: NA dc'd even though all all programs are working
The original post about the maintenance said ranked queues go down at 1:30PST, servers down at 3:00AM PST, and are supposed to be down for 3 hours. Though the link to server status doesn't show it's down and you have to dig down a bit to find that post from a few days ago.
: Loosing a winning game for no reason
draws are supposed to damage both sides, should be a double loss.
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: TFT blade master comp only registering half the champs you actually have.
make sure you aren't clicking on the opponent's icon. It now shows the buffs of whoever you have selected (if you click on other player's portraits). Supposed to help you determine what buffs each person is building, but might confuse some people.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Yordles counter only noob meta sets. Assassins and Demons can use Evelynn to carry (and Katarina), there is wild, sorcerer and glacial that shit on yordles. Who is crying about yorles? Only marksman/blademaster abusers.
if you can't land basic attacks, you get mana a lot more slowly (just from being hit). That counters a lot. Sorcs still have a decent chance unless the yordles burn them too fast (which can be done by making certain burners into yordles), and glacials are built around having to actually land AAs to freeze except Sej and ashe. Nobles are hard countered by yordles, as are shapeshifters, demons, gunslingers, brawlers, elementals, and as you mentioned blademasters and marksmen. Wild is the only hard counter to yordles (especially if they get their 9 piece bonus, which would make the 3 units with mittens have 100% dodge because item)
Hamerfal (EUNE)
: What is the average TFT rank/elo?
I've been high silver/low gold for a long while now, and don't think i've ever seen a platinum. Are you sure you aren't mistaking silver for plat, and iron for silver? I don't even see many golds, i'm silver 1 and it's usually throwing me against bronze, which really sucks because when you lose against lower ranks you lose a LOT of points, but since it's mostly RNG based the odds of winning/losing against plat is about the same as win/lose against bronze. It's great the rare games i get against a bunch of gold, because i typically win and get good LP from it. Thankfully they seem to have evened out LP gain/loss, so it's not 19 for first place, -48 for 8th
: Mittens Functionality (Appearance)
it already exists. They shrink considerably when you put mittens on. I laughed at my chibi shyvana. Unless you mean completely reworked skins which would be a massive undertaking for little value
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: Yorgle have been nerf in this patch the only difference is you can get a 9 stack ehich is only possible if you get 3 spatula and 3 glove. If you have trouble with them just build 4 wild and voila they can no longer dodge.
Yordles got a MASSIVE buff by removing their only strong counter, the RFC bonus. Now the only way to counter yordles late game is to start building around a wild team early on. Since you need the 4 piece bonus from wild to do anything, it limits what 6 piece bonuses you can get (eliminating most of them unless you get lucky and get a ton of spatulas). If they added a way to turn units into wild, then it would be a lot more fair, but right now if you don't start wild, and someone goes yordles-you lose
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Zemasu (EUW)
: Riot still don't get a thing about little legends
I used to see 3-6 bought LLs per game, though it's dropped to 2-3 since last patch or two. Probably varies by rank how many you see. And i've seen guys with 2 or 3 stars, which means they dumped a lot of cash on them. Once their sales drop enough, they will change it a little (like guaranteed which ones you want), then once those sales drop enough they will start making the series 1 LLs available in hexcraft boxes. That's standard business practice, riot's doing exactly what any smart company would do. Despite how many people cry and complain. I won't spend money, but i won't fault them for doing the logical thing
: Braum is one of the most useless champs in TFT
I thought the shield itself was pretty useless, it blocks projectiles which there aren't many to block (he still takes damage, like in regular LoL, but protects people behind him) but just having the shield up makes him take a lot less damage regardless of direction. So, it's direction shouldn't matter much except in very rare cases where an enemy is trying to shoot an ally behind braum
Op3No2 (EUNE)
: TFT is so unfair...
