: > [{quoted}](name=Sylverblitz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1grBEp65,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-01T20:09:25.534+0000) > > Standard Riot practice so yep. its seriously retarded. we have to ban a couple of champions for a whole patch, because someone at riot forgot to put a UNIQUE PASSIVE tag on it, and nobody noticed. at least i hope to god that it just slipped through and they werent actually blind enough to not see that coming. i mean... what DID they expect? shit like this is acceptable in preseason, but not mid season.
Don't worry, it won't affect the glorious LCS! They are protected like little lambs. Only the majority of the player base has to deal with this so it's ok.
Elindiir (NA)
: Most healthy Assassins....
Kassadin. Takes time to get going, can be denied early but after a few items just gets harder to deal with. He is the assassin equivalent of a Nasus where the longer you let them go on the harder it gets.
: why is ardent censer still not hotfixed?
> [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1grBEp65,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-01T20:03:45.388+0000) > > there are abuse cases with the item. are you seriously just waiting for a whole patch cycle until you fix the ability of certain champions just stacking the thing? Standard Riot practice so yep.
xS Bro (NA)
: Echoing some previous comments, some splash art or a banner really doesn't cut it for devaluing the accounts of those who own one of the rarest, most sought after skins in the game. Riot is clearly doing this to make money without regard or integrity to promises made previously to the community. Poorly done riot, sacrificing your ethics for a quick buck is usually a disaster which this clearly is.
You played the game when I and others didn't and bought a skin. At the time did they say "this will never be available ever, ever again so buy it now or miss out"? What makes you so special that this skin is so unique and must be preserved for those special snowflakes who have played longer, had RP to buy it chose to do so? It's a skin. One of the primary income sources for Riot is in skins and this is one that a lot of people would like to have. The only difference between this and others is that for some reason they have not offered it for sale any other time. It's the exception, not the rule. You talk about ethics like this is some grand moral ground to stand on. It's a skin...
: The second change is pretty good, but the first one is too strong of a nerf. 10 seconds is kinda long because in teamfights there may be a small knock up that Yasuo doesn't even notice, like Draven's E or Thresh's Flay, and then when he tries to seriously ult he would get completely fucked. Oh and by the way, his most popular and strongest build doesn't use any crit at all, it's Frozen Force. Just leaving it here.
Which is why I said only *his* knock-ups, not others' knock-ups.
: TIL Yasuo and Aurelion Sol are the same champion and should be treated the same way because their abilities have the same mechanics. While we're at it we should Tristana's jump double bounce off of minions because that's the way Gnar's jump works xD.
You learned to use sarcasm and to ignore what I was talking about but ok.
: You know how we nerfed Zed because of the frustration factor in laning against him?
I would offer two hard nerfs and they would kill him. 1. Knock-up immunity for 10 seconds after he last used it on you. For an ability that is available so often and with such a constant threat it should not be able to knock you up every single time it's available. The width of it is deceptive too because I have been hit numerous times when I see myself past it to the sides. 2. His shield cannot recharge if he has taken champion damage in the last 2 seconds and resets every time he takes champion damage before it fills up. Before people go "NO" to this it's worth pointing out that every time Aurelion Sol takes damage his long range dash counter resets to 0. Considering he still has his near infinite dash, double crit, frequent knock-up and a walking shield something has to go. I know he can only dash through the same target once every X seconds but tell me, when was the last time you got away from a Yasuo in lane with minions around? I can't be the only one that is actually close to getting away and then a new minion wave from your side comes to aid his bullshittery. Riot will never admit it but he cannot be balanced by number changes alone. He will either be OP or trash tier at all times with no middle ground. Hit his kit, I don't care if it changes his identity. Yasuo mains will care but I would think they would prefer a champion in a state where he can be played and his performance is based on skill instead of an abusive kit. I saw a brief bit of the LCS yesterday and I was pretty pissed at one of the players. In his interview he was saying that the nerfs to Ekko were too much! That is utter bullshit and he knows it. What he really meant was the nerfs to Ekko stopped him being super OP so they can't abuse him any more. Boofuckinghoo. Riot caters to these morons who play the current most OP picks so I would not be surprised to see Ekko buffed back up and permanently picked again soon.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Nothing negative in comments? Okay. Im positive Dynamic queue will remain. And im glad about it.
