: How can i practice for FIRST TIME CHAMPION , against LVL7 Mains in Normals..
If you don't feel comfortable playing vs other players then you have to play bots. You don't have another option. You play vs other players to improve. This means a lot of the time someone will be better than you are. That's..normal for everyone else, why not you? Watch vids of the champ you like to play. In small chunks. If its a jungler, watch a video of a high elo player clearing his jungle and just study it for a bit. Watch that same player gank, study that a bit. But if your complaint is people play their favorite champions in Normal mode, i do not understand your complaint. Your complaint is invalid if that's what it is. A lot of players don't enjoy Ranked, but enjoy their favorite champion. What would you tell them to do? Play a mode they don't want to play because you don't want them to play in your mode? Why do you think you're more important? If your complaint is how other players talk to you, then i get it, but you cannot control other people's behavior. No one can. If that's your issue, then begin every game with /mute all and be done with this. You won't see ANY of what they have to say and can play all game without worry. But no, i'm going to continue playing all of my favorite champions in Normals. I am M7 on all 4 of them, which honestly doesn't even mean much, but lol @ complaining that we play our favorites in Normals.
: Total Damage Dealt To Champions Is a Misleading Statistic
It's not though - it tells you exactly what it says it tells you. Misleading, it isn't. -Players- are the ones who ruin the use of stats like that one, and others. Players who don't look at everything else, but Rito can't fix stupid. Only those stupid people can fix their stupidity. Like if i see Ekko rocking a 5.0 KDA, with average damage to champions done and damage taken but a ton of damage dealt to towers or a large number of towers taken, i know a LOT about how that Ekko played. Give me only one of those though and i don't know shit.
: You'd still have to play the autofilled game in the current system anyway, get over it. At least you won't risk your lp on your main role in the new system unlike now. Your actual problem seems to be that autofill is a thing, so at least be honest and argue against that instead of pretending it has literally anything to do with the new system (aside from the new system effectively shielding your LP from autofill.)
> [{quoted}](name=A Sword Saint,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vO7p0eT3,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2018-04-26T18:02:25.346+0000) > > You'd still have to play the autofilled game in the current system anyway, get over it. At least you won't risk your lp on your main role in the new system unlike now. > > > Your actual problem seems to be that autofill is a thing, so at least be honest and argue against that instead of pretending it has literally anything to do with the new system (aside from the new system effectively shielding your LP from autofill.) Haven't touched Ranked since maybe late S6, maybe 7? But sure, i have an issue with a bad system. It fixes a problem and introduces another, more unpleasant problem. That's a bad solution, seems basic. They have released info on the system. Discussions about this are precisely the purpose. It's good you've such blind faith in Riot, keep it up. I don't. Many of us don't. Many of us have seen, time and again, Riot implement an ass backwards system, give feedback, be ignored and then Rito is surprised when their playerbase is salty after the proposed change sucks eggs. It's almost intentional at this point LOL. I'll continue providing my opinion on how this change is bad, short-sighted and will introduce a whole slew of worse issues. You do...whatever you want :)
: What's actually up with Morde's code? We got 2 new bugs this patch
lol his heal is him dealing negative true damage to himself, duh. It's a feature for clarity, not a bug. They're testing making his heal not affected by GW by coding it that way, to give him a bit of oomph. XD XD XD
: Don't swap, then report for trolling if they throw. It makes no sense for them to troll tho if they want to rank up as it simply hurts their own plans.
I mean, they care about their LP on their autofilled role? Because you know most people who climb main a role. Winning on their off role does nothing tangible for their main role, only gives them a bonus for winning their next game on their main role..lol. I'd argue playing out a 40m slugfest on their offrole is a larger waste of their time than throwing in 15 and moving on to their next game.
Slý Tαils (EUNE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Ahri Charm
Bait title? TF does Ahri Charm have anything to do with Zoe? Supposed to get more attention somehow?
: >One more thing: we know competitive intent is a big deal in Ranked, so we’ll be rolling out new systems to help combat situations where players don’t take games in off-positions seriously. One plan grants bonuses for winning secondary and autofill games that apply the next time you play your primary position. We’re also looking at new penalties to help ensure Ranked stays hardcore. There's still incentive to win.