The downside to assassin comps is if they place their units right, you can't get everyone around them. You needed an RFC or two to extend range so everyone could attack. The stand and spin is typically because there is no path for them to get in melee range of an enemy, which is a weakness of assassins
jeskaiah (NA)
: Ranked loses all of its integrity when multi friends/club members can que for the same game.
you can already see what your opponents are building, deny certain units (common when the carousel has top tier, like denying a swain to a shapeshifter team even though you will just sell him off anyway). Holding units then selling to put them back in pool doesn't really do much to help others, since having it in the pool doesn't mean any specific person will have it show up. I don't play with any teammates (don't even have any friends) but allowing groups doesn't seem to have enough possible detriment to actually change things. As for the group you said was a premade all talking trash-i see that from non-premades all the time. LoL is known as one of the most toxic game communities on the net (if not the most toxic)
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: Sorry, but people who are climbing aren't climbing because of RNG. They are climbing because they make the best of what they are given. Once you reach ~ Gold I, you'll hit a pretty stone wall if you've just been climbing based on "RNG." Once you start looking through your opponents, you'll discover they begin to actually build exactly what counters YOU and everyone else the best, works around the items they are missing, or anticipates the early skirmish team wipe (Guardian Angel, Kayle, Kindred). They'll start calculating every thing you do. Everything everyone does. They will calculate the spaces and the collision paths of every unit, and adjusting their positioning accordingly. I have won #1 without items. I've won #1 without what seemed like a strong comp. Simply because.... I designed my team right to beat the people I was facing.
You don't get much choice in what comp you make without RNG. Because when you can't even make a gold 1* unit because the game gave you 8 then stopped entirely showing them, you aren't likely to win. Or when you get lots of silver units for a solid build and are dominating up around around stage 4-then suddenly the pool you are given seems to change so you can never get another one of that type (even though no one else is using them), you are screwed. Most games you are given 1 or 2 comps that you can actually build up to gold-but there is no way of knowing what they will be because the cards change so much. You can reroll 80g worth and never see that 3* unit again that you need to finish your build. For people with 'average' luck it's probably not that bad, but some of us have genuinely bad luck and even the pros couldn't climb with the crap we deal with
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: Bugged MMR?
be glad you can even get gold 1. It's rigged so that even in platinum you lose twice as many as you gain (first place=19-20 points, 8th place is -40-41 points). It's designed so that everyone is supposed to be bronze or iron, the more games you play the lower your rank will get (the 8 players have a net zero in low bronze, by silver it's already -35ish points across the 8 players, meaning if you had the same 8 people for 3 games the total rank would drop by one). But MMR is kind of pointless in a game that is 80% luck. Luck of what cards you are given, and happening to pick the ones that you will get more of and not getting it all changed every 2 refreshes so you can never get the same ones you started building
Cräfty (EUW)
: Why am I getting demoted when I get 4th place?!
Makes sense, even in silver a 4th place win only gives less than 5 points. So by diamond it should be negative. Silver 2 you can get 19 for first place, -41 for 8th place. It's designed around the logic that "everyone belongs in iron, so even in silver we set it so the net points is heavily negative across the whole 8 players"
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: Game not launching after champ select
Task manager can fix it (each time, but still requires game restart) but you can't just kill the main LoL thread. That will cause the client to shut down, but leave other threads from the main game running so if you relaunch it won't fix. Go through and end task on ALL league threads, which there will be 3-6 usually i've found. If i kill them all, then restart the game, it will automatically launch the actual game window. Still end up joining shortly after game start (within 1-2 minutes) but better than having to restart the computer first which will probably mean your team has to remake and you might get a ban
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: 3Star Veigar vs Dragon buff
That's a 'working as intended' thing. Same with garen while spin to win. Veigar's ult actually does 19999 damage to enemies of a lower star level. It's effectively an instant kill, but it's still based on spell damage, as there is no mechanic in the game for simply removing a unit from game without it being damaged.
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Veszelka (EUNE)
: Can you just nerf the ninjas ?
