rujitra (NA)
: I'd say it falls under "offensive content" - which can be any number of categories. Please keep in mind you agreed to the ToU and Summoner's Code, not the exact wording in client and only those.
True, but the report feature only has "Offensive name", not content.
rujitra (NA)
: Terms of Use, section 5.1.v: >**Transmitting or communicating any content which**, in the sole and exclusive discretion of Riot Games,** is deemed** offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, **sexually explicit**, or racially, ethically, **or otherwise objectionable**;
Ok but is it in the in-game report categories? I can't recall ever seeing that as something reportable in-game.
: i'm glad you got banned your weirdo why the fuck would you even post links to porn in champ select?
league hentai? what are you, a puritan?
rujitra (NA)
: Yeah, I'd say porn links falls pretty god damn clearly under "obscene, even for League".
Rioter Comments
: You are going to tell me that spamming emotes/taunts after picking up a kill or when you know someone's gonna die if they touch you isn't being negative? Come on.
Is it annoying? Sure. That's the point of people doing it, it's called a TAUNT for a reason -- one that is deemed acceptable by Riot since it is built into the game and not directly harassing any particular player. Is it tilting? It can be; perhaps you should work on inuring yourself more to them so as to not get tilted. Is it against the rules though? No.
Dariuś (EUNE)
: I don't want it to be punished, I want it to be hidden. Thus the question as to why am I not allowed to hide with via an ingame setting or something. People can spam whatever emotes they want if it makes themselves feel better as long as I am not forced to watch it.
Technically the mastery emotes (as with all the emotes) are considered "flair", you know, like badges you wear on your uniform, showing off medals you've won, etc. They were made to show off your accomplishment on that particular champion. Champion taunts are exactly that; the game was BUILT with a certain level of "BM" (bad manner), and is completely acceptable in this regard, since you are not directly verbally abusing another player. I would go so far even to say that taunting the enemy team in chat on occasion is also acceptable; the problem there lies in the fact that the majority of league players (as with gamers in general) don't really know how to walk the line between sportsmanly taunts, and verbal harassment.
: Yes it fucking is. That's like saying a racial slur isn't offensive because it's a made-up nonsense word. If you are acting in a way to cause others grief, you are an obnoxious bastard and a poor sportsman, which IS against the freaking summoners code. It would cost so very little to have muting someone shut off their emotes and pings, but Riot does do it? Why? Because the swaggering douchebag bros who spam mastery, spam /laugh and act as dickish as they can to upset people without actually typing bad words in chat is probably 90% of their playerbase.
: Totally agreed. Taunting and spamming emotes and whatever else by all means is being negative and abusive. However, Riot support and the users on here defend it as being acceptable behavior and being a part of the game. It's just another example of Riot's inconsistencies towards behavior.
There's a difference. Taunting with your champion model and spamming emotes is not something direct to the other player -- that is, you're not physically aiming your champion model and taunting someone behind the monitor. Words however, are directed squarely from player to player. Look at it this way: Verbal abuse/griefing/et al always directly from player to player (through chat). Champion taunting/emote spamming is directly from champion model to champion model (ingame). The first is toxic and against the summoner code, The second, while rude and annoying, is not a directed, pointed attack upon another player, and hence not punishable by the code.
Dariuś (EUNE)
: Riot says they are against negative behavior in this beautiful game
Using ingame features such as taunts and emotes to mentally tilt the enemy team isn't something toxic or negative; verbal abuse however, is. There's a big difference between something that is non-verbal and confined to the limits of what the game itself allows (you can't make your champion flip someone the bird, for example), and something that is verbal through text chat and completely open to whatever the player wants to say.
: Telling someone where our jungler is isn't "having a bad game" Did you read the post at all or...?
