: Looking for a team for ONSLAUGHT invasion
Add me, Im Diamond. NA Server: _**Synthetic Slayer**_
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: Zac - Revert Ult Change
Has Riot said anything about the Zac changes after the fact? I want to know if there is any possibility that it will be reverted. I never thought I'd quit LoL, but this pushed me over the edge. Heroes of the Swarm is pretty awesome so I'll be there until Zac gets fixed.
: Zac - Revert Ult Change
I can see the general consensus is that the new ult sucks. Why doesnt riot post and tell us why they ruined another champion.
: All of my yes, Zac was my second most played jungler. Now he's just so clunky. I don't like his new Q, but i'd be fine if he kept it... ...but his ult.... wtffff it does everything his old ult did... but worse! Old ult allowed to disrupt a WHOLE team AND knock back ennemies into or away from your team... with his new ult, you have to pick which you do, and even when you do, it's worse than before. Even if they buff him and he's balanced, i wouldn't even care, his new ult is super clunky and underwhelming. Even when you land a three man ult into your team it's just boring compared to what he was before.
Agreed! Zac will never be the same unless they bring back his old kit. I even think there is some argument that the old Q was better too. The ults are a no contest.
: > Knock them up multiple times Now I know you're just on the Zac hate hype train You could only knock up people once with Zac's ult, otherwise it would have been purely broken As for the new ult, it's not as terrible as all of you 1st time Zac players think it is. It's more combo-focused now, that's it. You E in later for your team to be there, then you use to for the charged Ult to kidnap a carry into your team. Or you land behind them and just instant pop your ult to knock them into your team quickly. I'm rank 6 with old Zac btw, so I'm not some noob when it comes to that champion at all. It isn't hard for me to see how to properly use him, so if you did have 65% win rate with over 200 games then it shouldn't be hard for you too either.
Yes, I know his old ult could only knock up a single champion once. But I would still knock them up multiple times, between the e and the ult. Your post is so full of invalid points that I dont even know where to begin....
Calabok (NA)
: no
> [{quoted}](name=Calabok,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GAzZavTY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-06T18:37:30.514+0000) > > no The Silver 5 has spoken!
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Orannon (NA)
: That's unfortunate. My kids who also play and have been playing longer always comment on how nice I am. Yet I see trolls, and very toxic people in every single game I play. I tried the ranked games, and oh boy are they near unplayable. In ten games I had nine where there was a troll there trying to lose the game for both teams, seriously both teams. They then proceed to insult everyone, and criticize every single move the other players make. If that isn't bad enough, they eventually go afk, or link dead entirely leaving you to a lost game. Both of my boys, my two cousins, and one of their friends quit playing League of Legends because of the toxic environment and the constant trolling. That's five people, and at one point I was trying to get my wife to play the game with me since she plays PvP in other games with me. I've stopped asking her to play and I myself am considering the option of quitting this game too because of the toxic players. So that's seven potential players paying for stuff you could have playing, but you only have one hanging on by a thread. I beg you guys to start taking this seriously because it is bad right now. To add insult to injury 3v3s have so many bots playing it is unplayable too.
Wait for Riot to post and tell you you're the source of the problem. Same they did to me. They just cant seem to grasp that even well mannered players are seeing the toxicity a majority of the time. Fix your damn game please Riot. No other PvP game has a player base as negative as yours. **You are obviously doing something wrong.**
: Part of the reason we call it 'toxicity' is because it spreads; one player starts saying bad things, another player gets agitated and contributes to the overall toxicity of the game. What we see time and time again is the players who see toxicity in more of their games often are being toxic in them as well. I would ask the OP -- and anyone else who feels they see toxic players in all of their games -- to take a moment and consider that perhaps there's something they can be doing differently to reduce the amount of toxicity in their games. In cases of verbal abuse, being quick to just mute someone who is verbally abusive fixes *so* many situations.
While I knew that a comment was coming at some point that said, "The community isn't the problem you're the problem." I really didn't expect it come from a Riot employee but I am quite glad that it did as I am interested in further discussing this with you and getting your input. Sure, I don't claim to be a saint never-ever having contributed to any sort of in game toxicity. But more often than not I don't contribute. Since I know how awful this community is, I can usually see the toxicity coming from a mile away. If I see a bunch of people bickering and being jerks in camp select, my whole team is muted as soon as we spawn so I can avoid the entire unpleasant experience that I know is coming. If people start arguing mid game, same thing applies. But my question is, why should we have to put up with this? Why should we have to regularly mute players on our team or our entire team to avoid the negative player experience. Why cant Riot start implementing a better punishment system to deter these people from behaving like this in the first place? It really cant be that hard. Many other games seem to do a fine job keeping their player base in check. I have played a lot of games. In most of those games, you run into pleasant players on a regular basis who are enjoyable to play with. I find this very rare in LoL. Also, in other games I find trolls, toxic players, etc, to be very far and few between. But they seem to run rampant here. The only logical explanation to me is that this is because THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT ON LOL. Can you explain to me why you guys don't enforce stricter rules and steeper punishments?
