said, you can "defend yourself" verbally (even though the idea is ludicrous in a game where you can shut off communications from other players to you), and you can do so without jeopardizing yourself. Considering a chat log in a video game with trolls to be on the same level as a testimony at a trial in a courtroom is equally absurd, and there's absolutely no need for you to try to act as if you need to go through all this. You don't need to present evidence verbatim, you're not testifying to a jury, and you don't need to cite your sources and use exact quotations. This is exactly where you went horribly wrong. The simplest, easiest way to have "defended yourself" verbally is to say "That's not true, Miss Fortune called me the 'N' word. I didn't use it," and leave it at that. That statement there refuted what the Miss Fortune claimed, expressed the foul language she used and did so in a way that didn't incriminate yourself. Yet you chose to quote her exactly, using racist language you KNEW was zero-tolerance. You know the system is automated, and you know when someone reports you the system will look for trigger words. Use some common sense. Even in a court of law, a defendant won't get up on the stand and say "I'm not guilty, I didn't murder that man, because I was snorting cocaine with my drug dealers down in Mexico that day as I was getting illegal plastic surgery," a defendant will say "I didn't murder that man because I was spending time with friends down in Mexico that day." You don't self-incriminate. EVER. That's why we have the 5th Amendment. So even if you're treating the chat with the same gravity as court, you didn't use any of the sensibility that would have been needed to properly "defend yourself." Next time, don't use the words that will instantly trigger a ban. And "defend yourself" by muting the assholes and reporting them after the game. There's nothing other than machismo and pride in throwing a fit in the middle of a game and causing an argument to explode because your pride has been wounded.
Where was my pride wounded , well I mean it is gay pride month, idk what made you think it was a racist word, it was the f word and I happened to be gay, also mf did not call me the word her friend did, how many times do I have to repeat that mf said she caught me saying it to her friend on stream, mf said it in chat after our teammates left so they couldn't defend me so of course I'm going to try to stop the enemy team from reporting me. The enemy team even stayed to listen to what was going on, now is that an arguement/hearing based on here say..my word against hers and naut with 5 people deciding what to do. What else can I say except for the exact explicit truth while mf lies about getting evidence of the incident on stream. Sorry but you dont understand where I'm taking this fight, this automated system can be improved and that's what I intend to catalyze. And I did not say I was snorting cocaine in Mexico , you do realize that is completely different, that is self conviction of a different crime, dont tell me to use common sense and then throw a completely different situation in because I DID NOT SELF CONVICT I said the word "%%%" but i did provide a target other than "me" along with the user being "naut" Naut Dont tell me to use common sense then throw rationales out the window in your next sentence , I did not self convict myself of any crime. If the system perceived that then there is a mistake. Let's me make this extremely clear Naut (the one performing the action) called (the action) me (the target) a %%% (the words)
: > [{quoted}](name=Declovone,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=h8sAMEMG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-05T13:08:54.037+0000) > > There shouldn't be a chat without a filter if they're against it being used. All it does is give them legal ground to steal money from teenagers. I am not sure how the 2 statements are connected tbh.
Because you can be permanently banned for what you say which means a new account which means more $
Chermorg (NA)
: But you didn't need to defend yourself. Before you said that, she was lying. After you said it, she was telling the truth. You would likely not have gotten punished had you not repeated the hate speech - but that doesn't mean the rest of your chat is okay. If someone is lying about you, ignore them. Fake reports do nothing. If you do nothing wrong, you won't be punished.
"After you said it she was telling the truth" No because I didnt call him one? I understand you are playing devils advocate and defending the automated system but clearly you see it can be improved. The rest of my chat IS okay, I never flamed or harassed anyone. I never gave up, I wanted to group fight. I even followed up with the person who flamed me unknownly into a 2v5 despite being hurt by them. This game was pure and I never stated anything that would harm anyone else. I only stated facts that would encourage our team to realize we need to group. How is telling naut he does 0 damage flame when he is a tank, I'm encouraging him to put his cc to use with a damage dealer. Do I have to clarify that in game too or am i not allowed to NOT insult my teammates intelligence and refuse to hold their hand throughout their thought processes. All I did was let them realize they need to group without telling them to, only telling them why.
