: FIRST but really tho ask me questions about the client and I'll get answers
my 5 cents: 1) I cant view profile for all lobby members, I have to add them to friends to do that. 2) I cant manually edit blocked users list. I can block some only after game. 3) I really miss tabs on bottom chat. There is most time 3-5 friends who I chat with. And horisontal chat tabs which is always shown is better.
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: So, Normal Draft...
My 5 cents: 1) I dont think Draft can affect Flex queue. Since their normal and ranked nature. 2) Few regions (like Russia) havent even got a chance to play Draft mode. We waited several months, and now it gets that Draft not only will not be implemented on our server, but been disabled on other regions. 3) If not implementing bans,mirrors,pick order etc. - main feature of Draft is Role select. Draft mode allow you pick blind position, called "fill role". So, if you dont wanna wait for a game, the "fill role" should be as fast as "blind pick", right? But allow an option of choice, for whose who can wait. For me "role select" is the only critical feature that blind pick need. 4) If you can merge both Blind and Draft queues, when it could be released? Will it be released on RU, etc small regions?
: actually no. I am detached from the issue and so is the rest of NA. Keep trying to meaningless attach me in your blind rage. End of the day i am right and you are wrong. Blind emotion only proves my points.
No-no little troll, I will not feed you more =) If you're detached - please leave this discussion already. I can only see your 20 posts about how you dont care, lol =)
: So now you are changing this from effecting you (cause it didn't) to effecting others... It effecting 1% of a server population? How old are you? DO you blindly do things like rooting for abstract causes with out being informed regularly?
Why the hell do you think, that NA is 99% of league community? You are little troll
: then they should leave. There boards are shit cause they come here instead of improving their own boards health. Its amazing how people do not understand simple things like usage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Angry Monster,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MNpxGTEV,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-08T23:41:31.924+0000) > > then they should leave. There boards are shit cause they come here instead of improving their own boards health. cross board posting is the best thing these shitty reddit-rip off forums allow not like it would stop me if riot removed it, i have my first acc on na (netkitten, made this one when acc transfers didn't exist to play on euw) and therefore i can post here anyway without even making a smurf
For EUW you're allowed do crossposting. I'm playing RU-server, and was needed to raise NA smurf, just to write some topics here.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sweet Katarina,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=P4oxdPtv,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-08T23:21:18.989+0000) > > support assassin is good and viable. unless you snowball the bot it's terrible, i tried support akali a good damaging support shouldn't be an assassin, it's zyra/moragana/lux and the likes with some utility and a safe poke
What about MF support? {{champion:21}} For me it's pretty fun, if your adc allow you to pick her.
: you are euw you are not losing normal draft. So why are you concerned? Can you not read? They made it very clear that NA and EUW are not being targeted. Anyone from EUNE should be on their regional boards complain as it is a regional choice and NA does not care.
Many people here playing on not NA or EUW servers!
: And that's why I think they should enable a 35% friendly fire. If you have a guy who's trolling, the team could get together and teamkill him. Repeatedly.
: I wish you would phrase this properly, NA and EWU are keeping there Normal draft. Other regions are losing there's cause it had the usage = of the domain map. No one on the NA boards should be flipping out about normal draft going away (cause it is not). EUNE players that care should go to the EU boards to post their misgivings as it is a regional issue not a global one. You the OP are taking this out of context. Riot understands that the NA player base would completely lose it if normal draft was taken away. Especially since it is one of the few Qs left were rank mixing can happen. If nothing else Riot learned to be careful about modifying Qs from 2016.
Rito doesnt read boards on my native server. They respond only on NA or EUW. Thats why many people have to register and write them here.
: they are removing draft in low player base regions right? that way more games are being played rather than waiting in queue in those regions
But what if I want to wait? What if I'll ether wait than play jungle/supp game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sweet Katarina,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MNpxGTEV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-08T23:12:49.332+0000) > > Noone respect the pick order. Especially if you are in blind pick and can simply instalock. Role queue is important! blind pick doesn't have the pick order and in draft you simply ignored what the last picks called and picked what you wanted when they technically couldn't pick yet, i played a lot of draft back then and it was like that callers could go screw themselves
Sorry, In my region Draft mode was not even implemented *cry* in normals, so I forgot about this. Pick order at least could be good, but role picking is much better.