I didn't say they were. I was using an example. Did you read all of my post at all or ...? It doesn't matter to Riot whether or not _the other player is in the wrong and breaking the summoner's code_, each player is held accountable for _their own words and actions_. Asking for reports is punishable. So is what the jungler did. Both of you are punishable. You moreso, because there's clear evidence of what you said; it's not so clear on what the jungler did. The IFS (AI Algorithm system) automatically picks up keywords and phrases that go against the rules and can issue automatic penalties without human intervention.
: Where in the Phrase Running it Down mid Because you assigned it to be that value does not mean that is its assigned value Again neither can prove he did or didn't intend we have his word(yeah I vouch for myself woo) No, I am discussing his scenario there is no one rule to rule them all each is game is unique and different a set of guidelines of did he die alot, was his goal to win, was he flaming, was he being flamed, etc Normal MMR Ranked MMR are different, yes But they are both hidden The only notation of progress in ranked mmr is a gain of LP(not mmr) which is used to help you determine your mmr There is a tier system in norms, the games are still balanced around a mmr Bots or the New Practice MODE is Practice Norms is Not Difference of opinions on the game modes
Sorry, "Running it down mid" is an idiom, not a colloquialism. id·i·om ˈidēəm/Submit noun 1. a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., rain cats and dogs, see the light ). The idiom of "running it down mid" in reference to League, means to intentionally feed.
: That's the thing. What's negative to me, might not be negative to you or another player. It's extremely open and it's up to the player to decide. You can call me any name in the book and it doesn't bother me, but someone blowing my game with stupid picks or whatever irritates me to no end. You say anything negative to me in the game and I'm probably going to report you. Not because it offended me, but because getting you in trouble is more fulfilling to me than saying something snappy back.
This is faulty logic. Being "negative" is in fact a quantifiable emotion/experience, which is specific and not at all subjective. If you say "please don't face check that bush" = not negative. It is a polite request. You may _interpret it_ as a negative statement, but that does not _make it negative in objective reality_. Now if you say "i told you not to face check that bush moron" = negative. You are being hostile, aggressive, and insulting. Other negative variations: "great team, go and face check bushes, so stupid." "I can't even imagine why you would think it's ok to face check that bush, are you new?" "What's wrong with you, face checking that bush like that?" Your words carry meaning and how you say/write them (intonation/inflexion) really matter, when it comes to the context of the conversation in game.
: It's time for a round of "What will Riot do?"
What will happen is, you will be punished. Asking for reports is punishable offense, because all it takes is one report to flag a player in the system, not 9x. More reports do not carry more weight and they do not stack against a player. By all chatting others to report someone, you are adding fuel to the fire, regardless if you think the other player's actions deserve it or not. They did away with "ganging up" on people with multiple reports years ago, it was too easy to abuse. When you think about it logically, by asking others to report someone, you are yourself being toxic and griefing. What if it's someone just having a bad game, for example? And they're 0-5 or whatever, but genuinely trying. It's far too easy for people to jump on the "report bandwagon" and start griefing in chat "report player x! report them!". Hope this helps.
: Where did I say I was going to feed while running it down mid? My goal is to have fun, My objective is to win If I die while doing my strat, thats fine because I cover both bases Where as any user can post anything in the best light, lets just say for a second people can lie and the truth isn't as cut and dry as people claim Edit Also there is normal mmr so losing games does directly affect it
"running it down mid" is a colloquial term for intentionally feeding. So yes, you were saying you were going to intentionally feed. Don't be naive. You're just arguing with me for the sake of arguing, at this point. We both know the OP wasn't intentionally feeding; yes he did feed. Yes it was while playing something off-meta. No, it is not punishable, even if reported. Win or lose, makes no difference. He played to have fun (objective of the game), and happened to lose a game while doing something different. End of story. Does it suck to lose? Yes. Would he have not lost playing something more "meta"? Maybe, maybe not; but that's not the point here. You're arguing that _only playing to have fun but losing a game_ is essentially the same thing as intentionally feeding in any other scenario. P.S. "Normals" MMR does not count into your Ranked MMR; it's a completely hidden system only there to help the system determine matchmaking in normals. You still don't gain or lose anything _of valuable consequence_ to your account; the only thing would be you earn less IP from a normals loss than a win. There is no tier system in normals, winning doesn't count toward any goal or end point, you can't reach a certain level in it, etc. Ranked is the competitive mode, Normals is the practice mode.
