: Describe a LoL character with a video game.
{{champion:60}} Diablo 3 (I played a character that I threw jars of spiders at things to kill them. Good times) {{champion:222}} any GTA game {{champion:119}} Devil May Cry (the whole stylish combat thing) {{champion:111}} Pro Bass Fishing
: Dumbest assumption you've ever made when starting
Also thinking that bot games were designed to help you get ready for normal pvp games lul {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Dumbest assumption you've ever made when starting
I thought {{champion:17}} was a good champion because I played him whilst he was free in ARAM and did very well. ARAM doesn't translate to normal gameplay lol
: When a teammate gets like that I just want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?
: League's Preschool Community and the "Solo Carry" mentality
I enjoy playing support, but nowadays I just play Malz, Ziggs, Fiddles or one of those types of champs in support because of all these people who troll. I got tired of playing a traditional support and then the ADC would throw a tantrum and afk or go to another lane leaving me to struggle in a 2v1 with a champ that isn't really designed to kill. Now I start off playing the supportive role but am able to take the lane over if the ADC trolls. It's sad that it is so prevalent that one needs to be prepared for that every single game.
: He ditched the Dorian's when MF started trolling. He didn't start with it.
: You did report x9 the MF at least, didn't you?
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Ralanr (NA)
: Guess it's not smart to have all of your eggs in one basket. The basket being botlane/the lower part of the map.
: One of the major reasons people don't play support; Zero credit
I usually just fill nowadays but I am always sure to thank a support who does their role well. Its often not a fun role and you are right, they usually don't get recognition for their part in the successes of the team (but they are usually the 1st or 2nd target when things go south, its almost always blamed on the jungler of support).
: Champion-Object RP Contest!!
{{champion:115}} https://media2.giphy.com/media/JFmkQayDKwa5y/200.gif#2
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Forfang v2 (EUNE)
: Can We All Be Serious For A Moment?
There is plenty of counterplays. She is very predictable (oh look a dagger on the ground, wonder what she is gonna do with that..). You can deny her farm early on very easy. Does she have the potential to get very strong? Yes, but if she doesn't get fed (and don't tell me "I didn't feed her, she left my lane and fed off X lane" because then that is either you not pinging MIA/following, or you have teammates with poor map awareness) she isn't a big deal. {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:74}}
: "We thought gapclosing was too reliable and wanted a way for good players to shine while punishing any mistakes, so each gapclosing ability now has a mini game of Dance Dance Revolution attached to it."
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Anl0rian (NA)
: Does anyone else miss the old wards?
Not being able to see {{champion:28}} unless she attacks something or is right in your bum is annoying.
: Did someone say... Splitpush? {{champion:83}}
{{champion:23}} I do believe so!
: Remember when Taliyah existed?
What's a Talyiah? This {{champion:266}} ?
: I don't remember The Bible calling Ziggs an ADC?
lmao I don't think people got what you did there but I did and it is wonderful.
: Woops
Technically she tosses a dagger in the air and it lands on the ground and im sure they use the same coding for the dagger dropped that way as they do for her Q, so I see from a coding standpoint why it happens, but you are right, they shouldn't let that happen.
: I believe people when they say their ban was unjust.
They were not doing what I thought they should so I HAD to insult their very existence. It was also necessary to feed their laner to show them how much they upset me. They should have been banned, not me!!!
Vekkna (NA)
: So his passive negates the EQ damage, he turns on you and AA + Q for 3.25 seconds. You E back to your Q dagger, and after the passive proc he Es to you, Q, AA, and E back into the minion wave (assuming he hasn't gotten 3 Qs off and you're not in ignite range). Curious about what rank these Yasuos are. Handling that combo is as simple as either hitting E to dodge the entire trade or the A key to win it.
Well i thought it was a given to ensure his shield is down first. It's a rapid combo. If you are in there for 3.25 seconds you messed up. You just shunpo behind him hitting W as soon as you are behind him and Q immediately as well then shunpo back to your Q dagger which should be far away. Unless the yas is god level, or you do the same combo over and over, you usually win that trade. That trade isn't about trying to kill him (unless he is low, in which case you can try to R with your W). It works in bronze/silver.
: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnHmskwqCCQ Best music to flee to.
I feel this is more appropriate to when you watch teammate chase a singed around the map
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AhmCha (NA)
: Tryndamere needs a rework WAYYYYY more than Galio does
"If you have {{champion:23}} problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but {{champion:23}} ain't one" -{{champion:17}}
: How dare you forget {{champion:86}} ! {{champion:86}} Sister! I am now a Star Guardian! Let us protect the universe! Justice will reign over the stars! {{champion:99}} Ok big brother! But that outfit looks tight on you... {{champion:86}} It is in the name of JUSTICE! Let us go sister!
