: What in F**K names 2 kill and we already have bounty?
I agree that getting 600 gold for one kill because they have a "streak" is silly. Maybe if the streak was actually like, multiple kills in a row.
: I'm assuming Pyke 'died' in the middle of the ocean between Icathia, Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles. https://i.gyazo.com/184728dbff8355e52bc3b16433f348f0.png I like to think that the Mist has something to do with him being undead, and The Void having something to do with the Swimming City. EDIT: It would also explain where all the beasts come from that the Fishermen from Bilgewater hunt.
: Kayn's passive meter is wack
Yep. If your meter is at 50% for ranged champs and 0% for melee, killing enough melee champs to fill it 50% wont make the meter budge. They should just make the right side melee and the left side ranged. Halve the progression (visually) for each and make them meet in the middle. First one to the middle wins.
: {{champion:497}} *E's to ally and ults in attempt to save them, but dies* {{champion:55}} "Report Rakan for int" Why are people like this
Or more accurately, when you W in to save them, and you DO save them, but they flash out or dash away just outside your E range. You both could have lived, but you die. Rakan and Lee Sin players everywhere have to feel this :(
: PSA:Lux shield is S tier and youre still building her full ap support
It's not about learning how to land Lux's shield, it's about allies learning that they benefit from its effects. I swear I have to flash because allies move out of its way after casting it.
: To those who complain about the game being a coinflip
Coinflip means 50% chance. Having two possible outcomes does not mean 50% chance. They're complaining that it feels like a flip of the coin and they lack agency over the outcome, they arne't complaining that there's only two outcomes. Lol
: Riot, can you make more skins for supports? Only 2 skins so far this year.
Lol at this comment chain. Lux can be played as a support and it's insanely fun. OP is clearly talking about traditional supports though. Enchanters, Wardens, etc. Not mages. In this context, as a Mage and not an enchanter or warden, she'd be referred to as a mid laner. In terms of supports receiving skins, OP is clearly intending to exclude Lux from this data (rightfully so.)
: There is nothing more tilting than seeing that one frame where hook abilities split into 2
I don't have the source, but this was an Ask Riot thing a bit ago so it shouldn't be too hard to verify/find. They state that the hook on Blitz and Thresh reach the end of their range- and right at the end, and only at the end, it does a little "circle." So it does go a bit farther in every direction, leading to some bullshit grabs/hooks. They explained it was to help offset lag.
: This will help because one of the things I really hate is when an enemy gets away because as a support, I was too worried about taking the kill. I've been in some toxic situations where I've accidentally taken a kill trying to cc or slow down an enemy for someone else only to have them berate me afterwards. It would be nice if Riot could figure out a way to roll that kind of ability into a support item(the kill gives kill gold to the assist too), but then again, it would just end up getting abused by other lanes like all support items have been in the past.
Could make that hypothetical item TRANSFER the gold instead of duplicating it. If you kill when an ally gets an assist within 1 second the ally gets the kill gold. Something like that would be neat.
: A support is whatever can make itself useful at a gold deficit. It has nothing to do with any design philosophy past that.
I'd like to double down and suggest that a support is whatever makes the team more than the sum of its parts. For example if every champion is worth 1 point alone, then having a Sona on the team makes their total worth 10 points when they group instead of just five. In a duo lane, a support makes 1 plus one equal more than two. It cannot do this if it cannot make itself useful at a gold deficit, yea. But I'd argue it's more than JUST that.
: > [{quoted}](name=JulieJuice,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Jgs6WoEn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-14T18:01:55.186+0000) > > unfortunately it's Probably for Visual clarity reasons, pyke's official mask design is too Small in detail to look good from a distance, the in-game one probably reads better from further away/above (like league is). I love how this has upvotes yet we all vote for the teaser one lol.
Because we agree the teaser one looks better but we understand why we can't have it. The teaser mask looks badass but with the lines so close together, the model would probably make it look weird and unclear. Can't really see detail that well in-game sadly. I kinda dig the community in this thread for once. They express their desire but have the logic to understand as well. Neat combo.