: You say "double support", I think what you mean to say is "support assassin" to which I say HELL YES!
support assassin is good and viable. I'm saying then some people call "bot premade", and on last second some other dude could pick Soraka and go as second support (triple bot).
Thats how i started main Morgana {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: remove role queue in normal draft but don't remove normal draft
Noone respect the pick order. Especially if you are in blind pick and can simply instalock. Role queue is important!
: Sure. But we have ranked for that kind of thing. The most effective way to play is not always the most fun way to play - the highest level of competitive play is super boring. So let the mirror matchups and crazy comps come out. After all, it's only a game.
If you have 5-man premade - you can pick any roles in Draft mode. Even all 5 mid. Rito was smart building it. But if you want fun "double support" play - please go ask your other teammates first.
: rip draft
Or jungler! =){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Mig89 (NA)
: I hate when people call support simple lol. Try and climb as a support and see how simple it is.
I have 150k (7lvl) on Morgana. I can admit that support is not really a simple role. But it's better that your support is feeding than you jungler or midlaner.
: Actually I think that's the wrong way to think about it. I think blind pick is sort of the ideal way the game should be played - everything else is inherently worse because it's a static, decided meta.
Yea. For a few days I've seen "doubletop", "doublesupport", "all tanks" and "all mid" setups. What an ideal way to play. But those setups eventually lost to "old boring" team compositon.
: People are worried about the removal of normal draft, when the ideal solution is obvious.
Exactly. If you are worried about time waiting, or wanna random role - just pick "fill" role, etc. Draft mode - is step forward. Blind pick - step backward. I have many friends who sometimes dodge normal game if they desired role is instalocked. Why not remove blind pick instead? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} There are many newbies who play bad, and want play something simple, like support. And if they remain role is like jungle - they could ruin game completely.
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: "In an ideal world, we’d like to retire normal draft in all regions."... Please no, i dont want to "fight" for my best role... that calling system in blind pick is the worst thing in League We could remove both normal queue and re-introduce team builder as only normal queue.
Just logined from another server to Upvote. Rito, on another servers you dont even introduced draft mode. We sitting in that "blind pick swamp" for years. All those "mid-or-feed" players, etc. We really hoped that one day you replace blind-pick to draft. And now it's huge step backward. Why should I go ranked to get a good pick?
Statikk (NA)
: Assassins Pre-Season Class Update - Systems Tweaks and Smaller Scale Updates
So. Let me clear this, champions with invis (shako, Akali, Teemo, Twitch) will be no longer detected by pinks? Whos brilliant idea was that? Today, if you fighting Akili, the only way to kill her after trade if she didnt killed you is to put pink ward right on her face in her cloud. If you play Annie, Heimerdinger, Zyra, Ivern as mage - there is no way your pets will focus her during invis. If the only way to check her is Oracle - than its timing must be drastically lowered. Because Akalis invis about 10-15s cooldown, and Oracle cooldown about ~1-3 mins. Why not just remove pinks and oracle from the game? If one team has no invis champs, and other has all - it will be huge disadvantage. Like team could have Teemo top, Shako jg, Akali mid, Twitch and Nautilus botlane (Or you should create invisible tank support), or Khazix as supp. You need to have 5 {{item:3364}} on your team, and zero wards. You will not have the idea of where enemy team is, but they do. Another question, did they be will remain detected by champion skills, like Morgana or Katarina Ult, etc?
: Phantom Dancer on Katarina
If you'll ever try AD Kat, then yes, Phantom dancer could be usefull. But AD Kat is much worse then AP. On many champions there are different scalings from AD and AP. Like you can play AP Gangplank or AP tristana, or AD Malzahar. (Ezreal, TF and Kog can be hybrid also). Kat has AD scalings on her W and R too. But it give you so little damage that you will cry. For example {{item:1038}} 1300 gold - 40 AD. Will give you 150 plain damage on your R. {{item:1058}} 1250 gold 60 ap will also give you 150 damage on your R. But it will also affect your Q and E. Main problem is that resulting damage will be magical. So if you'll buy {{item:3072}} or {{item:3031}} or {{item:3153}} you get no effect on your skills. No heal, no crit, no AS scaling. If you want to damage tanks - you need to buy {{item:3135}} instead of {{item:3036}} . If you'll try {{item:3072}} on Malzahar - you'll get enourmous heal from your voidlings because of their damage is mixed, not plain magic. So I wish she had separate damage scaling on her skills.