> [{quoted}](name=Votable Jester,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vO7p0eT3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-25T20:30:53.223+0000) > > There's still incentive to win. A secondary incentive that grants no tangible benefit to the -primary- incentive to do a thing is an absolutely shit idea to justify limiting the primary incentive. Like, it doesn't help me at all to say if i go hungry today you'll give me more water tomorrow. What the fuck? I'm still hungry now.
: “Gets auto filled role in new ranked system”
YUP! Two things i am looking forward to: 1. Say i'm a mid OTP in Diamond. Have -literally- never touched Top lane (or if i have, it's not any more frequent than being autofilled elsewhere). Now, i get autofilled top lane. This happens BEFORE i got in the lobby. Which means my opponents were found before i picked anything, but AFTER my role was decided. This means my Diamond midlane self is going to spam someone to give me mid. Which means that, because you didn't throw me in Diamond (bc top not primary), perhaps Gold, i am going to savage the Gold mid laner, the Gold jungler, and the rest of the Gold team because Riot is too stupid to see this coming. 2. I get autofilled something. I'm a die hard X main. I am going to troll/not put forth much effort bc i got autofilled and this new system will not in any way penalize me for losing on my offrole, because it would be colossally stupid to force autofill as a system and then also punish someone extra for losing during their autofill. **(in fairness by now, i won't be surprised if Rito decides this is a good idea. I mean, here we are with 2019 Ranked, after all.)**
: > But then riot was like fuck it why not just make it better for Marksman like they do with literally everything. _Lists multiple items that have better stats for melee than ranged._ _Gets upset that I pointed it out._ Let's not even get into the fact that melee have higher base stats and per level growth than ranged as they very well should considering the range disadvantage. Melee get shit to make up for the punishment of being melee. Get over it.
So..the item has better stats for melee. Was designed for melee. But still sees more use AND more success on ranged...and you're not capable of seeing how that could be an issue? Same tools were designed for me but work better for my smaller, faster friend. That...makes sense to you? lol. you're funny. post more, i get bored reading sensible things all day.
: I'll put it this way. Ariel Lawrence, aka Thermal Kitten, is also aka my boss.
She's -also also known as- your boss? What's she known as before being your boss but after being known as Thermal Kitten? Can't be Ariel, bc she was that before she was the other two things.
: It's Kai'Sa, she has a massive shield on her R. Any other ADC would of died, this is quite a poor example of the point you were trying to make.
Syndra missed everything but her point and click spell. NO OTHER champion in the game would have died. This post is a poor example of the point you might be trying to make. Fun fact - Syndra ult landed 80% of its orbs before Kai'sa even pressed R. What does her ult have to do with this clip if it wasn't used to block the majority of the damage she would take?
: > [{quoted}](name=invisiblecat1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9EELwm9E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-20T02:11:46.888+0000) > > If we are being completely truthful here, > 1. Kai'Sa isn't technically underleveled considering she has been in a duo lane for the first 15 minutes of the game, harming her experience growth > 2. Kai'Sa is a little overtuned, and Riot has noticed this and have been hitting her with nerfs > 3. Kai'Sa did play this fight very well Every adc are overtuned. Hell even Jhin rageblade is banned from LCK.
Rageblade Jhin has NOTHING to do with anything any other ADC is or is not guilty of lol. Rageblade Jhin is Riot not thinking with the insane amount of resources they had. They created a champ who scales off AS, Crit and AD and created an item that multiplies 2 of those 3 stats, which then multiplies with itself due to his passive. There's literally NO other example of this, so Jhin's got nothing to do with this clip or this subject. Other ADCs have cheap af crit items as part of their issues. Every ADC is not overtuned, their items are. A couple of ADCs are too strong, separately of the above. Kai'sa is one of them. If you're gonna whine, whine about the right things.
: Irelia Rework Mobility Issues
A champion with conditional mobility requiring an in-range enemy target by definition does not have more mobility than most assassins when most assassins have free, or better mobility (blink instead of dash).
: >It isn't "Rito doesn't listen"; it's really "Rito has bigger fish to fry". The substantial difference between those two things is absolutely nil. It means that the majority of players aren't getting listened to, in favor of high ELO/competitive, end of.
Dude, preaching to the choir. To me, there IS no difference because the functional result is the same either way. I wrote that for those who didn't get there on their own. Cause it helps calibrate your thoughts when you realize how things really are, helps refine your message and point. To reiterate, look at my post history. I've been harping about Rito shifting their ways like this for some time. I could not agree with you more if i tried.