: Pretty sure intentional feeding is dependent on the intent to feed...... its kinda in its word intent-ional feed-ing but I may be wrong So lets be clear, if I enjoy running it down mid then I am achieving the goal of the game? I'm having fun my intent is to win, but my plan is to run it down mid to do so? Again neither of us can prove his intent let riot figure it out
We can prove his intent by what he said in his post. He was neither playing to win OR lose; simply playing with the intent _to have fun_. Unfortunately, he lost -- but because he was playing off-meta champions, he was blamed for the loss. Also your simile of "running it down mid" doesn't apply here. The OP did not say he _intentionally fed_, he only said that he fed. The OP understood he _played poorly and unintentionally fed the enemy_. Also, singed players regularly "run it down" top, and sometimes HAVE to _intentionally feed_ in order to get objectives somewhere on the map. Should they be punished too?
zecastar (NA)
: If you're doing this in ranked, you're basically saying "Idgaf about my team or their ambitions in the game. I'll just play whatever I have fun with even if it ruins the game for the other players." It's a selfish attitude and bothers me way more than some guy calling me a retarded Chupacabra 50x because at least I can mute those people or just not care. If you're playing stuff you're not familiar with and that is likely not even viable, you're hurting my chances to win more than the potential negative effect of toxic players spouting nonsense but still doing his part. It also distorts matchmaking. If you rarely do this and then it happens in my game, the system will assume that your performance will reflect your MMR but in reality, you may be performing WAY below expectations for that game. It's unlucky. If you do this every game I actually have less of a problem with it since your MMR will reflect those choices and I won't be handicapped by it. Either way, it's probably not against any rule. It is extremely selfish though (much like picking a champion just because you want to play it even if it's awful vs the enemy comp. or for your own comp.). This reminds me of release Camille players using her mid-lane.
You realize this was a normals (not ranked) draft game, right? There is no "MMR" in normal mode; there is nothing truly gained or lost (besides perhaps pride) from a normals game.
: IF you having fun results in feeding it can be considered you intentionally fed you don't think its intent feeding thats fine let riot sort it out :D
Wrong. Intentional feeding is not dependent upon any particular thing. Riot _has_ sorted it out; they have already stated clearly that while the _objective_ of the game is to win, the _goal_ is to have fun. Go read Red comments in the relevant threads about what constitutes intentional feeding. You cannot say that just because a player is playing only to have fun and then they lose, they are intentionally feeding, that is just completely morally and logically wrong. If you think that way, then I would be allowed to call you an intentional feeder if you played only to win but still lost, as well.
: getting reported for having fun
By the way to the OP: Your poll is faulty and incorrect. _Anything can be reported_, it does not mean those reports are valid. Yes, you can be reported for what you did. The better question for the poll should be: "Should I be punished for doing that?" Getting reported doesn't mean you are in the wrong, Getting punished does.
Kei143 (NA)
: DUDE !! I can understand still trying to bring up support smite (double Jg) Nunu, but Support Smite Singed? How behind are you on League News??? Let me get you updated: They are currently revisiting their stance on these super-off-meta strats (the pick is not even the problem).
Why does it make a difference what champion is being used to play support with smite?
: Can it be considered feeding? Yes and No Can we prove his intent no only riot can
It can be considered feeding, It cannot be considered intentional feeding. There is nothing wrong with feeding, if you are not doing it intentionally. You can play only for fun, have a bad game and unintentionally feed, Just as you can play only to win, have a bad game and intentionally feed.
