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: Where the Fuck is Monte ??! Good Game .. well played Riot ! .. gosh At 13:55 Monte discusses his public opinion on freelancing for Riot. He speaks of course in his own interest, so there may be more behind it (like the ban), but this is to my knowledge his latest stance on casting for Riot.
: How to fix all of League's current problems
This exact change was actually made to gold gain a few years ago, think it was pre-season 3 or 4. The ambient gold gain was increased and minion gold slightly reduced iirc. The intent was a bit different, being an attempt to bring support gold gain a bit more in line with the rest of the roles. And that highlights a side effect of this proposal; it is an indirect nerf to Relic Shield, while item reliant supports that don't make use of Relic Shield (read: damage heavy mage supports) will very much enjoy this change. So this change will very possibly have the opposite effect on bot lane, with poke and damage oriented supports being more viable, and as such increasing kill pressure.
: For people who go Mid/Support, how often do you get support?
I usually only play with my friends, and we just jokingly refer to me as a support main now, even though I by far prefer mid lane. I don't play too much, but before the changes I barely even got mid lane at all. When the new champ select was introduced, I got it pretty much every other game, but as people realized that putting in support pretty much guaranteed getting it, it declined. I have gotten level five mastery on Braum and Naut, as well as level four on Thresh roughly in the same time it took me to get level four on Orianna, counting the games where I was guaranteed mid. After the changes I've seen more mid, though. It still seems I mostly get support, but right before they changed, I almost didn't get mid at all. Btw, I always queue mid/support.
: What does this icon mean?
It's the role used in the position, it means mage.
: If Illaoi gets a Pentakill, can the billboard thing say "Tentakill!" instead of "Pentakill!"?
Still anxiously awaiting "Viktory" when {{champion:112}}'s team wins {{item:3070}}
: Since most people seem to be saying yes, I'll play devil's advocate for a bit here, to give you something to argue against: 1) The ruleset for League of Legends as an esport is not constant enough for it to be defined as a sport. Since Riot constantly changes the way champions, abilities, items, and even the map work, how can we consider League a sport in the same vein as baseball or hockey, where the rules have only changed a few times in many centuries of their existence? 2) Cambridge English Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary both define a sport as requiring both physical exertion and skill. Esports obviously fails the former, as most people, no matter how unfit, would not consider sitting in a chair and hitting keys on a keyboard as "physical exertion". And, if you say the definitions provided are not adequate, then which ones are? How are you not just redefining an existing word in the English language to restate your argument as a trivial fact? 3) Esports often rely on an inbuilt, luck driven element. For example, League of Legends uses critical hit chance, which can drastically impact the outcome of a game and requires no skill to use. Many professional players are known to include one crit chance rune, just gambling on the possibility of such a lucky hit. If these elements are so driven by inbuilt chance, how is playing esports not just playing the lottery?
1. This claim is refuted by your second argument. If sports is by definition an activity which requires both physical exertion and skill, then why does frequency of rule changes matter? And if this is a valid point, how infrequent must rule changes be in order to be considered a sport? Besides, one could argue that the ruleset in League is constant: 5 v 5, destroy the opponents' Nexus to win the game. The variables (champions, stat changes, etc.) are comparable to equipment in other sports; different bats for different preferences, different champions for different preferences. Granted, the amount of variables in League is massively increased, but I do think it is just as valid to perceive numbers and skills as different ways to approach an ultimate goal, rather than being a part of that ultimate goal. 2. Chess is by most considered a sport, professional poker is a sport, vehicular racing encompass a large variety of sports, none of these require physical exertion. What everything has in common is that they all require almost super human capabilities within a certain area for someone to be able to compete internationally, which can also be said about eSports. I can't tell you who should define what a sport is, but if this definition should be considered the ultimate definition, then that would remove a lot of activities previously firmly established as sports from being so. 3. The same can be said for almost every sport, though. A rainy day can affect a soccer match immensely, and maybe that racing horse was so unlucky as to step on a tiny rock that made it trip and fall. I'd argue that eSports are actually less affected by RNG than most traditional sports, seeing as the randomness that is implemented is something players are very aware of, and professional players should most definitely play around this. The only truly random feature would be unknown bugs and minion movement, where the former can in severe cases prompt a re-match, and the latter is somewhat a problem that should be addressed imo, but I digress. This truly is an exciting discussion, and although I can see how people can feel it's not a sport as such, I don't feel like the traditional arguments against eSports are good enough tbh.
