Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
So, Karma gets gutted for absolutely no reason at all (being harder on solo lanes than on support, but still affecting all of them heavily), Sejuani loses up to 10% max HP dmg on her passive and, Riven gets an unnecessary buff. Literally everything else is fine but that ._. And the worst part is Tahm Kench Grey Health healing getting gutted until level 12, while Pyke's still wreaking havoc everywhere. Nobody enjoys playing against him at all due to how forgiving his kit is due to how freaking overloaded it is, mostly due to the healing - with a side of availability of escapes, massive movement speed/stealth and his R disregarding any gold disadvantage he previously had if he lands it. Frankly, he'd be more bearable if his healing didn't activate while ignited or while recently in combat, and would perhaps even open a bit of space for buffs if people are still concerned on making him relevant at all costs...
: ***
I think reason of Diana's state is that she's too binary (a.k.a. stat checky) at the moment. She's either has too much damage AND tankyness, or has none of either. I can agree with perhaps nerfing Irelia or Kai'sa, but I doubt Akali would be reverted and she's decently balanced in comparison to other outliers.
: > [{quoted}](name=Anóóbvia,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=aIUyiwdc,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2018-09-28T17:29:54.024+0000) > > Zed's kit is really overloaded right now thanks to stopwatch, however stopwatch has been nerfed, Zed hasn't. Pretty sure Kata, LB & Talon have high potency as well. Kata is also garbage. LB is broken and needs nerfs, but I was specifically talking about ad assassins. Zed is garbage and needs buffs. not damage wise, but utility buffs. He needs Attack speed because his splitpush is ass, he needs lower CDs on W or stuff like that But ay Zed is op guys look this clip? XD
Zed doesn't need buffs at all. He's practically the best Assassin (whether AD or AP) at the moment. Already has good harass and a lot of burst that is difficult to react to (on lower levels of gameplay, at least). His Splitpush needs to be horrible if the desire is to keep him balanced. He already has very good waveclear (in comparison to others), and being an AD champion grants him more leeway into destroying turrets than Mages or AP assassins. If you need to split push, there are other champions made for that (being for example Trundle, Tryndamere, Master Yi, Jax, Kayle, perhaps others). Utility wise he needs a window of vulnerability when he fails to execute his combo correctly, otherwise the only counterplay available is to burst him before he bursts you. He has mobility (gap closer, escape tool), some degree of invulnerability thanks to his R, damage, and waveclear. Any more than that and he'll become overpowered to the point of being banned each game.
Omituinen (EUW)
: Hi Meddler. Any plans for toning down Ignite any time soon? Statistically pretty much every single support in the game is taking it at the moment over Exhaust and it usually pulls in better winrates than Exhaust too. Not to mention its popularity in mid and top lane too. As a support main I've started running it even though I much _prefer_ taking Exhaust because early 2v2 fights where they have an Ignite and you don't just don't feel worth taking. Any hope of it being nerfed at least a little soon (maybe after Worlds?), or seeing some buffs to more defensive summoners to make them more competitive? The whole issue of having 3 ignites per team in a fair few games can't be helping with the perception of damage being too high.
Tbh I think the reason Ignite is considered a better choice than exhaust IS because defensive summoners other than exhaust are really powerful - especially Heal - and is currently the only way to reduce healing without the usage of items like {{item:3123}}, {{item:3165}} or {{item:3076}}. There probably are other factors involved - within these the nerf to TP (an undesireable choice in comparison to Ignite due to its longer CD), lower presence of enchanters overall (given it increases lane pressure; though Nami and Sona have some presence atm, which provides an even better reason to use it), and especially an increase of early game pressure due to the dominance of champions such as Lucian, Zed, Graves, Pyke, Jhin, Draven, and so forth. Exhaust low range also makes it kind of difficult to use correctly - many champions (beyond Zed) atm have the ability to kill before being able to react and use it appropiately. The nerfs it were given many patches (seasons lol) ago didn't help because it no longer reduces attack speed or resistances.