: > [{quoted}](name=Moonboy65,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AmJHgHjT,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-19T18:57:27.104+0000) > Sona - Muse, Silent Night, Guqin and Arcade
Release date 31-Aug-2012. Sorry, I probably messed it with other arcade skins which looks fresher. My bad.
: Just sayin, if you guys mess up My Arcade Sona, i will not be a happy camper /s http://img05.deviantart.net/d48e/i/2014/248/f/1/let_me_support_you_by_datnekoashe-d7y2rdj.jpg Real talk, i cant wait for when you guys get to Sona, you guys havnt disapointed yet on these skin updates yet. (give my props the the art team)
Arcade Sona has very fresh splash. I think it will not be changed for few years.
: Current status for the skin splash art update treatment
Actually few Kat splashes are really outdated too. Hope they will be updated somewhen. And Lux, and dosens of champs =)
: When you enter the game with that attitude, you will always be looking for an excuse to "call it" and decide your the carry now.
Its better enter with attitude "My adc suck" than think that he will carry and fail. ADC called Carries because they scale better with items. And 6 items ADC will possibly do more damage than 6 items mage. But that happens usually about 40 mins of game, and game end about 20-30 mins.
Knoyle (NA)
: I feel sorry for the ADC that has to rely on you to help them win/survive lane...
Nah. If I'll play utility like Soraka or Janna - losing adc mean losing the lane. If ADC is good (thats about 1/3 of times) than he will win botlane with my help. If he is not looking on map, if he try to lvl 1 engage in enemy minions - than i'll better try carry botlane myself of help other teammates. Only bronse adc noobs think that support need babysitting them. It's kinda selfish to think that support only needed to help you farm safely. Its not a teamwork at all. Try to look pro games - support can go ward jungle, or counterjungle, or roam midlane - thats teamplay.
Lost R (NA)
: Support Hell is a Hell like no other.
Thats all true. But I prefer play support different: {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} 1) If i'm in the support role, my only real task is buy {{item:2049}} {{item:3364}}. And give farm first 10-15 mins. All other is tasks for the whole team, not me. 2) My ADC suck. Always. Remember that. 3) If my ADC suck - then I'm The Carry now. I deal most damage, I pick kills on botlane, I kill jungler, I take objectives. What is not the supports job: 1) Buy {{item:2043}}. That's everyone responsibility. Toplaner, Midlaner, ADC and jungler must buy at least one fking ward. 2) Take care of ADC. If he is in misposition - thats his fault. He must be on backline. If he is on backline - than he is safe, and my job to take care of frontline. 3) Warding. There is usually 3-4 my wards on the map. The entire team can place at least 4 more pinks and 4 yellow. If there is no wards - blame your team. 4) Give kill to someone. Its 100% better secure the kill, rather then hope that your ADC could kill it. They can't. You're like Jungler - but no one usually blame jungler if he get kill. If someone blame you - just mute him =) Support role is fun and important.
: Might I ask, was there a push to make 4 instead of 3, so we could have a full 5v5 with all unique PROJECT skins? We are now only missing a second dedicated support. Top has Fiora and Yasuo Jungle has Yi and Ekko Mid with Zed and Katarina Marksman has Lucian and Ashe Support has Leona Of course there is some flex, with Ekko and Yasuo mostly, but either way Support is lacking a second dedicated PROJECT champion. Unless Riot is gonna break tradition and make this year's Ultimate skin go along with an existing skin line (and also giving us two supports in a row). Was there a push to fill out a "second" PROJECT team, but just no time/resources, or was it just a set three when the team laid their plans out for things this time around?
There is also Program Soraka & Lissandra, and battlecast skins: Viktor, Cho'Gath, Urgot, Vel'Koz, Xerath, Kog'Maw, Skarner.