: Has Riot Lost Touch With Their Community?
No. They are entirely too aware of what their playerbase wants, this is the exact reason you see them TRYING. No one can say they are not, but all can say their efforts are not working. Why? Because the issue is not their finger on the pulse of the community. They already know. The issue is they are intentionally taking this game in a direction that is different from their players because their players are no longer the group they need to appease. Make no mistake people. If Rito and LCS hit their stride as a true e-sport in a similar, but larger vein as SC then their -players- are irrelevant commodities. Skin sales will not even be a blip in their income from tickets, sponsor, the team's franchising, there are JV teams across the country for this shit and colleges are beginning to offer scholarships for this!! It doesn't really matter how accurate their assessment of the playerbase's woes is because they are not following a path to fixing those issues. Those issues are not in scope for where they are taking the game. Players need to realize that now and act accordingly. I see so much anger and frustration on the boards and it all is a symptom of an unmet expectation and no one is coming out and shining a light on that. Riot IS definitely trying to bridge that gap, but players need to identify the writing on the wall too so the real conversation can be had. It isn't "Rito doesn't listen"; it's really "Rito has bigger fish to fry". I feel confident in this because i'm a player too. Not high elo mind, but i even play on LAN, alongside my NA accounts. I hate the changes they make also, but i don't ever find myself outraged because it makes sense to me they would want to focus on making the Esports side "better", so to speak. It makes sense why they'd feel "hmm, on the one hand, skin/cosmetic sales made up a huge portion of revenue but those are not always reliable. Having an international presence as a competitive sport that has us partnered with and sponsored by the biggest names in tech AND also shit like established colleges, artists and other industries? Duh - let's make changes that strengthen that position, instead!"
: taliyah pbe nerfs.
Maybe we should set up mobile reply unit for these types of post. Taliyah needs nerfs because she's super strong in LCS due her wave control starting from level 1, her roams and her team-reliant ult. Riot does not cater to the casual playerbase any longer. They will not spend resources (money and time) on a Queue or group of players when there is another way to spend that time and resource that generates a larger, more reliable reward. LCS is where they hope to gain a large, steady stream or revenue and relevance. If a change affects LCS optimally and SoloQ negatively, they will favor LCS changes. Acknowledge that, reduce your emotional and financial investment in the game and they enjoyment will return. It'll muffled enjoyment, but it will return. Telling you and everyone else here that. It literally does not get better from here. Case in point, Taliyah is garbo in most tiers of SoloQ due to having such a huge emphasis on teamplay aspects, which require communication and such that, let's be real, are rare and unreliable. Having established this, if the above statement is wrong, why is she seeing nerfs when weak af in SoloQ (she's not that successful even in high elo), but rather dominant in play/representation in LCS?
Hibeki (NA)
: If riot wants to stop allegations of game states they need to start providing actual info.
They'll also choose stats from other servers to argue/explain the state of things on a separate server. I think one of those posts took data form like the OCE or some other smaller server on the eastern hemisphere to answer a post regarding the NA server. Here's the thing - we don't have insight into their internal systems and processes. Because of that, we always are at a disadvantage in these conversations, because we are forever susceptible to "well, you just don't have the data we have and that's why you're wrong" stance. But i dunno bout you...for me, if you're addressing, say, your EU players and explain your stance by citing numbers from the Korean server, i think two things about you: - You're depressingly incompetent by lacking the capacity to identify where i'm from OR just not doing your due diligence by being prepared with relevant info. - You're hiding things. Either way, not a good look. Once again peepies, the game is not catering to you all anymore. Skin sales are not the income they are after, those will not be sustainable the way a presence in entertainment (e-sports) will bring. Understand that, and if you're cool with it, it won't bother you as much. For as long as you all think that Riot is/will cater to the lowest denominator, the game will be especially unappealing.
: I know. I don't think he needs any more mobility though.
I dunno i don't think he's got any nobility at all really, since he was basically raised as a gutter rat.
: "gl jarvan. u'll need it" - katarina from 2 games ago
YES - and it was a Kat then too. On my team, mid vs Vlad. She got Lv 2 ganked by Twitch and nuked, lost game. Blamed me for it (jungle). Next game was on the enemy team but i got mid. Locked in Diana and solo killed her at 2 with Ignite and gave the good **:)** in /all - felt amazing.