: ***
As with everything statistics, there are outliers; it doesn't say that foul players are young or antisocial, ~~but rather that foul players are statistically likely to be so.~~ EDIT: Let me rephrase that: Any given toxic player is statistically more likely to be a younger or antisocial person.
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Macilento (EUW)
: Why when everyone talks about "battlecast" skins...
I think it's because he's not a part of the series as such. The Battlecasts are creatures (none of them except Xerath, arguably Urgot, are humanoid) that were either augmented or replicated as robots by Viktor. Battlecast Xerath was released before Viktor, and it is the only one of the battlecasts that cannot be seen in Creator Viktor's splash. I might be wrong on this, but I think this is true.
: Goodbye to Aram
It was never a secret that ARAM had huge balance issues; this was known all since the mode came to life, way before the Howling Abyss. People used to play ARAM on SR in customs before, and had been begging for an official map to deal with trolls that went to the jungle/sidelanes or people leaving the game without repercussions because of the champion they got. If they scrap Howling Abyss, people will just go back to this, and no one wants that. ARAM is inherently imbalanced since teamfight prowess and damage consistency are the two main champion characteristics that bear any weight in the mode, and safety being a strong runner-up. They alleviated some (read: a lot) of the imbalance with the snowball summoner spell, but ARAM is ARAM: a chaotic, imbalanced, non-serious damage- and cc-orgy. Some games are less fun than others, but no amount of number tweaking will fix that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Svartfisk,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=BPnWrWq0,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-02-22T14:05:06.118+0000) > > I am Norwegian and I can confirm this, that is probably as close as you'll get without phonetic spelling. What's the phonetic spelling?
I am no master of the phonetic alphabet (I looked it up, and realized how little I know), but my best guess would be something as straightforward as "u:dyr"; I have found the phonetic alphabet's characters are very similar in pronunciation to their visually corresponding characters in Norwegian. As I said, no master, so this comment tastes best with a pinch of salt.
Alëk (NA)
: This led me to search Udyr up on Google. Turns out that Udyr is the Norwegian word for "beast". And it is in fact pronounced Oo-deer or in some pronunciations oo-dyeer
I am Norwegian and I can confirm this, that is probably as close as you'll get without phonetic spelling.
Elfezen (NA)
: Why are Boots of Swiftness not named Mercury's Treads?
I think they mean mercury in the chemical sense, as in quicksilver. I have no knowledge on the field, so I don't know why or how mercury translates to cc-resistance (also see: Mercurial Scimitar, Quicksilver Sash). Besides, this would tie the item up to lore that is otherwise not present in the game, and I don't think Riot wants that, correct me if I am wrong though.
: Why do they even include chat in this game? If everyone's solution is just to "not talk". I don't understand why it's even a feature. They're banning people who do deserve it, so the system works in some way. But obviously people who don't deserve it are getting caught in the faulty system and nothing is being done about it. Is Riot was actually concerned with 'improving the community' they would just take out chat in game entirely!! With the new champ select in draft and ranked, theres not even a reason to speak before the game. You have your role, you give your team a heads up the champion you want to play and thats that. Take chat out, leave pings, and theres never a reason to ban anyone.
I think the problem here is how you are using the chat, not necessarily what you are saying as such. I agree, this is definitely one of the milder cases I have seen, and the first that is even remotely questionable, but I think the problem is your tone. You come across as very passive aggressive, and a seemingly considerable part of the game has been used solely to convey a message that in no way will help your team or promote teamwork. Telling someone that they deserve reports, however true it may be, is going to be an inherently negative experience for the rest of the players; you have also obviously been reported for this behavior considering it was used as a chat log, and that, judging by the logs, people actually disagreed with your in-game vigilante actions. I am not saying I agree or disagree with the ban, but I urge you to try to learn from this rather than faulting the system, especially considering you still have a chance.
