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: Why do teams recruit players from other countries?
talent is everywhere. difference is people believe that certain regions have a high quality of players. truth is Korea cycles through more players in their pro scene so have a better chance to see who works or doesnt. America, we keep people beyond their peek and maintain friendships. and the Olympics restrict people of foreign countries competing for a foreign country. honestly a good support staff is more important than an naturally skilled individual.
: You encountered a hazard, you avoided it, are you not going to report the hazard?
alright you have my attention for another 10 mins i play with the hazards and carry ... you can think that you are doing something healthy by tilting people. Really you are just being a child. you plan on getting gold this season for the skin? or just too busy tilting your team mates?
ItsOrval (NA)
: ***
not sure how you get the job, but he isnt a Rioter.
Ulanopo (NA)
: Here's the deal: your feelings are ALWAYS perfectly acceptable. I'm never going to ask you to not feel something. What's important, however, is what you do with those feelings. I get angry at other players, same as you. You should hear some of the things I say in Skype. But, as angry as angry as I get, I do my best to keep it from affecting my play and I **(almost) never** let it boil over into chat. I fight really hard to maintain my discipline because studies have shown that allowing yourself a "break" actually damages willpower rather than strengthening it. BTW, I asked for your chat logs because they're really useful in figuring out what people are feeling. Riot uses an "intensity times frequency" system where being somewhat toxic often can lead to the same ban you would get for really toxic behavior, just not as fast. I have a suspicion that you're the former and I was hoping to confirm that with the logs because I have specific advice for people like that.
i rarely comment about a blue tag. but man, can you stop trying to bait this kid into things. You have seen people do this before. You need a break from reading all this stuff. i would understand if he was questioning why he was banned, he is just saying he is banned, he doesnt agree with the criteria they use to ban people. and you are basically wanting to what? the way you are acting shows that you are just like this kid. Only difference is a blue tag on your name. use it appropriately, not to harass people on the boards.
: A serial killer walks into your gun shop asking for a gun, are you going to give this person the gun?
if he has all the proper paper work and passes the background check. yes. Not my issue what he does as a hobby this is a business. besides most serial kills dont use guns.
: Here is a great example of why new champions need to be banned in ranked
so basically what i am getting what happened is - you saw someone on your team wanted to play a champ. you banned it. he complained and someone queue dodged. but not you. so for some odd sense of satisfaction you post this about a game that didnt happen
: How do Placement matches work?
MMR .. its not only about how many you win... its also about when you win. so if you win your first 2 it lifts your MMR and you will lose less going against harder people. basically.. losing your first 4 and winning the last 2 you would be lower elo compared to winning first 2 then losing next 4.
Balbys23 (NA)
: League of Legends almost level 30?
dont understand the question so i will answer from as many angles as i can. being level 25 is just a stepping stone. it caps at 30 but seriously being under 30 should be viewed as learning the basics phase. its not really suppose to be a accomplishment hitting 30 just a moment when you can atleast say you have played the game enough to know how it feels. playing other champions is fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlcvfhXnEm4 you should try and get a variety of experience with them. once you hit PvP just dont get caught up in chat too much. People who talk and argue will stay low elo because they spend more time arguing so basically take chat with a grain of salt. This game, in ranked, puts a large amount of stress on people and people are unaware of the effects of being that competitive. as far as should you keep playing. you are balancing time verses enjoyment. if you like it play it. if you dont dont. if you have time or not. balance your life accordingly with what you like and not.
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Bultz (NA)
: the second picture is so much nicer looking.
Rito did a visual darkening and lightening up things and it made things look better in color but the effect essentially because not as grande
: Best Taric Perma Ban: Offensive Chat?
that went from "man not playing with d4s is so much better" to "ff@20?" interestingly fast
: this was a champion that riot was going to make but canceled
If you look up omen his kit was the problem. this isnt the same kit
: I'm not sure if outright asking them to leave lane is good idea general. As obvious as this is going to sound, no one likes being told they are the load, and a good way to cause someone to tilt, crash and burn is to make this fact aware to them as bluntly as possible. I'm not saying that you should go into denial and pretend that the lane isn't a problem. Rather I'm saying a certain level of tact is required when dealing with a losing lane. Instead of saying: "Get out of lane vayne, you gave their adc to many kills." Say: "You should switch lanes with top and play safe."
there is no good way to say it.. but it has to be a moment of being mature and realizing when you need to leave.. but if you dont realize it and want to just get frustrated that you are not the carry this game.. you will not carry every game.. you have to figure out who is and let them be your best chance.
Tahyana (NA)
: Then, you have those of us who are not ranked, who watched strategy and guide videos, practice CS in custom and bots, who then try the strategy out in customs and get told to leave their lane by an Ezreal when you're Karma because you're not gold+ and Mastery 6+.
when asked to leave lane.. there are reasons.. I have even asked my adc to leave lane before the issue becomes uncontrollable. if you arent pulling your weight.. and you know you arnt pulling your weight.. it doesnt matter what elo you are. if you want a quick reason on why its your elo.. but the truth is you are being a burden and need to go somewhere and get carried.. tell me a nice way (that is effective) that i can tell someone go away and i will start using that.. i had a adc afk for a bit when i asked him to leave. the team i was on started winning. he came back to feed to spite me to ensure the loss, but sometimes you just need to leave lane for a bit. an EZ has an escape and giving him solo experience is sometimes a good thing.. what you do in the off time.. harass the jungler.. throw some spells mid and run off.. walk top and ward clear and just generally be a pain for the enemy. if you take it as an insult you dont know the game as well as you claim.
: Why is trying to play ranked so absolutely frustrating.
dont play rank late at night.. not really because of the pros or really good players.. but because drunk drugged people log on after 10 pm east coast time.. just seems like around the time people with drug hints in their name and every now and then you get the .. "sorry i am drunk" comment.. play away from these hours. because of DQ .. you will get 1-2 drunk stoned person on your team after a certain hour.. some people play better in that condition.. most dont, but perceive themselves as actually good in that state of mind.
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Teslyn (NA)
: Turret interaction with little KLEB
the guy you linked to actually got a rioter and he just says that abilities didnt hit kleb
: Please stop saying supports dont need a sightstone.
http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2243554986/234166576?tab=overview Bought a SS at 19:03.. sold it at 20:37.. carried game.. Supports you be you.. notice how the enemy stopped getting a gold lead when i did this. ..

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