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Sukishoo (NA)
: You're just a sad little kid then :)
Ah that's better, Still need a little bit more work. Don't worry i'm sure that you can learn from the bottom of bronze. but i'm going to just ignore you now. It was....entertaining while it lasted.
Sukishoo (NA)
: *yawn* read other posts in the thread. I'm not trolling :)
Oh i'm positive that you are, little one. You may need to work on it though.
Sukishoo (NA)
: you're* learn to spell trying to accuse people of things they aren't :)
Ah "you're" that kind of troll. I see. Hm. Also learn to form a coherent sentence.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Again, that was all a JOKE. Learn what April Fools day is :)
Im not sure if your trolling.
: You are taking that out of context. It will be starting every Friday and ending Monday(?), once they release the rotating game mode. Which hasn't happened yet.
To be fair it wouldn't kill a red to come over and simply clarify this for the community instead of not saying anything. Since you can see HOW easily it can be taken out of context
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ben Danklin,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Gin1I4Ib,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-04-02T17:47:47.214+0000) > > "People were more toxic in URF than anywhere else in fact." > > That, is a straight lie. maybe YOU were toxic because it was too much to handle for you but i can safetly say that URF mode is literally the only time i see people actually COMPLIMENT each other and great plays. Oh yeah? First URF, i pick Fizz "Get ebola u noob picking broken champion". Next game, opponent picks, i think it was Sona before she was disabled. Guy in team "GG retards didnt ban Sona im afk". I played maybe 10-15 URF games. Maybe only one was played 5v5, without leaver. And all of them had flamers.
I can honestly just tell by your attitude that you are one of these people. I personally have never had this issue in URF, But then again I always had a 5 group to play. Sounds to me like you were just unfortunate and the leaver issue isnt the fault of URF. Blame Riot for the fact leavers barely get punished
: Just returned to LoL after 2yrs break. Need some advices
Honestly as someone who as also been around since the near beginning all I can say is wait for overwatch for a moba man, Riot only cares about money anymore. Their community doesnt matter, their gameplay and balances dont matter, some champs get heavily favored over others that are left to rot in a corner, They are constantly releasing bad ideas. When they mess up there is no statement to the community that built them on a fix, The punishment system is terrible, I myself have never even received a chat restriction but I Have watched someone get banned for saying "Is this bots? I know everyone has their off game but come on guys." Wait for the next big moba to hit the scene that is better made then LoL and in a couple years riot will close its doors anyway so there really isnt a point to come back
alasarcher (EUNE)
: And why exactly do they have to give answers? Its simple, they will release rotating queue when its ready. URF wont be released now. Game is still free to play, its still their decision what and how they will release something. People will still be toxic. People were more toxic in URF than anywhere else in fact.
"People were more toxic in URF than anywhere else in fact." That, is a straight lie. maybe YOU were toxic because it was too much to handle for you but i can safetly say that URF mode is literally the only time i see people actually COMPLIMENT each other and great plays.
: Perhaps this would be more valid, had Riot not completely slacked off. Had they released some silly game MODE, the response wouldn't have been as overwhelmingly negative. People would still be sad(we love our URF and want more), but not as salty. The issue is, they released a crappy barely-there alteration to already existing game modes, AND made it mandatory. (Think the gimmick is shit? Too bad, guess you don't play Blind Pick or ARAM for the entire weekend) Hell, had they even released something as half-hearted as an All-for-one where everyone was ACTUALLY Draven, it would be something. And this is key: You wouldn't be forced to play it, you could opt out of the game mode! I've been here about 5 years, and I've watched Riot steadily care less and less about what the community is asking for, and simply moving forward whatever looks good on a tournament screen.
This guy nailed it on the head. The fact they refuse to give ANY feedback at all is wrong. Call me entitled if you want but we as the community pay the bills at riot studios deserve some kind of response and or apology for this absolutely awful event that did nothing but upset people.