: > [{quoted}](name=SwainLaneWinGame,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ot4AAf7F,comment-id=000300000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-20T23:58:40.738+0000) > > Is the mention of off-meta, the very first two sentences. Where are the words off meta? Who specifically brings up the term off meta? Glad to see you defining the meta.....
Are you _trying_ to be obtuse? Fact: Bot lane in the current meta has never included riven and yasuo. Therefore, riven and yasuo are _off-meta picks_ for bot lane. Fact: The OP went _bot lane_ with riven and yasuo, Therefore, the OP picked _off-meta_. The OP did not have to _explicitly say_ 'off-meta', it was _implied_ in what he said.
: Q: did he feed? A: Yes Q: Did he admit to feeding? A: yes Q: Was he aim to have and win? A: No it was to have fun and spice it up Q: Did he play off meta(this is just for you) A: Sure Q: Does it matter he was off meta? A: No, its not a reason to report someone Q: Did he feed while being off meta? A: Yes Q: Can't discount his feeding just because he was off meta Q:Can it appear he was trolling? A:Sure Q: Was he trolling? A: Only riot knows (neither of us can say he was or wasn't trolling)
This is better. No one is saying to discount his feeding (regardless of meta/off-meta); The only valid argument here is _was the OP feeding/losing intentionally_. The answer is (based on the OP's posted _intent_), no. Therefore, the OP was not trolling. It's kind of like this: Q: Was the OP playing only with the intent to win? A: No, he was however playing only with the intent to have fun Q: Is playing only with the intent to have fun trolling? A: No, playing only with the intent to lose is trolling. Another format, All off-meta int feeders play to lose, but not all off-meta losers are int feeding. You can play off-meta without the intent to win and not troll/be an int feeder, Just as you can play meta with the intent to win and troll/be an int feeder. Playing for fun with the intent to lose = troll Playing for fun without the intent to win _but still lose_ = not troll Need I go on? Hope we are all in agreement now. There is nothing wrong with the OP and his decision to play off-meta _for fun and without the only intention of winning_. Playing only with the intent to have fun does not mean he played with the intent to lose.
: "tried to have fun" -----> "so I picked Riven bot and my friend picked Yasuo" That is not fun. That is cancer. And you fed too what surprise considering you both trolled and picked the most toxic champions with the worst playerbase in the game. Enjoy your ban.
Contrary to what you might think, you are not the decider of what champion is fun or _not_ fun; since that is a _subjective_ thing, not an _objective_ thing. However, your post definitely does constitute being toxic -- and at the very least a shitpost -- so there's that. Also, off-meta play does not equal trolling, irregardless of the OP's win/loss. Playing _with the sole intent to lose_ is **trolling**; Playing _without the sole intent to win_ is **not trolling**.
: Neither op nor I mentioned off meta You did > [{quoted}](name=SwainLaneWinGame,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ot4AAf7F,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-20T04:09:42.319+0000) > > off meta is not a valid report find where before you mention off meta off meta is mentioned
> i decided to go riven bot with my friend and he went bot with yas Is the mention of off-meta, the very first two sentences.
: Considering you decided to add the topic of off meta to the discussion...... So we should allow for trolling and feeding as long as its in normal's.......
the OP and yourself mentioned off-meta pick. Off-meta playing does not equate to trolling; Therefore, losing with off-meta playing does not equate to intentionally feeding.