: To start off, you're 100% correct in expressing frustration when you feel the game **you** play is negatively impacted by balance decisions that are made focused on the highest levels of play. You're opinion is one that's certainly shared by a large group of players, but it's also only one of several of the demographics that make up our playerbase that we're trying to serve with both solo queue and the professional scene. Let me elaborate: Group A - Just wants to play League doesn't care about the pro scene Group B - Enjoys League, tunes in occasionally to watch the pro scene (usually for big things like playoff finals, MSI, Worlds) Group C - Enjoys League, watches LCS religiously (every weekend they make time to watch every game or atleast the games with their favorite teams. Group D - Used to play League, doesn't anymore, but still watches the LCS because they like the pro scene Group E - Never played League before, but I friend told them it was pretty cool and got them to watch a few games. *These groups are not all encompassing, but what I'm trying to outline is that the number of people that care about there being some amount of focus put on pro play balance is far greater than just the players that actually play professionally. Now, more direct to your point, I have a desire/goal for a future where we don't have to make as many changes to champions based on their performance in pro play nearly as much as we do now. Right now we're beset by two conflicting goals, we (Riot) really want pro play to be as exciting as possible, and professional teams really want to win, more or less regardless of the tactics. Why these conflict is that the path to victory is often one of min maxing for risk/reward - which manifests as choosing more generically strong champions with less pronounced weaknesses, and then out macroing the shit out of your opponent. Why choose Zed when you can pick Ryze who's proven to have far fewer weaknesses when playing in a low ping, highly coordinated environment as an example? In order to make Zed a more likely pick in pro, we'd likely need to buff him drastically to overcome his weaknesses/counterplay - which is a surefire way of putting him in crazy territory for our average solo queue warrior. Since that isn't really a great option, we need to find another way. We're currently putting some brainpower in how we could help shelter pro play from specific points of imbalance, letting us put less focus on pro play in regards to balance and focusing more on the regular game. It sucks to have your champion heavily nerfed, especially when it's for something you don't care about, we totally understand that, and ideally we can find a world where that can become less of a thing that we need to do. Potential avenues could be exploring changes to the drafting phase beyond 10 bans. There really isn't much to talk about yet though. At the end of the day we highly value League as a spectator sport, and we'll continue to make changes that we believe help achieve that. We just need to make sure we're doing our diligence when we're making big changes that could impact the way the players actually engage with the game and make sure the cost is worth it. I stand by our decision to remove trackers as an example, as I firmly believe the value in terms of "quality of game" we get both in pro and normal was worth the cost of removing that one item. To close off, we simply can't shackle ourselves by only making decisions that all players will find agreeable, as doing so would mean we should probably just stop making any meaningful changes to the game period, and that's not a world that I think we should be moving towards. ps - the archangels change is only archangels. Once it's upgraded to Seraph's you get the full 3% ap again. Right now it's simply too good as a rush item when it's intended to be more mid/late game scaling power spike.
You need two versions then. Sorry - it's what is necessary BECAUSE the skill disparity and motivation to play ARE so different. And, let's be honest. RIGHT NOW the games are not the same. LCS is 2-3 patches behind, nigh constantly. There are changes in 2-3 patches that shift EVERYTHING about how the game is played. That may not be desired, but it's the reality as it stands. The best example I have, and it sucks but I'm sleepy is suggesting what it would be like if any sport of your choosing suddentl redid it's rules ALL the time, BUT now the groups who play in the weekends casually at the gym HAVE to play that way too. Over and over again, and it will be different next month, possibly next year too. Because you now have a spectator sport that's a consideration you have to have for your players and if not, it's because they're not your focus. Fact is your players are struggling because they are not the focus any more. That's probably not a bad thing, objectively, but if you all are confused by the vitriol, that's why you're feeling it. It's the natural progression of small, indie companies (not the meme, I actually wayyy back when LoL WAS niche) who then grow huge but you all may be the first to spike so hard and fast into a MASSIVE international spectacle, what with the franchising and general exposure and validity you've brought to E-sports. You're trying to create parity between two totally different beasts who sport the same colors. What is enjoyable to watch for a casual, play for a casual, watch for a pro AND play for a Pro ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Players need to understand that complexity but maybe that complexity predicates the need to look into this. I dunno what the solution is, but that's what's happening. You're heading in a completely different direction than your players want you to go or thought they would go, and they don't -know- it yet bc you're not really saying so. I feel you're trying to grow your brand and international presence, which you NEED to do because I feel you all are pioneers for legitimacy in Esports, but either you're okay with the casual side (SoloQ) repeatedly getting left behind or you'll address that, and I don't know how else you could tbh, other than separate the realms, so to speak. You, you're, your, and yours = Riot btw. I'm still playing just about every day and I genuinely feel enjoyment - a good deal- of the time. I will admit it has dropped a fair amount in the last two seasons, but mostly because for me, I can't find consistency anymore in LoL. *I get it - Riot will flourish more greatly by focusing on it's success in ESports, at this point I feel that is undeniable. What's sad is you're not able to find a way to not ostracize the players who got you there, so to speak. it's a tough af dilemma, but know that a lot of the negativity comes from a legit place of enjoyment that they can't find anymore.
