: Can people stop throwing over Elder Dragon?
Ya. Lets go back to throwing at Baron. like the good old days.
Eedat (NA)
: Just laned against a Bronze 4 Lulu
I play support in Bronze, that is my own fault.
: I don't think its worth building anyway, but I'll have to see what changes are done to spirit visage (which currently seems superior). A 15% damage reduction on dps isn't going to castrate damage output. Its more similiar to the -10% crit on Randiun's Omen.
Health lowered from 500 to 425 Magic Resist increased from 55 to 65 The changes to Spirits. Everything else is the same
: My mistake, I was very wrong. The item counts each spell individually We'll have to monitor this very closely if it hits live in current form.
{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: - I say "One thing people dislike about support is that the game doesn't give much feedback on your play" (basically). You say "Well, YOU know you did it. That should be enough". Meanwhile we got shit for "How much did the tank take?", "How much did the carry deal?", "How many turrets did I blow up?", "How much gold did I get?", "Largest killing spree", and so on. Support players get the short end of the stick in this regard *objectively*, and the answer to that, instead of "fix it" is (not surprisingly) "get over it". - I say "One thing people dislike about support is that many support champions are highly 1-note and reactive, but most people, including Riot themselves, would agree that players like proactive and aggressive play more". You say "But I gotta build these active items though!" Doesn't negate anything about what I just said, but you say it anyway.
* Ok, how would they possibly calculate and record, 'if I saved anyone from otherwise deadly attacks'? Do you want the, "Times that an Ally Champ was under 10% of their health and there was an enemy champion withing 400 units of them and you used an ability to possibly prevent them from dying" Category? And it's not like Tanks are the only ones who see how much damage was taken. And ADC aren't the only once who see how much Damage was dealt. Everyone see's these stats. Braum and Leona care about Damage Taken. Nami and Soraka Care about Damage healed. Zyra and Brand care about how much damage they deal. There's the warding section, that's pretty much the 'support exclusive' section. * People have different play styles. Maybe some people like to support, maybe they don't want to be more, "Proactive and Aggressive". And supports build the active items because they fit most situations. Just like most mids rush Morello or Ludens Echo. or ADC's build IE or BotRK. And i don't see you complaining that Jungle always have to build a Jungle Item?
: ~~Swain hits them with W and now they only take less damage from a spell that has a longer cooldown than the passive, the rest of his kit is unaffected~~ ~~Karthus ticks his E and his Q barrage is unaffected ~~ ~~Heimer tags them with E or W and his turrets will be unaffected (or hits them with a turret shot and RW is unaffected) ~~ ~~I think you're blowing this out of proportion.~~ Nevermind, I'm wrong.
Maybe. But lets get real here. What Swain hits a W with out throwing out the Q first :P I hope i'm over reacting. But i don't like the looks of it.
: oh no, one spell will do less damage for the next 5 seconds gutted forever
Plus 70 MR Plus 100% Base Health Regen also Some Cooldown Reduction So now that you do less damage. They will take almost none of whats left to dish out. Then they can regen what they lost faster. And 5 seconds is a while for a DPS mage.
: So what you're telling me is that you're actively dodging the points I made and you're telling me to get over it?
I quoted one of your points. how is that dodging your points?
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: Quick rundown of why support is unpopular
> There's a huge plethora of carry-related feedback and data in the game. There's nothing showing how much I healed, how much I shielded, if I saved anyone from otherwise deadly attacks, or whatever a support would be interested in. With this said, can we separate life steal from "damage healed"? So you need Graphs and Numbers to show and justify your play? If you save someones life or set up an amazing play. You know you did it, Your ADC knows about it. Just because there's no number attached to it at the end of the game doesn't take them away. And it actually does show amount healed. I like Nami, so this the one stat i'll check out And if you want gameplay from playing a support. Try being in a team fight with 5 activatable items, 4 moves and your Summs up. Also trying to keep track of everyone and figuring out when to use everything properly. And 'all at once' is not the right answer.