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
Hmm, Hail of Blades will accomplish a similar function to Stormrazor then? I assume you will also monitor non-marksmen using it on lane, because I see it being somewhat powerful on some attack-oriented supports like Sona, Thresh, Leona and Taric, to name a few. (and perhaps other champions on other lanes, too.)
xRopez (EUW)
: ***
That it doesn't have such a wide usage from champions not outside the role - which means that it won't affect them as much because they can build a variety of things that don't include stattik shiv and still find themselves with a similar success and win rate. Stattik, much like Draktarr, does add too much front loaded damage either way, so I imagine that If they do end up being too weak, then they'll just get adjusted or buffed to compensate.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 24
Are you guys planning to do a Mid Patch update if some of the champs affected by the Point and click spells aggroing minions turn up too weak? (Or for other champs that are seemingly weak such as Karma :o)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
Soo, any changes planned for Sona? Seems the recent changes have been criticized a lot, particularly because of the mana cost nerfs and the rune changes on PBE (Manaflow Band, general AD/AP reduction from Sorcery + X combinations, Scorch early game nerf, Forbidden Idol changes, etc.), though I would guess she isn't either particularly out of line or weak enough.
: Do you think the forbidden idol nerf on top of the sona nerf will be too much for sona?
As mentioned by LankPants, the nerf itself already was a lot for Sona. The forbidden idol nerf will also nerf her utility builds, and make the probability of seeing her on a pro match next to zero seeing how low her base healing is now. There's also the sorcery combination nerfs, Manaflow band nerf, buffs for champs that are generally strong against Sona (i.e. Brand, Yasuo), probably more in the coming days. Will Rito listen? Nope. Will they care? Nope^2.
Kei143 (NA)
: I don't understand why her E procs Aery ...
Because it's a buff that affects allies. Any skill that provides buffs OR targets allies, also procs Aery (Excepting passives, I believe, like that of Janna's.). This would also happen with (I assume) Lulu's W, Nunu's W (Blood Boil), Braum's W, maybe Nami's E, even though they don't provide any healing or shielding at all. I'd have to test if it works with Tahm's W (Not that it'd help much since the shield lasts shorter than whoever is eaten), Akali's W, perhaps Ezreal's W, Gangplank's R With Raise Morale, Jayce's W, Kayle's R (again, not that it helps much...), Zilean's R application aaand... idk. There might be more or less buffs that could potentially proc Aery.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 17
Thoughts on Jayce/other lethality champs? :x
Meddler (NA)
: Apologies, but, we're considering a second pass on Sona as well (not listed here since we just started talking about). She's still potentially out of line.
Wouldn't it be better to assess how the rune changes and AP Itemization changes will affect her before reaching a decision? She already has pretty low ratios and base numbers, and her E isn't even worth ranking up after being ranked once. The only viable changes I see at this point would be either shifting late game power to early game power, or alternatively, more individual power rather than group power. Slightly nerfing her Diminuendo would also somewhat impact her performance, although it'd make her Staccato and Tempo more appealing (than they already are anyway.)
: Catch-Up Experience and Jungle Changes in 7.22
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Sotere,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=24K8ORZQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-24T21:07:58.424+0000) > **Rolling back the bonus teamwork catch-up experience we introduced in 7.4**. In 7.4 we introduced some measures so that players that were substantially lower level than their team would get a boost in experience. Upon reflection, this acted more as a snowball mechanic than it served its original intent to provide a safety net for experience starved roles. Isn't this going to hurt supports though? On Live I'm always one or two levels behind, even after staying for most of the laning phase with the adc :/
: That's not really a fair comparison. Was Sona even ever designed with mid in mind? Anyway Karma is 44% in support so she's not doing good there either. 2nd worst support only above only Ornn.
> That's not really a fair comparison. Was Sona even ever designed with mid in mind? > I had read sometime ago (like, really, really long ago) that Sona in her development was thought first to be a mid laner - although apparently she was changed later to be more likely a support champion. (Although I get the point that Karma was actually designed to be a mid laner on her rework xD) I was actually pretty excited when her rework got out - but it has left much to be said. I felt better playing her before it :/ tbh only a change to her W was needed, rather than reworking her because people didn't know what her stuff did.
: or let ez his q crit might help him out of there.
Why though? His Q deals a crapton damage mid game, which is his strongest point xD. He'd otherwise be shifted to late game, because I imagine his Q total AD ratio would be nerfed. At least it'd allow him to build crit items, but I would think it removes some of his identity as probably the only marksman that doesn't build crit or lethality only.
Meddler (NA)
: We've been trying 5s flat at all ranks, rather than 9-5s. Haven't seen feedback from tests myself yet though on that, so not sure if that's looking appropriate or not. Sunlight I think was looking at around a 50% damage increase, with a 1.5s duration. Again though, those aren't necessarily final numbers, but what we're trying right now. Possible the entire approach changes as well, not just the details.