: I really dont give a damn about LCS balance
My dude, here's what it is. They essentially can either cater to their players, or the pro scene and everything it brings. Which is likely a lot more than the 98% of Plat or below players bring. So this won't stop. They will look at high elo/pro implications before they consider the rest lol, and act accordingly. I would say they need to create two versions of the game, because yeah LCS play is night and day different. But! Y'know. Small Indie company, low resources, not much reward for investment etc and so forth. lol.
: This seems like circular logic: Rengar is very fat, and 1-shots enemies. Rengar 1-shots enemies, and therefore gets fed. Rengar gets fed, and therefore gets fat and obese. Repeat. However, it isn't quite circular logic, if Rengar is obese to begin with. The real conclusion to take away from this is that Rengar is a very unhealthy design.
Damn you used unrelated facts and memes to still logically prove knifecats are unhealthy in their design in this game. well played ser.
: Anivia has great auto damage and a smooth auto attack animation if you aren't LAZY and use minions to farm early game like everyone should you can easily wave clear as anivia She also has her E for wave clear while it isnt Aoe it has little cooldown or cast time which allows her to farm well and shove waves.
LOL are you kidding? Anivia auto attacks are the butt of half of every Last Hitting meme/joke in this game, WHAT? High damage autos on Anivia? Is this some AD Anivia that exists in the bowels of Wood IX? Also, to clarify, you think all champions should use minions to farm early game? Like, as opposed to taking jungle farm (yes) or using minions to damage other minions(???)?
: Are Melee AP Assassins Bad?
AP melee assassins have one huge issue that others don't - if they whiff their combo/combo is not enough, they are boned. AD melee assassins don't have this issue as much because their items ALSO enhance their auto attacks. If an AD assassin whiffs his ranged Q, he can still rely on item amped auto attacks. If an AP assassins whiffs theirs, their autos do jackshit by comparison. AP melee tend to rely heavily on their spells because that's the only thing affected by the items they buy. Thus, for most AP melee mids, their AP buys ONLY enhance their spells, generally. So, if they miss them or if they are not enough, oh well. An AD assassin's spells get enhanced by their items AND their autos do too, so if they miss spells or combo isn't enough, maybe a few 150 dmg autos will be. That said, AP Melee burst tends to be up there as some of the highest in the game and their base stats are higher than their mage counterparts. IF the player can play around the range advantage, the ranged opponent is actually at a disadvantage because they CANNOT play "around" the base stat differences. Take mid lane Diana vs something like Lux. I main Diana, i will spend every single minute of lane phase having to worry about trading my HP for a single CS because Lux can harass me with everything in her kit while i can only throw Qs every 10-6 seconds. If Lux can routinely land Es and autos, she will eventually force me out. If she does this, she can begin accruing an XP lead, which can lead to her being 1-2 levels over me. (example!) IF she manages, her base stats are now higher than mine; my advantage is gone and her advantage is nearly complete. With a two level lead, there is NOTHING i can do to her alone. She will have too much HP (almost 200 more) and additional damage/effects on her spells and runes. However, if i manage to only remain even in XP and snag one or two small Tomes, i one shot Lux at 6 with no effort whatsoever assuming i land my spells or don't fuck something else up royally. There's nothing she can do if she doesn't keep me out of her melee range, period. My stats and burst will be too high for her.