GodCarry (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Coopa123,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=lHmH4rBI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-05-13T16:39:57.376+0000) > > You'll spend way more defending the charge back in court and you eventually will lose because it's straight up illegal. You agreed to the ToS. It explicitly states that even though you pay for skins you don't own anything. You just purchased the right to use it until Riot decides otherwise. Lol are you joking? Chargeback fraud is only a relevant charge in the most extreme cases, this definitely not being one of them. Besides, I doubt even .05% of chargeback cases go to court. Any reputable bank will give your money back, no questions asked, with no proof needed. All you need to do is explain the situation and file a dispute with your bank. > Save yourself the trouble and money > > Now that you've threatened to charge back the money you spend I bet a Rioter is more willing to help you. Any company worth it's sht will right their wrongs if reasonable and possible. An angry customer making one thin threat is not going to change that unless the company is run by extremely immature people.
I'm a customer advocate for a company and we try our best to do what we can within the given policies. However, ANY time legal terms like lawyer or court are thrown around, we stop helping and let the lawyers settle things. We don't want what we said to be used against us. IF you're going to get a lawyer we will let our lawyer deal with the issue now. It has left the realm of what we can help you with. Let that be a lesson to all the angry customers out there that make threats because they think it helps them. No, we are already doing everything we can to help. Threatening the ones trying to help you (admittedly, they might not be able to do much due to policies, but they are trying) is going to make them stop helping you.
: Riot Support Permanently Banned my Account for Trying to Recover it. Help Please.
: Whoooboy, the downvote alt train is here. Chooochooo
They made a stop at your post too it seems.
GodCarry (NA)
: Riot Support's Response to my Permaban Ticket
I just want to praise that specific Rioter honestly. The policy is what is silly here and we should keep that in mind. The rioter has to act in according to their policies so we should aim our pitchforks at the policy and hope for a change, not black sheep the support team who has no influence over that. I really like how they said they'd look into the other member's playing in that game. That's above and beyond. So wow, that's silly, change that policy please Riot. At the same time, kudos to the person you talked to for doing what they could and not providing a copy/paste generic "dont be toxic" dialogue.
NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GjhkderJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-10T17:33:06.486+0000) > > Daily reminder: Frozen Heart doesn't do much against the likes of Luden's, Liandry's, and Sunfire. > > I can state super obvious things, too! It's not that obvious. Until a couple months ago I had no idea ninja tabi didn't mitigate on-hit effects.
Yea.. I actually didn't know that until he posted this. I assumed auto attack was the same as an on hit. Thanks OP.
: > [{quoted}](name=Supreme Senpai69,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yXH7HlWk,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2018-05-09T19:49:36.299+0000) > > It'd just be replacing ultimate hat though, it wouldn't be a keystone. I don't think it'd need to be super good. But it'd help in trades imo. Not in teamfights, but mages excel in teamfights already. They just need help in laning Ultimate hat is extraordinarily powerful on some champs and 'decent' on most. Arcane Blade, as it existed, might add 10 damage - BEFORE RESISTANCES - to an extended level 5 trade. Ten. Fucking. Damage. People disliked (and still dislike) scorch because it scales poorly, and Scorch starts off at 20 damage at level 1! And that's for landing one spell rather than a whole combo! Current runes (not keystones) are extremely powerful. The rune trees used to be stuff like +3 armor, +2 AD, and +0.5% damage; Arcane Blade reflects that kind of environment, where the effects were small and passive. Most of the current runes give much larger effects; bonuses above and beyond 10% are pretty common, or moderate flat damage amounts (+20 AD, -35% damage, ect). Arcane Blade was unwanted garbage in the old environment, in the current one it would be insultingly bad.