Isn't 5s a tad too low at rank 1 though? Although Leona doesn't have any tools beside her R or E to close gaps, she'd stun probably too often early game. I'd think 7/6.5/6/5.5/5s would be better. The damage buff should be otherwise okay, since it doesn't scale with anything at all and pretty much benefits only of the magic penetration from the would be damager. I would love to try a Sona/Leona bot lane like that lol. EDIT: Uh, I wasn't taking in account both changes at once. A Lower passive debuff duration would offset the CD reduction to the Q. xD
Meddler (NA)
: At present it's: IE TF Abyssal Mask Rabadon's Black Cleaver Sunfire Redemption Locket Talking about potentially swapping one of Redemption/Locket for a different (non active in part) item though.
What about Athene's Unholy Grail? It's pretty much the only enhacer item besides Ardent Censer that doesn't have an active portion (although Ornn wouldn't actually be able to use it :x). Ardent Censer could be another option, but it seems to be powerful enough by those that use it. I wouldn't mind another AP item, honestly, mainly because Rabadon's generally too expensive for an AP support budget. (Or so I would say If I didn't buy Lich Bane so often with Sona, lol.) It's already boring to see Redemption being used pretty much 24/7 on each and every single support :|.
whyrawr (EUW)
: she became support not by the will of players, but because she was no longer viable in mid. she was pushed to bacame support, so reverting it - is fair.
The problem is: if she's viable as a support at the moment, giving her more power to become viable on mid will only make her stronger on bottom lane. (If she's strong on mid, she's going to be stronger on a duo lane) Honestly, she was better suited for mid before her somewhat-rework.
: That's an upsetting thought. It's as if Riot believes play rates determine where players **want** to play a champ, as opposed to people just playing them where they work best. Zyra became basically a full time support with her rework, and Karma was forcefully powershifted into a full time support against her community's wishes. It's sad.
Karma's case might be true. I was really excited on the day the got reworked because I could play her on middle lane as a mage. Nowadays She's only played as a suppot :x. (Although tbh that already was the case before her rework got out. Y'know, when she tended to murder people by shielding allies. lol)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 1
Shouldn't you guys also fix Jhin's traps consuming buffs and receiving no additional damage? I'm so tired of using a power chord on them with Sona and seeing it consume the buff and dealing no more damage than a single bar :|
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 21
Meddler, do you have any thoughts on Hexdrinker? It feels pretty opressive against AP matchups considering it's quite cheap. (Although I believe people have been ditching defense in favor of rushing Draktharr)
Meddler (NA)
: We're looking at a range of possibilities. No guarantees, and we almost certainly wouldn't be adding too many, things like MR, Attack Speed, CDR are being considered though.
I'm not really sure if a MR starter item would be good for the game. Imo it would be too powerful against any AP champions - especially on those cases on which it is an AD champions against an AP one - unless it's a small amount (like 10-15) and it doesn't give any damage boost of the sort. There are already many strong choices against magic damage, and not many against physical damage when being an AP champion - later in the game at least. Zhonya's is quite powerful against many champions anyway, being the only item that gives armor and ap at the same time.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 14
Any thoughts on Sona? :x
Swarovsko (EUW)
: {{champion:43}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} (yes, she pokes with her q){{champion:12}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:432}} noone of them just sits back and shield, they all try to do something between poke, engage, hook etc... {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} are the only ones who "just sit back and shield", but how can you blame Janna with those mana costs, AA with no range and clunky animation? If they wanted supports to be even more interactive then I was expecting more than collecting coins.
Of those champs you mentioned, Sona, Karma, Bard, Zilean and Nami often take Spellthief. (Especially Sona.) Janna is probably the only one who sit backs and shields. You're doing something wrong with Lulu if your only doing in lane is shielding. (Q? W?) Besides that, Meddler mentioned they're going to do AA tweaks for Sona, Morgana, Annie, Janna, Nami and Soraka. I think they'll aim for ugprading animations and feelings. Janna does have shorter range than most ranged champs - but she has an AA steroid in her E.
Limely (NA)
: Midseason Support Item Update - Live on PBE!
I'm not sure I do like the changes to Spellthief regarding minion kills. I do like using {{champion:37}} a LOT, and often (when I'm not mid, of course xD) I like to farm under turret while the adc isn't on lane so I can hold it. I think the stacking punishment is quite a lot if you do dedicate to farm under turret while there are enemy champions nearby - if not, it isn't too impacting because at that point you may recall to base and have the CD cleared by the time you reach lane again. (That is, If your adc didn't die because he went 2v1 while you weren't on bot lane xD) EDIT: I also tend to forget that minions actually give gold. So, it might not be *That* bad. On the other hand, I'm a little biased because I may or may not abuse spellthief a tad too much lol. I'll try later™ (like, today If I put the Client to download right now because my download speed is slow, or tomorrow) on PBE and see.