: irelia's thighs are way too big
i think i'll kill the fun but isn't the actual reason for her thighs being 10-stack-Cho size just the angle we view her model at coupled with her posture and animations? I thought i read somewhere the angle and such when viewed from a normal playing angle allows it to look somewhat normal vs when zoomed in and angled or some shit.
: isn't it a skill match up {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Diana doesn't automatically beat her just because she can cancel her ult. If anything kat has an advantage because diana is melee so she'll get hurt by kay easy while she's going to struggle to land her Q on kat unless she's on top of her.
Diana wins by default, because Kat can outplay Diana BUT if Kat never does outplay Diana, Diana wins. Diana can't outplay cause her kit goes in one binary direction, but if she doesn't make a mistake, Kat shouldn't be able to kill her. Since the onus is on Kat to outplay just to lane (try to farm with autos midlane vs Diana, that's exactly how you lose), it's correct to say Diana is a soft counter to Kat. Hard counter would mean Kat can do almost nothing, which is wrong, because a well timed EW to dodge the Di Q is a great way to win a trade vs Diana, and it's not too hard to do. What's fucked is Kat can build Hexdrinker and run Diana down if the latter doesn't respect the former. Kat then can't burst other targets on the map as easily, but she can survive Diana with relative ease itemizing that way. Diana players like to think Kat can't win period, but Kat can pop Diana like a berry if Diana is behind/can't refresh W shield or just doesn't respect daggers on the ground.
: Rework Unsealed spellbook or remove it
That's okay - you don't need to like it. There's nothing wrong with it. It's players with combat keystones not knowing how or not being able to bully the player without a combat keystone and getting mad they have more utility.
NotSid (NA)
: This is how I felt about Galio. I've only played a couple games since they deleted him. Riot got rid of a loyal player and paying customer. One among millions, so of course they don't care.
> [{quoted}](name=NotSid,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0BFq60Lr,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-04-04T06:54:24.378+0000) > > This is how I felt about Galio. I've only played a couple games since they deleted him. Riot got rid of a loyal player and paying customer. One among millions, so of course they don't care. And they shouldn't. This is F2P, don't call yourself a "paying customer" lol. Literally is not that serious?
This is a pretty bad idea, you know. Easily abusable and then you want to ensure a 4v5 for your team? Like...what inspired this lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chaotic903,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NWmbNVpX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-03T19:53:09.390+0000) > > Just something that's going to happen as a champion becomes stronger in the meta. With a game that constantly is rebalanced and changed, you can't possibly expect a champ to stay bad forever. This is just how the game works. no it's not. Teemo mains can play Teemo whenever they want as an uncontested, out there pick. Karthus, Wukong, Lissandra, all free to main with ease.
But i can think of times where we were banning all of them. Maybe you can't because it's "too close to home", but i don't have any trouble remembering plenty of champions cycle through being pick/ban then left in obscurity for their mains to enjoy uncontested. It's just something that happens.
: 100 plus however much is remove by the 30 armor. How much does {{item:3009}} reduce?
Potentially your entire life bar from avoiding him getting in range. See, champions sometimes have peel, or a way to kite. Or, they can tank some autos instead of all the autos thanks to the slow protection. I'd suggest you re-evaluate both your priorities and your knowledge.
Onotori (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6up1Pa2Z,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-03T07:53:57.779+0000) > > Enjoyment, didn't say it was optimal, just said it was possible, meta literally means nothing until the top like .1%. Okay, you know how many times people say to me that enjoyment is irrelevant in ranked? > Is that why the forums of said MMOs are filled to the brim with QQ about balance just like it is here? Yet, despite all that complaining, nearly every class and variation of comp is viable in high tier play. > It isn't possible. It is, if you care beyond money. A balanced game is stagnant and not profitable in an F2P model though, so eh.
