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Meddler (NA)
: If it goes well we'll look at using this approach again certainly, though I wouldn't expect it to be a really widespread thing, given a lot of champions have sufficient weaknesses already.
hecarim weaknesses? zed weaknesses? rumble weaknesses? renekton weaknesses? are you shitting me, brother? I'm gonna go out of my way to not play this fucking game until you show that you're not just trying to piss everyone off. I understand it feels bad getting over-nerfed (I one trick ryze), but you can't just buff every champ to also being op when there's 145 champs... use braincells please. starting to look like d4 players got into the riot balance team.
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truly 0 counterplay 1v1
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: I suppose Ryze channels for like 0.01 secs before he casts any ability, could swear I heard that in some patch notes video. though I might just be wrong and it'll be patched with TFT's release in the mid 9.13 patch.
Syte (NA)
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Meddler (NA)
: Will get some thoughts on Ryze in an upcoming post. Want to give changes more time than usual to settle though, given how problematic he's been, and make sure we've seen enough pro play on them before drawing any initial conclusions about him there too.
nerf 1: Shield removed completely nerf 2: w snare removed without e nerf 3: forced to max Q, E longer CD nerf 4: forced to rush roa after tear or die instantly / seraphs shield is delayed, damage is lowered until then. all for an e bounce and post-LVL16 dmg for fks sake. his winrate in pro-play was worse than his solo q winrate before the "rework". now he's weaker in high elo and completely ignored in pro-play. oh shit, but his winrate in IRON is sky-rocketing. when can we expect the next set of nerfs, riot games? also, champs like kat and zed aren't one shotting champs early enough in the game. poor guys have to get all the way to level 6 to dive you under tower and take your elo. this clearly needs to be fixed. not enough kat one tricks in challenger!
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts March 29
when are we gonna see changes to ryze? this champ is downright frustrating to play in its current state. it's clear the only reason he's being gimped in solo queue is he's picked in pro-play, where they've managed to somehow get a lower average win-rate than solo queue. lemme give you a tip. teammates don't **ever** utilize ryze ult properly and usually end up getting him killed by his own ability by walking out. **REMOVE TEAMMATE WARP** and see if they keep picking this weak old man.
: > [{quoted}](name=Syte,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ALAV9i7g,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-15T09:55:17.888+0000) > > what? if you're talking about lck, it's because he has excellent wave clear and CC. with adcs going frostmancy, galio's waveclear is essential to not wasting minions under tower. also, galio is still a good mid laner lmfao. I wouldn't say good I would say somewhat viable but even then his winrate went lower than previous nerfs so that says something.
are we supposed to be surprised that a nerf resulted in a lower winrate? galio hasn't been touched since they hotfixed him after that trainwreck meme rework release where he could one shot anyone with one ability by building ap. he's been overpowered since that hotfix to his latest nerf.
: I hope galios looked at.. Hes being played as a support because he cant solo lane anymore.....
what? if you're talking about lck, it's because he has excellent wave clear and CC. with adcs going frostmancy, galio's waveclear is essential to not wasting minions under tower. also, galio is still a good mid laner lmfao.
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Leadboo (NA)
: ~~fuck~~ I sure hope that riot, **totally** known for having a speedy history of updates, will totally fix this in 1-2 days.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} and complaining about is totally going to fix it, rather than just filing a bug report and posting on the bug forums.
except I did, and the lack of even a response is why this thread exists. I posted this two weeks ago
: -1 day ago -2 days ago okay, do you really think they're gonna fix a, probably pretty complex, bug after just 2 days? oof
it's been a bit longer than two days. 11 days from the first post, which also happened to be posted to the league forums on the same day with no response. I just mentioned a recent example in the original post. 2 week deranking simulator for ryze one tricks is not as fun as you might think. 9.3 patch didn't even mention it, so it looks like we'll be stuck in hell until **hopefully **the next patch.
Fízz v2 (EUW)
: >the worst solo queue champ in the game. Bug should be fixed but I doubt that one, you just need to be good at ryze
right. because I'm not good at ryze. started this season d3 out of placements as a ryze one trick btw. soft reset from d2. been consistently high diamond since season 3 only playing ryze, but I'm not good enough. lowest win rate and lowest performing champion in mid and top for too long now, and you're gonna tell that the most successful ryze players aren't good? then explain to me what I'm doing differently to the ryze players that are causing the 43% average winrate and garbage performance without needing to be "good at ryze." I really fail to see how people can even say things like that.
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: Patch 9.3 notes
gamebeaking ryze bug not fixed? why not just remove the champ instead of tormenting ryze players with a champ that does HALF DAMAGE along with admittedly being the worst solo queue champ in the game
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: the challenger skip tiers and are like d3 elo by the time theyre silver 5. My mmr is going to have to stay even at gold or so the whole time im climbing to plat which basically means im going to have to climb out of gold 4 times in a row, and keep my mmr in roughly the same spot the whole time. theres a lot of room for dumb shit to happen there.
it doesn't really matter since your hidden mmr will keep your regular rank in check. if you lose to d3s as a silver with d3 mmr, you'll lose 6 lp, vs 30+ lp on a win + promo and div skip. the fact of the matter is that your hidden mmr is maleable and is what really matters. I normally have no problem getting my smurfs to d5+, and I'm usually d2. so you'll probably get gold quick and have to climb to your main.