: Midseason AD Itemization Changes
Why buff Death's Dance though? It might not be the most attractive choice, but it makes {{champion:104}} quite strong atm.
: My close friend hates him for the not just one, but TWO ENTIRE TIMES he ruined the entire jungle as a role. I don't understand how Fearless still has a job, especially after it took Rito all of season 5 making fixes to the mess he did to jungle the FIRST time. Then he was allowed to do it again. Did I mention Fearless is a jungle main and had never played a single game of Sona in his life, when he volunteered to rework her? I mean, it says right on his Twitter that he tends to sit around Bronze 1 - Silver 5, but still... **JUNGLE MAIN.**
The worst thing is that during all those times, he (and Riot?) Didn't even take in consideration players input. Like, a lot of people complained (myself included) and the only thing they did was reduce Q's CD a little bit (to 8s, which was actually higher than pre-rework Sona's cooldown) and increase the aura range by... 50 units. Quite frankly, both Sona and the Jungle Changes needed way more testing before being shipped to live... and yet they got shipped to live without much changes at all :|
: Sona has the lowest scaling of any support. She doesn't have extreme scaling "with items." Rather, artificially scaling items are extremely overpowered and Sona has to cheeze with them as a crutch to not be a liability. Which means, until she has her first completed artificial scaling by 20 minutes, because of shitty support budget and investing into Sightstone, Sona is a liability and a large number of her games are lost before the 20 minute mark as a result. This ALSO means that Sona falls off after 45 minutes, when she runs out of artificial item numbers to buy and the opposing team outscales her because they have real usable scalings on their actual abilities to pair alongside their items.
That's true. And that is IF you can manage to get all items by the 45 min mark :/
Voluug13 (NA)
: Karma rework was the start of everything bad, I tell you.
I miss pre-rework Karma so, so, so much. She actually could heal allies and was fun to play. (Especially when bombarding the enemy team using shields. xD) She's just... meh, now.
Pika310 (NA)
: I will say, I empathize with those players. I first politely ask teammates to not pick Sona, but about 98% of the time they refuse to communicate or just simply refuse to play someone else and I'm forced to ban her. However, this is because I myself used to be a Sona main pre-4.13 and as such I have extensive insight and knowledge as to her currently unplayable state. If I as a Sona main don't trust myself to do well on her, I sure as hell don't expect a stranger to. That said, I also empathize with your plight to Rito for the injustices they've committed against Sona, but 6.14 has proven that Rito doesn't have a clue as to how balance her properly. So until they're willing to put someone with a brain on the project, she'd be better off being reverted to pre-4.13 and given pure buffs(**no tradeoffs**) to bring her into line with today's power creep.
I still hate Fearless, since that rework on 4.13. lol.
: I'm repeatedly griefed for picking Sona
I got insulted by a Draven today because I was apparently doing nothing (even though I was zoning the enemy vayne and dealing more damage than he was) with Sona, more so when he kept throwing himself 1v3 and then blaming me for not doing anything at all. He didn't say anything when I had 23 out of 25 contribution to kills on the team and he only had 4. (He was like, 1/13/3) We still lost the game sooo... .-. On another note, I play Sona on Plat-mid Diamond on my main acc and I just can't seem to do anything to avoid my team feeding just because 'You're Sona' and because 'you're too aggresive' or 'not enough healing' and yada yada. And... well, it's true she's on a bad state right now. Not impactful at all for your teammates and yourself unless you're deleting the hell out of people :|
: Sona has the lowest damage potential of the entire support class. Her lone damage spell is the single-weakest amongst the support class, her bases and scalings are outclassed by every other support and she lacks viable utility otherwise. Sona is the weakest support in the game and officially considered a troll pick.
Well.. yeah. I still pick her, and they insulted me for picking her since... S3, i think Sona has extreme scaling with items, though. Her base numbers are veeeery low, though. Sadly, She can't have the same damage building utility than other poke champs that *do* build utility. (i.e Lulu, Nami, etc). And the Bard Buff makes him outscale her, i think.
Shadòw (EUW)
: so you want Braums balls to get bigger around cannon minions?
: Tryn is really unfun to play against and with
Trynda can't be worse than Graves at the moment.
: Well you can fairly easily dodge most of his burst if you can just evade his second shuriken.