Ooh I can do this too. I am a massive fan of dynamic queue and feel that it has brought nothing but happiness and joy to all of the players who participate in ranked games.
: Rethinking Ranked Fives and Tuning Dynamic Queue
I wonder if we will see one of those little graphs showing % of players pissed at Riot before emblems, % of players pissed after emblems, and some random stat like % of players who fasten their pants then zip compared to zip then fasten.
jolieray (EUW)
: SURRENDER, lack of motivation that we do not need.
> [{quoted}](name=jolieray,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=opKEKEJj,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-17T15:12:37.069+0000) > > Also, i think that it will better to make 5-0 surrender vote and not 4-1. LOL no. It's already stacked in favour of people voting "no" by requiring 4 out of 5, instead of 3. There are a lot of reasons people want to surrender and you can't know them all. If I start a vote to surrender it is because I see the game as lost with slim / zero chance of coming back. Of course there is a chance to win even if slim but if your team is not motivated after being crushed all game you can't force them to become motivated. The longer you keep them in the game the more miserable they are going to be and worse they are going to play. It's better to start over where you, and everyone else, is on an even playing field. I'd much rather the surrender option be game ending at 3-2 but it won't happen. For reference I would say that of the games I have wanted to surrender I have lost around 80% - 90% of them. The difference between losing a game and surrendering before I lose is that I don't waste more time in a hopeless situation. If my team is a full premade (it isnt, I play alone) then a comeback may happen but a team of random people are far less likely to be able to mount the comeback. You can hope all you want and say "there is always a chance" but when that chance is only if three of the enemy team disconnect for the rest of the game you may as well forfeit and move on.
Rioter Comments
JVP15 (NA)
: ARAM Doesn't FEEL Random
I've started to refer to ARAM as All Ranged Against Melee because of how it works out against me a lot of the time. Then there are the times where I'm given melee and both rerolls give me melee. Those are the times where I just quit in champion select to avoid saltiness and go do something else.
Raipesi (EUW)
: "You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions."
To be banned 14 days, the last step before a permanent ban, you must have been pretty bad. You might feel like you've played enough games but the system doesn't agree. There are others who earn things after being chat restricted and 14 day bans so it does work that way.
: less armor on asassin
Which is fine. Assassins build damage and if they can ever build tanky and still kill they are broken just like Ekko. It's a lot easier to do this to problem champions than changing items because if you change the item you affect everyone from supports to tanks.
: the boards are not the game. Different environments and on the boards you are not trapped. Also when you same something semi politely so the white knights do not throw a fit, its passive aggressive. You should see what i want to say, you would not say passive at all. So when do you get to do real talk? If you do not want to participate in a conversation you do not need to get involved in one. No one forced you to read this thread nor comment you are a strange one.
For clarity I read the Gameplay and this forum a lot in case I can offer advice. Just as with opinions it's free to be ignored. The reason I said something is that you appeared to be antagonising someone just as you appear to be trying to antagonise me with the "white knights" comment. Either way I said what I wanted to. Have a nice day.
: The problem is that those bans go out with the other bans in the same wave about every 2 weeks. By then the bots have already ruined at least dozens of games with real players in them. We got a red to respond recently on the subject: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/QAhwmGWy-riot-its-time-for-you-to-take-action-now-not-later?comment=005a00040000
Yeah and as you likely know yourself when those accounts are banned another batch are created and the cycle continues. They have an automated system yet despite a clear and very distinct pattern of play and item purchases it still goes the same way as everything else. A bot account farmer is not going to argue if they get banned but if a player gets banned accidentally they will likely want to know why. It just feels so much like nothing happens. Everything from Riot is "in the pipeline" or being worked on. Less talk, more action :/
: How come I have 6 perma banned accounts and my friend has 0?
You aren't a very good friend if you are thinking so badly of them. Instead of focusing on why they haven't been banned why not look at why you have been banned *6* times? I haven't ever had a chat restriction and the worst I've seen is the old "abandoning games is bad" thing after my internet went out during a game. I'm no angel and I have cursed a fair amount with the odd bit raging so you have to be pretty toxic consistently to get banned once. You were banned six times.
: This botting problem has gotten completely out of control. This is unacceptable.