It'd be like 3-4 damage per AA without doing a lot of math early on. I'd be fine with that. That's a lot considering it's for every AA. I respect others' opinions but personally I don't mind scorch. I'd rather it be better, obviously, but that's true for.. well, everything. I prefer to play mage supports and scorch compliments my playstyle. However, Arcane Blade would be more healthy because you'd have to get within trading range. These are hypothetical suggestions too, by the way. Instead of just.. completely shitting over OP's idea, why not suggest ways to improve it? Increase the damage but add a CD for windows of power, maybe? It's not like it's gonna be added just cuz somebody suggested it, lol
: Chillax, getting downvoted doesn't mean you're a failure.
Dis ^. Literally every post with very few exceptions have downvotes. People downvote to move their post closer to the top I've noticed. If you downvote everybody except for you, it's like you just got an upvote. There's likely other (equally stupid) reasons but this is just what I've confirmed
Mhihnj (EUW)
: Someone once asked if Germany had roads.
> [{quoted}](name=Mhihnj,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5rN0I6YE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-09T03:45:04.144+0000) > > Someone once asked if Germany had roads. What an idiot. Of course they don't
: Arcane Blade wouldn't have a place in the current rune setup. Arcane Blade was unmitigated garbage. With 800 AP (something you won't hit anymore) it provided a whopping 40 extra magic damage for champions who had an auto rate of less than one attack per second. Even if you 'wove' it into your spell rotation it would provide a maximum of 160 (4 autos) worth of extra damage.. Before resistances. With 800 AP. Even with regards to CSing, which is what a lot of people argue for.. It provided a grand total of 2-5 (40-100 AP) for most of the lane phase, before resistances. Arcane blade would have to be massively beefed up in order to compete. Making it 20% would perhaps work, or giving it some sort of sheen-line passive (deal extra % of base AD / total AP on auto after casting a spell? cast spells to stack a buff which does that?), to make it even remotely mention able in the current rune lineup.
It'd just be replacing ultimate hat though, it wouldn't be a keystone. I don't think it'd need to be super good. But it'd help in trades imo. Not in teamfights, but mages excel in teamfights already. They just need help in laning
: Arcane Blade instead of Nimbus Cloak
Arcane Blade was fun and rewarded close range fights with mages instead of long range nukes from the fog of war.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: so you did changes based on the feeling of a single person that's nice to hear
so a rioter answered a question from a player on the league boards and addressed their concern and you immediately ambushed them with negativity that's nice to hear
: dude, holy shit you're still talking about the old punishment system, the new system is different put that in your head, you're seriously pissing me off thinking you know shit but don't know anything
Lol. If what some random person types on a MOBA internet forum post pisses you off then there are bigger problems than how the punishment system works for some game. Either I'm right and nothing changes or I'm wrong and life goes on. Either way I really don't care.
: I work at Taco Bell
When core comes and you fail, you're gonna be fired. You have to ask and you have to give the correct proportion per item as well as napkins. You store might be different but I doubt it lol
: [Skin idea] Star Guardian Leona
To be completely honest I think I'd rather see Star Guardian Diana and Blood Moon Leona. I feel like base leona is already pretty close to Star Guardian. It'd be neat to see them in an opposite universe. The skin looks pretty though
: saying racial slurs, saying kys and running down mid are the only ways to get an instant 14 day ban. when you finish your 10 game chat restriction and are toxic in the next game your punishment will still be a 25 game chat restriction unless you do or say those things.
I don't know anything about that but what I do know is somebody can be chat restricted a dozen times. It just depends on the time between punishments and severity of punishments like I said. It's not /always/ three.
: no. your first punishment is a 10 game chat restriction, your second punishment is a 25 game chat restriction, your third punishment is a 14day ban and finally your fourth punishment is permanent ban. Don't talk if you don't know. edit: getting downvoted by people who think they know how the system works better than me who's gone through that whole shit on over 30 accounts
That's... not always the case, no. Time between punishments and severity of punishments affect the punishment.
: Has anyone found a job that they enjoy going too?
I like mine but it took four years of an entry level minimum wage job to get. No way around that. Either need to do a 4 year college program and get a good career or suffer through hell to get experience to get a good job.