: "i just wanted to have fun and we ended up feeding since enemy was too good and we fucked up early game" " i just wanted to play riven bot and wanted to have fun for a change, not be serious and try to win" op states both he was feeding and his goal was to have fun not to win I agree he played poorly and its not offmeta as why he was reported intent feeding and trolling is what he said not off meta "one time i went riven bot with the same guy but he went blits, i ended up 30/3 i had a blast, sometimes i just wanna change things and spice up the game you know?" "**Spice it up**" to me that phrase means make the game harder for his team
You also left out the part where he mentioned it was in a (normal draft game, which is league's 'casual mode'). Nothing is gained or lost in normal mode (other than your dignity), only in ranked do wins/losses actually matter. And just because the OP went into the game to have fun and not _try to win_, doesn't mean he went into the game with the _intention of losing_, only that winning _didn't matter as much_ to him, should he have lost the game. Off-meta pick does not and should not even come into the argument here, honestly. And another point, it's really no one else's business what any other player's _reasons are for playing_ when logging in and playing a game -- they could be playing for _any reason whatsoever_ (to have fun, to win, _whatever_), just as long as once they are in the game, they follow the Summoner's Code. And the summoner's code says off-meta picks are fine. Not all players play with the _sole purpose_ of winning.
: "i just wanted to have fun and we ended up feeding since enemy was too good and we fucked up early game" " i just wanted to play riven bot and wanted to have fun for a change, not be serious and try to win" op states both he was feeding and his goal was to have fun not to win I agree he played poorly and its not offmeta as why he was reported intent feeding and trolling is what he said not off meta "one time i went riven bot with the same guy but he went blits, i ended up 30/3 i had a blast, sometimes i just wanna change things and spice up the game you know?" "**Spice it up**" to me that phrase means make the game harder for his team
You also left out the part where he mentioned it was in a _normal draft game, which is league's 'casual mode'_. Nothing is gained or lost in normal mode (other than your dignity), only in ranked do wins/losses actually matter. And just because the OP went into the game to have fun and not _try to win_, doesn't mean he went into the game with the _intention of losing_, only that winning _didn't matter as much_ to him, should he have lost the game. Off-meta pick does not and should not even come into the argument here, honestly.
: 14-Day Suspension, Unwarranted
Asking for reports is punishable offense. It only takes one report (yours), to flag it in the system to review the game chat logs of that player. Anything more than that, is not weighted or stacked up in Riot's system, and is just needless griefing across the game, making it harder for all involved to focus.
: Don't get mad, just a thought experiment. If your team had won, while you were 0/8/0, would you say you earned that win?
I've won games with similar or worse scores. KDA means nothing in a game who's whole objective is to destroy objectives (the nexus), not mass slaughter the enemy over and over until you reach a certain threshold.
SSJTribe (NA)
: In my opinion, yeah, it's feeding. It sucks that your ping spiked in that game, but there's ways to continue playing without dying so much and still help your team. As Fiora, most games you'll want Hydra and other offensive items, but if you're lagging really bad there's no point. You won't be able to kill anything if it's really that bad, so don't build offensive. Instead, try to build things that can help your team without a lot of interaction. Like a ZZ'rot portal to help you keep your turret up and push waves. Or just building tanky in general, that way at least you're a high HP meatshield that can soak a lot of damage. Righteous Glory is another item that could help your team with the movement speed boost. The point is, you can still be a bit productive even in these terrible scenarios. And if you aren't, then yes, it is feeding. As a side note, I see that you have more than a few games like this as well. A 1/6/0 Fiora game, 0/10/1 as Kled, 0/6/2 as Soraka, and so on. Does this happen to you a lot?
Feeding yes, intentionally feeding, no. Ergo, reports against the OP do nothing, and he is not punishable.
: > [{quoted}](name=AgeOfTheMage,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vwAwmZAB,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-20T17:56:51.920+0000) > There's a difference between doing poorly and feeding, please realize that. Yes and no. It's kind of a fingers/thumbs situation. All thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. Feeding usually implies doing poorly, but doing poorly doesn't mean feeding. In this case, going 0/8/0 is pretty solid feeding. It's hard to say you weren't. Not saying it was your fault or anything. If you had 200 ping, I guess we can be thankful it was only 8 deaths?