Reav3 (NA)
: Hey Moonboy65! We just finished shipping Ryze which had 9 splash arts! We transitioned onto all of those shortly after finishing the last batch of Nid/Trist/Trundle. Good thing Yorick doesn't have 9 skins so we have some more bandwidth to get back to old splash art updates. We have just begun early work on Sion and Fiora splashes as well as Yoricks. I know some of you reading this will ask, why Fiora over Twitch? Well, like I mentioned in previous posts we have to fit the old splash reworks in between the splash updates for our up and coming VGUs, and our up and coming VGU's are always going to be higher priority. That being said, once we looked at the time we had before we had to start on Warwicks (9!) splashes we realized there wasn't going to be time to do all of Yoricks, Sions, and Twitch's in time. Fiora only has 2 splashes that need updating (Royal Guard and Nightraven) and we felt it would be possible to get them out before we had to start jamming on sweet Warwick splashes. Twitch is still high priority and we will likely get on that asap. Anyways, hope that answers your question!
When will old Kat spashes be updated? When she will have legendary skin? Why does Project: Kata have white hair and dont have scar or tatoo? Why all project skins represent cyborgs or androids, but Ekko has very human face?
: The Story of PROJECT -Theory-
I dont think Kat will ever be on the Zed's side.
: Riot, is PROJECT: Katarina only this?
Also it looks like Ashe and Ekko have new VO for this skin (Like Omega Teemo), but not Kat. Kat just have her standard voice tuned a bit. I hope VO is not complete yet. Ashe's VO is really cool and unique from other skins.
YuGiHo (NA)
: PROJECT Katarina suggestion
She need have red hair and scar on her helmet, for canonical look. Or at least tatoo. In current skin I cant distinguish her from Fiora. She need additional jokes/taunt in her VO.
Insignian (EUNE)
: Remove teleport from top lane
I've played always with TP year ago (TOP, Mid, ADC, Supp), and it was good and balanced. People always asked, why I take that useless TP. But then Koreans start playing TP top always, and Midlane 80% of time. Now it's called too strong spell, and lets nerf it, right? Better nerf ~~Irelia~~ TP! Why are you not playing with TP yourself, rather than criticize it? It's the second big nerf for the last half year. Why not nerf flash?
ßoy (NA)
: Can we just destroy this whole "Tank Assassin" thing please?
I'm kinda disagree. As you can see by name i'm also Kat main. (Silver, 150k mastery on Ru server). And in most cases you cant build her glasscannon. You need 1-2 tank items. If you're against Yasuo or Zed, or heavy AD team, you just need to buy that sunfire {{item:3068}} and max W. If you're against Ahri or Lux - you need to buy that MR {{item:3001}} . Or you'll be just dead Katarina. Year ago, I can almost always rushed Rabadon first. Now, I dont even remember when I can buy it. Only when I really fed, I can replace my Sorc boots to Hat. My standard build on Kat is semi tanky full penetration. like: {{item:3020}}{{item:3001}}{{item:1402}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3116}} If i'm against AD - i need Sunfire instead of Rylai. Also, that build is good against tanks, to kite and kill them. I know few Kat challengers who build her glasscannon, but thats really different kind of games on their elo.
: Shaco or Katarina
If you are on low elo, than Kat is your choice. On the high elo she countered very hard, unless you master when to engage. Hope she'll be better after rework.
: In my mind, here are the reasons to increase number of bans: - Give each player on the team a choice - Increase champion diversity by making it easier to shut down no-brainer or over-dominant picks - Potentially make spectating (especially esports) champ select more interesting - Maybe less motivation to use picks as an additional ban? I concede this one is iffy. And here are the reasons not to increase bans: - Champion select lasts long enough already - If you just keep increasing bans, at some point it gets silly (30 bans?) - Could shut down some very specialized comps (e.g. protect the Kog) - Could shut down signature picks (e.g. Froggen Anivia, or just the one champ that you really like to main) For champ select, it doesn't have to be the case that duration just keeps increasing, and it still feels a little long to me personally today. Maybe we should just shorten it. For the slippery-ish slope argument that ban numbers could potentially get silly, we could also just not do that, and as I've said before, it doesn't have to be the case that ban numbers just increase forever. Maybe we go to 10 bans and that lasts for the next several years? (We also make new champions at a slower cadence than we used to, so "What do when you have 200 champs?" isn't a problem we'll need to tackle soon.) The final two cons ("could shut down") is a little trickier, but could potentially be mitigated with some kind of snake draft so that all the bans don't happen at once. If you sense the enemy team is specifically trying to shut down your strategy, go ahead and lock in those champs you do need, or else pivot to a new strategy. I do think it would be unfortunate if pros and players alike just shifted to more generalist champions since they couldn't count on important team synergies. It's not uncommon in game design to be dealing with competing goals (such as making champion select fairly quick but also making it interesting). You just have to decide if one goal is ultimately more important, or try to come up with a novel solution that can meet both.
