: No Skillshot that Can bank off of terrain?
There's a character in smite who can do this. It's hard as shit to land and it ends up being really short ranged. But like I guess if you really want it, it's cool looking?
Elikain (EUNE)
: At the risk of being downvoted (i don't really care) and sounding like a douche, we don't need people who threaten to quit or close their wallets the moment Riot makes a decision. With every buff or nerf, with every new feature and decommissioning the old one, you get these people who feel the need to announce they are leaving - you were fine all this time with being anon so what changed? With this kind of a post, you are not discussing anything or making an argument about this matter. It's your resolution and your way of making an ultimatum "Either i get this or i leave". Not to mention that when you get to "enjoy" your ranked experience, threads with these keywords usually pop up: "getting banned; trolls; toxic; bronze; etc". I think you can guess what kind of threads they are. You were never forced to pay for the game. You were never forced to play the game. You were doing it on your own merit. It's fine to not have fun with the game anymore, maybe it has run its course but saying that one change ruined it for you - people can be very melodramatic sometimes, just to make a scene. --- It's nothing personal. You are no one. I am no one. Leave quietly. ##You are not going to be missed. #Enjoy whatever awaits you on the other side.
I mean this is just one post of many from long-time players of the game who are just baffled at the state it has ended up in. As someone who started in season 1 it's just incredibly how little of this game I even understand anymore after taking just a couple months off. The item pool is drastically different, there are entirely new objectives, many progression systems no longer work the same, and dozens of champions have been reworks in really bizarre ways. It just feels like Riot is making changes so that they can call things new rather than actually trying to make improvements on the game.
D rok (NA)
: This comment resonates with me so hard. This time last year, I could not have imagined leaving league. All of the surveys I filled out were extremely positive, and I always said I'd recommend the game to friends. I felt really good with spending money on RP because it seemed like an investment that wasn't going away any time soon. It absolutely blows my mind how much they screwed up in 6 months. Haven't played in a couple months now, and at this point, there's too many other competitive games coming out for me to see myself coming back to a worse version of what I left. I'm not really saying this to complain - just that I'm absolutely floored at how much they managed to change in the past 6 months that is (imo) for the worse. Just baffled.
I feel exactly the same way. I didn't play much for the past few months as I've been in school and such, and I finally had a little time this week and thought I'd try and play a little bit and it's like an entirely different game. It seems like for the first 4 seasons they knew they had a good game and just built on and tweaked it in small ways. Then in season 5 they started making bigger changes, but generally pretty well thought out and well explained changes. But then near the end of 5 and preseason 6 things just started changing out of the blue for seemingly no reason other than for the purpose of being newer and shinier. I honestly hardly recognize the game anymore it's just becoming so far from what it once was. At this point the only reason I play is if I have friends who want to do something together. If I'm on my own, I'm just gonna go to smite or HotS.
: Yorick is actually pretty fun, the biggest issue with him is just how incredibly anti-fun he is in laning phase for his opponent. So he's not really... Allowed to be good. It's like Nunu, but somehow more psychologically damaging.
"psychologically damaging" is definitely the best way to describe laning against a yorick. Like it actually just makes you want to die.
Meep Man (NA)
: Honestly, I have yet to find a Meta or anything where Rumble sucks. He is always an incredible lane bully with a kick ass ultimate for team fights. Not to mention his damage is insane no matter what state he is in if you stay in the Danger Zone.
At this point his lane is truly painful. Since the price of ap items has increased, it pushed his core build even later, which is really hard for Rumble, especially considering how much difficulty he has farming (honestly I think flamespitter is coded to intentionally not get last hits), and how popular early-game champions have become. It's just not pretty out there for him right now.
: Can we get some harder bots please?
I don't really understand all the fear about playing a normal game with a new champion. Like if someone is flaming you for not doing too well that's their own problem. If you want to you can even tell your team before the match starts "first time ___" and if that upsets someone so much that they don't want to play then they can just dodge. It's a pvp game, the point is that you should be learning new stuff and getting more experience through pvp.
: I bind my /laugh key to C, it's a lot easier
: The most unfun champions to play?
Yorick Yorick Yorick{{champion:83}} Yorick {{champion:83}} I bought him, played him in maybe 3 games, and then refunded him because his lane is so faceroll stupid easy and boring.
: if you send a support tiket with a poem song or drawing league inspired they will send you the rp
I think I posted mine in the forums when I did this, but that was a loooong time ago (I know back then they only gave up to 5 rp though...)
: I think we all want this....
Wait... do you guys not realize that this was a thing? Like before season 3 they made SR all snowy for winter.
: I remember I was up 3 kills on her using an ADC b/c my jungler ganked 3x for me. She had a dagger... A FUCKING dagger and she was still able to point and click to me, stun me, and chunk me for 1/2 - 3/4 my HP during every 1v1 trade. Probably one of the most infuriating experiences I've ever had playing this game. The only thing I can compare it to is Akali when she was OP in S4 and after feeding 2-3 deaths in lane, picks up an amp tome and murders you after turning 6.
rip Akali. I remember the days when I would sit like a potato for the first five levels and do basically nothing then the instant I hit six just absolutely mercilessly fuck basically any lane opponent. Good times. Not for my opponents, but good for me.
