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: What are your thoughts on NIghblue's Crit Shaco build (warrior > yoummus > pd > ie > statik > triforce), add me I want to ask you a lot of questions and 1v1 me kid :D Currently Plat 2 Wukong jungle main and love playing stealth champs...
Plat 5 atm and invis junglers are a ton of fun :D (Twitch jg main hehe)
: {{champion:432}} Wanna get high? c:
{{champion:26}} No thanks I can fly, I'm already high enough.
{{champion:28}} No one loves us D:
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with WookieeCookie! [COMPLETE]
Are you able to just ban enimes or allys RIGHT after a game ends?
: Happy Valentine’s!
> I would like to ask you, rito games to be my valentines!
: Ty for the nod to the old lolipoppy
All new players will be super confused...
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
I haven't gotten the skin yet and i know i havent ben banned for even 5 days! Also never been muted in chat! Any ideas?{{item:2054}}

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