I'm all for 10 bans! But. You forgot one very big reason against. If there will be 10 bans, than you'll need to have **20 champs** to play ranked! As discussed in [this topic](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/jH3pptAJ-riot-i-beg-you-minimum-5-normal-games-played-before-you-are-allowed-to-use-that-champ-in-ranked?comment=0037) There need to be a little mastery restriction to play ranked for newbies, like play at least 2 level mastery champ (to have played 1-2 times before ranked). But 20 champs restriction can really ruin this idea. (Most newbies there think that even 16 is really too much). But again, I'm all for it.
: There's been a few threads lately asking how champions are chosen for skins, and this is a good question for me because I helped worked on this patch. It's generally difficult to answer in a satisfying way without giving away information about future releases. For example; last year, for pretty much the entire year leading up to the event, we already had the skins for PROJECT locked in and were working hard on them. This meant for all that time when players asked 'Why no Pool Party Lucian!?' and 'Why are you ignoring Zed?' we had to stay quiet, when I would love to have said "Don't worry, they're coming and they are awesome!". I've talked in the past about why we choose not to talk about future plans or make promises when our work and goals changes so often - so keep in mind that at all times we are choosing champions in a very in-depth way and have a lot of information to drive our decisions we can't share at that time. We ask questions like; - are they scheduled for rework or roster changes? - are we already working on a skin for that champion? - has that champion recently had a skin? (not counting World Champion skins) - does that champion have a skin that is similar? (I'd say it's unlikely we'll do PROJECT: Lissandra after Program) - does this theme play up the things we love most about this champion? - does this theme have global appeal? (I discovered Pool Noodles are not well known in China, so we did some follow up on Fiora before committing to it) - do we have the bandwidth to complete a skin for that champion before the event? - do their champion pillars have overlap with the theme? (eg. 'Pop Star Gnar' would be a hard sell, not impossible though!) - does this theme provide a strong alternate fantasy? (eg. 'Soulstealer Thresh' would just be his base) Then we choose a short list and do some exploration sketches to see which ideas are working best in a visual medium, from there we choose the final champions and get to work!
On the background of Pool party Taric there are Fiora, MF and Braum. Does Braum was planned initially but was cancelled? There are many chars on backgrounds on other skins. Like Vaine, Katarina, Ahri, Oriana, Gragas, Khazix, Lux, Ez. Can we expect them somewhen (At least Kat, screw the others)?
: Riot, I Beg You, Minimum 5 Normal Games Played Before You Are Allowed To Use That Champ In Ranked
So. There are arguments in this topic pros and cons about it. As I can see, most common argument against your suggestion is "I dont care about others, I want play ranked. Why? Because FU thats why". Lets ignore that argument. Because if someone want just troll own teammates, he can do it anyway. Lets be more serious. Yes. You need now to have 16 champs to play ranked. It's because there are 6 bans, and 10 picks. And you end up on champion you really bought. In order to pick that champ - you need to play him 1-5 games. For me 5 is fine. Even if it's simple champ, as Lux or Mundo and you easy win first 4 games. Subject is discussable, it can be at least rank 2. Lets see other arguments, like: > I'm diamond player, and picked Lux first time in ranked and Win. First, there is 40% chance to win a game even if you really hard lose you lane. Second, platinum and diamons matchups are usually not about champion skill, but about team-play skill, and objective control skill. So Plat/diamond players could do whatever they want. I dont think they need to be restricted. The ability to grab contested picks are really rarely used by players below gold. Ability to swap picks below gold, could possibly be used by premades. So If there are 3+ premades let them pick whatever they want too. > I have 1000 normal games played by Malzahar (insert your rank 7 champ here). Why do I need to play by other champs? Just because there is small chance that your main character could be banned or picked by other side. > I can play only few games in a week, why I can't play ranked? You'll end up in Bronse V. Why do you need this? > Why do I need to play stupid 80 normal games? All cool boys go to ranked Because ranked is place there you need take the game responsibly. 80 games is really nothing. I've played at least 500 before I even try ranked. All your 80 games will be nice experience in matchups. You'll see not only your champ, but also your opponent champ play. Having first 80 games It's like the difference between 1 lvl and 30 lvl player. > I've seen that cool streamer play only ranked. But he mains only 1 champ/role. Why should I go to normals? First, play for fun. There is no difference between draft pick in normal or ranked. In from region which dont even have draft pick in normals yet. But I play them a lot. Second. That cool streamer probably play few years in LoL. I can name many been like bronse in S3, gold in s4, plat at s5, diamond streamer now. They wins thousands games on their mains. Thats completely different with you.