If they are lucky and get a silver akali, with all the necessary items to make her strong, then it's the RNG gods blessing them. I do ninja/noble builds regularly (i collect all of both of them until i get a kayle or akali) and there are plenty of things that can screw that build over. Glacials which are OP in general, beefy teams like brawlers, anyone with high stuns, or assasins-which tend to blow up akali in half a second. She can be very strong if you are lucky enough to get 3 akali, plus seraphs and rabadons-but that takes a LOT of luck. And luck is 80% of this game
: I know it's extremely niche - But take a look at Thormail Braum!
it generally only does that crazy damage if you are up against an autoattack team with weak spells, like blademasters. Any teams that stun him (without his ult up, the damage isn't that great), or with strong spells (since thornmail only applies to AAs), or silences, or that focus down your backline first-they all counter him. The game is all about counters, the person in last place that dies to weak people can sometimes dominate the guy in first. It's fun to do, but not much worse (if any worse) than noble buff garen with thornmail
: Get your priorities in order Riot
the most common reasons for someone just standing around are stuns (some are hard to see the effect), disarmed (which makes a lot of noobs think it's bugged, especially since disarm lasts so long), or they are a melee unit with no way to reach their target because you have too many melee blocking them. I play this game a lot (like upwards of 8 hours a day) and very rarely see a unit stand around for no reason. Had one earlier today, but it was one of his and one of mine just standing there staring at each other while my one other unit finished his off. But it would have died either way. Maybe they should add replays so people can double check if it's really a bug or something they didn't notice
: TFT Idea: Item Pool (A place to drop two items and auto combine them)
the rarity of necessity doesn't merit the work required on the programmers. Just buy the cheapest unit in your list, merge on them, sell them. Only time you need to merge like that is if your unit you want the new item put on has 1 item already, but odds of being in that state, with your bench full of units you can't afford to sell a single one, is going to be pretty rare
: akali with 2 {{item:3089}} and a {{item:3285}} or {{item:3003}} . team comp is irelevent as long as yu build this nightmare, guna try it on evelyn, dont remember her mana pool.
it's better if you go with one rabadon, seraphs embrace, and yuumis (to make her a sorcerer) and get the 6 piece sorc bonus with your 4 piece ninja bonus. 100 AP from sorcs, 40 from yuumi's, 40+bonus from rabadons. I also do that with blitzcrank to make him one-punch man (2366+ damage every rocket grab, so he can kill a unit at start), totals up to around 270% AP. You will probably need two yuumis, one to turn kennen (or zed if you want) into a sorc as well, but if you get a good game and can add an extra assassin (or get the item to turn someone into an assassin) you get the bonus crit damage.
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: TFT 6-piece bug
was it 6 unique knights? meaning no duplicates. So would require darius, garen, mordekaiser, poppy, sejuani, and kayle all out at once. (and kayle is a pain to get anyway).
froz33n (OCE)
: thats whats r%%%%%ed if you dont consider the monster and minion matches or the first draft then the second one would be round 11 but i doubt its like that so technically the second one is round 7 and impossible to complete the max gold ive worked out you can make by that point by saving and selling perfectly is 25 an you need 28
did you also include the 1 gold for each PvP win? Which you could get 3 gold from that before the second draft. Although you would need to be careful on what units you bought so you could sell for full refund (which would be T1 units, or T2 if they weren't merged)
rybansky (EUNE)
: More champions that u can have (7/6 for example)
It's not too much of a bug. A little bit of an exploit, but the second you clear a spot in your bar it will be automatically pulled off the field. So realistically most people would get at most one round with it, and a bronze unit won't likely make a huge difference unless you planned on it being there and needed it for the 6 piece bonus (like if you had 5 nobles on field and just needed kayle) but again, you can't make any change to it after the draft so it's a risk to try planning for it. I've known about that exploit since the first day and i've used it maybe twice, not to help win but just because my bar was full and didn't have a spot for him. Won't win a game, at most would win 1 or two rounds if it made a difference at all
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: Mastery points and unlimited level cap has made my life hell.
Well ,there are a ton of heroes. If you can't seem to figure out how to use the ones you have the most time on well, maybe try using other heroes you don't have high mastery on. The mastery system isn't anything new, it's been around for many years, as you frequently would see guys flexing their epeen by spamming the mastery emote in games. Alternatively, if you are just a really bad player and keep dragging your teams down, maybe you could stick to ARAM where mastery doesn't mean much?
: Why when I come across an Assassin I'm dead but against a tank I still have a chance of dieing?
Because LoL is a team game-it's not one type counters another because that would be solo play. It's team fighting, in which case the tank's job is to just stand there attract focus and eat damage while his ADC and assassins do the killing
: Does Morde's passive do more damage than Karthus's E?
