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: Abandoned Games
As I think of this as a good idea for making games that are not able to play out due to afk players not able to go on for too long I do have some suggestions to better suit a wider demographic. 1. Not only are there people that afk for rage quitting but there are sometimes situations of mechanical malfunctions with equipment. For this purpose I propose increasing the timer for the afk player to come back to 4:30 minutes as there are some instances where someone might not be able to connect even in the alotted time given to them. 2. I can somewhat agree on the penalty of an afk player but it should be up to the higher power of report reviews to handle the bans. If they are not reported at the end of the game then they should not be penalized. Some games the players know if someone has rage quit or had trouble with internet so the report system will help clarify what happened in the game that resulted in a surrender vote.
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iHerring (NA)
: That's what it should be, but I think the point is that it doesn't work like that so far. People are regularly mentioning things like the OP, where players will leave the room but still have a colored name, or they will stay in the room but have a greyed out name the whole time, etc. I'm also yet to have seen if the red for afk/leaver is any different to the red for being on enemy team.
The biggest drawback would be people like me who can't distinguish different shades of certain colors (for me its red). Even with this new change, unless they change the color of afkers, will really hurt those of the colorful deficient. And besides that, this change is not necessary in the slightest. Coloring names for the sake of which side you were on kind of defeats the purpose of the titles for "Your Team" and "Enemy Team" shown on top of each roster. If they are saying that this is just pure cosmetic enhancement then they went a wrong direction in their plan for this. Because this new change will bring more negative connotation than positive from the above population who are colorfully blinded. {{champion:64}}
: New champion select roundtable
Its really great to see some more news on the upcoming change to champ select! Any idea or information on when the beta or the release to public will happen? Would really like to get my hands all over it and do some freaky things with it.{{item:3106}} {{item:3053}}
: Patch 4.21 notes
RIP in pepperonis {{item:3070}} {{champion:19}}{{item:3070}} you shall sleep a {{champion:26}} years sweet prince


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