MasterXY5 (EUNE)
: I understand you and I agree with you. It would be really easy to shut her down if she gets more reliant on her ultimate ability. But late game you can literally just use Q-E-W combo on an ADC and he is dead. There was LITERALLY nothing he could have done. That's my main problem. If her base abilities get nerfed and ultimate ability gets buffed I think ADC would have a little bit more time to react. She can still kill ADC-s solo but there will be no that "There was nothing I could have done here" effect. Now, ultimate ability should have the highest damage and should be the best of all abilites (mostly). As Katarina main I literally forget about my ultimate and I just spam basic abilities. They are SO strong right now. Q-E-W combo lasts for 0.5 sec max and that's why I think they should either nerf them or just change one of them, maybe W. I said they could nerf them all because I really like the idea of Katarina being an assassin who wants to shut down entire enemy team, not to be someone like Zed who kills ADC or Mage and then just run away. I think it would be perfect to force that. We only have assassins who just want to kill 1 target, but for example when I'm play Kata I mainly want to kill ADC+Mage (2 targets at least) and that's what I like about her. I do agree that this can be easily countered, but hey, if u manage you will take 2 targets at least and it is really rewarding for Kata and her team. That's how assassins work. She would still be able to kill ADC-s easily but this "more-ult-reliant" idea could give them more time to react. For example once I was playing against Vayne. She had a knock-up but when I used my Q-E-W combo (which lasted for 0.5 sec) she had about 10% health left and 2-3 daggers from ult killed her before she even released that she is in danger (I wasn't even fed, my team was behind and that Vayne was fed). She had no time to use her knock-up to stop my ult channel and that's what makes it weird to play against Kata. Against Zed Vayne has enough time to react what is going on if he ults she can react easily and just flash as soon as Zed comes back. Kata can one-shot people with them not even releasing that even without her ult. Something needs to change. That's all I'm saying.
> But late game you can literally just use Q-E-W combo on an ADC and he is dead. There was LITERALLY nothing he could have done. I dont think that part should be changed. She is assassin. Her job is to kill squishies fast. Rengar can just use QEW combo and ADC is dead. Veigar can just use QEW combo and ADC is dead. Lux can just use Q-AA-W combo and ADC is dead. Kartus can stay at base and ADC is dead. Zed can just login and ADC is dead. In fact Lux Q+AA+E+AA do about twice more damage than Kat Q+E+W. So what? > That's my main problem. If her base abilities get nerfed and ultimate ability gets buffed I think ADC would have a little bit more time to react. If ADC alone in misposition - he can be punished by anyone. That's not Kata's problem.
: Where did u here that rumor? Deep in my heart scarra is still the one and only Katarina god \o/ Would be quite interesting :D
Today that rumor was on reddit/#KatarinaMains . I checked his twitter/site/stream but there is no confirm. So I hope Rito could confirm this. At least he thinks that Kat should be reworked too: [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4083h6/thoughts_about_katarinas_current_state/) (Note: This was before Q buff, which for me really eased my laning phase).
: Lol why does everyone think that Kat is gonna get nerfed to hell? Nearly 500k mastery Kat main here , let me tell u my friend Kat will be one of the benefited champs of this update because she is gonna get changes that she rly needs in order to perfom overall better and more reliant/useful
Exactly. She need a rework. She is too weak on high elo and too strong on low elo. It cant be balanced with her current kit. I have few challenger Kat-mains friends, but their builds looks weird on low elo.