Opdí (NA)
: This is Permabanabble???
Let me preface this saying I agree, I do not think this warrants a permaban. Let me also say this is toxic. Yes, it's not as toxic as the other player. But that doesn't really matter. Levels of toxicity aren't really a thing. You are either toxic or you're not. Whether you're 10% toxic or 100% toxic, toxic is toxic and a report is a report. You definitely should have been chat restricted. I can only hope and assume there were prior punishments? This alone should not have been worthy of a permaban. Those should only be for behavior, like trolling and feeding. Chat related toxicity should just net a permanent chat restriction or something. To be completely honest, what does scare me is how often you emphasized that you're positive and not toxic in your post. Keep in mind I agree that a perma is too much. But with that in mind, not being defensive in the slightest, please re-read your logs and tell me you are a positive, non-toxic player
XanZou (EUW)
: Bring back Soraka's crit!
Didn't they make the entire Q slow, instead of just the middle? Technically it was a buff, I think. Though the extra damage was nice. And I don't think it was making her OP or anything? It actually made her better in a solo lane for those off meta people. And it opened up more interaction, because she'd have to get closer Huh. Why DID they remove it?
DMate19 (NA)
: But to be fair, it is the premium currency of the game, it isn't intended to be easy to get a skin from it. I see it as a way to incentivize plaers to use RP to buy more chests, to bypass the "buy one once every 4 month" system
I know, I'm not trying to complain too harshly or be ungrateful. But maybe if there was a way to buy Orange essence? I just dont want to buy a chest that has a small chance of containing something i can disenchant for it. At that point i might as well buy the skin :/ RNG within RNG within RNG
: Why does Phantom Dancer's damage reduction last so long?
I don't really understand why it lasts that long if it refreshes every auto.
Bodabott (NA)
: I wish Banner of Command could be switched around so it's not just a Magic-Comp killer
I don't really understand this either to be honest. Split pushers are all AD. It's an older item so I get back then you chose a mage because mages were the ones who could waveclear. But... that's not really the case anymore. You could put this item mid lane and then siege mid, but now it's something you put top while you siege bot. Well, the one going to clear that is gonna be an AD split pusher.
: it used to be that way, but not anymore. they have changed it. every report works the same now
That's awesome to hear. Those feedback reports were few and far between, so I was always stressing if my reports did anything. Yknow. Since I report 1-3 people every game lol. Game's toxic af
: Report weighting was removed when the IFS went live.
Thanks for the information. Unsure on the downvote but uh. You do you man.
: You don't need to ask for reports. A single report does everything that nine reports do. In fact, asking for reports is flagged as negative by the IFS, so it gets you closer to being punished.
Sorta. If your reports aren't valid, they don't count. But Riot won't tell you if your reports are valid or not. The more people that report someone the higher chance of that report sticking. Idk if this is true or not but I saw a lot of posts about it. If you report everybody every game your report holds no weight/credibility.
: What's the most hilarious toxic thing you've seen either on your team or in /all chat BMs?
I somewhat frequently get people who say things like "I am going to int" or "Kill yourself" etc. Just blatant, horrible things. Then they run it down mid and say "/all Dammit you're really good!" As if Riot only sees the /all chat and they won't be punished lol. The most aggravating thing is that if you say "/all report Poppy" or whoever it happens to be, the enemy will always take their side. "She's just lagging. I'm reporting you for harassing Poppy." Even though a second prior Poppy had literally said "I'm running it down mid because you didn't gank my lane."
: We Need more Orange Essence and Blue Essence
It's really dumb that getting ride of a skin gives so little orange essence, but the skins cost so much. And buying a champion through its shard isn't that great either because you only save what, 1k essence? It's mostly a problem for me because I haven't got a skin in my chests for months now. I don't mind it too much because I don't own all the champions. And I'm trying not to complain about free stuff. It just doesn't make all that much sense to me? Why create a system that we can't really use. It's a great system so let us use it!
