: When did being friendly and positive become a bad thing?
This community is the toxic sesspool riot has made it. I wasn't around in the tribunal days, but from talking with players that were playing then, the community was a LOT nicer. playing since season 5 i've noticed that ever since riots implementation of their new punishment system, their dynamic queue and their Hextech crafting systems, the community has gone to utter shit. Players are getting permabanned without emails, the hextech system isn't clear on WHEN you are considered "reformed" and let's not even get into the problems dynamic queue has when it comes to player game play health. I'm afraid it's just going to go down hill unless riot actually does something instead of doing what they usually do of putting things off .
: Do I deserve my permanent ban?
I don't think you deserve the perma ban.. It's RETARDED that riot will allow toxicity to continue and not punish the players causing the toxicity, but the moment you didn't say anything really toxic (sheen blitz in a losing lane is totally retarded) and no curse words were said. riot needs to take a long look at their 4 strike policy as this is one of the times where an innocent player gets banned because other people, who probably was using hate speech as well, doesn't get punished.
Meddler (NA)
: Acceptable till the next patch versus acceptable longer term are things we treat pretty differently. Statistically at least we'll generally be looking at hotfixes if a champs in the high fifities or above. That's not to say there isn't some real pain and problems sometimes with champions below that, hotfixes have risk associated with them (changes to servers while they're live, less testing time) though that mean it's only appropriate to use them pretty sparingly.
You mean like the fact that unless yasuo is banned in ranked, he continues to abuse a known exploit that increases his damage? It's a game breaking exploit that is detrimental to ranked play.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Jinx has a 54% win rate and is played more than Yasuo this patch...
Because Jinx doesn't build almost full tank, walk into a 5 man, knock them all up, ult and get a penta with almost no damage done to him. Jinx has some weaknesses and easily die to people that dive or can do massive ranged stuns. Hell, Kog is the Number 1 adc according to op.gg right now and all he does is build 2 attack speed items and can kill everyone with not a lot of counterplay.
: Racism
Riot's punishment system at work everyone! Where you can go one game of calling someone a Black N word F word and riot laughs at you.. but go two games in a row saying curse words at intentional feeders and riot punishes that real fast!
Wuks (NA)
: Sometimes, the system fails to include more games with chat that triggered the punishment; however, if the punishment is valid, then Player Support has access to additional logs which they can provide to you so that you can perhaps identify behavior that you can change to prevent a permanent suspension. For more information on contacting Support, check out this link: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/W6ZhEsPG-your-unofficial-guide-to-creating-player-support-requests If you have any more questions, please let me know!
If it doesn't then that should tell you that the system has a MAJOR flaw in it.. something that should be actually looked into, maybe even taken that system off line while it's being worked. As a player, you should make it known TO THE PLAYER exactly what triggered it, what game triggered it, etc. It's honestly a bad business practice to basically FLAT OUT LIE to it's player base about why they can not play their game.
: Make a "troll" queue
They already have a troll queue.. it's called Dynamic ranked queue :D
: > I am unsure of how to react to bad conduct going forward, besides going mute (and I read that going silent all game is bannable as well, lol) Ignore, mute, report. The holy trinity of happiness in LoL.
except that doesn't always work. Riot's system is flawed and is no longer instant.. I know because I just finished working off a 25 game chat restriction for a game I finally had enough about couple of trolls on my team, and the restriction came 6 games AFTER said game.. Hell, I've had people going against me call me the N word F gt and they get off scott free despite reports.. I've even talked with a person that works for riot in person about this and he even said that there's nothing that the system can do unless they continue the behavior.. So go ahead and get mad that one game out of 100 and throw your death threats.. cause riot won't do anything for one game.
: alright fuck you riot
I actually agree that riot needs to fix their punishment system. Right now it's a complete shitstorm. Players can spam their team, harrass them, call them Ngggg and other stuff, even start intentionally feeding once you mute them, and yet riot will give you a punishment when you finally had enough and tell em to F off. it's quite sad how instant feedback isn't instant any more. I just had a match where I was harrassed because I'm just doing arams to work off a chat restriction I got because I had finally had enough of an intentional feeder who was calling me a ngg etc before I muted him and during the post game and yet, are these players who keep harrassing delt with? Hell no.
resumed (NA)
: can we make it so ekko can't blink while rooted?
it's really annoying that riot continues to allow players to exploit this. I had a game earlier where a renekton was able to dash while under my flame chompers. he even brought the chomper with him to the new location. Riot has an issue with these types of bugs and yet, they refuse to do anything about them.