Kei143 (NA)
: Ok bro, Calm down. First, Let's have you send a ticket to https://support.riotgames.com and have them review your punishment. Depending on your behavioral history, they may revert the 14-day ban. Secondly, let's have you understand the behavior system, there are actually 2 scans that happen; one can read context on whether the chat was used in a malicious way; the other is the zero tolerence system, which a word scan for hate speech. In Riot's eyes, hate speech should never be used regardless of context. You used it twice (even though you were repeating what others said) which obviously triggered the system. Don't repeat hate speech, you can just tell people that hate speech isn't allowed in the game. No need to repeat the exact word. Whatever happens, there actually isn't any need to ask for reports. 1 report = 9 reports from the same game. The system is purposely programmed that way to prevent premade from abusing that poor solo dude. All a report does is flags the system to check for toxicity, more reports will return the same "toxicity score" after the review, and more reports don't get someone punished faster. Asking for reports is actually considered a harassment, as it does nothing other than threaten others to get their accounts punished. Of course, you can say it in a friendly banter manner like "report ahri, no skin" and you won't be punished for it, due to how the system can read the context that the chat wasn't used in a malicious manner. Other than that, there really is no need to ask for reports. Also, don't worry about false reports. The system has the capability to filter out false reports and throw them out. So you really don't need defend yourself as the system does the defense for you. Of course, in your case you were repeating phrases of zero tolerance, and thus the report wasnt false, but lets have Riot support look at your behavioral history and see if they can remove your 14-day ban.
"Asking for reports is considered harassment" I never asked to report anyone, how is "reported" asking for reports.?????? You clearly skipped the part where I said I deserved the 14 day, I repeated this statement in so many ways, i dont want my ban revoked, I want the system to be fixed. You clearly dont understand anything, the premade waited till our teammates left after the game and then told the enemy team to report me for calling nautilus that. The the rest of the enemy team reported me.... there is a huge difference between a premade reporting me and a premade getting everyone on the other team who havent seen what I said to report me. I already said it, just the fact that this game was listed as a reason for me to be banned and I was temp banned right after it is disturbing. Riot can pull any other recent game out and ban me for it and I'll be happy, but not this one. You have not addressed anything, our team lost of course people on our team who had nothing against me or the premade would leave quickly while mf stated that "I got it on stream" and then posted a link to their stream which was live (I couldn't even go back to the part where he said it) but the fact that they posted that in chat is of course going to be evidence for such a childish confrontation. They shouldn't get away with that I did nothing wrong this game I didnt flame anyone I should be banned for a different game. How many times do I have to reiterate, do you not read the title? It's about premade abuse in order to seem more truthful 2 usernames are more reliable than one. The sad part was our nautilus kept flaming our support saying "he should learn to play that champ" which is a defamation of skill and knowledge. Then he moved on to flaming me and calling me a %%% when I happen to be gay. Already said this isnt about me being banned it's about how I was banned and I'll keep saying it over and over until people realize it and the system is fixed, And you cant tell me I cant say %%% in the right context, 2 people said I called naut %%% I should be allowed to repeat the statement they said in reverse to defend myself because it is the truth and what I said was not aimed at anyone , I was the only one hit by that word.
Baka Red (EUNE)
: Just one thing: We can have a system that is both automated and faulty. Therefore your "big difference" might be related to apples and oranges.
You have no idea how much you have lifted my spirits and gave me hope with that statement. I already said a similar thing but I dont blame anyone for missing that in one of my many many walls of text. That would be tedious to even skim.
Aneirin (OCE)
: There's no getting someone banned - you can't say those words, don't say those words. It's easy to not say words. You don't have to chat at all.
I am allowed to say anything I want to say as long as the context is appropriate, I am allowed to display my counterarguements as people decide to report me or not, telling me to stay silent is trying to x party me...this is a term used when one party isnt allowed to join in a hearing. League may not be real life or a court but I have a right to defend myself as if I was in one, someone breaking down and telling what they swear to be the truth , no matter what they say...as long as it is in proper context and is not clearly bias trying to harm another individual WILL NOT BE PUNISHED, and I have every right to defend myself. If thats what I'm punushed for then so be it , just a toxic community trying to abuse an imperfect system that offers no safeguard for self defense. Yes this system is fast...but it will never earn my respect and dont act like you respect it either, dont tell me to follow it because I never will and you might as well permanently ban me right now. Because I will defend myself in everysituation until I die that's the only way for me. Riot is a small company I get it, but with the money they are making they have had time to grow rather than bask in the wealth. And this system (and everyone hating how they balance the game recently) are poof they need to wake up.