Morde's passive does a large amount of flat damage, plus % based on enemy max health, plus it gives him a speed boost. So once a morde has rylai's (which they should rush) if you get into melee range, you die. Period, doesn't even really matter what champ you have unless you have a good escape, he will hunt and kill you. He is super busted right now, should be banned every game unless your first pick wants him
Lordk0z (NA)
: Should all execute champions have indicators?
It's a matter of true damage vs those that can be mitigated. Urgot is 9999 true damage, just based on them reaching that % health marker. Pyke and Cho are both true, so it's a flat amount no matter if the other player gets armor/MR. Veigar being totally magic damage means the point that would kill them can fluctuate a lot based on if they get extra MR. garen is a little more iffy since it can be true-but only to one specific character (while the other 3 examples it doesn't matter who you hit, X life is the cutoff point regardless). I think they don't bother with it on darius since it's so dependent on bleed stacks, so it might say "guaranteed kill!" then the stacks drop off right before your attack lands so it doesn't kill
: Time to Nerf Mordekaiser (like you did with Kayle)
His passive alone is pretty busted. Like a built in nashor's tooth (bonus damage every hit based on AP, but a higher % than nashors), plus if he lands 3 hits he gets an amumu aura (damage based on % max health of enemy, plus base damage) and speed boost. Once he gets rylai's, any melee without hard escape options can't touch him or they are guaranteed death. Then because of his passive penetration from his E, you can't even try just building tanky enough to survive. If you go straight damage, he will outlast you from his shields while his Q two shots you. As an ornn that rushed MR and health early game against him, his Q was still taking off 1/3rd of my max health. Even after darius's unnecessary buffs, mord is my permaban until they balance him
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: TFT completely confuses me...
there is no soraka in TFT. Ranking up champs (merging 3 of the same) gives notable bonuses both to HP and damage. Higher cost heroes are harder to get multiples of to merge which can leave them behind. A gold tier 1 unit like vayne should be able to destroy a bronze tier 4 unit like draven. Items also have a notable effect on damage output and tankiness
: Queue Delay Again!!!!!
Last night they posted at one point that they were instituting a mandatory 1 hour 30 minute queue time. Which means it's not just filtering people through slowly, it was an intentional act to try reducing the number of players by having a lot of them quit trying to play at all. I had an instant queue all day, up to 10 minutes ago, now they throw it back to throttling to push people away. They would probably be better off disabling TFT until they can figure out what they need to do with their servers
: tft bug
same bug, and now game is stuck at 2-3, nothing happening, and can't play anything because when you exit it just tell you to reconnect (no other options), and if you reconnect the game is still stuck at same point. So...can't play LoL until they completely reset the servers i guess
: 35 min -> 40 min -> 60 min
seems to be getting longer as the day goes on, which is odd since it's late enough (and on a weekday) that a lot of people would be logging off meaning less people playing, but still longer queues. So it seems like there is something wrong at riot aside from just high volume of players
BladeArkX (EUNE)
: Now I'm really confused.. Where is TFT??
there was an official post listing the approximate times for each region. NA was 6/26AM, so you would have to check for your region when it will launch
: 35 min -> 40 min -> 60 min
you guys actually see an estimated time? Mine has just shown "long queue times" in yellow with a warning symbol, mousing over says due to high volume of games the queue times are long to preserve server stability. Woo! just popped...after 75 minutes in queue
: Very fast queue time??
70:14 in queue so far here. Wondering it if just completely crashed
: {{item:3116}} is now a legit item on her. just saying. just take a few seconds to think about what this means for her.
consider that it's 36 damage increase on tentacle (with no damage increase on basic attacks), with 300 health, for a 20% slow on any damage. you could use a frozen mallet for the same damage increase on tentacle, with more damage on AA and other abilities, and 700 health, but it only slows when you use your W or AA on the enemy (though it's a 40% slow instead of 20). And the mallet also lasts 50% longer on the slow. The mallet already had it's occasional uses, such as when you landed and E and they tried to charge you, so you popped R then W so they were slowed by 40% and couldn't escape the doubleslap of all the tentacles. Rylai's only real bonus is for people who run and break the vessel chain to curse themselves, while they run to avoid slaps (if they get caught by one, it's harder to avoid more-but most decent players can avoid all of the slaps from a broken vessel)
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