: Riot needs to make her unable to q while shes untargetable, and can only go untargetable for a certain amount of time. Its actually ridiculous. She doesnt need nerfs tho. She needs to be REMOVED.
There's not only no punishment - other than not autoing - to going FUCKING UNTARGETABLE ON AN ABILITY GIVEN AT LVL 1 WITH NO MANA COST!!!
: I drew a Headhunter Kindred not too long ago. https://pre00.deviantart.net/53dc/th/pre/i/2019/148/c/1/headhunter_kind___unfinished___by_sama_lass-dd5u7nj.png
Damn thats really cool dude
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: A lot of people have been asking for a soft rework the past month when you REALLY think about it. And it's because to new players Kindred isn't fun. They're hard when starting out and aren't new player friendly. And of course they don't feel like a duo champion.
I can understand that, I have mastery 7 on Kindred and really enjoy her kit, but I think it would be cool to incorporate Wolf in more ways. Gameplay maybe could be worked on, but I mostly would like a more Yin-and-Yang thematic that they embody visually and in the lore to be present more in game.
l MrD l (NA)
: bloodmoon would actually be nice for them o_O maybe even the sacred blade themed skins where theyre all japanese looking - lamb in a sort of komono with a bow and wolf being like an asian dragon ( i just realised im thinking of mulan lol) on a side note i wanna see kindred deleted and re-done ... i call kindred her because i just think of lamb and wolf just being a pet they dont feel like a duo at all :S
There's a lot of really cool options for Kindred, similarly to other champions like Zac and Kassadin and Zilean that probably won't get one in eons because Riot would rather push out more Ahri and Kai'Sa skins. Also, I can agree with the non-duo thing, wish Kindred was a bit more about the two of them rather than just wolf. Maybe you can toggle playing the Lamb or the Wolf and the Wolf is melee but does more damage or something? Don't know, but that's definitely an issue with her thematically.
: Nothing feels worse than loving a champion who isn't on Riot's favorite list
{{champion:429}} 3 skins in several years. {{champion:145}} 5 skins in 1 year. Nice
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: Why take away his specialist Classification? for his Passive the targetting word ur looking for is called Nova. Look up Vlad's wiki for an explanation dont mess with true damage, true is true, if u want just grant him extra HP or something every time a unit is killed while E is active
Why take away his specialist Classification? Tried to maintain his ability to build AP with some ratios on W, and R. Mostly wanted to focus in on his tank persona, but for now will change into Juggernaut/Specialist since he could still play a variety of ways. For his passive, found out it was classified as a nova while looking at Swain rework abilities. Described it as such for people who don't know the technical term. Removed true damage. Good call, would probably get messy. Added % slow reduction while shield persists. Thanks for feedback!
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bill84 (NA)
: {{champion:3}} People would wonder why I'm sad because they would notice nothing.
: So, you are gonna delete all the champions? (I play whatever i feel like at that moment)
Uhm, not sure if I have the power to do that quite yet... *lenny*
: I actually just despise Vi with an irrational passion.
Everyone has their opinions lol
: {{champion:254}} did nothing wrong I would cry because I've yet to get M6 with
You'll get it eventually
: You have a very strange list of "least favorite champions". Aside from Yasuo, most of those are my very *favorite* champions.
I just gathered these mainly from videos, what I've seen in community hated, and my personal opinions XD it's just for fun though not really a big part of the post
aítch (NA)
: wait people actually hate katarina? And Nidalee? Like NIdalee used to be like REALLY annoying but now..... And katarina is just... ok please one of you explain this to me why they could be hated. Also if they delete Leblanc Annie Riven Taliyah Poppy Ahri or Lulu.... well I have severe depression so hahahahaha I wish I was joking.
Oh lol this isn't asking them to delete any of those that was just for fun to see people's opinions.
: I don't have the computer skills for that
Don't worry I got your back *lenny*
Sinserta (NA)
: I have 7 Vi. She was the first jungler I bought and tried. She's been my main champion for a little over a year. I would be so pissed. Like... bruh. You just removed my favorite champ for no reason. She never did anything wrong. >.>
: Mundo, no, But Fizz I want to fry that Fry
: Baron Nashor vs Elder Drake vs Vilemaw: WHO WOULD WIN?!
This rift meme is on another world... Excuse me, I'll be going now...
: You sir. You have made my day.
Well that's good ;)
: Are you implying Vi needs to be removed!??!?!?!?! https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcREwx8jPODl3b4dB8NamIAzdcEKMJnExweuK1n6PeVXxdW5-xFn
Nah she's just the first character that popped into my mind for champions since she looks cool in her splash
Enlegacy (NA)
: How the hell is Fizz not on this list?