: Let's see the exact wording of the response.
This. I just want to point out that chat logs are irrelevant (unless they actually show dates, if so disregard this whole post). The OP is not arguing that they were not toxic, they are just saying that the perma ban was based on incidents prior to the former ban, and that the support did not properly handle the situation. The tree strike system being broken is an actual concern if they in fact did get banned solely because of games from before the 14-day ban. I am not trying to defend the OP in anyway, I do believe the burden of proof is on their shoulders, but it is frankly quite unfair to demand chat logs from them when the case doesn't revolve around whether the OP is toxic or not.
SinsBane (NA)
: Ilnish, the Mage Breaker
You have a lot of interesting ideas, but I thought I'd just chime in with statements Riot has made on mana stealing earlier. AFAIK, Wit's End used to steal mana way back, but they removed it because it was essentially a non-interactive, uncounterable version of silence (only real instant counter being clarity), so they focused their attention on silences instead. Silences were introduced on champions made to be anti-caster, like LeBlanc, Kassadin and Talon, and all of them had their silences removed because it was too oppressive against mages and casters. Considering that these mechanics are inherently broken in how they hardcounter some champions while barely affecting others, they are difficult to tweak for a healthy distribution of the power budget. As a side note, Caitlyn used to be THE counter to Kassadin (it's still a good match-up for her, but not because of the silence) because mages could hardly do anything to him while ADCs ignored the silence and just destroyed him. Now I don't want to start a discussion on whether or not there exist other oppressive champions and mechanics in the game at the moment, but this is Riot's stance on inherently oppressive CC.
: Orianna bug
Yeah, I've encountered that too. I have never experienced it ruining my game as such, and have always forgotten about it after a match, but I can see the complications that may arise in certain scenarios. +1 for bringing it up!
eikooc (EUW)
: Good reasoning. It is a team game and thus the team must be strong, but if you know one of your mates don't play that often. Which role would you prefer him in?
Well, within my circle of friends with whom I play, there is one guy that generally only plays ARAMs, so he's obviously not the best on SR. We tend to let him go jungle, because he only really cares about Rammus/Diana, and if he can just play the PvE game in the jungle, he is quite good at responding and reacting to our calls. I think jungle is the best answer considering it is to some extent possible to play out the PvE game and be fine; not really impacting the early game as a jungler can be remedied if your laners are doing fine, especially if mid and support are good at roaming. But when that is said, if the enemy jungler takes advantage of the possible skill disparity, the ripple effects can be disastrous, and you'd maybe be better off putting him somewhere else.
eikooc (EUW)
: Which role would you want the "worst" player on your team to have?
I feel like this depends heavily on what you'd put in "bad". You generally wouldn't want the player that gets caught all the time on ADC, and the guy with no map awareness has nothing to do in jungle. The guy that lacks mechanics will probably have a very limited champion pool for mid, and the top laner that can't read the situation for when to go in is generally gonna be less proficient here. I realize a lot of what I listed are more applicable to specific champions rather than roles, but I still don't think there is one role that is overall more easy than the other four, it just depends on what you're good at.
: That immortals comp was perfect
I think a lot of the success from Immortals comes from the fact that they just seem so comfortable playing together. Where the other teams are going way and beyond to find the perfect comp and exploit the meta, Immortals are going with comfort picks, like Zed and Soraka. Immortals are trying to fit the playstyle to the players on the team, rather than how most other teams try to fit the players into the current meta and its encompassing playstyle.
Reinou (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nanuk Pihoqahiak,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Vo23AqEW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-06T16:08:57.853+0000) > > Thresh autos aren't typical ranged attacks. It's a melee attack in the sense that he's whipping you with a chain. They're considered ranged attacks because you don't get the damage bonus on minions from Relic Shield.
They aren't projectiles. Champions like Azir and Vel'Koz can auto-attack through his windwall too.
: If you want to have fun, go be kazoo kids special friend. I don't even care if I win or lose, I much prefer a close game where both sides have a chance, not where Disco Nunu has fed 13 kills and its still too early to surrender.
