: Make it cost $10 to make each account.
Yeah, I'm the fuck that made the 3 posts, thanks for the mention. Also, that's just a horrible idea. League lures you in be being free then traps you with their skins. Making it pay to play would go against, like, everything.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Support Boyyy,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ssJMMoO6,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-03-13T03:26:06.791+0000) > > Yes, I would. Fuck feelings, if I've got something on my mind, I'm going to say it. People need to stop being so soft skinned. Than don’t be surprised when you receive backlash for retaliating or throwing common courtesy out the window. You asked how to fix the issue and I gave you the solution and you refuse to take it to heart so you have no one to blame but yourself for any bans you have/will receive.
Uhh.. what are you talking about? I never asked about fixing any issue, lol.
: I’m seeing one very important issue that the prior posts fail to acknowledge: common courtesy. If you would not say something to someone in real life to their face than why would you say it over the Internet? Would you say these things in the presence of people you didn’t even know? You don’t know who the people you bashing really are and, unless you and them have some sort of mutual understanding and can playfully bs each other, you have no right to treat them poorly, regardless of how they may act or play. Bottom line- be the bigger man/woman and keep your emotions in check.
Yes, I would. Fuck feelings, if I've got something on my mind, I'm going to say it. People need to stop being so soft skinned.
: 14 day Ban
I 100% agree, so tired of the fucking snowflakes. I'm gay but you don't see me crying and reporting people every time they say f a g g o t and other kind of shit. It's the internet, grow up, and get over it.
: Smurfing
While I do sympathize and understand, it's not like it's going to get any easier as you get better at the game and become more skilled. There will always be smurfs in your games that steamroll your team, you just have to get used to it. It's basically a part of League at this point, and Riot doesn't care to do anything about it. I've been playing for over 3 years. Honestly, just find a different game, League is kind of in the shitter right now, anyways.
: Question about Dishonorable Status
You still unlock chests while you're Dishonorable, I've been Dishonorable since honor came out, and have unlocked chest during that time. I don't know how long it takes though, I've been at 0 for so long, I just stopped trying to get out.
: {{item:3070}} {{champion:101}}
Well Xerath isn't really trapped anymore, his whole lore is about how he USED to be trapped but then freed himself and now wants to rule the Shurima/world. So the difference would be that in this skin Syndra is trapped, while Xerath is no longer trapped.
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Kythers (NA)
: Ranked is actually so fucking bad right now
I don't even touch ranked unless I have somebody to duo with, I can't trust anybody I get q'd with will be a competent player. Literally one game, 40 minutes in, my entire team is dead except for our jungler, the enemy team is attacking base, and our jungle is trying to kill their gromp, which takes him over 20 seconds. WE WERE 40 MINUTES IN AND HE WAS AT LEVEL 17 AS KHA, HOW THE FUCK DOES ITT TAKE YOU THAT LONG TO KILL GROMP?!
: Ancient Syndra [Fan Skin Concept]
THIS. NEEDS. TO. HAPPEN. NOW!! I don't even play Syndra but if this ever became a real skin, I would buy her just so I could get the skin to. I love the concept of it, in that she's sort of like a trapped god/higher being, although I could be mistaken. Either way, I love it and you're an amazing artist.
Dâizumi (NA)
: After some research, I found a disturbing statistic about bot lane.
I main support and this is painfully true. Bot lane is a 2v2 lane meaning if your team's bot lane loses/gets to far behind, then that's 2 whole players on your team that become mostly useless. Not to mention with junglers almost always camping bot, bot lane at this point might as well be a 3v3 lane, which means 3 people on your team become obsolete if they lose lane. It might also have something to do with it currently being tank meta, however bot lane losing means your team loses has been around longer than the current meta, but the current meta might just be exaggerating the problem.
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: So pleased with 'My Shop'!
I know how you feel, I got Winter Wonder Lulu in My Shop.
Dukues (NA)
: Guess I have to quit
OMG, I just played a game with you, you were Shyvana I think, and I was either Zyra or Janna. lol anyways, you suck {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Mica and Ivaara - Darkin Whip/Support Concept
: Um, ok. Your point is?
My point is that it's tanks that are the issue. I didn't think I'd have to _point_ it out for you.
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Naalith (NA)
: Which champion without canon lore do you want to see a new story of the most?
{{champion:43}} and {{champion:8}} They both recently got new short little paragraphs of lore, but otherwise, have been left completely untouched. Most of the Ionian champions in general need lore updates, and I feel that Riot has been avoiding it purely because they are so many Ionian champions.
: So riot will nerf supports and junglers first but not adcs ?
Tanks are, in my opinion, the real problem right now, including tank supports. Enchanters and other mage supports are somewhat in the gutter right now, and are most ADCs, which is why we only ever see the same 4 in every game; Vayne, Draven, Tristana, and Twitch. Tanks overall just need nerfs but more specifically to the Resolve runes need nerfs.
: > ADCs when they're kinda the class at the center of all this, and the root of most of the problem. Because, as I said, they aren't. If ADCs, as a class, were truly overpowered, we'd see them everywhere, like we did back in preseason 6. And we don't. Instead, what we see are tanks and other supportive classes. ADCs can't do anything on their own, as they can be, and are, killed by basically anything but an under-performing support the second they go more than 10 teemos away from their team. Nerfing them as a class does absolutely nothing to solve anything, and instead just places said class in the dumpster, useless.
I main support and the only thing I see are tanks, including tank supports. Enchanters feel incredibly weak lately and any other squishy support is kinda in the gutter right now. It's just tanks.