You're criminally short sighted. 1. In a video game, enjoyment is the prime directive for everyone who is not depending on this for their livelihood. You're conflating two separate points. Enjoyment is all that matters, the people who say it doesn't are really saying winning is enjoyment for them, therefore they don't enjoy losing. Think. 2. FFXIV, WoW, Rift and Guild Wars 1 and 2 are my MMO experience and ALL of them are LITTERED TO THE BRIM with bitching about CDs, PVP kits, Class is fucking busted in PVP pls nerf, when will Mages be good again, etc. I could go on for pages. There is ALWAYS an optimal 3s comp, RBGs comp, whatever. Always. Elitist Jerks and other sites for WoW exist exactly because of this. LoL is the same. More often than not, you wind up with several dominating combinations and the rest all are middling and always inferior. They CAN win, just like Soraka top can win in high Diamond, but usually doesn't bc it's infinitely suboptimal. 3. I agree their main driving factor is money, but actually a game that fluctuates SO wildly like LoL sometimes does induces fatigue in the player and that's worse for longevity than stagnation. To the main point, the game is entirely too big for them to balance perfectly now. Period. There are too many variables that interact, and one of them is their playerbase's skill, which is the most volatile variable of all. It is IMPOSSIBLE to balance a game for both the lowest and the highest denominators unless the gameplay is braindead simple and one dimensional. Hint, LoL is not braindead simple.
Jamaree (NA)
: Until high Diamond, everything is viable. Side note, literally every champion in this game has seen pro play at sometime or another at this point except Kai'sa.
My dude, SKT Bang picked Kai'Sa! I don't remember when, but if i recall, he ripped the enemy team a new one. EDIT: 3-4 days ago vs KSV. DD Kai'sa w Crit after. Outdamaged by Cait, but Cait is bullshit in organized play and needs to be fukin permabanned.
: Hey popped in for some clarification on the mana building passive, would it be something like “Every time Lissandra Impairs the movement of an enemy champion she gains X max mana” or something to the verbage of literally just tear with a cap and max mana per spell cast? Sounds pretty in theme with curing her ridiculous mana issues, and has a nice synergy with archangels (and muramana!?!)
Honestly, could she not -restore- X% of her max Mana when she impairs an enemy's movement? Giving her max Mana would be ok, but it would more or less "force" her to go Archangel's so her passive can synergize with the shield and it could feel suboptimal to not get the item that gives you a shield that scales off your items AND your passive. But maybe take her idea and adjust it so it's like Swain Q, but with slows/roots. He gains X% max mana per unit killed by Q - Lissandra restores X% of her max (or % of missing, Rito likes % missing mana/HP scaling too) whenever she slows a target, and either MORE mana when rooting/stunning or perhaps THEN she gets a free spell, when it's a root or stun but not a slow. I like her - ever since i got Program Liss i've tried using her but she legit feels worse than 90% of other picks.
: Ranged champions have lower base AD and AD/level than almost every melee. Some extreme cases may vary.
not to mention lower hp and hp per level and often lower resistances and also per level resistances.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TranscendVirtual,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZrxXc5by,comment-id=00010000000100000000,timestamp=2018-04-03T06:27:18.794+0000) > > You clearly dont understand the game, if their stacking ad and crit, they arent stacking defense, Then you don't understand that damage always trumps defense in this game. Why would anyone willingly be building defense?
are you new? Defensive buys are significantly more efficient per gold spent than offensive buys - it's why you grab some resistances as a melee laner vs a ranged bully. Because buying damage ensures you die without dealing any while buying defense lets you apply your base damages, at least. like..come on dude. Some effort pls. The game is definitely snowbally, but defensive buys have always been the go to for melee vs hard ranged lanes for a reason? Exceptions being the champions who can negate the range gap reliably, they can buy damage to pop the ranged carry who has less base defenses across the board most of the time... but that may be a foreign notion since defenses are useless, i'm hearing.
: {{champion:77}} Our rage is beyond your control {{champion:77}} https://youtu.be/P0zLoK0ODzY?t=48s
*Ouw wage is beyond youw contwol*
: I should have the option to LOCK Normals Stats
No reason to do this other than to "protect" from players disagreeing with or being critical... and no. I genuinely don't see why resources need to be assigned to this. There is no -need- at all for this to exist, y'know?
: 2/3 vlad because the enemies wasted every single fucking summoner spell just to make sure all MY
: I figured out riots scheme boys.