: Why does Remake vote only require 2 Yes votes but Surrender requires over 60% of your team to Yes?
Remake also doesn't work properly. Even if first blood is achieved in that time (which is suppose to turn off remake even with an afk) you can still remake the game.. It needs to also look at players that have constantly connected and dced cause currently its only registering people who never connected.. I lost a ranked game because our bot lane was constantly connecting/reconnecting and we couldn't remake the game.. even tho they never came back... Play games that matter.. Yeah Right -_-
: I love league, but the toxic playerbase makes me want to quit.
Honestly, the reason that the player base is toxic, is partially riots fault. They introduce an automotive punishment system that doesn't work half the time, introduced dynamic queue where two people can intentionally feed to ruin your game and riot does nothing to them. They have champions that you can not deal with after they get 2-3 kills ahead.. etc. Let's not even go into the fact that hextech rewards WINNING the game for free stuff, causing scripting etc to come out in normals and ranked. I will have to say, Heroes of the storm has less toxicity in its game, not because it's a blizzard game, but because they do "rewards" right. Winning is an option in some quests, but there's also quests that say "play 3 games as a support, etc) If riot gave away stuff for just PLAYING the game, the toxicity would decrease..
: How Do I Carry Feeders?
You can't. several games tonight I have had intentional feeders on my team. They admitted it in chat, got reported after the game, but riot is too god damn lazy to even deal with feeders or give back the lossed points. I went from silver 1 to silver 3 in the span of 6 losses (because gaining 16 points and losing 21 is SO fucking fair) hell, two of those games I was matched up against Plat 2s and plat 3s (checked them on both op.gg and in the match search on the website) and I was silver 2 at the time! Riot has a feeder problem in ranked.. Rito needs to come up with a solution or they will kill the game.
: When will Ranked Queues be up Again?
I would have preferred to have my last ranked game mitigated because the attacks happened in the middle and my whole team got disconnected and it counted as a loss.. but meh, what can you do with riots lazy tech support.
: lmao. no break. i wont get a break. riot says its no tpossible.
Welcome to the piece of crap dynamic queue.. I won a game after two losses with two bronze 5's (im currently silver 4 with about silver 3 mmr) on my team vs a team of silver 5 and bronze 1's.. Match making in dynamic queue is terrible, especially for solo players like myself.. Riot needs to fix this.
Arakadia (NA)
: If these Swain nerfs go through, Swain's gameplay will have changed so much I will not play him much
What's worse is that there's no context behind these nerfs. In the sona notes they said that it's experimental and the extreme, with this, they just don't even bother to say anything more than, oh we want more counterplay... Here's an idea of counterplay you morons at riot's balancing team.. add 5-10 seconds on the ult, not 20 seconds for a transformation.. hell if you're gutting transformations, add 20 seconds to {{champion:76}} transformation as well and see how well that turns out :P
Yewien (EUW)
: Permanently Banned for no reason
This is honestly why I don't take riots punishment system seriously. It (like dynamic queue) is totally flawed. As you pointed out with your picture, you didn't say anything in both games, proven by riot's own system, yet, your accounts banned. I really hope you get it back as well as riot actually deciding to crack down on fixing their punishment system.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, similar issue on Blitz, he's too strong and can lack windows early game. Changes are targeted again at laning in particular (R shouldn't be up quite as often when you land a Q, putting the R on CD early should involve a bit more of a trade off when losing the passive).
Should also take some of his damage off his Q as well :P
Rock MD (NA)
: DQ did nothing for toxicity outside of premades.