I've reported any bot I come across and have posted about it on the forums a lot of times. Riot seem disinterested at best and it's frankly pathetic. If they have automated systems that can detect intentional feeding how are they missing these bots? The sad fact is that they probably aren't. The bots likely get banned and then they just make new accounts to repeat the process. Either way I would really, REALLY like to hear from Riot on this because the situation is far beyond a joke.
: you are proving you are not reformed, everything is apparently an attack to you.
You know passive aggressive behaviour is also classed as unsportsmanlike conduct. Treat others as you would like to be treated and drop this please. No connection with OP but you both need to just walk away.
: LeBlanc CS?
It isn't an ideal solution for obvious reasons but you could try using AD runes (AP Quints always) to help with the last hitting. When you feel more comfortable switch them out for magic penetration and practice until you are happy. I don't mean those custom games with no bots or players, practice has to be against others or it doesn't help much.
Ecsta (NA)
: What is the most Bronze saying you've ever heard?
Playing Thresh with a really stupid Sivir ADC a few seasons back. This happened near the start of the game where I had both a trinket ward and a green ward Sivir: WHY DIDNT YOU WARD? Me: I used my trinket to ward red buff for the jungler and the green ward already timed out. wait. you don't even have a trinket ward. why not? Sivir: ur the support its your job to ward Flat out refused to get a zero cost trinket item and raged at me instead for not having infinite money and wards. Big surprise that I lost that game.
: [Bug] Masteries are not functioning properly
I've had 4 games in a row with my tanky mastery page that will not switch. It's difficult to play Jinx and Lux with grasp of the undying to say the least. Until this bug is fixed I can't use the alpha client because I can't risk such a big glitch. I only play for fun, not ranked, but it isn't fun when this happens.
spombjop (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sylverblitz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fghJFF8E,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-12T14:47:37.261+0000) > > Are you serious? New champ select has nothing to do with dynamic queue. The champ select is a completely separate thing that just happened to release with dynamic queue and for some reason a large amount of people think they are the same thing. They are not. DQ is fine, i was talking about champ select. Queue tims are long because noone wants to support. brining back old champ select would fix queue times.
DQ is not fine by any means and bringing back the old champ select is never going to happen. I would rather wait in queue than have someone forced to jungle or top (just examples) when they have no clue how to play there. Your solution is to force people to play in role just so you can get a game and that is not good.
spombjop (EUNE)
: Bring back old champ select!!!
Are you serious? New champ select has nothing to do with dynamic queue. The champ select is a completely separate thing that just happened to release with dynamic queue and for some reason a large amount of people think they are the same thing. They are not.
: Real Talk, guys. This isn't a suggestion forum... is it?
If this was only for bug reports and not suggestions and / or ideas for improvements on what is available I would have to ask why they have a specific "report a bug" option in the client that takes you to a separate area to report it. As much as they might want bug reports I would imagine they are also very interested in ideas on what people do like and don't like about the features on offer so far. The purpose of testing so early (alpha) is to get a lot of feedback while developing features. Beta testing (not the paid 'beta access' that every new game seems to have now) is for testing what you are wanting to release with most features locked down but pesky bugs waiting to be squashed.
: that in itself would destroy their ap counterparts uses of zhonyas tho
How so? I am referring only to these three champions.
: Will i ever stop seeing tank Ekko and Tank Akali?
Only when Riot starts putting negative ratios on armour for them. Oh you just bought 100 armour? Shame you only have a 0.4 ratio, enjoy the 40 armour!
: Thanks to C9 for showcasing Olaf's OPness
Heh... OPness.... *laughs to self*
Rioter Comments
: can we all agree that riot needs to fix this?
I can see why and have wanted it myself but I highly doubt it will happen and one of the major reasons is that it's a mind game and tactical element. Do I use Flash now and make sure I'm safe? Do I wait to see if they Flash and risk dying from an auto attack? You don't want to use your Flash for nothing but you also don't want to die because they were willing to use it. I have died a number of times by not using it and then the other person does. I've also had a few times where I use it and they use it at literally the same instant. Then there are the times where I Flash first and the auto attack goes through as they Flash in reaction and still die.
Looknook (NA)
: I think in general against Azir you either want an assassin to burst him or a poke champ to out range him. So Xerath, Ziggs, and mid Varus should all do well in theory.
I keep forgetting about Ziggs. If only I could forget about the times I had to face him......
: Should be resolved in the next alpha update! Sorry you're running into that for now, and I'm glad you found a workaround!