He meant to say there's a difference between doing poorly and intentionally feeding. All players (eventually) feed, but not all feeding is intentional. Feeding is part of the game; as stated above, there is always a winner and a loser in league -- and the loser will lose to varying degrees. You can lose a game with no deaths, or multiple deaths. On the flip side, you can also win games with multiple deaths (and no kills). Dying in and of itself isn't punishable; it's just that too many frustrated, hormone raging teens play this game, and have emotional breakdowns the moment anyone dies on their team. What _is reportable_ are the players that feed with intention of doing so (obvious or otherwise). Usually it's pretty obvious to spot someone intentionally feeding/losing, if you know anything about game mechanics and champion matchups, etc. Play enough games of league over the course of years, and spotting someone not trying/given up and int feeding, or someone trolling and int feeding, is pretty easy to spot. Anything else is not punishable.
: Q:Does Op admit to feeding? A:Yes Q:Can we infer that Op's pick was the cause to their feeding? A:Yes Q: how is it intentional, he didn't go into game to lose? A: Intentional, his goal wasn't to win but rather have fun, he was having fun at others expense........ Q:Whats Q&A mean? A Question and Anwser
League is a game, a game is played to have fun. The GOAL of league is to win, but the purpose of the game is to have FUN. The OP admitted to _playing poorly and getting stomped in lane_, hence he admitted to UNINTENTIONALLY feeding. Not intentional. Unless he purposely played to lose a game (which can be considered trolling), you have no basis here to accuse the OP of having valid reports filed against him. Playing poorly or losing a lane to someone else, while trying to have fun, is not reportable -- offmeta pick or not.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: If someone died 10 times at 20min, so every 2min, he int feeds, even when it's not "running down mid with 6 Tears"
Just because one dies a lot in a game does not automatically make one an intentional feeder.
: > [{quoted}](name=SwainLaneWinGame,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ot4AAf7F,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-20T04:09:42.319+0000) > > off meta is not a valid report "we ended up feeding" not we ended up doing bad no we ended up feeding OP went with "off meta" and fed off meta is not the problem OP intentionally fed Q: how is it intentional, he didn't go into game to lose? A: Intentional, his goal wasn't to win Its fine if its a full premade trying things out but it is inconsiderate to waste, yes waste others time Is off meta reportable no is feeding yes, OP fed admits to feeding Do not argue its an off meta thing its not He was feeding
...What? I don't understand half of what you're trying to say. The OP did not intentionally feed. You're not understanding the nuances of the sentence structure here. The OP said he went into a game for fun, but ended up doing badly in game. The OP did _not_ say he played with the purpose of intentionally losing/feeding. Therefore your whole post is invalid.
Dynikus (NA)
: On one hand, you were just having fun, and so long as you were actually trying and playing your roles, it's not punishable. That said, you have to take into consideration that you're in a game with 8 other people that are also trying to have fun.
So only 8 other people should have fun _their way_, but not these two? Illogical. Off meta picking is not punishable, nor is playing poorly -- which means playing poorly on an off meta pick in a game does not constitute a valid report from other players.
imp1313 (NA)
: if you want to try something different , weird , or silly you should do it with a 4/5 man group of people you have played with and not randoms . no matter what the mode is there are expectations . you effectively took the lane from a proper adc and with 2 people feeding in a match the rest of the team would need to be insanely good to salvage that match . do custom games for wacky stuff . that way you can talk with your team and make sure they are ok with whatever before you start . .
Off-meta is not a punishable offense, nor is playing poorly.
: Personally, I would agree that it's pretty shitty that you fed your lane doing something different, but I'm still of the mind that as long as it's not ranked than I can deal with one game of people doing dumb experimental shit, especially if you are duo anyway. Most other people don't really have that mentality and I can understand their frustration, but again personally I have a totally different mindset playing ranked than I do in others.
even in ranked, playing off meta is not a valid report, nor is playing poorly.