It's not just higher ELO's. the entire DQ system is a toxic sesspool that riot is too god damn lazy to even fix. Hell, they should give solo queuers like myself an incentive to actually play more.. something like bonus LP when you win.. because in trying to get back up to gold, I have almost had a heart attack in a few of my games over the past few months.. been chat restricted at least twice because I finally had it with a few feeders and toxic players, and I'm about ready to just pay someone to legally boost me back to gold at this rate, because solo queing as a support main is terrible.
: This botting problem has gotten completely out of control. This is unacceptable.
What's even worse is that bots are running rampant in the bronze-Gold tiers as well, all because placement games are set in the low silver mmr. In at least two of my losses today (I'm on a loss streak even after taking a few hours break to calm down) I have had a bot that intentionally fed, and did just enough to bypass riots really laughable standard of intentional feeding.. Hell, Scripting has even gotten out of hand as well. In two of my games, a fizz with a 30% win rate according to op.gg went 25-0 and was doing stuff that seemed (parden the pun) "fishy". In another game, a blitz had a 100% hook rate even with a highly mobile team, with 10% cdr was hooking every 3 seconds as well while maxing his E (knock up) first.. Riot needs to actually pull their heads out of their asses and start crackign down on these bots and scripters.. cause if they want this game to continue to be successful, they need to.
: I just tried blue Miss Fortune
Why even try when the retarded ghostblade/cleaver build that is runnign rampant is just no skill easy.. honestly, riot needs to either make those items melee only, or disable them til they nerf them.. Why even fucking try out any other builds right now.
: Riot's great banning system (Now without names)
Didn't you know? Riot doesn't care about intentional feeders or players that ruin games.. they only care about if people hurt your feelings cause you yelled at them after the game for not listening to pings and suggestions
: So i just played with a 4 man premade
Welcome to Dynamic queue.. where you're taking a crap shoot every game on if you got the better premade or not.. Doesn't matter your skill, how you play your champion, or how well you communicate.. which is sad.
differ23 (NA)
: I'm done playing support.
I agree with this statement. I just went off on my team in the post game lobby because I tried my best supporting the team, being encouraging, trying to get some organization.. but no. even with a poke/utility support (using lulu), slowing everyone down, keeping melee people up with shields and ult.. i lost and got demoted because our ADC decided to build two sheen items, and not sell either, our top laner goes 2-16, and yet, I'm the one that gets basically shit on because I'm trying my best to get the team organized to win, but no.. I'm honestly sick and fucking tired of season 6 and it's shitting on supports. Dynamic queue as a solo player who mains support is terrible, and yet, riot decides they want to keep with the failure that is dynamic queue.. I'm about to stop supporting all together and do other roles to climb back up to gold.. least then if we lose It'll be because I either played bad or someone on our team decides to feed an illaoi/kat/fizz/etc.. Maybe ill also have less of a brain anyerism after games..
: A Prime Example Of Why Rank In S6 Means Absolutely Nothing If You Use Dynamic Queue
Can whomever is boosting him boost me? Cause I wanna get back to gold by the end of this month :P
That is kinda funny how riot has gotten to the point where they won't check summoners for exploiting the game like that skarner was doing, and give some weird response not related to the ticket you sent in lol
: They'd have to be pretty stupid not to have the misspellings in the list as well.
You obviously have not seen some of the Club names running around have you.. I've seen over 100 that are just misspellings of hate speech that has gotten around the filtering... the same filtering they use for their behavior punishment system..
: 25 Game Chat Ban, for this one game. Just finished my 10 game ban 3 days ago :(
Just mispell all the "bad words". Their computer doesn't pick up mispelled words. No, I don't think you should have been chat restricted for the one game.. I do think that the gg ez scrubs line tho should have triggered at least a warning.. then again, riot no longer gives warnings and just goes straight to chat restrictions now a days...
: I see why Bronze/Silver having so much trouble climbing
No, the reason that it's hard to climb is that people usually don't follow or listen to pings, have intentional feeders on their team, or jump into ranked never playing the champion before in a normal game in their whole gaming life..
: Whats the ideal rank to witness toxicity?
Mid/low silver-Mid/low gold. it's been the rank that I've been frustrated the most with extreme toxicity and intentional feeding out the ass
: > [{quoted}](name=Teslablade,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=8RR9LJjs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-07T23:29:28.158+0000) > > In the Overwatch queues, you are matched up with groups of an equal size. THATS WHAT HAPPENS IN LEAGUE! THE IGNORANCE.