Ada Wong (NA)
: I agree since I started playing like 5 hours yesterday and another 3 hours today, Normal Drafts because of restrictions for being spam reported by Toxic players, I am starting to encounter the same type of toxic players in Normal Draft a lot more now. All day almost every game I have had players (Trolling) in champion select, I communicate where I am going, and they troll intentionally throwing off game-play making it hard on all of us then threaten to report in one case I got behavior warning the other day after having players do this. Today the same thing almost every game all day, I have had Many Toxic experiences in Champion Select again, players who do the same behavior who don't pay attention to chat even if they are 2 picks after me they are like "No Go Top" because they don't agree with things like LuLu Mid, or Lee-Sin Bot for example, and they get toxic taking the role and throwing the game off then "Spam The Report Button". Besides champion select Trolling which is the most common within the last 48 hours its been super bad with this type of toxicity I have encountered a few games of players intentionally throwing off games by doing in game things like yesterday I had two players run in my lane, Feed my lane, then threaten reports when the game goes bad because they can't change game-play after feeding my lane or help at all, and Today in one game I had two players being toxic in chat demanding lane swap after (Feeding) and then a third player harassing chat. **I just reported them all, But I feel nothing is being taken seriously to improve the behavior of game experience, because for sure we need a Role Finder, and players who pay attention to chat in champion select rather than make judgments for other players and tell them (No GO X Position Instead) and ruin the game.** On the bright side games where players actually do not display champion select toxicity or in game toxicity the game experience has been a lot better and more wins just something to keep in mind.
Yes, these are all prime examples of the poor player community that Riot allows. Obviously, the report/punishment systems is currently functioning very poorly. A good portion of reports are toxic players spamming reports on innocent players because they are upset and doing what toxic players do best, ruining the game for others. In some cases, the non-toxic players are the ones getting chat restricted and punished while the toxic ones are roaming free, continuing their toxic rampage. Flawed system? I think so. And I can relate friend, I have often gotten warnings that I have been reported because toxic players report me for unjust reasons. Such as having a bad game. I have even had toxic players type lies into all chat trying to solicite reports on me from the other team. Such a pathetic ploy but Riots crappy system plays into it perfectly. And yes I definitely agree with you. It feels as if reporting the toxic players does nothing. Riot needs a much stricter system with harsher punishment. Some of these people need IP Adress bans. They don't deserve the privilege to play. But that will never happen because that cuts into Riots profits. Less people = less RP spending.
: > [{quoted}](name=Synthetic Slayer,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=UKGQzwzt,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-18T19:47:47.687+0000) > > People act like this because they can get away with it. LoL has the absolute worst community I have ever seen on a game. And I have played a lot of games in my 23 years. LoL is perhaps the worst community in gaming history. If you include... **_shudder_**... ROBLOX... would probably surpass it. Played that game a ton in my youth. Bunch of ten year olds cussing like a sailor because its 'cool' and getting any chance at calling somebody a noob they can get. Lol. Such bad memories. xD
Hmmmm interesting. I have never played ROBLOX. I can see why you stepped away from it. Same reason I am giving up on LoL. It goes to show that some people will not stand for a poor gaming community. Maybe Riot will make this more of a priority someday but I don't feel that that day is coming anytime soon
: Probably... because so many people are toxic that they don't even notice when others are toxic. Assholes only notice assholes when they're acting like assholes to EACHOTHER; otherwise, they just shrug. And I do care that you're leaving, in fact, because I've been in your position several times. Every time Riot pulls some gimmicky shit to draw me back in, curse them... I, for one, hope you enjoy whatever games you do pursue. I suggest Final Fantasy XIV for an MMORPG, or Heroes of the Storm for a MOBA. HotS has no postgame chat, no all chat, and even permits you to easily block ALL team chat if you're so inclined, so zero toxicity. :D Plus, IMO, it's just a better game in every way. (Sorry Riot! Don't meant to step on toes, just an opinion.)
Thanks for the response and advise! FF was definitely a fun MMORPG. Although I never got super into it and let it fall on the way side. HotS was not my kind of MOBA. I really didn't like the feel and lack of customization. Diablo 3 has always been enjoyable for me. Especially lately, Blizzard has been on top of their game keeping it updated regularly with new content, items and balancing. They're are literally thousands out there to choose from I have no doubt I will stay away from LoL unless I hear they have stomped down on the flaming, trashing talking, BMing and general toxicity of their community.
: As the largest played game in the world it would be hard to handle that many assholes. Though I think that riot needs to step it up a little. Perhaps tweak the way reports are bandled?
Agreed. The tribunal was not cutting it to begin with and now we haven't even had that for how long? Nine months or so? Whatever they have in the works, if they even have anything, better be an unreal good system meant to fix this awful player base.
: In other words, this is a societal issue rather than a League of Legends issue. And I agree. Too many people our age, especially on the internet, are... douches, to put it bluntly. But some games _are_ worse for it than others, and if Neopets was a 2 and Call of Duty is a 10, I'd rank league about a 7.5 or so.
I agree with you guys. For a lack of a better term, there definitely are a lot of assholes in society as well as in LoL. That's why society has laws and police to enforce said laws. LoL needs stricter rules and stricter punishment to control the toxicity. As far as your scale goes, I would definitely put LoL at a 10 and CoD at a 3 or 4. I have never had a problem with CoD or any online console game gor that matter. Truthfully I have never seen a worse community than the LoL community. So much player to player hate it's amazing.
: honestly, the only way to stop toxic behavior is to make them feel bad for doing it. That requires people calling it out when it happens, but not everyone wants to bother, especially after a while of doing it; it's incredibly grating to explain that someone is wrong and they dont want to admit it. Besides, with a game full of fuckboys, youre not gonna cover much ground.
Yeah, make them feel bad for doing it. AKA punish them. That is what I'm trying to get at. Something needs to be implemented by Riot but sadly it never will.
: For me, I dont mind the flaming and trash talk. What pisses me off is people who try to lose when someone says something they dont like and the large part of this community that does not try to get better at the game.
Yes, this is another HUGE problem with LoL that I didn't even bother to address. People throwing games, especially ranked, because they are petty temperamental children who got set off by someone's misplay or in game chat.
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