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mogonk (NA)
: Why there will never be a ranked Solo Queue.
I'd like to add a comment that I've posted in the past. This is common and I've seen it done many times in the past. I'm not surprised that this is happening, disappointing, but not surprised. > Step 1) Release a new product, people have backlash. > Step 2) Say you'll make something to please the masses. > Step 3) Have people continue to use the product while they wait for the update/remake of the old product > Step 4) Wait until people forget about the issue they had in the first place or become more accepting with the current product. > Step 5) slowly drop the update/remake.
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: Yorick gets one skin in 5 years
As a {{champion:112}} main and the occasional player of {{champion:50}} and {{champion:68}} . It pains me to see the same champions get skins over and over agian. {{champion:119}} gets two within a couple of patches, (I'll forgive the Draven Draven skin because it just his head enlarged, nothing amazing there.) Also Pool party Draven came out not to long ago. And {{champion:223}} get's one while only being released for a couple of patches. I was excited when Dragon Master Swain was announced, but have completely given up hope on that one. Every patch update i hope to see my favorite champs get some love, But i guess i don't see that happening soon. Maybe after the mythical swain rework, i can start to hope again. Maybe.
woobeee (NA)
: Mains of various champions! - How can you tell that your main is being misused by another player?
Brings {{summoner:14}} on {{champion:101}} Rush {{item:3198}} on {{champion:112}} (Upgrading anything other then E first for his first evolution) No management on {{champion:68}} Heat
: Who will be banned in URF?
Last year i loved playing {{champion:50}} last year. Survive pre-6 then walk around with you ULT on constantly. Good times, goooood times. As for bans {{champion:99}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:238}} cause fuck that noise
: What Is Your Deserving Rank
TL;DR going off the title alone I'm in silver, and i deserve to be in Silver. For now. I have a few things i'm good at, but much more that i'm not. To put it clearly, I know what i should do, but my current mechanics can't get me there yet. Sure it's easy to blame others, but if you look at your own gameplay, there will be dozens of things that you should have done. I'll move forward soon, but till then, i know what i got to work on, and i'll work on those till I improve.
: Why isn't Galio used more?
When we get full teams of AP, maybe like {{champion:54}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:25}} . It'll be Galio time to shine. But till then, don't see him making a come back anytime soon.
: Reminder : We are not giving up on solo q .
It's a common business practice Step1) Release a new product, people have backlash Step 2) Say you'll make something to please the masses. Step 3) Have people continue to use the product while they wait for the update/remake of the old product Step 4) Wait until people forget about the issue they had in the first place Step 5) slowly drop the update/remake Except we won't forget. 5 MAN PRE-MADE ARE BULLSHIT. SOLO-Q OR RIOT!!!!!!
: Why not? The point of skins is to explore different ideas and theme. If you think about it, it's quite fitting LeBlanc gets the Elderwood skin. If you look at pixies/fairies in the golden age of fairy tales, they are often portrayed as tricksters, deceptive and often times, evil. Then Disney came along and made them all innocent, happy and fart rainbows out of their bum. I applaud Riot for doing something unexpected. Who would've thought they can change LeBlanc into a fairy?
True, when you think of it like that. It's just, i knew they where going to make another Elderwood skin, but the fact LeBlanc got it just came so far out of left field that it caught me by surprise.
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Sciela (NA)
: Seriously, Riot, fuck you.
Let's just take 20% off the top there why don't we bud
: Limit number of badge displays, dancing, laughing
You haven't played against garen or zed spamming, have you. Or even worse, Nunu bot... The laugh is truly tilt worthy.
: But you can dodge spells. wait for cds or stall for help.
Or just chill in one spot while the entire enemy team swarms around you waiting to kill you.
: Honest question about banning in champselect.
The only time I ever consider banning a teammates pick is when he want's to play a current OP champ, and he's last pick.
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: Champs list: Needs a nerf ...
Why does Nautilus need a nerf?