That is a lie.. I'm primarily a solo queuer. In over 75% of my games, I get matched up with A trio queue, and another soloer vs either two duo quer's and a triple queue, or a quad queue group.. Hell, I've even been matched up against 5 man premades more than a dozen times solo queuing.. Bottom line, the system is not working as intended in the bronze-gold range.. They've already admitted that it's not working in the diamond+ range. hell, almost all the professional teams have stopped playing dynamic queue and instead have started running their own ranking server using custom games to make them fair..
: Player says "I'm leaving for Overwatch because Riot is using DQ instead of Solo and it's terrible"
Rumor also is that they will not use MMR in their dynamic queue.. because they already learned from HOTS that dynamic queue + MMR doesn't work. Hell, HOTS has gone back to solo/duo queues already and left dynamic queue as their "team" queue
: I can answer that. You have had 4 punishments in less than 2 months. Punishments start off light to remind people their behavior is unacceptable by community standards. You did not change your behavior after numerous punishments, which serve as warnings. In your last punishment, you were told that further similar behavior would result in a perma-ban. You continued this behavior so you were issues a perma-ban. The vast majority of players never receive a single punishment. Beyond that, the vast majority who receive a single punishment never receive another. Achieving the number of punishments you did in such a short period of time, along with the recent game you played where you showed no willingness to change your behavior, was enough to be certain your account should be perma-banned.
one question. Do you guys even care about bronze-gold when it comes to intentional feeders? Cause honestly, you guys are failing on your jobs when it comes to intentional feeders in ranked games. I guarantee if you guys started to actually do your jobs when it comes to intentional feeders, toxicity levels will actually drop because people can actually start enjoying the game again knowing that if they lost, it was cause of skill difference and not because a veigar mid goes 1-18-1 because he's intentionally feeding. Also, Get rid of dynamic queue already! it's failing
: So true. I'm all for banning really toxic people. Especially the "tilty" ones who start flaming in champselect because u picked a certain champ or something. But most flamers atleast try their best to win and as i said u can mute them. But all those people sitting in an higher elo where they don't belong to ruin my games even worse should be treated the same way. How is it possible that someone with 46% winrate still sits in diamond and plays against plat 3s-1 ? They should already be back in gold if you lose THAT much games. With a 46% winrate i would be in gold 5 right now or even worse.
i have a 50% win rate with over 1k ranked games played so far this season.. I should be back to gold by now, but no. I go on a 7 game in streak, and then the moment I get back to silver 4. riot throws intentional fucking god damn feeders and afkers and drops me into a 5 game loss streak.. Dynamic queue needs to fucking go and riot needs to pull their god damn fucking heads out of their fucking asses and change it now, or at least give us solo queuers something special like "the highest rank you've achieved this season is your rank at the end" cause this is fucking god damn bullshit how much riot is shoving dynamic queue down our face.. it's fine for normal games, but not for ranked where MMR matters..
: Oh i forgot to add: Ofc she hasn't been banned. After reporting her i received a message someone has been punished but i looked her up afterwards and she was already in another game. Thank u riot. Keep banning "toxic" people and leave players who run down mid to feed 0/11 alone. Also let all the boosted players sit in their elo it is not like they are ruining games even worse than flamers (atleast i can mute them) and keep dedicated players from rising in elo with your shitty promo system and then cry about long Q times in a higher elo when you don't allow people to rank up in this chesspool full of shit called "high plat".
didn't you know? Riot doesn't give a shit about feeders.. they will however ban you the moment you hurt someone's feelings tho.
: Silver 3 LF my support main No lifers only
I supported up to gold once already this season and stuck in the preverbial silver 4-3 loop. feel free to add and invite whenever.
: Dynamic Queue Roundtable in a Nutshell
I feel sorry for Gbay99.. He made another video saying that riot basically ignored all his concerns about dynamic queue.. it's sad when they invite someone for their opinion, then ignore their opinion
vFlukey (OCE)
: Riot games throwing around perma bans like they don't matter.
what's even funnier is that riot is firing all their behavioral people (first lyte, then a few others) who disagreed with the system.. Guess they really don't like their player base at all.