Which is a totally valid opinion; that is your idea of fun (unless of course there is another incentive driving you to long for the close game, which is fair enough). This has somehow transformed to an argument on whether one should ban abusive players *or* trolls, while I genuinely think we both agree that both cases should warrant punishments.
: Given the objective of the game is winning, I would much rather someone shit talk while being 5-5 than being a friendly adc gragas.
But the ultimate purpose of a game as a concept, unless on a competitive level, is having fun. And although I really enjoy winning and find those games generally more enjoyable, I personally find verbal toxicity to ruin my fun more than trolling. Again, this is all about opinions, and I don't value my opinion more than that of people playing purely to win.
: Though he tends to be on the raging side and needs to calm down a bit I don't blame him, I do agree with him all you have to do is look up the players to see they are still playing weeks and months later with no reprisal. Players who intent feed by tower diving over and over, the players who troll pick or ban, call out positions on the map, afk/rage quit and walk around on fountain or any other form of trolling are honestly worse then the ones who get upset at them. He is also right about riot mistaking the correlation of toxic players to lost games, they do not take in to account that a toxic player may be losing the game due to someone rage quitting on fountain or any of the troll picks. Now I do think we should avoid being toxic, that it can tilt players causing more losses and players to play worse however if they want to make the game a more pleasant place they should start with the trolls who cause the anger then whoever is left and is toxic clean them up otherwise you are just putting sunscreen on a sunburn.
I'm not saying I necessarily disagree with him as such, because I frankly don't know. But I doubt that people that consistently troll games are left untouched by the ban systems; for all you know, your game was their first offense, and iirc Riot has stated that unless it is very severe, they do not punish first offense (I have no source to back it up, so ignore it if you want). I have of course had these players myself, albeit rarely. Honestly, I personally dislike verbal toxicity more, because it actively attempts to make me or someone else feel bad on a personal level, mechanical toxicity is just annoying, but that differs with opinions. I do not at all think the system regulating player behavior is perfect; we all encounter the players that ruin games every now and then. But the OP is posting a rant with little facts to back it up. Now, I don't really mind rants as such, but I just wanted to make it clear that they don't really hold any value if you want to start a discussion, especially if they do not have any evidence to back up the claims.
: sad day when game devs care more about naughty words than people intentionally ruining the game
I do not really get a grasp of where this is coming from, as there is no source listed here, but it seems highly anecdotal. The general fallacy of basing these assumptions (that only foul language and verbal toxicity warrants bans, not mechanical toxicity) on anecdotal evidence, is that you as a regular player cannot see or investigate if their behavior was punished. I have no immediate sources that you are wrong, but the burden of evidence is on the accuser, which is you.
Howldoom (NA)
: What Pieces of Music Would You Associate with Specific Champions?
Iron Man - Black Sabbath Ace of Spades - Motörhead Harvester of Sorrow - Metallica Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath I'll let you guess the champ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Adobr (NA)
: Banned for being reported by trolls? [PROOF]
"you think you are the best cus you can do good one game" "last game i got a penta lol I am good" I'm not gonna point out why you got banned, I'm sure many others will do that. Just found that part funny.
: LZ Crash
Two levels ahead of the solos, too. That game was insane from Crash.
: ARAM is more balanced than either Dominion or Summoners Rift. 1. No fighting over lanes 2. More flexible builds 3. Has its own flexible meta 4. Always different and has define differences in champion strength and weakness 5. Its on a bridge 6. Can use Clarity 7. Has Mana Regen Buff 8. Champions are randomly picked 9. More Clarity 10. Towers aren't flimsy paper 11. Again, Clarity 12. Can reroll up to 2 times if desired and earn them back 13. Elo doesn't matter 14. Shorter death timer 15. Clarity
I mean, I love ARAMs, but let's be fair... It is not uncommon to be able to predict the outcome of the match accurately from the loading screen
HayRoss (NA)
Some weird Nami on Wukong-stuff going on here
: > [{quoted}](name=MotherTeresa1910,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TT0hHT0z,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2016-01-25T19:58:06.205+0000) > > They're reworking her so that she can be more fun, not more balanced. Unfortunately you simply can't rework or create a champion based around something so subjective though... would not work. Also many cass players find her fun as she is right now so... what gives?