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xwc6g0GQ,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-05T08:48:05.409+0000) > > I DONT WANT MY BAN REVOKED > > I WANT THIS TO NEVER HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE AGAIN THIS SYSTEM IS FLAWED IF PEOPLE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. caps please. it's not flawed, it's AUTOMATED, big difference if there is a rule about not saying certain words, just adhere to the rule and you're good.
So I may target and try to get other people banned as I please? Guess ill go make a twitch tv then and "bait" people Oh wait I have crippling anxiety because my mom use to abuse and make fun of me for being gay and saying I would be raped in school. But hey them calling me a "%%%" didn't hurt me in anyway c: no no no that's not what im really crying infront of my screen and making such a big deal about. also flawed and automated are two fundamentally different things, automations can be improved, flaws can be fixed despite how the system functions!!! Also the title is completely relevant, because that's the problem, not me being banned, its the fact that something like this can happen and someone can get away with it.. you seem to be missing all the points, just like everyone else in most scenarios im in, do I just think different than expect? Do you assume my intentions? What has this world come to, goodbye league, Im never touching this game again.
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xwc6g0GQ,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-05T08:42:53.475+0000) > > Yes I reported them, smarter about it?? Bait??? GETTING SOMEONE ELSE TEMP BANNED IS NOT A GAME IF THIS SYSTEM HAS LOOPHOLES THAT THEY ABUSED THEN THOSE LOOPHOLES NEED TO BE FIXED I DONT WANT MY TEMP BAN REVOKED I WANT THIS LOOPHOLE GONE. > > > Being "smarter about it" and more "careful" about a flawed system is compliance with imperfection which is the greater EVIL here try to contact riot support and ask if they can revoke your ban other than that i don't know what else to tell you this "loophole" (it's really not, imo) can't be fixed, you just can't say some words, yet you said them.. i'm sorry but you weren't smart.
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xwc6g0GQ,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-05T08:30:51.407+0000) > > MF said I called naut a %%%? not only were they lieing but they rallied everyone to report me and lied about it saying that they got it on twitch tv they baited you and you fall for it > read the rest of the post they were not punished in ANY WAY. did you report them? you repeated that bad word twice, while they said it only once, probably, that **may** be the reason why you got punished and they don't sorry for you, i hope next time you will be smarter about it
Yes I reported them, smarter about it?? Bait??? GETTING SOMEONE ELSE TEMP BANNED IS NOT A GAME IF THIS SYSTEM HAS LOOPHOLES THAT THEY ABUSED THEN THOSE LOOPHOLES NEED TO BE FIXED I DONT WANT MY TEMP BAN REVOKED I WANT THIS LOOPHOLE GONE. Being "smarter about it" and more "careful" about a flawed system is compliance with imperfection which is the greater EVIL here
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xwc6g0GQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-05T08:24:15.732+0000) > > MF SAID I CALLED NAUT A %%% AND TOLD EVERYONE TO REPORT ME > > BAM I WAS DEFENDING MYSELF??? > > > calling for reports? MF CALLED EVERYONE TO REPORT ME ALL I DID WAS SAY "reported" when naut called me a %%% > > HOW IS THAT CALLING FOR REPORTS > > > I DEMAND TO KNOW you're right you didn't called for reports, but all the above points are still valid, and you saying >Super Cow Swag: naut called me a %%% twice got you punished nobody cares that you were "defending yourself"
MF said I called naut a %%%? not only were they lieing but they rallied everyone to report me and lied about it saying that they got it on twitch tv read the rest of the post they were not punished in ANY WAY. So why wasn't mf punished when I was the one being harassed by her and her premade ? CAN I NOT DEFEND MYSELF AND STATE THE EXPLICIT TRUTH it may not have been a good thing to repeat BUT WOULDNT YOU TOO BE FRUSTRATED IN THIS SITUATION WHERE YOU ARE BEING TARGETED FOR SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE DID TO YOU??? Im not saying I didn't do anything wrong , im saying they did, they put me in this position and I did not act perfectly in this position but THEY were the ones that put me in it, I ONLY SAID THAT TWICE BECAUSE I FELT AS IF I WOULD BE BANNED AND THEN I GET BANNED FOR SAYING IT?? no no no no, they need to be stopped , what if someone loses their account over this, what if someone innocent is targeted by them... and why cant I say %%% when IM GAY, I have friends calling people %%%S ALL THE TIME AND THEY ARE GAY..in this context I should be allowed to say it so me saying that wasn't the reason for me being temp banned nonono you have it all wrong I was just mistaken advice/stratedgy/explanation for flame which I am fine with im fine with being banned for anything other than they maybe they did ping enemy missing and I didn't see it o silly me I must have been temp banned for that it would make no sense for me to be temp banned for defending myself from being temp banned. ill accept my fate now everything else imagineable is what got me banned but I was not temp banned for DEFENDING MYSELF.
