Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
Elsha (NA)
: My friend got permabanned when he shouldn't have gotten banned at all!
: December sales schedule
Riot what is happening with your bot?this dales are horrible
: Level Beyond 30
Wtf!!!!!!!!!! What if I’m max level how would I get my IP(blue essence?wtf rito
: Champion and skin sale: 10.24 - 10.27
where is the next month sale riot?you guys always post the list of skins on the 20th of every month
: Champion and skin sale: 10.20 - 10.23
post the fucking next month sale riot
: Your Shop is open!
Is the shop still down ?
: Your Shop is open!
I cant find the shop help pls
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Shuno (NA)
: Enigmatic Gaming Looking for Mid Laners and Supports!
Be Exact (NA)
: hosting tryouts for silver/gold LOOKING FOR A TOP AND MID must be able to practice 8 p.m eastern
: What is the 2017 World Championship?
Can I get RP for the first comment rito ?
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Pops R (NA)
: You forgot the most important fact. NA > EU!
: Rewards for old Honor are out
: Again rito with the quality rewards I just want to say if they are doing this for how much honor ppl had and couldnt get a ribbon imagine what they are going to give us next season when they rework masteries and runes, another icon? nah I swear this is getting old
so fucking true fucking hate riot always making icons
: Rewards for old Honor are out
omg fucking god Why always a ugly icon ?
: Join Sunset Corp Today 🔥 You Will Never Want to Be Anywhere Else! " " 🔥
: Gold team LF Mid, Jungle, ADC or Support TRYOUTS NOW
Your name/What you prefer to be called: DJ Your summoner name: DJ Itamar Your top-five champion pool: Oriana,Syndra, ahri,galio,ekko, Do you have any prior experience in teams? Yes How often do you rage/tilt in your games: Almost nerver Your greatest strength: Teamfighting Your greatest weakness: roaming What would you bring to the team: shotcalling if needed Why do you want to join a team: To get better
: Scuttle Squad is Back at it Again with their InHouse Event This FRIDAY!!! Beginning at 6:30 PM PST!
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: generic e grill. no thanks
> [{quoted}](name=Princesś,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=97HFIsvq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-27T01:19:02.948+0000) > > generic e grill. no thanks ? she's doing giveaways and she's really nice
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: 7th Sanctum Gaming recruiting players for silver - gold competitive team
HT Helix (NA)
: ABL series team LFM [Silver-Gold]
Position (Main/Second): Mid/top Top 6 champs: Syndra, Oriana,ahri ,zed , Ekko Rank: GOld 4 Age: 16 Strength: CSing and Team Play Weakness:Anivia Time Zone: EST Availibility: After 7 EST on the weekdays and all day on the weekends Comms:Discord IGN:DJ Itamar
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: 2017 SKT Skins
When are the skt skin coming out?
: One of my friends literally has somewhere among hundreds of thousands of IP. He has every single T3 rune at max purchasable amount, all champions, and max number of rune pages. He said he was willing to gift both without even a second thought because he doesn't mind and to his words, "it's for my friend, so why not?" Feels great.
DJ Itamar send the new champ adc😍😍😍
: Want a Challenge?? Take a peek inside...
: New free champion rotation: Vayne, Lulu, Braum and more!
: Waiting for the Urf skin this year lmao
: 2 years passed,Riot please Academy{{champion:122}} {{champion:245}}
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SynMid (NA)
: I will love to play for you guys< I'm silver 5
> [{quoted}](name=DJ Itamar,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=Wsg0x01p,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-09T14:51:39.532+0000) > > I will love to play for you guys&lt; I&#x27;m silver 5 I cant open the player application
: [LFP] Amateur e-Sports Organization [Divergent Gaming] Recruiting Players [DG Impulse]
Mancer (NA)
: Looking for a silver dosent matter what level, to duo with
: Bronze top looking for a duo partner..
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: [Top Main] Just hit LVL 30! I'm hype! Need Duo Partner for Ranked!
: [Top Main] Just hit LVL 30! I'm hype! Need Duo Partner for Ranked!
: Looking for a group/team to rank with
I was silver too now I'm bronze 4 let's ranked together
: Looking for a group/team to rank with
I will sent you a friend request after school
: Looking for a group/team to rank with
I have the same problem I can play with you ranked I play everyday after school my main role is mid or jg
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