: Ahri gives you and your main this look at the pool
: Urf
Wait till about 6am EST, Something may happen
Veruka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ben Danklin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JwbFEd3b,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-02T07:03:31.571+0000) > > LEAGUE OF DRAVEN MODE DISABLED BECAUSE RITO MAY HAVE REALIZED IT WAS BAD AND THEY SHOULD FEEL BAD You should feel bad for complaining about it! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
I really don't, You cant deny this has been their WORST event yet,
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: Draven's head is bullshit - give us urf
At this point ill take anything as long as it isnt some lame crap like poro king, and this draven mess
: They are. It's just getting delayed.
Got a post backing that or are you speculating?
: Not so sure about that...there was a patch tonight.
I personally havnt gotten a patch since updating this draven crap
Vabature (NA)
: when is urf?
Never. They arent doing it
Dealth (NA)
: "No URF QQ"
Why don't you stop remaking the same thread with literally the same sentence. First of all im not sure where this whole "entitlement" thing cme from with some of you guys, and you specifically need to realize that we were told SOME kind of game mode was supposed to release today, We may not be entitled to whatever they have planned right now but as the players who literally pay rito's bills on a whole we should be entitled to atleast an update by now.
: From 4 days ago, if you haven't read it yet.
"The goal is to have it up once the weekend starts (that’s Friday night right?! :P) so we should get three evenings of fast game mode funtimes." I see no game mode fun times of any kind. :(
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Swinkss (NA)
: Actual Riot training video for Draven day
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DrNova (NA)
: The best thing for LoL is for Riot to ignore these boards completely.
Yet you make a post where you bitch and moan as if you are entited to better content?
: Do you guys not realize Riot's about to release a weekly gamemode rotation?
What work exactly? it's literally 30 minutes of coding for almost this entire event
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Drathel (NA)
: Everyone complaining about Riots April Fools joke is ridiculous
Am i disturbing your lurking? Little brat thinking you "deserve" to sit at your computer on a friday alone roaming around the boards? So pathetic.
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: Do you guys not realize Riot's about to release a weekly gamemode rotation?
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: I feel bad for Riot atm
For all those people saying "Stop bitching about urf mode." and "they warned you ahead of time it isnt coming." Let me break down for you WHY people are pissed, To be completely honest as a player who has been around since s1, this game is boring as shit. Seriously league isnt fun, it just a way to kill time, the ranked system is broken Riot heavily favors some champs over others. Basically its "play the meta or dont and get bitched out by your team." League wasnt always this way and URF mode is a small glimmer of fun that this game used to provide, Im sure i'll get downvoted by all the little kids that didn't experience the way things used to but screw it. Tl;dr: LoL is crap nowadays, urf mode being the only fun time of year.
: Trolling and afking in urf to make up for the fact that they get trolled and afked in ranked. Yeah, thanks for explaining why it isn't fun past day one.
> [{quoted}](name=IAintDarius,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=vusUKgxW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-01T13:36:21.131+0000) > > Trolling and afking in urf to make up for the fact that they get trolled and afked in ranked. Yeah, thanks for explaining why it isn't fun past day one. How much lp you gonna lose for that urf game tho
Jikker (NA)
: Pretty much Even ARAM is full of ARAM mains so there's no real fun mode anymore. URF got annoying with many champs, but it was still fun just for the sake of spamming everything so fast. Idc if I lose playing URF as Zyra, my plant army is hilarious. Or when I deathbush as Maokai with saplings. Or permaspeed around the map as Lulu. I could be feeding and it's still fun
Feeding in urf? not even the most die-hard tryhard teammates care if you feed in urf.