I can get down with that
: RPGs on the M&G Boards, huh?
DM: "Your quest leads you to a seemingly dead end of a cave. What do you do?" {{champion:432}} : "I decide to go on a magical journey" DM: "Roll for luck" {{champion:432}} : _Rolls 1_ DM: "You open a magical portal in the wall and go enter. The portal takes you to a land too magical and amazing for you to understand. You start losing your sanity as you cannot cope with your surrounds. -20 intelligence"
Araethas (NA)
: http://i.imgur.com/bofUVay.gif?noredirect
: Quick! Tell us that they're also making Star Guardian {{champion:6}} !!!
They should release star guardian outfits for: {{champion:6}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:44}}
: League of Legends Match History Site Does Not Work
It's been like that for quite some time, I figured it was discontinued or something.
: About this phrase "clown fiesta"
Every time I see that term it makes think of doing a one for all with {{champion:35}} as the champ on both teams
: @Riot I'll spell out the issue clearly
If they made solo/duo queue just solo queue then the duo v double solo situation would go away. When flex queue exists, i dont see why we need solo/duo queue
: Why do YOU play your main champion per role?
Top - {{champion:75}} - Something really satisfying about stacking 600 some stacks and then demolishing in a 5v1 Mid - {{champion:55}} - Deadly yet eloquent. I love her lore and the personality, not to mention she is highly attractive. Her kit is super fun. Bot - {{champion:21}} - Great kit, the Q is great for getting champions out of minion waves and punishing them if they get too close to them. Jungle - {{champion:23}} - High damage potential, fast clears. Excellent for taking down objectives. Also makes me think of Skyrim so that is a positive. Support - {{champion:21}} - AP Miss Fortune is a force to be reckoned with. She has strong zoning. I like that if the game goes too long I can sell everything and revert to AD to make the final push.
Katbeer (EUW)
: Amumu needs a friend.
Annie is considered Amumu's friend.
: Does Ivern really free the jungle camps?
He is freeing them from the bonds of life..
: Switch Dragon and Baron's places
People would just 2v2 top and 1v1 bot. This solution in itself is not viable.
: Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12PWq22E9CQ
Thank you, I didn't know I needed to see that until now <3
: I'm not sure actually, last time I played her was several days ago and my memory isn't that good. I think there's a range indicator for how close enemies have to be for it to bounce, though. But not where the dagger is likely to land.
You see the range you can cast Q at, but not where the dagger lands afterward.
: If you ever pick an unconventional "troll pick", say 'gg afk' in pregame.
I'm with you on this mate. I definitely subscribe to the "fuck the meta" theory. So many people don't know how to deal with non-meta choices and you can wreck a lane with them. It saddens me when teammates get all bitchy because you don't choose the "most op" champ in the game in their eyes. I usually don't even bother to pre-pick my champ in champ select if I plan to go off meta because so many will just ban what I pick if they don't agree with it. I love seeing other people can with with off meta picks (provided once in game they are trying to win/adjusting if it isn't working out). I do however believe that if you plan to go off meta that you should do some trial runs in norms before you take it to ranked. It is actually kind of funny to see all the posts complaining about seeing all the same champs in every game, but the moment you try to use different champs, people flip their lids.
: Yasuo top is cancer, anyone else notice?
He doesn't want to farm under tower you say? Sounds like someone needs to let the dog out ( {{champion:75}} ). Survive till lvl 6 and get some stacks and you will make him soil himself.
: In one sentence, Name this team.
Team Tiddlywinks. Why? Because reasons.
: QoL change for Katarina and Ziggs, can we please have indicators for bounces?
I got used to learning where {{champion:55}}'s Q would land after playing 10 or so games with her. Honestly I feel like an indicator would be more intrusive that it would be worth. As for {{champion:115}} I think they should add an indicator (similar to {{champion:74}}'s Ulted E's indicator) for his Q. It can be a tad annoying to have the dumb bomb bounce over the head of the heretic with no hp that you are trying to smite. While I have played a decent amount of Ziggs, I have a harder time getting the feel of the bouncing mechanic.
: good bye 2016
I think he is asking for a {{champion:13}} rework
: A list of Champions and there favorite games
{{champion:5}} Any of the Dynasty Warriors titles {{champion:64}} Street Fighter {{champion:86}} Beyblade
: How come the support didn't pass the drug test?
This meme is {{champion:26}} approved https://i.imgur.com/nptAr3Q.jpg
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: [GAMEPLAY] Suffering from "Lag Blips"
This has been happening since the new client went live for me.
: > the mad warrior who goes around in the name of justice killing all they see as unclean. {{champion:86}}
: When Caitlyn ults you
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