They want to know what players want to see Cassiopeia, they are not saying everything will be put in her kit. They are also not forgoing balance for the sake of what players deem fun. Hell, they are not even asking for balance tips, they are asking for mechanics players would want to see.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
I know you guys have a lot to read, so I'll keep this short and concise: Vel'Koz' niche is that he is the mage that defies the line between AoE burst mage and poke mage; he has the poke and kiting that a poke mage wants, while still being a long lasting, super powerful menace in teamfights when left to his own devices. His true damage is a big part of this, as he is the only one out of the four poke mages that can consistently hurt tanks. I will link to a mega thread I wrote on the matter if you want more depth on my thoughts, and also my thoughts on Malz and Brand:
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Svartfisk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NqB398n4,comment-id=00140001,timestamp=2016-01-25T20:48:37.686+0000) > > Ziggs isn't picked just because of his ult, he is picked for his general control and safety. His Q is just his main damage ability, it offers nothing more. His other skills are his main selling points, what makes him unique. Xerath is the poke mage you pick when you want intense poke and hefty damage, Ziggs is the one you pick when you want safety and zone control. We can discuss the actual balance of the two for ages, but they have very different strengths and weaknesses. Ziggs is supposed to be safer due to satchel but he is not because xerath stays further anyway and does have a stun. You ll never pick ziggs over xerath just because he is 5% more safe ... there needs to be a bigger diffrence All of ziggs abilities are Meh mana draining and hard to hit while with xerath its the opposite. Xerath abilities are rather easy to hit (Not counting r ) do more dmg and his passive makes it so that he doesnt even need a freaking mana regen item Ziggs grenades do zone ... but xerath with damage ll zone you just as much Ziggs strenghts arent high enough and thats mainly because Riot doesnt want to go to stall days. Eventhough ziggs got huge indirect nerfs which hurt stall .. new baron buff / Rift herald / Dragon stacks and in general snowball also lets not forget that last time ziggs was viable banner of command wasnt Ohmwrecker and zzrot are pathetic atm if they get buffed he ll get 1 more indirect nerf. With so many pushing options i think he ll deserve to be a stall mage
If Xerath gets jumped on, he is most likely dead, and Ziggs can get of his full combo in a much more rapid succession than Xerath. His minefield is also one hell of an ability when it splits a team in a jungle teamfight. I am not going to go in on numbers, and I agree that certain aspects (namely baron buff and banner of command. Note that rift herald doesn't make minions more durable) can shut down Ziggs' strengths pretty hard, and that Ziggs is generally maybe a bit weak at the moment, but Xerath and Ziggs are inherently very different champions that coincidentally fit in the same subdivision of mages: poke mages. I am not disagreeing with you on the whole meta game and how Xerath and Ziggs fit, but this whole thread was about mechanics, not balance in numbers, and I assumed that you meant Ziggs was just a weaker version of Xerath mechanically, to which I disagree.
: >Vel'Koz is the mage that best defies the line between poke mages and regular AoE burst mages Aha! this is it. This is what you want Riot to emphasize, because atm they dont think its clear enough. Perhaps the AOE on that AOE burst is too small, perhaps its not bursting hard enough, maybe his poke isn't strong enough. Riot pretty much wants to get fix the overabundance of generic immobile team fight mages. Yes, there certainly is differences between them, but what they provide for a team is very similar. That right there is the niche you want Riot to put Vel'koz in, be vocal about that particular thing. I think they are probably going to scrap his current W and probably make some changes to his passive, but I personally would like to see them give more power to his ultimate and more reward for hitting the second part of Q (either extra damage or two stacks of his passive instead of one). Although props to you for being the first person to argue actual relevant points to this topic. Every other example of his "niche" so far was "Umm he has a cool Q and the lazors look pretty sweet." So my question to you is, would you rather see him get more AOE burst, or more poke? Perhaps have it more accentuated in a certain part of the game? Or would you like him to be the MF of the mid lane?