Which is not precisely easy against good Zeds. It has a fast travel time :/
: No it should not. The hardest combo of.. Well most champions is easier to pull off than Lee Sin's easiest one. Lee does not only have one of the highest ceilings (many pro's have acknowledged this) but also a pretty decent skill floor considering how new Lee Sin players have a damn shitty winrate and his avg winrate increases with elo.
It DOES say a lot. If a new Lee sin player can kill you with the simplest of combos in his arsenal, what does it mean for Professional Lee Sin Players? As you mentioned earlier, his average win rate increases with elo, which just makes it much worse because in the end he becomes too overwhelming to properly have any counterplay in a enviroment where people tend to make less mistakes.
: According to Rito and Meddler, champions designed to support aren't allowed to do anything other than support. Hence their bases and scalings are repeatedly nerfed to make certain they remain in the support role. This became problematic in patch 3.14 when Rito made the shit-poor decision to create Utility scaling with AP, instead of creating a new support stat like "Willpower" from Infinite Crisis. This created the problem of having both their damage and utility scale both off of AP and hence the Solo-Lane Lulu conundrum. According to Jag and Meddler, supports are supposed to be Wardbots, free kills for assassins and a non-threat outside of buying multiple artificial damage sources such as Spellblade & Echo. They're supposed to stack Windspeaker effects and rely on their teammates' competence. Now as I just pointed out, the solutions to **#MakeEnchantersGreatAgain** are both simple to do and easily implemented, but unfortunately there are many Rito employees that have a personal interest in keeping APCs in the bot lane & personal biases against real supports. Fearless is well-known for keeping supports at the bottom of bottom-tier, but even more so Meddler himself personally abuses Brand & other APCs and doesn't want real supports taking back their rightful place on the rift. Also as an ex-Janna main, Meddler has a bias against her old counters and periodically nerfs them randomly when the urge just happens to strike him. Meddler just randomly nerfs many champions, every time you see that confusing nerf to an underplayed, underperforming champ in the patch notes that just seems to have come out of left field, you know it's Meddler's handiwork, but I digress.
I still remember that a lot of people **flamed and complained** quite much on patch **4.13 **(and before it launched live on PBE) because of Sona's Rework, Including myself :| (Which was, interestingly enough, a work done by your dearest Fearless). I also vividly remember how people gave feedback about it and none of it was taken into account, besides the tiny change to the "snuggle zones". I think she was pretty much a glorified minion back then. (Also similar to the time before Soraka got reworked and was dealing 15 damage per Q at rank 1.) And, well. If she doesn't build AP, she's still a glorified minion, it seems. IF she does build AP, then she's OP because it increases all of her stats (Offensive, Defensive and Utility stats) due to the introduction of AP scaling on most aspects of her kit. Also happens to Lulu, I guess. In the end it's more useful to function as an almost assasin and burst the enemy to death under 1.5 seconds than provide a little more healing per cast on an already low base heal/shield stat. Even though the numbers are theoretically high when stacking on many champions, they're not _directly_ noticeable effects. Idk, Support items either have to have some AP on them or be overtuned to even be remotely useful. I keep seeing {{item:3107}} built on every support, even those that have no inherent heals or shields, almost on a per-game basis. Okay, that was just a rant. Tbh I'm confused as to why so many champs are getting gutted almost every patch, both because of current itemization (Lethality everywhere), and because of competitive play. (Ryze and Taliyah keep getting nerfed ._.) I also don't understand why overperforming champs (i.e Graves, Lee Sin, Jayce, Rengar, Kha'Zix, Gangplank, Jhin. Those that you expect always make the fight one-sided and end up with the same results over and over again.) don't even get touched when they're so frustrating to play against. Lee Sin has like the 2nd or 3rd most highest play rate, ftw. Then Supports keep getting nerfed - either directly or indirectly - to the ground because of damage creep. APCs in bot lane are striving because they bring more damage to the table, even when they have low amounts of CC, and apparently killing is much more noticeable and provides more satisfaction than having assists.