KnifeCat (OCE)
: @ Mapcle Nectar - in regards to your response about jungle spawn timers
Then add another lane ffs. If you don't want there to be a jungler make room for another source of income. As it is there's only this minor pve aspect because the game was designed this way. Saying this isn't a good part of the game is kind of ridiculous.
: > [{quoted}](name=Supreme Senpai69,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=blZxXg0E,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-28T02:17:38.828+0000) > > More importantly, why didn't Sona take clarity? Did she just want to snowball that badly? there might've been other people on her team who have clarity or they might all have mark for sick engages
Was making a pun cuz she took snowball instead of clarity
: Something wierd about Diana's lore/dialogue.
I think she's just tired of Gwyn's shit
SirPurrr (NA)
: If Nocturne can't ult minions, why can he fear them?
That would make him broken. You could ult a minion to get closer or farther from a target or enemy
: Doctor Kennen Inspecting if the Sona's Plastic surgery went well
More importantly, why didn't Sona take clarity? Did she just want to snowball that badly?
: What on earth is wrong with this community?!
Most people get honored for GG or the other one. It's just easier. Not saying this community isn't toxic, obviously it's enough to kill Deadpool from the sheer toxicity, but that's why it's that high most likely.
: Remakes shouldn't count against it.... Why Riot?
Sucks when you get your role and then someone dodges and now you're first pick autofilled
Antenora (EUW)
: {{champion:81}} {{champion:18}} need their cc buffering removed full stop.
Or at least half stop Baby steps tbh. Huge changes throw the delicate balance ecosystem out the window.
Tarlanor (NA)
: Can supports get more downtime between shields? Windows of vulnerability where Assassins can go in
As a support main: yes PLEASE. Nerf our shield cooldowns and possibly duration, but buff the amount shielded. Make our shields matter! Spamming e on Janna is so got damn boring but it's what we have to do because that's what our ability is!! Make the E a big ass shield but make it last for only a second and increase the CD. Maybe buff the AD given too. That way we HAVE to predict and not simply react/spam. Hell, if the bonus AD or whatever is buffed too, I can actually function without my ADC and maybe even have a chance to play the game by shielding myself. Until then, I shall continue building shield stacking items and spamming E with max CDR.
Mcsquzzy (NA)
: heres's a word GIMME
Doesn't do it justice! More like... let me bear its children
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Supreme Senpai69,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EIE2Zryk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-25T22:42:48.235+0000) > > I say these things to be constructive and I genuinely hope you get a lot of views! > > It's quiet. I watch a lot of dark souls/bloodborne lore videos from the best lore dude out there. And he voices all of his videos. He has a good voice, something you might not have, but some form of audio needs to exist along with the text. Keeps your audience engaged. > > It's short and a bit obvious. Maybe make it longer and somewhat more ambiguous so some people might wonder? I definitely appreciate feedback but I'm not sure I'm following. The way you describe it, it sounds as if you mean there is no audio present in the video at all, which isn't the case. Or do you mean the voice, sound effects and music aren't interesting enough, thus not engaging? Regarding the short and obvious, I totally get what you mean. I work on these videos whenever I can, and I originally posted 2 full videos per week, but excessive work in the past weeks has made me too low on time to focus. So I'm really trying my best to create them, these short blips sort of maintaining the activity. Feedback is always welcome, I'm just only uncertain what you meant in your feedback about lack of audio.
Oh crap! I sincerely apologize lol. Something was wrong with my PC. The audio wasn't playing and I was like "Wow this is boring as shit" lmao. Nah this is good man! Sorry to mislead you.
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: WHOSE LORE IS THIS? - 11th Lore Spotlight
I say these things to be constructive and I genuinely hope you get a lot of views! It's quiet. I watch a lot of dark souls/bloodborne lore videos from the best lore dude out there. And he voices all of his videos. He has a good voice, something you might not have, but some form of audio needs to exist along with the text. Keeps your audience engaged. It's short and a bit obvious. Maybe make it longer and somewhat more ambiguous so some people might wonder?
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