I am going to keep on advocating not changing Vel'Koz, but I guess I am biased as I really really love Vel'Koz' current kit and feel. When that is said, you did put my thoughts on the rework in a whole new perspective. I did post a rather lengthy post where I underlined exactly how Vel'Koz differentiated himself from the rest of the poke mages, and I hope they read that, even though I still concluded with the "plz no change" train of thought. I honestly have no idea how they can really change him without either making him one thing or the other, or making him too powerful. Right now, he is probably one of the highest damaging mages; I haven't checked the stats of everyone, but I know for a fact that he has the highest damage out of all the poke mages, while still most likely having the weakest long range poke. I will, as I said, still fight for Riot to keep Vel'Koz as is, but I'm going to make a post on this exact thought on the mage rework mega-thread. At least I do my part in keeping Vel'Koz as close to my vision of him as I can! I thank you for the input! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
hopeful4 (EUNE)
: Follow the same pattern =/= follow a very general function. Kalista is very different than Jinx although both are AA reliant, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of the reason you want them in a comp. Brand and Velkoz are all about dissing AoE in teamfights, they are both immobile, they scale around the same, their laning phase is on the same level, they have a few CC and a bit of poke, they are both good against tanks/juggernauts, they are both weak against assasins and so on
I'd go ahead and say Vel'Koz is the mage that best defies the line between poke mages and regular AoE burst mages, even Riot compares Vel'Koz to the poke mages rather than the AoE burst mages. Vel'Koz has a pretty considerable poke as well as great kiting, very much what you would like on your poke mage. In addition, he has the intense AoE and damage that a burst mage like Brand has, as you say, and is very potent in teamfights. I recon he is *the* crossover mage, and does fill his own niche as such; the teamfighter poke mage. I am not gonna comment on Brand, although I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with his style of play. I think they could've done the whole fire mage that wants to burn the world better, but I digress.
: Malzahar's upcoming rework
If you go to news, you can see them saying that every rework from Poppy and on will feature new splash arts.
Poske (EUNE)
: I strongly disagree Let me tell you some examples I used to be a Brand main (2 years ago) and then syndra came out ... after they buffed her to the point she was playable I FKING REALISED THAT SYNDRA WAS JUST BETTER BRAND... AND they are equally fun to play .... Seriously she had just as much AOE Damage on top of having singletarget burst and cc which can actually pick of and is still long enough. Also she had better ranger less itemization issues etc Ziggs is to weak atm... its a known thing. Xerath is literaly better version of ziggs . Xerath range compensates the fact that ziggs has escape and then you realise xerath does everything better I dont want to Main Xerath . Just no he is easier version of ziggs at this point But i cant play ziggs either in ranked because he is just to outclassed by xerath so as a result I play none And dont give me bias They are not so similar etc. Yeah ziggs can clear a sidelane BUT HE HAS to use his ultimate to do it.. and guess what xerath can actually do that to Some champions need unique inputs Until you play Vladimir into Fiddlestick (On lane) I dont think you know whats a hard counter... -Tahm kench is bullsh it (About to be nerfed) -Kalista gets fked up by any slow in the game Guess what immobile nasus deletes her from game .. so does trundle .. or any champion with a slow -Azir is engage/anti engage hypercarry champion .. not anti melee. Any melee champion who jumps on him is ussualy such a ball of stats that he cant 1vs1 him -Thunderlord is no longer Only option You dont understand my message its simple Narrow champions are the ones who need a work.. Like warwick **There needs to be a reason to play x champion over y champion BESIDES FUN**
Ziggs isn't picked just because of his ult, he is picked for his general control and safety. His Q is just his main damage ability, it offers nothing more. His other skills are his main selling points, what makes him unique. Xerath is the poke mage you pick when you want intense poke and hefty damage, Ziggs is the one you pick when you want safety and zone control. We can discuss the actual balance of the two for ages, but they have very different strengths and weaknesses.
: they have the exact same playstyle, all of their spells is just one combo to do as much burst as possible in team fights. After all spells go cd they dont do anything anymore for at least 7 seconds they run around waiting for cd to come up again and repeat the same pattern all over again.