: This is exactly how it works, otherwise my baby {{champion:75}} **Nasus** wouldn't get any effect from his passive, **Soul Eater**, without purchasing AD. Lifesteal takes the total *physical* damage dealt ***after*** mitigations, and heals for a percentage of *that*. To put it simply: * Physical damage done on an auto attack heals you via lifesteal. * This can be amplified by items that deal on-hit physical damage. {{item:3057}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3042}} * Magical damage done on an auto attack doesn't heal you via lifesteal. * There is one exception to this rule: {{champion:42}} * This stops crazy synergy on hybrids. {{item:3100}} {{item:3072}} * Reducing the physical damage taken, reduces their resulting healing from lifesteal/spellvamp. * Overall, mitigating damage in League is deceptively powerful. {{item:1029}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3046}}
> [{quoted}](name=TheSandQrator,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=y4u4Gyez,comment-id=00050000000000010000,timestamp=2017-03-12T09:26:45.496+0000) > * Reducing the physical damage taken, reduces their resulting healing from lifesteal/spellvamp. > * Overall, mitigating damage in League is deceptively powerful. {{item:1029}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3046}} Y'know, I didn't remember to take _this_ into account when dealing against life steal. Defensive stats are so accesible nowadays for a cheap cost, lol. Which means that buying an item that gives grievous wounds and then one or two defensive items ultimately makes it a very stale experience. You'd get outtraded because: * You deal reduced damage * You heal for less Which means your opponent would receive less damage (which means less deaths) and probably ends up sustaining more if they have access to any form of healing. Like {{champion:104}} **Graves.** _hint hint_, he often buys all of these items you mentioned - sometimes changing {{item:3047}} **Ninja Tabi** for {{item:3111}} **Mercury's Threads** (which also, magically, mititates magic damage and reduces your CC durations. yay. Although that makes Nasus's Slow hit the cap faster lol). And then there's {{item:3072}} **Bloodthirsther**. Or {{item:3156}} **Maw of Malmorthius**. OR {{item:3053}} **Sterak's Gage**. And all of these contribute to getting tankier while hardly sacrificing damage because, well. Its Graves. And then {{item:3033}} **Mortal Reminder** decides to ignore 45% of your bonus armor while reducing your sustain almost permanently. weeeee!
Terozu (NA)
: DD is not useless, or at least I don't think taking this build with it is: {{item:3153}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3085}} This build shreds tanks who don't buy thornmail, and heals you for 75% of your auto damage, + 30%(10% on aoe) of your skill Damages, people who complain that adcs have no sustain, this build, has gotten me to survive a full Kat combo, and come out with more health than I went in with, same with Baron, Elder Drag, etc, sustain is fucking hilarious with how much damage there is.
Tbh That's WAY Too much life steal. You could still get bursted to death. You'd have no armor shredding, no defense against lethality (not that it would make too much of a difference, sadly :/), and 35 MR won't save you from the more bursty mages like {{champion:37}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:34}}, etc. And you have no boots. Were you planning to run away from someone, or chase someone? .-. (Even though Mercurial Scimitar provides mov speed, it won't be available 24/7 neither will Botrk/Gunblade actives even though you can potentially slow someone for like 5 seconds or something. Btw, it'll be kinda difficult to manage these three actives all the time xD.) Runaan's feels kinda um. Extra, there. Wouldn't you rather take Phantom Dancer/Stattik Shiv/Rapid Firecannon? Although, DD and Hextech Gunblade makes a very nice combination. 30% healing from physical damage sources. (However you might end up wasting the AP and partly the % AP Ratio from gunblade active). I guess it might be nice for someone like Varus or Corki since both benefit from AP and have physical and magic damage sources.
Kaeblen (NA)
: trouble is, assassins and marksman get AD + lethality + CDR. **they can get all 3 with little difficulty**, whereas they ought to be making a choice between 1 or 2 of the 3.
The other problem isn't AD + Lethality + CDR. The other problem is that they also can get defensive stats for little to no cost on their offensive power. ({{item:3814}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}}{{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} ) Lethality by itself is problematic. Add {{item:3071}} and one of the {{item:3035}} items, either Lord Dominik's Regards (which scales on Max HP) and Mortal Reminder (Which also reduces your enemies healing. And ability to fight back.) and you get damage against everything. With little to no effort because they're all moderately cheap or extremely gold efficient. **Yay!!!!!** The only way Assassins and Marksmen don't get much defensive stats without sacrificing offensive power is against other AD champions because there are no Armor + AD items. Which means that it turns into a "Who benefits the most from x items" match and begin stat checking the hell out of everybody. (Pretty much why {{champion:91}} Top became a thing, I might guess). That results into binary gameplay where going against {{champion:91}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:126}}{{champion:56}}{{champion:64}}{{champion:238}} always results into one sided battles that you can't just win because you lose in two seconds (or somewhat more, give or take) without any windows to fight back at all. (Something that Apparently™ _**Riot Games**_ is vehemently against. Apparently™)
: Soraka not taking CDR into Account
I've tried reproducing this bug on the Practice Tool, but it haves 85.55 secs CD with 41% CDR. There must be some other conditions for this to happen - I tried with the same combination of items, but we have different runes and I bought another item to get 41% CDR.
