: While yes they are serious topics in real life your complaining about a board game that has to show appeal and not be offensive world wide. The lol boards are not the place for political discusions. And yes you are making up anti trans statement for a board game designed to be in the same universe as a teen game. You still fail to see how including pro trans gender ideals will get the game banned in other countries and then those people wont be able to play it but congrats at least you felt included.
Again, you are misinterpreting what I'm saying. Let me quote myself from a reply to you earlier: "Once again, I'm not saying anything needs to be pro-trans rights. I would think it would be silly to have some statement about any-gender bathrooms available or any such thing. That's not what I'm talking about whatsoever."
: its mimicking college brochures which state which kinds of bathrooms that have. Your making up an anti trans statement in your head. Its not discriminatory your making it up.
In light of the current social situations in the media and in law concerning the exact same topic of segregated bathrooms, this is _not_ something that I'm fabricating in a vacuum. Though, I digress. Gaming forums are not necessarily the place to have civil discussions about inclusion and diversity. I overestimated the community.
: If you play through the game with the radioplay thing for each mission you will get a much clearer picture of the author's intent. Riot isn't going to be on the bleeding edge of the progressive movement, especially when gamers tend to be slightly behind on that stuff. Let Riot get around to making some openly gay champs before expecting them to make a transgender inclusion statement in their board game. In the meantime let's appreciate that they at least have plenty of male fan service and give nods to champs that the community has embraced as being gay in their head-canon like Taric and Ezreal.
Thanks. I haven't yet played so I might understand more after. And again, I have absolutely NO desire to _have them_ or _ask them_ to or say they _should_ have any sort of trans-inclusive statements. At all.
: I echo Oleandervine's sentiments. 2 things to know about Rumble - He has a reputation for making things out of junk, therefore people would assume he has shoddy facilities. - He loves Tristana. Rumble knows Heimerdinger and Ziggs would be interested in mech stuff because they are tech geeks. He wanted to advertise his program as being inclusive of male and female yordles to try and help persuade Tristana to attend. Pretty much his entire motivation for this entire thing is to impress Tristana and spend time with her. 99% sure Rumble used all the relatively nice junky parts to make the female bathroom and that the dudes' bathroom is god-awful. If you look on the back of the invite he has R&T written in a heart and on his to-do list he has Tristana first with more hearts. He later on the to-do list has "learn how to run a school." He's just flying by the seat of his pants on a shortsighted plan to get to know Tristana. I think there is a point of inclusion to be made here but I think your missing it. This wasn't meant to be transphobic but rather to be inclusive of females in tech. Also we are talking about fictional rodent people in a cartoony world. You could complain about whether Rumble's obsession is healthy or whatever but it is a cartoon game. It isn't meant to be such a social commentary. However, Tristana's inclusion does give representation for female players should they choose to be her. And it isn't like she is a damsel in distress. If anything, Rumble is the damsel in distress.
I appreciate the legitimate comment jjaekkak. I don't know much of the context behind the board game or the lore behind the characters. I can understand how it can be coming from a place of trying to include females/Trist by helping them/her feel safe in a generally male dominated environment. You are very perceptive to have deciphered what Rumble's intentions may have been and how that might apply to the reason behind him making this particular statement. I'm not sure if that was truly the author's intent here, but it gives at least a single valid alternative to what it might mean whereas before I had no context for or clue of how to comprehend it.
: Because that along with multiple other thinks are based on real life college brochures and acceptance letters. Which normally state if there seperate or coed bathrooms. And actually read either riots interview on making a lgbt or blizzards for overwatch. While its accepted in america its not in numerous other country that league and its merchandise is sold. And there not gonna prevent a country from access to the game over having something like trans bathrooms. Hell even america is divided on the subject so how do you think a county like russia or china which have stricter laws on the issues with china only recently taking homo sexuality off of there mental disorders list. Also we cant have skeletons in lol because of chinas culture. And heres the big thing riot is owned by a chinese company.
Once again, I'm not saying anything needs to be **pro**-trans rights. I would think it would be silly to have some statement about any-gender bathrooms available or any such thing. That's not what I'm talking about whatsoever. I'm just saying this statement seems to be **anti**-trans or at least reinforces the gender norms which underlay the discrimination we do see. There are _pro_ things, and there are _anti_ things, and there are _neutral_ things, and then there are _just no mention of anything_ to do with the topic. Given the social environment this game was released into, it can easily be perceived as an **anti** kind of statement. I don't feel like it was necessary to mention anything to do with bathrooms at all, let alone something that could be mistaken as a statement discriminatory to trans people.
: Because its a worldwide game sold to contries that dont always except transgender people. So they cant do anything for the lgbt community unless its completely out of the game. Ie a character can be gay or lesbian in a story but cant do anything homo sexual in game. Now with the recent reversal of this policy with the graves cigarmaybe this will change. But that was the policy during wave 1.
"they cant do anything for the lgbt community" I don't understand where you are coming from. _Not_ including a phrase about gender separated bathrooms (in a game where there's nothing to do concerning bathrooms) is not equivalent to being _for_ the LGBT community. I'm not saying Riot is supposed to show some sort of LGBT support. I'm talking about the inclusion of an unnecessary statement way out of left field concerning a sensitive topic or perhaps supporting a harmful political/ideological agenda.
: Perhaps you could put a screen shot of the paper in question cuz I'm from the show me island.
I added an image of the text.
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