> [{quoted}](name=VallaarMorghulis,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NqB398n4,comment-id=000900000000,timestamp=2016-01-25T17:06:26.693+0000) > > they have the exact same playstyle, all of their spells is just one combo to do as much burst as possible in team fights. After all spells go cd they dont do anything anymore for at least 7 seconds they run around waiting for cd to come up again and repeat the same pattern all over again. You could say that exact same thing about a vast majority of the mages when it comes to teamfighting. Besides, Malzahar doesn't even revolve around teamfights at all. With that logic, you might as well rework a majority of the marksmen because they are all about autoattacking.
: I personally am fine with it because it's a part of fantasy sports. You gamble on certain players that you think are going to play and that will do good. It's the same with fantasy football. For some teams you can't be sure whose going to get the majority of the carries at running back or the majority of catches at wide receiver so you do your research and start who you believe will do the best and play the most. Luckily in fantasy LCS you don't have to worry about your ADC tearing his ACL in the middle of the game. :-)
I personally don't know how fantasy works in other sports, but esports are drastically different than regular sports, and should be treated as such. First of all, not all teams have several main players for their positions, which renders some players infinitely much better than others. Zven or Rekkles are for instance inherently better than say Piglet - even though he got the second best score in week 1 - because of the risk of Piglet being subbed out. This isn't a fun gamble, it's a drastic improvement in worth of a few players that renders first pick in the draft all that much better. In a regular sport, switching out and injuries are common practice, and even then, most of the main team are guaranteed at least some time on the field. The gamble would be fun in League if it were consistent across the board. Secondly, League players (namely Gate from TIP, but also Pepi/Adryh last split) have been switching positions, and their scores have been affected from this. A support player with a mid's score is massive. I can see the gambling aspect being an intuitive part of the game to those who have familiarized themselves with fantasy through regular sports, but imo League should be treated differently because it's frankly a very different sport.
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: I thought this was going to be about how the Rift Herald doesn't give any Team points. No one cares about the Rift Herald.
That 0.01 points from cs-points is no laughing matter, tho {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Graves just built tank and had 87k damage dealt to champions
That is not a tank build, and it's a Graves with blackshield against three melees, all of which had tons of health but relatively small amounts of armor., so he had to rip through a lot of health in order to get kills. I am not going to tell you that Graves is a balanced champion in his current state, but this is just them outpicking you
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khorney (NA)
: He is fine and trust me whenyou have rylais and liandrys your damage is better then going straight ap like you see lots of malz do....., trust me if it was you vs another malz you would win everytime. his e is a teemo shroom you literally have to do nothing, and I never build ludens on him there isn't a reason to
Well I am happy to see we agree on his balance state. I am not asking for a straight up buff as such, I am asking for a fix to his inconsistency. He is as of now the only mage that is straight up gated by his terrible auto-attacks, in that the very nature of his kit requires him to auto-attack well to farm.
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Kakwane (NA)
: > > I like E'ing out of Blitz's grabs, Darius's pulls, etc. c: > > > > Wonder if when he blinks it doesn't count him on the map? > > Dunno, but last I checked at least Malza and WW still suppressed him when he landed and dealt damage. I don't know I think if he presses E a .1second or something before they press their ults on him he blinks away from the location. However, he can't move and still takes damage.
> > > I like E'ing out of Blitz's grabs, Darius's pulls, etc. c: > > > > > > Wonder if when he blinks it doesn't count him on the map? > > > > Dunno, but last I checked at least Malza and WW still suppressed him when he landed and dealt damage. > > I don't know I think if he presses E a .1second or something before they press their ults on him he blinks away from the location. However, he can't move and still takes damage. The damage of Liss' ultimate is tied to the ice on the ground, not to the stun. The ultimate is essentially a targetet stun that summons a damaging ice field around the stunned champion's initial location. In other words, Ezreal shouldn't take the damage if he E's out of its range.
Veraska (NA)
{{champion:50}} I'm a Swain main, he's just too much fun. It's so great when the enemy think you're one skill away from dead, and you just turn everything around with the healing from his ult.
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