: Yes, more items with 5% CDR, then make the hard cap a soft cap (it's halved past 40) and make base cooldowns longer.
Making base cooldowns longer would just make it worse for EVERYONE. Less time to fight back against Burst Assassins/Mages/Fighters/Graves. And you'd start to see ADCs everywhere, again. Because it would better to stick 2 800+ Damage autoattacks every second in the one, two, or three ( or more) seconds increases than playing someone that would get outdamaged all the time. Besides that, that would just add more and more CDR items. ew. Although generally I agree that they need to either remove CDR from items, or halve on some of them {{item:3071}} is a prime example of something that shouldn't exist in regards to CDR. (And stats in general) Like, it gives Offensive Stats (40 AD, 30% Armor Shred which casually scales with the opponent's armor during all stages of the game), Defensive Stats (400 HP), Utility (Phage - Mov Speed) and 20% CDR. On one item. For 3000 Gold. Apparently it's 100% gold efficient (It stats actually cost 3000 gold, wow) but that's without incluying both passives. {{item:3165}} is another offender, although not a must pick, it offers way too much for a low cost of 2900G. Pretty much a Generalist item. 100 AP, 400 Mana, 20% CDR offers a gold efficiency of 112.7% without including both passives of Morellonomicon. On the good side, it doesn't really offer any defensive stats in comparison to Black Cleaver which gives HP.
: Gameplay- Lulu can polymorph through Morgana's spellshield?
Well... that shouldn't be working (regardless of if it deals damage or not. I think it deals like 1 damage for purposes of negating turret diving). About one day ago someone posted about this bug, but had no video or screenshots. Maybe find someone to test that bug? This possibly surged on 7.5
: Spell shields don't stack
Hmm, for quite some time they have been behaving like that. Apparently they don't have any prioritization besides Morg's E (i.e A magic damage, crowd control spell won't proc Sivir's/Noc/Banshee's if shielded by Morgs E. I suspect a Physical damage spell would, however.) So, in the end: * {{champion:15}} {{champion:56}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3814}} spell shields pop up at the same time, not taking prioritization at all, regardless if they've been hit by a single spell or two. {{item:3632}} also, wth. What's this item? XD
Rioter Comments
: Morello's gives too many stats for too low of a price imo
Ikr? 100 AP. 400 Mana. 20% CDR. A 20% Mana restore on kill-assist passive. A Grievous Wounds for Eight Seconds on targets with less than 35% HP. For the modest, way too expensive price of... 2900G. Say, what? Which other items provide that much for that price? Zhonya does provide almost close AP (75), 45 Armor (not really that much If you consider that now everybody panics and builds lethality like if the world was going to end tomorrow), and 10% CDR (Way too common now lol). Its not entirely gold efficient on ALL Situations (and the Active has a downtime). The other item that comes close in terms of efficiency is Nashor's which provides 80 AP, 50% AS and 20% CDR for 3000G. (It is actually _too_ efficient if you include the passive. I would be surprised people don't buy it more often if it weren't for the fact that mostly Kayle and Jax buy it. Maybe Orianna or Sona on extreme cases. lol.) Lich bane haves similar stats to Morellonomicon, although it costs 3200 Gold and haves 80 AP (20 less), 250 Mana (150 less), 10% CDR (Also 10% less!) and 7% Mov Speed (7% more yay). More often built than Nashor's Tooth, but not as often as morellonomicon. You see Morellonomicon on pretty much every single mage in existance. TBH there's way too much CDR on the game :|
: Sustain champs actually have Spirit Visage, but I completely agree.
And Spirit Visage on that case would only increase Nasus's Lifesteal multiplicatively. - It doesn't increase the actual healing done by the attack by 25% - Which would increase his lifesteal to 37.5% (Ignoring if there is life steal present from runes). It is also an investment of 2800G that, besides providing HP. CDR and HP Regen, its provinding MR. Which is kinda Useless against a team with 4 AD Champions and only one Magic Damage champion which was supporting tht have access to Grievous Wounds 24/7, quite sadly. Although, yes. Sustain champs do have access to Spirit Visage. And sustain supports have access to increased healing/shields from {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} and {{item:3107}} (And two of these have pretty much become a staple to today's support. Ugh.) which united increase healing by 40% (Not counting Windspeaker's Blessing). Although It's unusual you'll see someone build all these items and besides, It's better to just build AP and one-two of these. (for the few sustain supports there are, anyway). Athene also exists. Not a too universal pick, though. And recently, Stoneborn Pact. (which isn't too inmmediate, sadly.) And Warlord's Bloodlust. Dunno how it interacts with Spirit Visage. And also, Grasp of the Undying is something. Although I haven't seen it too often recently.