My theory is the game is done catering to its casual playerbase and is putting its eggs in the esports basket. If successful, the game can subsist without a single skin sale simply from existing as a popular e-sport. Riot has learned it is -impossible-, full stop, to balance a game this complex for both the lowest AND the highest common denominator. They are right, it is impossible to do at this point. That's my opinion. That's where i imagine they go when they face a torrent of hate for the latest rework that focuses on teamplay or whatever buzz word they throw out. They do not need their players if they have their athletes, sponsorships, etc. The player base is a bunch of whiny unreliable children who may or may not spend money on skins or whatever else, not compared to what can be had if they ever manage a stable professional scene.
Kevahn (NA)
: Ap to OP??
I think you need more practice at the game because almost every statement there is just wrong. Bruiser/Fighter items are the only items more expensive than AP items. Half or more of the ADC core of items is below 2700g considering 2x Zeal items, Boots and the Last Whisper choice. Mage items tend to cost more than 3k, with some exceptions and discounting support items. Just because there's AP on Shurelya's for 2100g does not make it a cheap **mage** item. Seeker's is the AP item to protect from AD opponents, Hexdrinker is the AD item to protect from AP opponents. One gives Armor and AP but needs to be stacked, the other gives AD, AP and a magic shield and is full effectiveness right away, LOL. There's only no counterplay when you don't know what to do - that isn't the same thing as zero available counterplay. Figure out what champions do and learn what to do to stop them from doing it. ANY champion in the game can 2 or 1hit any other champion when the former is fed and the latter is behind. Literally has always been this way. Just yesterday, LL Stylish hit an ADC, as Zed, for over 1600 damage from a single E and an auto attack that crit. No counterplay, LOL. Most ranged champions have low MR because range is a powerful advantage. Most melee champions have high Armor, HP and MR by comparison because they do not have range advantages. It's a tradeoff, where you're asking for everything handed to you lol.
: 14 day suspensions
I haven't been banned - game seems ok if that's your only metric.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: To me Kai'Sa is basically the prework Irelia , her face is so similar
Dunno why the downvotes, Kai'sa base splash's face is like wild/feral version of Lotus Irelia splash face. Was like the first thing i noticed.
: "After 4 seconds of combat, you gain Attack damage and true damage. Damage in those 4 seconds of prep up time is reduced by 100%." It was in the fine print.
WAIT. Camille does true damage on 2nd Q. What if Camille buys IBG, takes Conqueror, then tries to activate Q2 DURING the prep time for Conqueror? You cannot reduce True damage! Do we nerf Irelia or bring back Fervor of Battle?
: Especially now it’s getting buffed to 15% ms
: Conqueror is a good addition, yet makes me sad
Are you sure? I was certain that taking the rune does not stop your abilities, autos and passive/active effects from dealing damage. I may need to go back and re-read the tooltip though. I am pretty sure your standard spells and attacks still deal plenty of damage before the bonus AD and 20% dmg proc.
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanium125,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=fexfJ3le,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-27T13:12:44.147+0000) > > Because dying to a champion gives said champion the buff. If you didn't die to a champion, you should keep the buff. It just makes sense. but it doesn't make sense. the buff should disappear. they should be punished for dying.
They are. They lose time, EXP and gold. That's a huge punishment.
: What the hell is happening with supports?
You may not know this, but huge win rates with abysmally low play rates indicates cheese or OTPs. It pretty much immediately identifies cheese/nontraditional strats and should not be taken at face value. High playrate and high winrate are immediate signs that something is too strong or too successful.
: I would love to know why you consider an ADC's crit items "cheap" when the ones with any damage are more expensive than most core items in the game.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Y1MozcbI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-03-26T06:52:11.712+0000) > > I would love to know why you consider an ADC's crit items "cheap" when the ones with any damage are more expensive than most core items in the game. Because an Attack Speed and Crit item at 2600g is still a cheap crit item; particularly when it packs a damaging passive effect.. An IE at 3400 is also a crit item, but it doesn't have AS and is on the expensive end, like Deathcap for Mages.. Hope this helps.
: @Riot This is what we wanted
I like the existing FB Irelia - just tone down the scarf and we good. I don't want Championship Irelia. That second one looks like Woad Irelia. So what you brought is an artist taking Rito's Frostblade concept and applying another totally irrelevant skin line thematic to it. So..Irelia fans wanna get rid of Frostblade Irelia entirely and replace it with Championship or Woad, judging by the title of your post, yes? You guys are asking for literally the same thing you're complaining about tho.
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