Also a pretty big issue with the mastery system in the Alpha, I've bug reported it, is the mastery not being what you picked. I've just had two games where it said the correct mastery in champion select but when I get in game it's a mastery from 3 games ago. It is not good when you are playing Jinx with tank masteries.
spombjop (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sylverblitz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M10bIeA5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-10T20:02:17.356+0000) > > The only way she can clear a whole wave with Q is by being massively fed otherwise no, just no. She is hard to play against but not impossible and if you can't see her coming then you have no wards up and / or were over extended. I know it's annoying to die to champions that feel overwhelming but you can't blame her for mistakes that you make. No vision? Don't push even if it costs you a wave or two of minions unless you know where every other enemy player is right then. If she can roam freely to get a kill then your mid is not pinging MIA either. As a Nasus player when i'm well farmed i can always 1v2 or 1v3 on top except when Ahri comes. No chance to 1v2 then. Even when Katarina was OP in season 4 she wasn't that strong.
If you play Nasus then you should know that his weakness is being kited which is also what Ahri is best at. You will also know that Katarina is burst. If you survive her burst then she is kinda screwed because she isn't going to kill you with basic attacks. I'm not saying Ahri is easy to face but every champion has counters and she is good against Nasus. I'm not saying you play badly or fail to ward but I'm just as guilty of pushing up with no wards and getting caught out even when fed.
Rioter Comments
spombjop (EUNE)
: Ahri is like an annoying fly with that ultimate
The only way she can clear a whole wave with Q is by being massively fed otherwise no, just no. She is hard to play against but not impossible and if you can't see her coming then you have no wards up and / or were over extended. I know it's annoying to die to champions that feel overwhelming but you can't blame her for mistakes that you make. No vision? Don't push even if it costs you a wave or two of minions unless you know where every other enemy player is right then. If she can roam freely to get a kill then your mid is not pinging MIA either.
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LyHdZErF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-10T19:32:01.887+0000) > > He's balanced because he takes skill and stuff. > Otherwise i agree Being balanced around skill isn't a thing. If champions are to be balanced around the highest level of play, which they are, then the skill the champion requires isn't relevant. It's not his lane phase that bothers me, though he's actually pretty decent once he has a few levels and he's deceptively difficult to gank. It's how he's practically auto win late game if the Azir player is good and it just feels like you have to spend way too much to even attempt to kill him, nevermind actually doing it.
You could almost have been describing Zed with the way you describe his laning ability, skills that let him hit the back line and the front line and very difficult to gank. It's because of this that I think the only real way to gank him is similar to Zed. You have to wait until his dash (shadow for Zed) is on cooldown. Any other time and you will have a very hard time doing it. I don't know how the matchup goes right now but Xerath used to be good with his range against Azir and that seems to be key. If Azir wants to do damage to you he has to get somewhat close or his soldiers stop attacking.
: Ekko 48% win rate
Hopefully Lucian will join him shortly. I would hardly count 48% as 'killing' him. LeBlanc of old when she had silence and a lot more damage was only 47% win rate. Win rate is never a good indication. He was way too strong and still is in my opinion.
: Splash as background on profile
I'd really like this option too even owning two Ultimate skins. I don't understand why, at present, my background is Lux when I have a higher Mastery score with Sivir.
: Should be resolved in the next alpha update! Sorry you're running into that for now, and I'm glad you found a workaround!
Any information on why you see both mastery sides of a tree when you don't have them picked? To clarify I have 5 points in Fury and 0 in Sorcery but both are the same brightness. With 0 points in the Resolve tree all the icons are dark.
R2D20 (NA)
: http://i.imgur.com/hs2W3yg.png Is what you're talking about I'm assuming. I didn't really find them to be cluttered, they are small but I'd wait to make changes until I see how they look after we can resize the client personally.
Yes, the little green circle icon on your summoner icon. For those on the friends list it is very small and if you choose to display offline friends it is the only way to tell who is online and who is offline. The name is the same brightness regardless of status currently too.
: Which junglers do you hate the most when they are fed in the enemy team?
Lee, Rengar, a good Yi, a good Udyr, Kindred, Xin. There are plenty of others that are a pain in the ass and I cannot stand Shaco in general but those are my most hated. Yi may not be the most complex champion with most stupidly using Alpha Strike at the start to engage but you sometimes get a smart one that knows to save it to dodge your cc and then you are stuck trying to run as he chops you up. Udyr players can be good or bad, there doesn't seem to be a middle option. Good ones that actually gank before 30 minutes and get fed are almost impossible to catch and just as impossible to escape.