: You guys wanted Fizz E nerfs? Here you go.
his W needs to be hit and have the % max health tied to AP instead of just flat.. Stop this whole fucking tank/Bruiser fizz that just kills everything while not dying even without having to throw the shark on the person..
: Blizzard takes no prisoners when banning
the difference is, blizzard actually acts on it immediately and rewards those players who were the victim of these cheats. They don't wait and do it in waves, they do it the moment that the cheat is found and that you are using it. Riot just shrugs and says "oh well" when a cheater is caught and punished. Blizzard rewards lost matches or compensation for it, and I know because I was rewarded in heroes of the storm because a cheater who had impacted my high ranked game was caught and punished.. it was a little bit of gold, but it was enough that I didn't feel like they didn't care. Right now, even if they go through a ban wave, riot doesn't even reward those that reported even with ip, their free currency.. I mean, they have a match log for a god damn reason and yet, they don't feel the need to go back and look at the initial report and then reward those players from that report on for what that person's action had caused.. The moment riot pulls their head outta their asses and implements a system for this is the day I will start spending money again. They can't focus on just punishing "naughty chat" and "unsportsmanlike conduct (a joke of a report)" and almost ignore cheating, and intentional feeding like they are doing now.. hell, they dodge those types of questions about cheaters and feeders in all these Q and A's they've been having.. but hey, we know they've put their money grabbing chroma skins on hold! (like anyone really cared)
: Thanks for the Mystery Champion Shards
I agree. I own all the champions and been trying to get my swain up to mastery 6 for a while.. in the process I managed to get a couple of champ shards for some of my other rank 5 champions like Braum and Jhin :D Great way for me to spend some of my IP that I have floating cause I'm too lazy to flesh out more than the 4 rune pages that I have with individual runes..
: Hextech Crafting Restrictions are self-defeating
I actually agree.. If only for the fact that riot does not clearly tell it's user when they will be eligible for the rewards again as well as not rewarding mastery tokens 6 and 7 while under this restriction. They keep telling us that they will have something to tell how you're improving but right now, it's just basically "don't talk, ping everything, etc" for about 10 games for a 10 game chat restriction or 60-75 for a 25 game chat restriction. I do think that they shouldn't restrict the hextech system if it's your first offense (10 game chat restriction) due to the fact that it's very easy to lose your temper in a game ( I should know as I've lost mine a few times) due to the amount of trolls and intentional feeders that riot is too lazy to go after and you are having a bad day. Then again, this is the same company that's lied about the tribunal for 2 years and lied about bringing back solo queue, so what can we expect.
: One of Socrates arguments for DQ over SQ
Actually, dynamic queue is MORE toxic in the bronze-gold levels, but why does riot care, all they care about is diamond, plat, masters and LCS making them money and not a huge majority of their player base..
scazzman (NA)
: should riot re implement the level 20 challenge for permabans?
