: Send Cloud9 Your Worlds Energy!
: Someone should look up the definition of 'complaining' lol. When the illiterate try to belittle someone, lmfao.
Found the bronze here LOL, oh sorry it is Iron
Segius (NA)
: *When a silver player using 80% abbreviations is calling one of the best teams in north america garbage* {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It only proves that the entire NA is garbage.
458 (NA)
: I just want SKT to win again. I know they aren't doing as great as they've had done in the pass, but I do hope they beat Samsung Sucks Genitals.
And SSG beat your Stupid Kunt Trash
: RNG support Ming: "If we were to get ganked, I would rather die and let Uzi live.โ€
Ming sucks. Uzi carried him. Just watch his Soraka's positioning.
fsis1111 (NA)
: Stop talk about Dead team
You can't stop NA Monkeys salting about their TrashSM and Clown9. They have to bring them up and ignore regions other than KR, EU, or NA.
: > [{quoted}](name=the sagdaddy,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=l2TqM0zR,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-10-18T15:51:52.865+0000) > > says the person from EU. if you look at actual game content, especially in week 2 EDG was wrecking face. Demolishing people. Their early game may have been the best in the whole tournament. Says the biased person from NA. Group C was the strongest and hardest group to get out from, and G2 PERFROMED WELL BOTH WEEKS on it, beating RNG once, RNG that finished ahead of a KR team EDG week 2 would have put them on par with the other KR teams and Chinese, but week 1 can't be ignored (and vice versa when judging other teams). It's funny to see double standards from some kinds of fanboys, with people claiming C9 wasn't lucky to not have been forced to face tie-breaker in Group A vs EDG that would have beaten them, and then claiming EDG was very strong and the best team that didn't qualify for QF. Sorry, it just does not work this way EDG choking led to their elimination (otherwise they would have gotten through given the not super strong competition in the group), and a team with not enough mental fortitude HAS to be placed behind a team that didn't really choke but performed well and was just beaten by better teams.
Performed well? By winning most game from a bad wildcard team? Imagine if it was C9 instead of FB.
: I wonder where C9 Magnus is. Last time I saw him he was saying NA was going to be the next most dominant region LUL
: I think the way LZ and RNG can beat SSG not because LZ and RNG are "super good"(they are good actually), but its because SSG play so horribleto me, Crown and Ambition do not step up, Ruler is horrible at positioning, CoreJJ is decent but there is only so much a support can do specially it is ardent meta. The only one been playing well so far is Cuvee, but also, this is Maokai Chogath patch that he can only do limited of works...Ruler and Crown gotta do something, specially Ruler, this is supposed to be AD is carrying, but he been been dying.
I know, it is sad that Ruler is not a tier 1 adc and since the meta changed to adc hyper carry focus, Corejj cannot pick his zyra, and Cuvee cannot pick his Camile or whatever carrying. Also it is sad that Crown is really mediocre right now and idk what is going on with him. I hope SSG can win world but guess not this year. One more thing, Ambition is so bad at jg from what I have seen till now, why no one notices that?
: 10 thoughts going into Quarterfinals
You NA people are SO unfair against LPL team. Did you even watch LCK summer split? LZ and SSG were equally good! SSG IS NOT A WEAK TEAM!!! It won't be a MAJOR upset for SSG to beat KT and LZ, so if RNG is capable of beating SSG, it WON'T be a MAJOR upset for RNG to beat LZ. However, I grant you the fact that SSG has a weak bot lane which is sad because of the current meta.
: So ur saying SSG doesn't have a chance at beating Longzhu in #1? They did go 3-1 against them in series this season.
Too be fair, LZ changed its top, mid, and jg in the summer split, but still SSG showed great performance against LZ and I believe SSG has 50% chance to beat LZ. Of course, I am a SSG fan so I might be biased.
: NA still thinks they are better than EU? :D
Incoming butthurt NA and EU monkeys arguing about who is the worst of the worst.


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