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Bhagswag (NA)
: It's kinda weird to report someone for saying gg ez
Well when some streamers, popular and unpopular say it, outloud, on live stream it sets a bad example, "they said it and received no punishment so why shouldn't I?" I dont watch him anymore but Trick2g in particular used to say it on live stream EVERY game, just never typed it in chat. Yeah its rude and probably should be said but with some "pro" players saying things like this it just set a trend. Another example was Dyrus famous quote of "Later nerd" This is also something that can be taken offense at by some. But hey! what can you do? as long as they didnt say any naughty words dont expect riot to step in.
LF Annie (NA)
: you read all of her sub-posts? its not sexual harassment, asking a single sexually inappropriate question over private message, and then being blocked. - t that is all that happened. she blocked him after 1 message, and then she now wants a report option for that 1 question from someone on her "friends list" this chick has her head up her ass about how sexual harassment is defined, just because she found a dictionary. > [{quoted}](name=Lilin Cat,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=wPoWeegf,comment-id=00020000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-24T00:47:41.307+0000) > > sex·u·al ha·rass·ment > noun > harassment (typically of a woman) in _**a workplace, or other professional or social situation**_, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. which of these does 1 single private message apply, please shoehorn it in to one so i can shoot it down.
Oh no I didn't, my bad man, I was under the assumption this was an in-game constant in chat. Sorry, im very tired
: why is this getting so many down votes?
Because alot of the league community these days are trolls that do exactly what you described your teammate doing.
: Sexual Harassment- this is not okay.
I've asked both genders if they masturbate before, But i make sure they know im just joking with them, I'm a male myself, and the reason this is getting downvoted to because male vastly outnumber females in the league community.(if i had to guess). Best thing you can do is just ignore them, I've been around since early season 2 and to be honest ive never seen a ban on sexual harassment. Sorry for your experience though. Best of luck on the rift.
Flytan (NA)
: My account was perm banned for toxicity
Honestly I wish riot would enforce a rule punishing players that abuse the report option, I've never been banned or even chat restricted myself but ive been reported many times for saying stuff like "Rushing deathcap on swain like that was a dumb move, you dont have any health to survive burst/cc lock for you ult to be effective" No Cussing, No Racism, nothing more said to the individual or any of my other teammates or enemy team, Their response is usually "muted and reported." and then i get this nifty little message saying how I verbally abused/ harassed them.
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Shro0mie (NA)
: Your mature. Your life must be filled with joy that you have to go online to publicly announce you tattle tale over the smallest shit just to make it hard for riot to develope a system that actually punishes people for serious offenses. Why mute people when you can stack evidence to report people? It's like people get a kick out of trying to make other people suffer. I guess thats just science tho. Its funny how people expect their online experience to be the equivalent of a church. Cracks me up Your just as toxic as the kids who say EZ imo.
So it's to much to ask for people to be respectful? And it's a small step from "ez" to "lol gg noobs game was too ez"
: Reworks.
"I know it is nice to simply point and click enemies and walk up to them to deal bs damage.... but that isnt all to interesting." *looks at darius then looks at what just happened in worlds I'd have to agree
: Microsoft would say "It's a 'feature'."
: 1. garen is not a noxian 2. if you want to play diceroll, why dont you just... roll a dice and let us real league players play our op shit
> [{quoted}](name=CoNteMpT,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=QsU3R0i5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-05T11:17:05.985+0000) > > 1. garen is not a noxian > > 2. if you want to play diceroll, why dont you just... roll a dice and let us real league players play our op shit Lol.... I'm not sure why you got all defensive but ok. I was just suggesting arams for people who don't like the current rift mechanics, but I guess you know better then me since youre a "real league player" and id rather play to have fun rather then get frustrated, >>; good talk though
: Call of Duty Syndrome. When a game gets crazy popular, all the assholes and genuinely shitty people pool together to bring down the overall integrity of the community. Believe it or not, League wasn't always a cesspool of trolls, pricks, and negativity.
This, ranked is no better, if your looking to talk and play with people from the old days, most of those of us left are usually on the howling abyss,
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Swinkss (NA)
: Songs of the champions
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