Sorry lol I thought it was getting a bit full, I expected a fair amount of "other" for people like Fizz and Dr. Mundo anyway
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MikiFaster (EUNE)
: Please delete Yasuo
Delete or rework
Neamean (NA)
: Radiant Yorick
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: It's not circlejerk. I've disliked him from a balance perspective for a long time. In pushing things to the limit, and creativity-wise, he's really good. Azir, Ekko, and Rengar were mistakes. Fiora was OP for quite a bit post-rework, but that was a problem with her balance, as opposed to the champ itself, which is the case with the CT champs. Fiora pre-rework was flawed, however. Kled has been out for a bit, and he doesn't have many issues yet. He's not seen much, though, from what I've seen of him, he's a little on the powerful side(Think Aurelion Sol, unpopular, but strong). Zed has a lot of safety nets, and has problems, but is nowhere near the level of Azir, Ekko, Rengar, and CT champs. Viktor? Why? Nidalee? Why? Although she's kinda been turned into a spear-chucking gimmick maniac. Riven didn't have issues in design, but people abused animation cancelling in her kit. Now she has to be balanced around that. Animation cancelling is more of an inherent part of the game, as opposed to problems with RIven herself. However, because she is balanced with animation-cancelling techniques in mind, she's really weak without the usage of said animation-cancelling. Toxic champs have had flaws since their design since day 1; Their very kits and "key mechanics" are toxic. {{champion:82}} :Bot lane ADC, was forced onto him, and a lot of his power and potential were driven to make that work, at the expense of solo lane Morde {{champion:122}} : Release Darius was feast/famine,being built around a lane bully. Riot seems to not like lane bullies. And his ult, at the time of release, was broken(in relativity to other ults). Hemorrhage, at the time, did MAGIC, as opposed to physical damage. There was no way to itemize against him. It was intended to be this way, to strengthen his bullying. He had no "5 bleed stacks bonus". If it were changed to physical dmg, he'd basically be in a famine state almost all the time, and his passive would basically have no use besides interaction with his ult. That would mean just being based around a level 6 power spike, which is not what his "top lane bully" design was intended to be. {{champion:429}} Infinite dashes, potential for infinite kiting. {{champion:157}} Zed had too many safety nets for an assassin? Push that boundary with Yasuo. Yasuo is meant to be a fighter and an assassin; He bursts squishies, AND needs to have a lot of DPS, so he can also kill tanks. Being able to kill tanks and squishies= bad design(He has trouble dealing with the combination of the 2; Juggernauts/Bruisers, most of the time.) {{champion:143}} Plant gimmick. Wasn't around at that time, can't say. Just know she was OP af. {{champion:412}} Release Thresh, I felt like just overshadowed blitzcrank in utility. And on release, he surpassed blitz in versatility and damage as well, being capable of going literally any lane, and having a ton of dmg and cc, as his E passive was attached to his Q. Now, he's fine. This one is probably more of a balancing issue, rather than flawed champ design. {{champion:107}} Similar to {{champion:28}} , sudden oneshots are not fun. They try to prevent the "sudden stealth, and you're dead" with the "!" attached to his ult, but people just circumvented it with youmuu's. {{champion:268}} Lane bully that transitions into hypercarry. Just like Yasuo, he has no real "weak phase", outscales almost everything, and is pretty safe, especially for a long-range mage (Most mages of that "type" have no mobility at all; {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} etc. This is counteracted by a lack of hard CC, but, mobility is better than the cc of the "old mages", as those are usually not guaranteed CC(Lux, Morg, Brand Qs being skillshot, Xer E, etc.) His abuse of Rylai's is its own issue, separate from him, but it exists. {{champion:245}} There are a lot of posts about this guy as of late. Utility based assassin with too much utility makes people just go tanky or bruiser on him, to abuse the utility. He has a lot of raw damage, with solid base dmg, and %dmg. So, tank/bruiser build. Thought Fizz was bad? In the way Thresh "surpassed" Blitz, Ekko "surpassed" Fizz. That's not to say Fizz and Blitz are outright worse than Ekko and Thresh, respectively; They each have their own merits. But generally, and it becomes more clear at higher elos, Ekko and Thresh, being more new and updated, are just better. Fizz and Blitz's kits are somewhat outdated. All the kits of old champs are outdated, but they survive through some gimmicks. Fizz being untargebility on a really short cc, Blitz still having the valuable pull, and one of the few champs to have cc. Many older champs just can't compete anymore. {{champion:75}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:32}} (exception, guy's doing really well consistently){{champion:10}} (problematic design){{champion:24}} (problematic design){{champion:2}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:23}} (problematic design). NOTE:*Those champs aren't bad, they just can't compare with the more overloaded kits of the new/reworked champs. The only way they can compete is with high numbers; Cho'gath's AP scalings(and base dmg) for instance*
: Everytime a Sion tries to Q a Fizz. . . .
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: ~ Lamia ~ (Champion Idea)
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