: Riot, if you're going to make Ryze a machine gun mage balanced around skillshots...
: "muh adc is difficult" if you aren't playing draven then you aren't playing a difficult champion
DJ Lucio (NA)
: What do people do on your main that "trigger" you?
{{champion:114}} When they dont parry{{champion:164}} stun or{{champion:31}} q. THEY HAVE INDICATORS FOR goODNESS SAKE
: i sure did get outplayed when ADC right clicked me >"i was bursted down and couldn't react" then the ADC got outplayed. why should they get to build glass cannon, position like garbage, and still be allowed to 'react'?
Most people on boards are jg/top/mid anyways so this would obv get 8 upvotes
: I really want to see a rich snob character one of these years. I'm talking VO and everything
: My last game went like this : Our team : Silver 5 Silver 3 Gold 4 Silver 2 (me) Level 30 ???? Their team : Silver 3 Silver 2 Gold 5 Gold 5 Silver 2 Couldn't carry with highest damage, most wards placed, highest CS on my team and least death.. What the fuck is this ranking system ? How am I supposed to carry someone who goes 2/8 in lane ? How is a silver 5 player supposed to compete agaisnt someone who was plat last season rofl this ranked system is garbage.
Level 30 may be in promos
Xavanic (NA)
: Whats with ranked lately
It's because a lot fewer people have been playing this game. To get a faster queue you would need unbalanced teams
: {{champion:103}} AP Irelia {{champion:53}} Reverse Irelia (pulls you instead of jump on you Irelia) {{champion:164}} The newest Irelia {{champion:122}} Counters Irelia {{champion:131}} Less effective AP Irelia {{champion:245}} Black Irelia {{champion:114}} Uglier Irelia {{champion:79}} Fat Irelia {{champion:104}} Ranged Irelia {{champion:39}} Irelia Irelia {{champion:24}} Irelia without real weapon {{champion:11}} Boy Irelia {{champion:75}} Dog Irelia {{champion:133}} Irelia with a bird {{champion:107}} Cat Irelia {{champion:67}} Ranged Irelia {{champion:254}} Jungle Irelia {{champion:5}} Weak Irelia
I beg to differ. Have you seen Pool Party Fiora?
: Darius has opinions on this.
: Or just git gud?
: Can Kennen and Akali not just be shens thing #1 and thing #2?
I thought they all went to the same ninja school so they should kind of act the same beause of the strict teachings
: Giving singed some depth
Faie (NA)
: What's your price range? That's what it really depends on.
: League of Legends is One of my Favorite Games of All Time
Guys ive been playing with a Mac and i didnt know games were bad for macs. I would haev so many irregularities in my ping in every game and in teamfights, my ping becomes 500. If anyone can recommend a good LAPTOP i can buy that will also run games that would be awesome.
: The (support) singed guy in a nushell
THIS is a GAME. IF HE Has fun playing singed support with a positive win rate, why should u guys be allowed to dictate how he has fun? I dont understand.
Zelorxon (EUW)
: Uuuh, in case you didn't noticed, since bronze players still live in season 3, jayce right now is unplayable since they removed all the armor pen items for him, he literally doesn't have a build, he's already cooked and baked for now until they'll give him a new build again.
: 2000+ Games as Akali. Riot & community, can you read what I have to say about her update?
Soon many words dude but i see where you are going with this. Upvote +1
Rioter Comments
: "A supposedly high skill champion having 25% pick rate with a 53% win rate is clearly balanced"
Rioter Comments
: I actually agreed to all of this. The home screen feels lonely comparing to the old client where I personally always click the page links because it is and feels homie... for some reason, I would also like to add how Empty the Match Making looks like. Idk maybe the color, it is just too wide and all that I think we can put more into it like what I said in my post, Color Coding.
if u can upvote, i really want riot to see this..
Rioter Comments
TyrionL (EUW)
: honestly these riven buffs should ABSOLUTELY be cancelled its ridiculous ! she needs nerfs .. if not nerfs leave her as is fucking hell! shes ALMOST balanced but more on the OP side why do we have to bring her back fully there just because theres a ton of wankers that love playing riven i hate the favoritism!