Xonra (NA)
: PSA For ADCs With A Fed Support
I mean yes, If the support get 2-3 kills. Whatever, think of it as kill-secured not kill-steal. But at the end of the day, there is kind of a point where they should try and get the ADC kills. Because who's gonna do more with the kills/gold/experience. The ADC or {{champion:267}} /{{champion:40}}, sure they can shield or heal you more, but that won't kill them faster. {{champion:1}}/{{champion:63}} How ever......
: > [{quoted}](name=SlayerTay6,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=tdEPLA70,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-18T15:39:11.146+0000) > > Better question would be to have more representation, since they are part of NA http://lol.gamepedia.com/Category:Canada I think we have enough representation in terms of players already
I didn't know Gosu was Canadian. Interesting
Woook3r (NA)
: His q does 300 dmg maximum. More than half of his dmg comes from the crits. You probably dont play draven. And this is why you dont have a valid opinion. Edit: i checked. U dont pllay draven.
Never said I played draven, but I've played against and died to draven. That's where my opinion has come from.
: Challenger Tier renamed Legend?
Sure. Wouldn't wanna be part of that tiers que times. But sure
Woook3r (NA)
: Draven Needs Meaningful Safety.
No. I don't need an ADC to be able to kill me with an AA>E>AA combo that ALSO HAS SAFETY IN THEIR KIT. If he gets any safety, they need to nerf his damage output.
: PSA: forcing off meta picks on strangers is not cool
If I see an off meta Jungler on my team, i usually hold my breath until about 5 minutes in. If they die to Raptors during that time, I know i'm in for a long 30 minutes, (probably less). I'm more patient in normal's, cause how else will you learn. But if you're in rank, you better have that shit on lock. As for a leash, i'll give the standard 4-5 autos then i'm out. At least give them a fighting shot to succeed.
: Will this laptop run league?
A toaster could run league.
: The gaming equivalent of playing goal keeper for your team (which I did all the way through high school and even some college). Win 1-0 and you have five or six god-like saves and everyone is like, "good job (insert fowards name here), that was a hell of a goal!" or, "wow (center mid's name) that assist was fking beautiful!" I'll just go quietly ice my bruised knees and hips in a corner as I pretend everyone knows how important my saves actually were.
This.... hits to close to home.
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: please make Shen q energy cost over time
If you could pass the total amount of energy that you have. What would be the point of having energy in the first place? That's like saying a champ with mana being short 10 mana to cast the killing blow being allowed to go over it's pool of mana.
: Swains scaling mana cost and ability costs are completely detrimental to his gameplay.
I agree, it's horrible. But remember URF mode? Did you play as swain during URF mode? If Swain had even a 10th of that capability by reducing his mana costs, I would cry in a corner with all the lights turned, with a bible in one hand and a cross in the other.
: Keep removing posts that you dont want to answer Riot, great job. #Repost#NoMoreProfanity#lmao
Rioter Comments
: Am I the only one that still misses team builder?
New Champ Select > Team Builder > Blind Pick
Lordllo (NA)
: lol i think its like xeraths ult i own him but havent played him yet
it is exactly like xerath's ult
: Soraka mains and players, rejoice! Her harsh, ugly gutting has been reverted!!!
> All the tentative Q and W changes from 1/29 update have been REVERTED! [CONTEXT: As for why these were pulled, ricklessabandon explained they'll return in **6.4 PBE:** - yup, yup. **we'll bring those mechanics back in the 6.4 development cycle** (their intended release). didn't have enough time to get the specifics sorted out on top of the other things going on in the 6.3 cycle. " They reverted them for now so they can work on her for patch 6.4. You have one more patch unfortunately before the changes are likely to go threw.
Prirn (NA)
: He stops low Elos and still sucks high Elos as always I'll never see him because I'm good and you're bad
> [{quoted}](name=Prirn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EkGJxmtP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-02T01:25:41.514+0000) > > He stops low Elos and still sucks high Elos as always I'll never see him because I'm good and you're bad What?
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