: title is irrelevant, what you did wrong and get punished for was: -flaming, calling for reports, arguing, being negative and especially: > Super Cow Swag: naut called me a %%% > Super Cow Swag: naut called me a %%% repeated hate speech, BAM, you're done for. why do you guys always fall for that? what good does for you to repeat what others have said? it's just stupid.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=IcyPepper,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9ocLGNpK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-03T16:24:05.001+0000) > > Me when I come across players who still believe they can enforce this: > {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} They can easily. By dieing to the 2v1 when the leona simply ults your adc and laughs off the tower shots. Leaving your adc alone is stupid unless your duo with them and you know they are capable of 1v2ing a lane.
I got reported by everyone in the game as nautilus support because I left my jinx adc who kept walking into the enemy ezreal / soraka and dieing over and over...she still died over and over after I left botlane and then complained to the enemy team who proceeded to harass me... in all chat.
: 3 Days in and Galio still needs an HotFix buff btw if you havent noticed 47 to 43% win rate is trash
Wow that bad? Im gonna start playing him in ranked and see if people flame me for it..
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: we hotfixed yasuo not because he became bad, but because he became a fucking autolose champion that had 42% win rate
Item changes means yasuo hits his lategame later, at his 0-18 powerspike rather than 0-10 but usually the game is over by then.
: this is the wrong thread, please move this to Memes & Games, thank you
"The blade above all things... ExCePt A gOoD dRiNk." {{champion:157}}
Anatera (NA)
: Are you ever going to do something about this whole reliance on teammates thing?
I like how everyone here has 0 votes ….imma downvote myself. But ya, balancing the game to make it possible for one person to carry means making the game into a 1 shot 1 kill meme....cause otherwise it takes too long to kill one person and move onto the next without massive aoe which tends to make the caster vulnerable {{champion:161}} {{champion:21}} this type of game in general isn't designed for one person to carry , especially if they arnt a damage dealer...only specific champions that can literally 1v5 can truly carry but normally those are reliant on the enemy being bad. {{champion:420}} This is why splitpushing like {{champion:27}} or {{champion:23}} or {{champion:114}} are a thing because they just want to win the objective race..only problem is they can only be in one place at a time and they cant stop their team from inting and giving free towers. this is why {{item:3060}} is being picked up and abused so quickly, avoiding confrontation means avoid having to overpower the enemy.
Im sure they spaghetti coded the fuck out of the game, remember riot made it so control wards see nearby camouflaged champions instead of stealth...same as champions seeing nearby camo instead of stealth...imagine if they did something with the control wards to make them spot shaco in his stealth....something weird could happen like champions seeing shaco and then riot staff members would say "that's an intended feature" for like a year until they hotfix it....
: 1 vs 9 Arena Mode In League?
{{champion:240}}and{{champion:555}} approve But I feel like there would be too many instances where someone plays something like {{champion:117}} and helps someone by debuffing everyone else in order to get 2nd place
: Just as good reasoning as _"Ekko fares pretty well against mages when his cooldowns are up, so we’re giving him the tools to engage more often"_
I remember the 2017 mid season tank update video that riot staff released (for Zac, Sequani, and Maokai) they specifically demonstrated how Sejuani`s dash doesn't go through thin walls "because she`s a tank" and then they later change it so she can....they can make that video as impossible to find as they want, we wont forget lol.