: find the fallacy for it yes this is spam In the case of you and your friend you tried, but you disregard your team entirely yes report is valid, doubtful to harm you but be more considerate of your team
off meta is not a valid report
Bad C0p (NA)
: Stop trying to tell me things that will fucking change it, it wont fucking happen. JEsus fucking christ I said iot like 10 times im telling you ive trieud everyhtingj stop fucking suggestin gj thin gs u dont knjow what its fucking like.
If you have literally 0 self/impulse control, you shouldn't be playing League. Disable your chat, do whatever it needs be done so you don't use the chat.
: Is riot high?
I'm actually surprised you didn't get at LEAST a 2-week suspension, if not a permaban. You got off easy.
: The whole point of a jungler is so the jungle xp doesn't go to waste Ganking is a side effect.
This is inherently false. The jungle was _created_ for a roaming player to gank lanes, out of vision, and create pressure on different parts of the map. Its role was _specifically designed for ganking_.
: I feel with this guy man. I have 9 permas. Half the shit I don't even start, and granted, I don't know when to stop talking shit, but man, at least go 50/50 with punishments. if I'm banned I want them banned also.
> I don't know when to stop talking shit
: So let me get this straight...
If you called out to report him in the game either in /all chat or in team chat, that is a punishable offense. One report is the same as 9x, they do not stack and they are not 'weighed' more by Riot. One is enough, and you do not need to threaten other players in chat with "Report ____". If you were verbally abusive in any way back to the player, that is punishable. Two wrongs don't make a right, and you cannot "fight" toxicity with more toxicity, even if you feel justified in doing so. Here's what you SHOULD have done: say nothing in chat, and just report the player end of game.
: > [{quoted}](name=SwainLaneWinGame,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=h5neFQ0R,comment-id=0003000000010000,timestamp=2017-03-15T02:02:09.602+0000) > > I don't know what part of the world you're from, but in this part of the world, people are innocent until proven guilty. Your analogy also doesn't make any sense, fyi. > > Unless you have solid proof this player INTENTIONALLY FED, he is innocent until found guilty. 1/10 sounds like proof of feeding
You're clearly trolling here. I mean, according to your own match history, you have some games on Nautilus / Veigar where you go 0-8, et al. Sounds like proof of feeding to me? You feeder. Maybe you should be punished.
: Just because he says he didn't intent feed , doesn't mean he didn't actually intent feed A"I am the President of the World" B"No you're now" A"yes I am, I said it therefore it must be true" B"okay......" C"I didn't elect you"
I don't know what part of the world you're from, but in this part of the world, people are innocent until proven guilty. Your analogy also doesn't make any sense, fyi. Unless you have solid proof this player INTENTIONALLY FED, he is innocent until found guilty.
: Things that make you facepalm / laugh
Yea. Playing jungle karthus, top lane cho'gath ignores my pings and pleas for blue buff level 1 leash, then since I'm super behind all game I start getting flamed by him (finally speaks 10 minutes in), also by adc and mid laner cause "omg karthus jungle can't gank report report!", yet somehow I'm the "toxic" one for explaining to my team I couldn't level 1 the blue buff without a leash. Funny thing is, I had the best score AND most damage end of game. Rest of team is probably gonna have to get new accounts too lol.
: Your average deaths/game is rather high (15, 16, 14, 9, 10, 4, 10, 9, 6, and 7 for your last ten games, for an average of 10 deaths/game), so you've probably got a pattern of being reported for inting. However, playing bad is not punishable, and Riot has, in the past, overturned bans if the player can prove they're not inting. _ Save any replays you have for review,_ particularly of the last few games. Consider playing more conservatively, though. You tend to contribute a lot of gold to the enemy's coffers.
just because a player has double digit deaths does not automagically make one an "inter".
Matryana (NA)
: you arent banned for 1 "bad game" instead of crying that you got caught, grow up,bite the pillow,and take it like a man
Hi troll. Did you even bother to look at this player's match history? No? Ok. Bye troll.
: my account banned for no reason
Did you check your spam/junk mail/trash folder? Any update on this? I'm curious too.
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