: I say it should work more like the name sounds. Rather than healing from damage you do, you should heal for damage done. I'm a mid lane main, so I may be wrong about how lifesteal works, but as I understand it a 1000 AD {{champion:202}} , with 10% lifesteal, shooting a full armor {{champion:33}} would heal for 100 damage, since he heals for 10% of his AD. However, that shot due to {{champion:33}} armor only does 250 damage. The life steal in my mind should only heal {{champion:202}} for the 25 health, in proportion to the damage he dealth, rather than the 100 in proportion to the damage he does.
Um, Lifesteal currently works like that? Life steal is calculated from the actual damage done to an enemy, after armor and all other forms of damage reduction. So, okay. Lets set an example that has a champion with the next traits: * Deals 800 Damage on an auto attack (Be it a normal one, or a crit one) * Haves a set amount of Life steal. For example, 20%. Against: * A champion that has enough armor to reduce the damage received by 50% It would result into: * 400 damage being dealt * 20% Life steal applying to that 400 damage. 400 / 100 x 20% = 80 HP Which means that the champion that dealt the damage would be healing by 80 HP.
: @Riot- You guys should revisit some old items.
Tbh I'd like Ionic Spark to come back, Even though the stats were kinda weird (50% Attack Speed and +200 HP). It was kinda cooler to get the proc every 4 auto attacks. The old version of Blackfire Torch was also cool (even though it would be OP as hell nowadays, And it wouldn't have the active anyway (R.I.P. Deathfire Grasp :c) Eleisa's Miracle was cool because of the mid-game useful perma-stats, and I do miss reducing the CD of Heal and Clarity (when they were actually used on supports). Clairvoyance doesn't count xD. I guess the Summ. Spell CDR crom the mastery tree and Ionian Boots of Lucidity already reduce enough cooldown. Will of the Ancients. QQ. ;-; Emblem of Valor was cool (it built into Aegis, I think). It granted HP Regen as an Aura. Feral Flare shouldn't return. Ever. lol. What about the Items of Black Market Brawlers? Like i.e [Flesheater]( (Maybe too OP. 1 Permanent AD increase every 5 Autoattacks, lol). [Rite of Ruin](, [Pox Arcana]( and [Netherstride Grimoire]( were interesting concepts. (although Netherstride Grimoire would be eh, maybe _too_ strong.) Besides that, {{item:3802}} popped from Black Market Brawlers. (along with {{item:3742}} ) [Trickter's Glass]( was very, very interesting. (And confusing.) [Globe of Trust]( was... nice. I think. [Puppeteer]( eh... wasn't too good because of its stats (that were made for tanks/tanky supports) and because its passive was based on auto attacks (which were better on ranged champions). [Typhoon Claws]( were just op. xd I would've liked to see a 5.0 AS Kog'Maw proc the three attacks at 15.0 attack speed.
: Mages can also get {{item:3158}}
Used to be loooong ago when Ionian Boots of Lucidity was actually good for any kind of mages. Actually, for any kind of champion at all. Now you can just get 40% CDR building two or three items. Mages get Morello, Abyssal, Zhonya's, some of them can use Athene's, Nashor's maybe for the hybrid ones, Protobelt, Runes... Assassins/Fighters/Tanks get a myriad range of items between offensive and defensive ones. Including Black Cleaver (Which by itself gives AD, HP, 20% CDR and the passive), Spirit Visage adds another 10%, Iceborn Gauntlet, Frozen Heart , Trinity Force, all have 20% CDR... Supports have a myriad of CDR Items. (Though possibly the most common one is Redemption. Or something like that?) I think ADC's might be the one with the least amount of CDR available. There's maybe Youmuu's, Death's Dance, Essence Reaver, Malmorthius. And yet Essence Reaver pretty much is 30% CDR. Tbh the only adc's that come to mind when buying Ionian Boots of Lucidity are Corki and varus. And Corki usually buys Sorcerer Boots :| Riven might be the only one worthy of buying Ionian Boots of Lucidity - and yet there are better options like Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Threads :x
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