: What can we expect from assassin itemization? In the past you guys have said assassins are the least-supported class in terms of items. This forces them to make due with items from other classes, which not only makes them very meta-dependent but also forces their kits to be very self-sufficient with regards to damage output and the like. Honestly, I'd be interested in seeing assassins get some support-like itemization; not simply raw stats (which ADCs and Fighters would be happy to abuse as well), but also item passives and actives that offer some unique gameplay experiences in setting up and going for the kill.
For AD assassins there is {{item:3147}} + {{item:3142}} . For AP assassins there is nothing. Two years ago there was Deathfire Grasp, but it was too strong, so they removed it. I'm actually was against even {{item:3147}} . There is a lot of items which champions could use. I dont think that Assassins need special ones. Their kit need to be reworked, and that is what they need.
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: Next Class Update - the Assassins
I heard rumors that you have plan involve Scarra to Kata rework. Is that true? Many champs have non standard scaling, like AP-Rengar is quite fun to play. Or Tankali, or Ad-Soraka, jungle Zyra or AP-Tristana. There was even jungle Lulu in one of last summer-LCL games. Will the AD scaling on Kats remain after rework? Or be buffed? Or could possibly W/R be deal attack damage rather than magic? Or have you plan completely remove AD-scaling? I've tried hundreds of builds, like tank-top Kata, jungle Kata (AP or AD) etc. And I'd say AD-scaling is really bad at her. It could be playable if Q or W deal on-hit effects, like BotRK or BloodRazors (old Devourer+ginsu) or Draktharr. Or better AD/AS scalings on skills. If playing AP-Kat, it'd be good if she have some slow/cc effect, or cc-resist effect on her shampoo (Like Yi Q, Fizz E or Zed R) make you untargetable for 1-2 sec. That way she can at least started her ult. And you can balance it damage then. Because today her ult have most ap-scaling (750 + 250% ap) but she cant use it in crowd on high elo. (I'm 7 mastery Kat main, about 150k, on RU-server). {{champion:55}}
: A few things bother me about assassins: before I get started I would like to admit my biases. I do not play assassins. I play primarily mages. And I have been jumped on and bursted as a squishy mage many times. Now onto my points, my biggest point is the last one so jump there if you want to get to the really interesting stuff. 1.) I do not mind that there are a group of champions that are designed to excel at killing often times a single target. What bothers me is the reliablility in which they can succeed at this. I think jumping on top of an enemy damage dealer, especially when they are surrounded by their team should be risky and often times it just doesn't feel like it. 2.) Another thing that bothers me is that most assassins also have the tools in their kit to escape after they killed their target through a means of a reactivateable ability or a cooldown reset. I think it might be healthy for the game to make escape more difficult. It rewards really good assassin play. Right now when the kha'zix kills your adc in a team fight and hops away I say "well there was nothing we could do to stop that and there is no way we are going to catch him." I would like to say after he does that, "WOW he got the adc and got away?!?! that was fucking incredible!" 3.) They kill me so quickly that I or any or all of my teammates has no time to respond or react. There are times when I am playing adc and I see the exclamation mark above my head when playing against rengar when I will consider just taking my hands off my keyboard and mouse because there is nothing I can do to stop him anyway. 4.) Biggest point- assassins excel at dealing single target damage and their greatest weakness is being cc'ed and then bursted down which typically requires more than one champion. So, as many people already know, the best way to beat assassins is to group. BUT....because of the way resources are spread out across summoners rift, every game of league of legends begins with both teams being spread out: one player in each lane to get the gold and experience from the lane minions, another in the jg to get that gold and experience from the jg monsters and a fifth that doesn't need gold and shares experience with another who doesn't need much experience; hence, the meta. This means that about the first 20 minutes of every game of league of legends IS an assassins winning condition; they REALLY like to fight people when they are alone. And anyone who has played against a Leblanc or a katarina knows this. I believe this is also a MAJOR factor to the point I mentioned earlier about the reliability by which assassins can get fed and succeed in killing whoever they want. Because even when a team groups to counter an assassin, they are now trying stop a champion who not only has all the tools in their kit to kill and enemy squishy but they also have substantially more gold than everyone else.