: Support was lux and wasn't very helpful. Plus Malphite basically did 3/4 of my health in damage with his combo so all Cait had to do was q me or maybe aa twice
To do so much damage he had to be building some (all?) AP. She should be harassing him often so at the very least he risks dying for engaging. You still need your jungler to help because being shoved right up to your turret has them very over extended. Best bet, in my opinion, is still a jungle gank and top teleport to make them pay for their aggressive play.
: What am I supposed to do?
What is your support doing while you're being killed repeatedly? Who is your support? If they are constantly pushed to your turret then your jungler should be ganking and maybe top teleporting down to at least show they haven't given the lane up as lost.
Mortjsf (NA)
: What is this....
It appears to be a screenshot of the end game screen from a League of Legends normal game. Do I win a prize?
ßoy (NA)
: A preseason quote from Riot themselves.
It's been that way this entire season. As someone else mentioned they had their 'levers' in season 5 and that worked just as well as their plans for seasons 6. There are always OP champions and item combinations because Riot insist on their patch every 2 weeks. If they took at least a month for each patch they could spend a lot more time on things and even plan hotfix patches for potential problems. Right now it's just a mess with patches put on to fix a patch that broke a patch when it was patched with a patch.
MigYalle (NA)
: [Serious] Low-level players and bots.
The silence from Riot despite numerous posts mentioning the bots, their very specific behaviour patterns and even reports is deafening. Any new players that come into the game will run into at least one bot per game and when you are new to the game a fed bot is going to stomp you especially with the way they coordinate their ults. I know that Riot can't say openly "we are doing X and Y to address this" but they *need* to say something to address this or it looks like they are doing nothing.
spombjop (EUNE)
: DQ is fine, what we don't like is new champ select
: what the difference between dota and league balance team?
Perhaps due to Riot insisting on releasing a patch every two weeks with changes that break champions, make others stupidly OP and essentially turn items into a "must buy" from "nice to have". It's then made worse by the fact they take longer to rectify those mistakes with a lot not addressed in the next patch two weeks later. I really do wonder how much healthier the game would be if Riot started releasing a patch every month or even every two months with hotfix patches ready for issues they see might come up. The pros get the benefit of playing on one patch for ages while everyone else, the majority of the player base, gets stuck with whatever Riot has pushed out recently. I know the pros also do solo queue. The point I am trying to make is that if they can wait a month or more for LCS games to get to a patch then they can take the same amount of time on each patch for everyone.
: Most of Riot's tips for playing as/against champions are outdated. So let's make our own!
In his current state I think you made the Zed "Playing against" too complex. "Playing against Zed" LOOOOOOOOOOOL git fucked and respawn.
Hòpe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sylverblitz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eyVjW6nR,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-09T01:32:53.166+0000) > > Can't believe I forgot to put this... it's a mixture of MF, Sivir, Jinx and Caitlyn. MF I have no real issues with but the rest go worse. 1) Regarding trading Sivir doesnt trade and MF doesnt trade. What you wanna do is max your Q on sivir im sure you know this. Try to trade ONLY with your Q or W. You really shouldnt be walking up to the enemy adc and throwing an auto only on one condition. They're going to last hit a minion. Once you walk up they have a choice either miss that minion or hit you, either way you got your auto so you're good. Sivir is a team fighter adc. She doesnt want to trade. She wants to Ricochet (Her W ) Off more than 1 person or on minions to hit the rest and occasionally Q With miss fortune you can trade autos ONLY when you can love tap them. Hit a minion hit the enemy adc and back up. If you're having trouble then you should be only trading with your Q. Try to last hit a minion with your Q itll give you extra damage and bounce off. Im sure you know that already But yeah sivir and MF arent really trading adcs they're kinda all in ADCs.. Wait for your support to give you a nice jump like braum landing a Q then you go in with sivir. With jinx and cait use your long range. Even i have trouble i take a shit ton of minion damage when i go in but yeah just abuse your range . Jinx is more all in then cait is. You just have to play with experience imo
Thank you, I hadn't ever considered whether or not I should be trading with specific champions this way so that is something I will have to get used to.
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