I agree that the punishment system is harsh. I have had a 2 week ban about a year ago, I've since been reforming and only gotten a few chat restrictions here and there for being dumb and repeating what other people have said in defense of a teammate.. which honestly is dumb that people can harrass others but the moment you stand up for a team mate it's here's a chat restriction that doesnt' carry over to pre or post game lobbies where most of the toxic shit is said.....anyway, I digress. It doesn't take much to have a nice guy like one of my favorite youtubers Anklespankin being toxic in this game, although he's admitted that he just says his toxic stuff out loud. The ranked system with dynamic queue's matchmaking is fucking horrible, the points system requires you to basically go on a 5-6 game win streak to even advance a tier with some losses negating 2 games at most in terms of points. oh and let's not forget riot's laziness when it comes to dealing with trolls and afkers in ranked games.. "oh we have this system where games matter, but only usable within the first 2 minutes of the game and only if someone didn't go off and die.. wait, you mean this guy ran to mid lane and died then afked 2 minutes in? well, you're fucked" I mean, the trolls have already won by the time you report them. Known toxic players are already making alternate accounts after perma bans.. I mean, look at tyler1 he's been "forever banned" yet he STILL owns an account that riot doesn't know about. hell, I bet you he has 3+ accounts and still being toxic. hell, I know some players who make accounts, level them up to 30 just to be toxic on and keep their main account clean. They will go into ranked games at about the silver level, intentionally feed with little to no runes or time on the account, ruin other people's games, and laugh about it when that account gets banned, cause they'll just continue to make new ones. Hell, Riot increased the toxicity by introducing the mastery 6-7 and hextech system because those that are "ineligible" just stop caring and continue to be toxic til a point where they know that any punishments have "fallen off". Mastery 6-7 right now are only able to be earned if you're eligible for rewards as well, so players who are ineligible will go ahead and intentionally feed or not try their best because why should they, they aren't going to get a token no matter what. it's also really easy to trick the system as players have found out with all these offensive hate speech filled club names (N words, Fg Words, etc) You can be as offensive as you want, use hate speech as long as you mispell the word because the computer program only looks for the right spelling and not any variation.. Wanna test me on it? Type a hate word in your "status" in the client and then type it again spelled differently with a number or a different letter.. it won't go on the first one, but the alternative mispellings will go through 100%. Now, I would love to see riot change the punishment system. I would love for them to add in a 7 day ban before the two week ban. Why? because that way you have that extra level of "oh shit, I'm being very toxic" without worrying on that game after your two week ban where you slip up to never play that account again.. (know some people that has happened to and read about where they get into a game after a two week ban, and some toxic player goes off on them and bam that account gets permaed because they asked them to stop and got reported) With this extra level, if you hadn't learned your lessen after going through the 3rd state in this idea ( the week long ban) or the 4th (the two week) then yes, you deserve to be perma banned.
: Yasuo windwall has the impact of an ultimate ability!
His kit is terribly overloaded.. his windwall needs to be on a longer cd, as well as his ultimate. right now, a yas has the ability to three shot really any one that's not a tank, has like a 10 second cd on his wall and can ult like every 20 seconds(which is ridiculous). sure the ult takes a knock up, but there's SO MANY in the game right now. hell, you can have a team of just knock ups for yas and it be 100% competitive.. It doesn't even have to knock them up completely, just disrupt them.. Also, yas's can almost never die with bloodlust/grasp of the undying and of course Maw's super lifesteal ...
: Trolling WILL get that player banned. It does happen, but you don't see those types of players bitch and complain on the boards since they KNOW what they where doing is wrong.
riots too god damn lazy to punish the trolls.. besides, if they punish the trolls after the game, the trolls already fucking won. They've already created a negative experience in the game, they've already cost the win and possible demotion/lp loss if it's a ranked game.. and do you know what riots response to it is? Jack shit. Do you know what's even worse? Riot forces this dynamic queue bullshit on us that's INCREASING THE TROLLS and they continue to do nothing about it.. Yes, I'm upset because I got demoted because of trolls. I had to dodge a game where a premade group of 4 picked yorik jungle, kha mid, urgot support, and a malphite ADC.. next game, I get a guy who feeds a bruiser fizz(which should fucking be nerfed riot into the ground) and then AFK's 3 minutes into the game. Not even riot's planned "remake" system would have solved that issue cause he just went to op lane, ran straight into the fizz, then teleported back up and did it again and then left. Honestly, if they want ranked to be a better place, they need to focus on activly fixing the trolls instead of people who say naughty stuff in chat.
: "dynamic queue is better for high elo players"
I had already planned on cutting back on my ranked after I made it back to gold 5... this just makes me want to quit ranked all together once I hit there,
Asinine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=venomous frost,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zyyGgERT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-30T22:24:38.763+0000) > > easy to say when you are the longest range mage and your team doesnt have a tank to frontline easy to say when you didn't look at all the places yi died at compared to the rest of the team. he refused to group and fed all game long.
Which should be the definition of intentional feeding, yet riot is too damn lazy to even warn people on it..
: wait 5-10 min before playing another ranked, always works
I've waited 25 minutes between games before and gotten the same troll...
: why did i get banned for one game
well you spoiled little brat.. you constantly spewed hate speech and murder speech.. no wonder you got banned...
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