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: New team
Name:Syn Daniel Age:20 Role:Support Champion Pool: alistar thresh morg sona leona soraka Weakness:map awareness Strenghts: aggressive plays peeling What time is good for you to play? (timezone) 5 pm to whenever CET Quote
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: Bronze Ranked Team
Add me BaIance, Thats an i
: LF for Silver ADC or TOP for ranked 5's
: New Team Forming, need reliable people.
IGN: zVGT Rank: G5 5s Ranked Exp: couple of teams Prefered Role: adc Viable Champion Pool: lucian graves cait twitch vayne Strengths: laning pushing advantages Weaknesses: map awareness Interest Level (0-10): 9 Skill Level (0-10): 8 Availability: 5/6 pm central til whenever Paragraph about yourself: The fuck i need a paragraph for? ill write you one if we make the LCS
CadeSW (NA)
: Ranked team looking for Support and ADC.
: Ranked 5s team LF ADC
Gold V adc add zVGT
: Ranked 5s Team looking for Gold-Plat ADC
: Gold 4 Support LF Team or Duo
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: Silvers team
ill adc add zVGT
HamCam (NA)
: Looking for High bronze/Silver Top laner for 5's
IGN: zVGT Role: Top Rank: Gold V Champs: Poppy Vayne Pantheon
Aelach (NA)
: Starting High Silver - Gold Team
IGN: zVGT Age:18 Current Rank: Gold V Main Role: ADC Main Role Champs: graves lucian twitch Secondary Role: support Secondary Role Champs: thresh leona morgana Strengths: pushing advantages Weaknesses: map awareness Dedication (1-10, 10 being very dedicated): 9 Something about you: i Vape Why should I pick you: Why not Timezone: central Availability: 5/6pm til whenever
: Looking for scrub Mid and Top
Name: zVGT Rank: Gold V Position Wanted: Mid Best Champ: zed Time Zone: central
: Random Acts of Violence Starting Fresh needs TOP, JG, and Support! Starting Tonight.
: Systemic Chaos looking for another member.
: Silver support player looking to join/start a team
: Creating a successful ranked team(Team name shall be created after full team will meet up)
IGN: zVGT Age:18 Current Division(Solo/duo): Gold V Role you would like to be: ADC/Support top 3 champions(of that role) Lucian Twitch Graves/Thresh leona Morgana
: Looking for a team with a ranking of gold or higer
Drugz (NA)
: Making New Team Silver 5+ Welcome.
Rank: gold V Role: ADC/ support Main: lucian twitch graves/ thresh leona morgana
Twinny (NA)
: Looking to create a Silver above team for next season
IGN: zVGT Role: ADC Rank: G5 Playstyle: Depends on the lane match up
: Looking to build ranked team
QuiKsTa (NA)
: Ranked 5's New Team (Serious Players)
IGN: zVGT Location-Time Zone: Central Role: ADC Top 3 Champs: Lucian Graves Twitch Time Zone:
Jenish (NA)
: Looking to make High Bronze/Low Silver Team for Ranked Rewards!
ECG Ace (NA)
: Starting New Season 5 Ranked Team
IGN: zVGT Rank: Gold V Lane: ADC Top 3 Champs. Trist Graves Twitch Secondary lane: Mid Can you get Dolby Axon?: sure Are you a serious gamer?: yes Questions, Comments, Concerns?: work during the week so wont be available until after 5 pm central
: 4.18 Patch Mega Bug Thread
Nidalees E, does not attack in the correct direction goes backward towards the red nexus (if playing red side as i was not tested on blue side)
: Team Red Fire is Recruiting!
Summoners name:zVGT Solo Q rank:gold V 5v5 ranked experience:some teams Top 5 support comfort picks (greatest to least):trist graves lucian cait vayne Times available: most weekdays after 5 PM central and weekends Brief description about yourself and why you want to join the team: Want more experience playing with a team rather than just solo/duo q
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