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: Aiming to have some thoughts on the Pyke indicator and which other champs it should/shouldn't be added to next week.
I would love to see that feature expanded. It feels super bad to miss an execute ultimate by < 100 hp. I think the following champs would benefit from said indicators: Definitely: {{champion:86}} , {{champion:31}} , {{champion:122}} Possibly: {{champion:51}} , {{champion:28}} , {{champion:30}} Plausible, but doubtful: {{champion:45}} ,{{champion:202}} (4th shot maybe)
: Emotes are live!
> “mute enemy emotes” option in the in-game settings. Can we please get a mute **all** emotes in-game settings. Its going to get real annoying to click through the whole list every game.
DarianY (NA)
: Are you guys gonna make it so you can add friends in the practice mode in the future or just leave it as a single player mode? I really want to teach my non-level 30 friends how to play certain champs and tricks because it's boring to wait 5 mins for flash and a couple mins for ult when you teach them in custom mode.
They are taking a different approach development-wise with the practice tool. They are releasing the tool with a minimal set of features and they will add as they go, whereas they usually just wait until all the features are in place. For the moment it is single player only, and will be for a while, but we dont know what features will be next, only that they are taking suggestions
: NAMI!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you are playing Nami, you can search 'hat' in the shop search bar to get {{item:1001}} to show up
: New meta = Build 4 {{item:1052}} It works if you go {{item:3165}} or {{item:3174}} then {{item:3089}} then {{item:3135}} cookie cutter ap spec Gives you a good gradual ap boost. 4 {{item:1052}} = (Old 80 ap) {{item:1058}} costs roughly 1800 for them but i find its worth just for the fact they all build into the 1st 3 items. also gives you plenty of room to buy t1 boots and wards and pots and even a {{item:1058}} if you have the gold for it as you lvl.
Having a lot of AP items build out of {{item:1052}} makes it easier to start building something and switch if the game dictates it, but I wouldn't just go buying 4 of them, you'd lose out on mid game power spikes by not completing items.
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
You are encouraging this guy to roam, which is cool, but two things I wonder about are the XP issues, he will get behind quickly, also he will be behind in gold since the current support items are based on either interaction in the lane or proximity to get the benefits. Is this the intended trade off? If not, adding some XP and gold into the scatter chimes would encourage the roaming without punishing it.
Tiza (NA)
: New and reworked champions in the LCS and CS
4 Weeks is a bit much. Your talking a third of the split a champion will be unplayable. Lets take Gnar since he is new. And lets say the new champ is 2 weeks probation. That's fine, because usually by the 2-3 weeks Riot will most likely patch Gnar to bring his numbers more inline for whatever reason. Well Its going to be a week from that point. Ultimately you'll still get a 3-4 week window of no LCS play, unless Gnar's release is pretty seamless then he might come in a bit sooner. *Just as a side note, define Minor I don't think a one week probation would be necessary if it was a small tweak to one skill e.g. Q now has 5%-> 6% AP Scaling. I think it would be fine to enable him by the start of the next week. tldr; New Champ, Major Rework - 2 weeks. 1 Week addition for any Minor change. <1 week for tweak
: {{champion:412}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:4}} 4/5 done, and why is their 6? please someone explain
Its based on roles, not lanes. Assasin, Marksman, Mage, Fighter, Support, & Tank
: Building a better Team Builder
So I often queue as {{champion:412}} or {{champion:201}} in team builder with a friend who is an ADC. Now because it doesn't matter, I usually pick Assasin or Mage because idgaf until now, so does this mean I'm going to unlock the assasin badge before support?
: yah like he was saying i pretty much got pooped on, they should have a mode to play as a doom bot against other doom bots for a limited time
You must have the {{summoner:2}} to beat them. {{summoner:3}}ing work it may be, but it is possible to {{summoner:17}} against their assault and use teamwork (OP) to {{summoner:11}} them
: The beginnings of League's first varsity team
I think its great that the school is doing this. Let's just be careful when throwing around the word "athletic" in its program. While its great to be able to represent your school with your particular skill set, it is in no way a replacement for exercise.


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