> So, as many people already know, the best way to beat assassins is to group. BUT....because of the way resources are spread out across summoners rift, every game of league of legends begins with both teams being spread out... I'll teach you to counter assassins. You need to buy wards. {{item:2043}} So many times I played as Red-side Katarina, and Blue side botlane didn't ward their tri-bush. Or push too much and dont ward on river, etc. I see from your stats that you buy them, but your teammates dont. (Like your last game your jungler Rammus placed 3 wards per 30 min game). So in some games you have to ask them politely, like "Rammus, would you be so kind to ward that fking bush for me, please" When you have vision - your team need to react if some midlaner roam to bot. There need to be TP from you toplane, your midlaner must follow his opponent etc. As an assassin i'll never engage 1v4 people. Assassins good for low elo, just because your teammates dont care if they come to kill you. They rather blame you for feeding =). Second factor is Hard CC. Something like Gnar/Riven stun, Heimer grenades, Soraka slience/stun etc. Like if i'll play Heimer - Kata or Zed cant even try to ult me. Third factor is Defensive items. Like if i'm playing Kata and enemy team has really fed Lucian (like 30/9/7 fed). And he kills me few times, i'll go buy {{item:3068}} and kill him. If you're ADC and you know you're against Leblank, Akali, Brand etc. try buy {{item:3156}} or {{item:3139}}. If you're against Zed/Yasuo - with their flat armor pen, you cant just dont buy {{item:1029}}. That 300gp item remove like 15% of their damage, would you still not buy it. You can upgrade it to {{item:3025}} or {{item:3026}}.
: Can some Katarina mains help me?
1) try read reddit/#katarinamains 2) see which kind of damage killed you. If its mostly AP - buy {{item:3001}} +{{item:3116}} . If it's mostly AD - buy {{item:3068}}, good against Yasuo or Zed. (you can use LSI to see which damage you dying from). 1-2 tank items let you do more mistakes and misposition during the game. 3) Katarina is difficult champion. The less difficult is mechanically kill everyone who has low hp and doing penta. You can almost master it doing 50-100 custom games 1 vs 5 bots. The most difficult is to know in which moment you need to fight. That comes with experience with real people. You'll need to exactly know can you kill enemy or not. Can you survive or not. 4) Play more safely. I can start like 1/4 vs Zed, and ending like 12/4. 5) As I can see your recent games you just starting playing Kat. So main advice is practice more, and you can find your own itemization. For example year ago I rushed Rabadon first on Kate. Today, I usually finish before I buy it. Or Zhonia, I almost never buy it on Kat. Or {{item:3135}} - you didnt buy it in recent games, I prefer rush it 3-4 item. 6) Starting items may really differ. I almost always start Kata with {{item:1082}} + {{item:2031}}. Some people use {{item:1001}} +pots. Few starting even with Dorans Ring. [One my friend ](http://ru.op.gg/summoner/userName=LuckerH4wk) start with {{item:3098}} and buy {{item:1082}} on next back. 7) Summoners spell may differ too. I prefer playing without flash (I know that 90% players use it), because Kata has free flash if you master ward jumping. I start with {{summoner:12}} + {{summoner:11}} . So instead of Ludens, I rush {{item:1402}} second item, because it much cheaper and allow you to slow enemy. Smite also allow you to farm safely. You can smite cannon minions, Heimer turrets, Malz voiding etc. Also your jungler usually dont clear wolfs when run for ganks, so you can clear it before back even with low hp - give your jungle vision, much exp and ~100 gold. It very convenient to smite Raptors when you roam bot lane. Allow you to jump-steal dragon or baron etc. (Google: Flyerbeck Smiterina twitch stream, he is d1).
: Rotating Game Mode brain dump: Round 2
to L4T3NCY: > We currently have the queue up for 3 days at a time, kicking off with Friday. On RU-server RGM is disabled on nights. (Ranked games also). So we cant play all night long, if you work at day. Also Russia has 10 timezones. From (GMT+2) to (GMT+12). And RGM is disabled on night during (GMT+3). So people who live on +7-+12 can play it night only, or go to play on EUW server. Could you somehow call to Russian office and fix it?
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