This tyrone guy rally hates riven. I see him on all the riven threads talking shizz about riven.
Tentaku (EUNE)
: Does Riven really need such a huge buff on her ult?
Riven does need a buff. Boxbox the best riven player on Na hasnt made it above challenger 68. She needs buffs, especially because of the matchups she faces today.
Rioter Comments
: Is it me or is it lately pretty easy to get frustrated with league?
Sukishoo (NA)
: New Project skins: they are coming :D
Eedat (NA)
: "Noob Jungle no ganks"
Bronze jg Q_Q 12:50[all] {{champion:50}} "Noob jungler, no ganks." 12:51{{champion:11}} still stacking my blood razor .....
: Does anybody actually miss Kalista?
Very soon u guys are going to see every champion as being toxic. People have problems with so many champions. Personally I feel the op champions are trundle, hec and volibear.
: How I spent $7,110 on League of Legends! I don't regret any of it(MOVED)
ur really cool and ur reaching out to people's emotional needs in the most unimaginable way possible.
sandyxwg (EUW)
: I love dynamic que! Haters gonna hate
This thread is just some boosted animal telling us about the disadvantages of dynamic queue. Anyone can get high elo players to boost them but th3re is no feeling of self worth by doing that. As a ton of people have said before, dynamic q doesn't measure actual skill. This encourages toxicity as these terrible players will get to plat or gold and the players that deserve to be there will be yelling at them. Thx for pointing out how dynamic q is riot's legal boosting service.
: Jungle is becoming the glorified support
tbh if someone describes the role of jungle to another person that doesn't play league , the latter person could assume it is a supportive role. As a jungler, you help people win their lanes by ganking, you provide vision and you also get objectives that will make the entire team stronger. What do you think?
Zacster (NA)
: League client update Q&A: Profile and Collection [Now Complete]
Knoyle (NA)
: PSA: Don't let the whole enemy team see your hp after your first few camps
OH dude its strategy. XD I Want them to invade so i can get easy kills. How didnt u know that?
: We all go a little mad sometimes......
Rozair (NA)
: Everyone just ban zed until he has a 100% ban rate
: So, you mean to say that Zed, Yasuo and Lee Sin are easy champions?
: I don't care if Azir is good, I don't care if he's bad
U guys compain about every champiion........Instead of COMPLAINING, THINK OF COUNTERPLAY TO SHARE WITH THE COMMUNITY OR POTENTIAL NERFS Azir has to come close before his soldiers can auto attack...that is counterplay.
RoodToob (NA)
: 5 Hour long game due to 5 Trolls in same club on opposite teams
I hope i dont die 67 times ever in my league carreer. Q_Q
: Describe League of legends' champions in one word.
: After 2 years of being in Bronze league, I finally got out
: I did it, my first lv 7 Mastery!
: I have yet to find my main
I chose zed...... because bfore an r would demolishes adcs
Alleo (NA)
: If you don't want dynamic queue don't play it.
half of the people that upvoted will still play dynamic queue
: The problem isn't truly about his winrate, more-so the fact that on 90% of champions it's completely unfun and borderline infuriating to lane against him, I think you need to hit his E like you did his Q, less damage on the ability and more damage on multi-hit and tbh the Q change is a buff to zed almost 100% of the time past silver ELO. I'd say hit the E as well the same way you did the Q, have his ult's damage go higher based on how many multi-hits he got while it was active but lower the base amount, and hit the q a liiiiitle harder then he wont be toxic and unfun to play against for most the champion pool, while still rewarding the skilled zeds.
The e doesn't do extra damage when two shadows hit it u smart boy.
: Bring back Solo Queue
What if we all decided to play solo and made our own solo queue?
Caítlyn (NA)
: All 131 champions in one awesome picture
: when ur main is first picked banned every game
rip {{champion:245}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:136}}
: People can talk as much shit as they want about Riot
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