: Except Zoe Q is MUCH easier to hit and set up than elblanc combo. The Q cannot be a combo starter as most heroes can predict the trade, and your best bet is to W in and pray to hit chain which is much thinner and slower than zoe Q.. You Q does add the damage at chain snare portion butthat can ebe scaped if your ehro has mobility. Stop pretending lb ios the old Q+W = 1/2 of your help at lvl 2
How is a skill shot that you can see flying across the lane easier to hit than a point and click? And the chain is not thin the hitbox was reworked a while ago making it larger and easy to hit at close range. Not only that but the chain has an outstanding range that most dashes can't escape unless you are already at max range. Also I agree she cant 1/2 health you at lvl 2 but most champs cant because the game doesn't work like that but her kit is still stronger than most at early lvls because of her easy escape.
: No she doesn't, the game is better when she's crappy. She gets like one kill, it's a nightmare midlane....maybe the Leblancs should just play better.
I agree, the power of her snowball is way beyond most mages.
: one Zoe Q outdamages a whole leblanc pre 6 combo One E auto into amx rnage Q outdamages the full leblanc max damamge combo (Q R W E Q pre explosion of e1)
You are comparing a kit requiring a set up to complete and a Zoe Q is much, much simpler to dodge than a Q that is point-and-click and a W that covers a wider area.
: You can't change someone's mind on the internet
I was asking for a legitimate argument, not a satirical comment.
: I dunno when fed she becomes the most hated champ in the game
: > [{quoted}](name=Swagnado,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TTHNGQ6R,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-15T04:17:02.453+0000) > > Why does a champion with easy poke, good damage, and a snare need a buff??? Her laning phase is a breeze due to her easy poke combo of a 1-2 point and click and a single skill shot with an arguably larger hitbox than animation. Take her to the subject of ganking and once again she triumphs. Put her in a team fight and with half a mind anyone playing her can easily go in and out bursting a carry with little damage taken to herself. Another subject of importance is how easily she can escape ANYONE by just pressing her W. I am not specifically referencing the 9.16 patch but also prior patches giving LeBlanc even more of an edge versus any opponent. > > If I had to suggest a change it would to revert her AP ratio buff, keep her base damage, and lower her AP ratio scaling on her Q and W since those are the basis of her kit and inarguably easy to land even for beginners. Look I get that a Leblanc really popped off and got a bunch of kills in your last {{champion:157}} game and I get that League can feel bad when an enemy gets fed. But that's one game and Leblanc really wasn't good and needed buffs as she was performing terribly, among the worst, and being statistically unfavored in most of the matchups by seven times the amount. That's why the champion was buffed
I like how think that just because my name is 'Swagenado" you assume its all about a single Yasuo game. Tbh I hardly play him and to clarify I am talking about a list of games I've played against her with varying champs. The point is that it is because of her quick engage and damage that she is good and did not need a buff. Zoe, Ekko, and Lux are 3 example of strong mid laners that have good damage but what keeps them from rolling over an opponent is that they require set up whereas LB can just 1-2 you and cast her Chain to confirm an escape if her 2nd W didn't already get her out. It's not only about numbers it's about the kit the champion has as well. And please come up with a more mature way to start a counter-point next time.
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