: How will mmr in iron effect a platinum player on a fresh account?
you skip divs if you win a majority of your games early, even skipping promos.
Zeyphel (NA)
: It is not my fault that Ryze synergizes so well with teams and pro play. Kassadin does not synergizes as good as ryze in good teams, so there is no reason for which kassadin should do bad in solo play. Also Kassadin has a harder time farming because he is melee and puts himself in greater danger for farming. Another one trying to use my position in this server as an excuse because he lacks of proper justification for his statement. This account was a test, and I don't remember since when i played the last game in this server. I like to play in KR server with people who cry less and play more. There you can truly climb if it correspond your skill. I am plat 2 in that server and is the only one in which I am plaing rn. I didn't say you were bad, you just don't know what you are talking about. Show your last comment to someone from high elo and then tell me.
buff kassadin! 38% win rate kassadin main in silver 4 btw.
: poppy needs changes to shieldy
in my honest opinion, poppy pretty broken at the moment. her cooldowns are too low, allowing her to go full tank and still burst everyone. underplayed? yes. everyone is too busy locking in bruisers atm. she's the only viable tank atm.
Zeyphel (NA)
: Ah, you are talking about late game? What about early game? So, you want to pretend that a champion who does nothing and can easily fed in early and part of mid game should have same impact in late game as any other champion which didn't suffer as much. Good thinking. Amazing logic.
I one trick ryze, buddy. don't go looking for pity. my champ has a far worse early game and not even close to the impact kass has late, or 6. you just delay the game until items and early game doesn't matter. you may be silver and not know any better, but look at any tier list and you'll find kassadin at the very top for good reason.
Draehl (NA)
: What's The Deal With Strong Burst/Weak Tank Items?
why play a tank when you can play a bruiser that can build HP, damage and speed to completely outstat everyone in every way? traditional tanks don't exist right now because the better tanks are building titanic hydra, black cleaver, trinity force, sterak's gage, youmuu's, edge of night and guardian angel. (darius, aatrox, irelia, urgot, camille, jax)
Zeyphel (NA)
: If you say that the Kassadin nerf is a joke, then you have no idea what you are talking about. Keep joking about Base stats, only shows your lack of knowledge. You think it will only affect him by 3%? if someone wants to do the math to show him, go ahead. I am done with trying to explain how base stats work.
is jumping at 1 second cooldown post 30 minutes and aoe instant-killing people with a hypermobile kit and no dodgeable abilities balanced to you? he even gets to taste the broken kit at lvl 6-9, assuming he doesn't get fed within the time-frame, in which case, his late comes much sooner.
: which champions do you think have bad ults?
ryze. 2 second cast time and very easy to interrupt, no combat stats or damage, very low range until lvl 11 (can barely cross the river), can easily ruin a fight without proper coordination.
l MrD l (NA)
: I was reading about Zoe nerfs
zoe can miss all skill shots and outtrade you with just autos/ignite, spell thief, electrocute/dark harvest. she can perma push and try to drowsy dive you under tower with no minions left to block. you're forced to dodge every ability and get no chance of counterplay if she keeps her distance.
: Do you find Dodging to be Toxic
camille on the enemy team? that's a dodge from me, not because I'm "toxic," but because I really don't want to end up with a broken monitor. autofilled jungle as a ryze one trick? I'd rather not lose and get reported because of some half-assed autofill system noone asked for. fix the problems that plague champ select and then we'll talk.
: You may be tired of hearing about how strong Ryze is in coordinated/pro play, but that doesn't stop it from being true. Riot was in the middle of reworking him last year when that project was canceled due to not having enough benefit to justify the required resources.
to be completely honest, while ryze is defintely better in pro-games, I still think he's over-glorified in even pro-play. but regardless of my opinion, he really needs to some changes to shift him into a champion people can use in solo queue reliably without putting their teammates in a handicap.
: Remove the ranged, targeted, hard CC on a basic ability and then we can talk. Same goes for Fiddlesticks.
> [{quoted}](name=Anìmê,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qZL4QT8Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-16T03:14:58.870+0000) > > Remove the ranged, targeted, hard CC on a basic ability and then we can talk. Same goes for Fiddlesticks. I'd consider it more as soft-cc. it's a .75 second root (further reduced by tenacity) with a 13 second cooldown lvl 1. you can still use abilities in it. if ryze trades damage for extra duration, it becomes a 1.5s root with longer cast time (e must be casted and land before activating snare). champs like galio and fiddles are hard cc machines though that can cast their abilties instantly and chain into more cc. to add to this, the duration is so short without being empowered that enemies can still technically dodge the q that follows the snare. the rework they scrapped on the pbe turned ryze w into a slow non-empowered, which felt the same.
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nelogis (EUW)
: Improving The "Playing Against Zoe" Experience
one of the biggest problems is she can force push wave then throw R - bubbles under your tower with 0 minions to cover. it's basically undodgeable melee range unless you guess properly, or play a champ with a dash. they take ignite dark harvest and build toward insta-killing you with one spell followed by a slew of undodgeable attacks (q, auto, spell thief, ignite, dark harvest). that being said, stopping portal with cc adds some counterplay. also, they could make the bubble not work under tower.
ofc they manage to nerf ryze again indirectly lmfao.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 16
that's fucked up. -ryze one trick
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