ToddnK (NA)
: Great job Riot you really showed Xin with that meaningless nerf that didn't fix anything!
It means immobile champions can run from him and chase him a lot easier now.
: 1--shot thresh or Attack speed/rage blade thresh: Who would win?
Depends on how many stacks of dark harvest and how many stacks of souls... More souls both thresh players have = bad for burst thresh because that's more armor.... Also wont {{item:3006}} still benefit the burst thresh because it also makes the auto go down faster?
Rioter Comments
: Like I said last time, ***you had to go into a custom match to actually set this up***. Why is this? Because it would *never actually work in a real game*. MF is fucked if she goes DH, because DH is a shit rune for laners. Which is why you *had* to take smite to actually farm the jungle for a decent amount of DH stacks (which was about 500 of your damage). And you went into Sorcery secondary, for what I can only assume is for Gathering Storm and Celerity...
ummm ive actually been going dark harvest on mf for awhile and it worked really well...maybe just cause the enemy laners haven't punished me...well I mean they cant because mf is a lowkey lanebully…..maybe if they had better engage other than thresh or blitz...something like a Leona or alistar...
Kharlon (NA)
: Pyke is not in a good state, even early in his career, a rather straightforward assassin should not be hovering around 40% winrate. He needed something, he just is not in a good spot at the moment. It may be with him being a new archtype, but he needs something to bring him up to where he isn't a troll pick.
Tahm had a really shitty winrate when he was first released...and im sure most of us know what happened to him afterwards...
SirPurrr (NA)
: Does Liandry's Need a Buff?
Its good with sustained fights, I built it on {{champion:31}} and was able to nearly 1v3 with it late game by abusing the % hp aoe damage on my E brand makes really good use out of it because the 10% extra damage scales up while his delayed burst *his 3 hit passive* comes down. Its a really amazing item on champions that tend to hit a lot of people at once and tend to rely on base magic damage....and build magic pen
: Unintended StormRazor Reaction With Jhin?
That's gamebreaking as fuck.....you even lose the missing hp damage I bet.
: playing safe and getting gold
{{champion:223}} {{item:3097}} {{champion:25}}{{item:3303}} easy to drop her dot on someone and its not that short of a range.. {{champion:63}}{{champion:43}} they have such a strong laning phase that just by picking them the enemy wont wanna fight you...karma has safer poke range and a good minidisengage with her E...brand is just...brand {{champion:432}} I wouldn't call him safe but he is forgiving because of his W especially if you max it first and spam it then collecting chimes after you run out of mana and your spell thief charges are empty.
: The current state of Vayne
Vayne was meant to be that toxic adc that makes me feel useless as a tank.....but wtf now they do this crap with infinity edge, everytime I die to an adc now they would have done atleast 700 true damage to me, normally when I fought vayne before this patch I would see her do 1k true damage at most....Now im sure vayne would use infinity edge too and do even more crazy amounts of true damage with it but it still doesn't feel like she is unique anymore...
: As long as it has nothing to do with his E I'll be happy.
I still think his E should be strong PROVIDED that he lands it everytime, apparently everyone is making it out to be that they gutted his e which shouldn't be possible, why would they gut his only way to harass in lane based on his skill. His q is too slow and telegraphed to the point where its not him being skillful if he lands it, its his opponents being retarded or cc`d. Make his e like 10% slower and buff it back up...
: can we not have unranked dodges count in lp loss
Wait,.... what...? That....? What the fuck? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: @Repertoir Mage's itemization rework failed and it should be addressed.
I actually like to build {{item:3285}} along with {{item:3040}} because it turns all the extra mana you get from luden`s into ap, even with the lack of cdr stacking from both items you can get alot of ap from having them together with transcendence. I went a full ap vel koz game and managed to get 1300 ap without any infernal dragons... As for stacking tear, just buy it early and rush some cdr instead of magic pen, although it depends on the champions since vel koz is one of those mages who doesn't rely on magic pen so I guess it doesn't hurt his early game as hard.
: If they did count then precision keystones would be broken on him.
Lethal tempo works on him atleast. but ya none of the others..
: My idea for a possible Jinx rework.
Ya her W is pretty weak unless your going something weird like lethality jinx....riot tried allowing it to crit but that went really....bad...I would never want that thing as a point and click though...
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