: > [{quoted}](name=Support Boyyy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pmpPbvkA,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-01T02:21:41.234+0000) > > You know, before, I thought people were just exaggerating about how tanks are completely unstoppable and deal way to much damage thanks to the new runes. After losing a game to a team full of tanks, however, I came to the realization that it's true. When I say a team full of tanks, I don't mean like they had 3 tanks, it was all tanks. Volibear Top, Galio Mid, Shyvana Jungle, with Pantheon and Leona Bot lane. They won purely because they could shrug of any damage we threw at them. Wait, aren't tanks supposed to have low damage to make up for their incredible defensive abilities? That's how it _used_ to be, not with the new runes, though. > > Now, it wasn't just this past game that made me realize it, in ranked I could already tell who's going to win in champ select, not from who has "better" champions, but purely from who had more tanks. The enemy team has a tank jungler and tank top while we only have a tank in top? They win. The enemy has tank jungler, top, and support? They win again, might as well surrender at 15 unless they already get to the nexus before then. Which they will. Honestly, I feel like I'm in Season 6 all over again. > > Runes aren't the only reason, I think, that tanks have become the new op. With towers being so flimsy, we don't need AD mids and carries as much as we did before to help take down towers. Not to mention now the entire game always inevitably revolves around team fights, whoever wins the team fights win the game, and tanks are quite literally made for team fights. I'm not quite the best at explaining things, so I don't really know what else to say so instead I'll just go down a list of things that I feel might help put tanks back in their place. > > * The Resolve runes, in all honesty, just need to be nerfed. The point of Resolve runes was to offer defensive capabilities to help make tanks tankier, but quite a few of them add offensive abilities to, making what little risks tanks had to take before now completely non existent. I'm not saying completely gut the Resolve tree, just tune it down and make it more bearable. > > * Increase Tower health and their overall defesnses. I've seen more than my fair share of videos on youtube about teams taking tower at less than 8 minutes into the game. With towers having more health and higher stats, it'll motivate people to play ADCs and AD mid laners over tanks, in order to take down towers quicker. I also feel like it will help revitalize ADCs who, at the moment, are somewhat obsolete. > > *Create more clear cut weaknesses for tanks. Like I've said before, the new runes aren't the only reason why tanks are so overpowered, it's the tanks themselves. Tanks before had little risks, with the only disadvatnage being, depending on who you chose, that they didn't offer much in damage. I feel like this is something that needs to be made a bit more evident. Now again, I'm not asking for anythign to be gutted or thrown in the trash, just to be properly nerfed, or as close as Riot can get to that. > > This is really all I've got, sorry I couldn't quite explain it properly but hopefull you'll get what I'm trying to say. You literally just called adcs obsolete. Are you actually kidding me? I can't even begin to comprehend anything else in this post after reading that.
I said somewhat, which is actually quite different. In a lot of matches I've played, towards the end of the game, ADCs have little impact aside from damage and winning usually falls down upon the tanky top laner or tanky jungler. Now the "carry" can easily be replaced with the before mentioned tanks thanks to the new runes.
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: Perhaps Alistar is deserving of a nerf next?
I would perma ban him in ranked if I wasn't so afraid of Blitzcrank
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: Bruiser Keystone on PBE
I already have it hard enough in bot lane with the meta favoring more tanky supports, such as Leona, Thresh, and Braum. The last thing I need is them getting this rune. It's gone to the point where I can't even play Janna or Soraka anymore because people deal so much damage that my shields and heals do nothing and are generally worthless.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Unrefõrmed,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=M7Um0xzK,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-02-20T23:05:26.960+0000) > > The more slender, long-legged female champions to trigger anita, the better
> [{quoted}](name=Unrefõrmed,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MRb5QzhV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-21T01:41:26.226+0000) > > That is a good point.
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: I got placed in bronze 4 in season 4 (demoted to bronze 5); had literally no clue about anything. My first ranked game was Garen mid, and _that's_ when I discovered last hitting (by watching the Ryze I was playing against). Played for a year, got banned. Leveled up a new account, got placed in silver. There's literally no reason to be hardstuck bronze.
> [{quoted}](name=Unrefõrmed,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TFGd9E63,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-19T22:44:11.534+0000) > > I got placed in bronze 4 in season 4 (demoted to bronze 5); had literally no clue about anything. My first ranked game was Garen mid, and _that's_ when I discovered last hitting (by watching the Ryze I was playing against). Played for a year, got banned. Leveled up a new account, got placed in silver. There's literally no reason to be hardstuck bronze. That's literally the same thing that happened to me. On my original account, I went into ranked asap because I was stupid, and so my mmr sunk. Had that account for 2 years, once it got banned I made this one and got put in Silver 2.
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: Brand support does way too much damage
Totally agree with you dude. At level one a his Q can completely take down a Janna shield.
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MaoAkari (EUW)
: (skin idea) Vampire Queen Janna and Cait with Graves as vampire hunters
As a Janna main, I completely support this idea. Not only is the concept and artwork amazing, Janna doesn't have any spooky skin. All of her skins are little more than an outfit change, with an exception of Star Guardian where she's still made to look all cute and pretty and Sacred Sword where she has more of a mysterious and elegant vibe going on.
: Morgana artwork
Perfect body, perfect art, perfect everything... {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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Amariell (NA)
: Giving Morgana's Splash Art a More Realistic Body Type
But I genuinely like Morgana's splash art the way it is now, I think it's fine
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: When you're playing a real support and the enemy picks a "Support"
Def how I feel, I went Janna in a match today up against a Shaco "support" and that was by far the easiest lane I've ever won, what makes it even better is that the Shaco was mastery 7. LOL!!!
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