: Also, it help a ton if you call out where your lane opponent has warded so I don't waste time on a futile gank. Bonus points if you call out when your lane opponent's flash is down so I know it's an easy gank. Finally, if you have tp advantage in top lane let me know so I can dive bot and/or start a dragon fight. Yay for teamwork.
Admittedly, it is frustrating when I give that information and it's not taken advantage of. I play a lot of top lane and I'll always call out when an opponent burned their flash or ult, even if I died, because when I come back those abilities will probably still be down. But too often it's just ignored because other lanes whined more, even though a gank top would take less time because it would just be so easy.
: I did say "in ARAM", and in ARAM sometimes you just want ONE person to go AD, because your team looks like this: {{champion:89}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:69}}. If you all go AP "normal" builds, your enemies will build a few {{item:3112}} {{item:3065}} type items and destroy you. Of course I'd never go AD Annie in a normal or ranked.
I mean that would be a perfect opportunity to go crittlesticks
: But there's plenty of ways to beat those champs. Once Garen's villain passive is changed so it no longer effects enemies that kill him, punishing you for winning lane, he's still the same old Garen who has always had trouble getting kited. For Vayne, learn Draven. IMO one of the most fun champs in the game that also teaches you how to make a lot of clicks making it easier to dodge things later on. Vayne also struggles against heavy lock down, champs that can hit her from a spot that she can't fight back from, or champs that can burst her in a second (Caitlyn, Ashe, Nautilus, Leona, Kog). Thresh support doesn't really have any hard counters I suppose, he's a bit problematic. The good news is statistically, he loses games. And as for Yi, Yi has always been a champion that pentakills your team, sated devourer helps him do that but he's still the same champ. Something that I personally have found helpful against him is to have a huge bruiser that can 1v1 him or at least force him out of the fight near the backlines like Renekton or Hecarim. Good luck, summoner.
WE'RE NOT SUMMONERS ANYMORE DON'T USE THAT WORD NOW WE'RE "unseen controllers of champions who are loosely connected and fighting for no apparent reason"
: I love picking Taric support into the full-AD teams that are popular now. He's a lot of fun, and apart from his mana issues, he's really strong. Also, I can make the enemy wish I was Thresh with one keybind. </j> on Mouse Button 3, and it's GG. "Gems. Gems are truly outrageous. They are truly, TRULY, **TRULY**... *outrageous*." All. Game. Long. It's amazing. ^_^
Real. I just started picking him up in ranked games, I think I'm like 5-1 with him already. Enemy team is like {{champion:429}} : ermergerd I'm 3stronk5you you'll never catch me huehuehue {{champion:44}} : e {{champion:429}} : wait wha--- *stunned*
: > [{quoted}](name=MadDoughnutz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9aqmcHa3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-02T20:05:04.047+0000) > > Keep posting, Malicious. Keep at what you're doing. These changes are STILL on the PBE, and can be adjusted to a more balanced lane for Solo Kaiser. These seem like just just an initial set of changes to see how it will work, and they won't be going out for -quite- a long time since we just got a patch. > > Don't despair just yet, there's another month at least for Solo Morde players to get these initial changes to the right place. Thank you for your support. Still, I think with the right tweaks Morde WILL become the first champion viable in all four lanes. His build path's really diverse now and he can be built AD, AP, Tank, Bruiser, etc. If he'll get the solo damage on his W with the increased damage if an ally joins him with their metal shroud he'll get his 50% win rate both top and mid back while still being enticed to play duo due to the support and the W passive/damage and dragon clone. This is exactly what he needs to be perfect in my eyes. If Riot gives this idea a quick test drive they'll soon realize that this is exactly what he needs to be a viable pick in other lanes and make everyone happy :)
HEY! KAYLE HAD THAT SPOT WAY BEFORE! Currently, Kayle is decent in Mid, Top, and Jungle. Way way back when, Kayle was actually considered primarily a support (because anyone with a heal was instantly a support). Only place she's never really been totally viable was as an ADC, but it has definitely happened before.
Enosetc (NA)
: there hasn't been a single point in the game where janna hasn't been a good pick as support and i'd much rather have a good janna over a good thresh you can argue the very valid point that thresh has never been bad, but janna has been a rusty, stripped screw for far too long
I definitely remember a pretty long stretch of time when Janna was considered straight up garbage. Maybe way back in seasons 1 and 2? But even so, she definitely has not always been a "good pick". She hasn't necessarily been a troll pick, but there have always been a number of better picks. Honestly, I think she was reaching her highest popularity I've ever seen just because people needed a way to stop supports like Braum, Leona, Thresh, etc. from just going all-in over and over again. Now that she's being nerfed it's just gonna be even harder to beat tanky, high cc supports.
Linthe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vekkna,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E41bEILl,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2015-09-01T20:56:04.344+0000) > > I'm confused. You have to last-hit "really well" when relic shield has a minion execute specifically designed so you **don't** have to last hit really well? Doesnt work for thresh since his AA is technically ranged.
okay but like even so... You don't have to last hit "really well" to auto-attack one minion.
LaceUp23 (NA)
: Difference is that was an original post. This is a circle jerk thread. OP even stated that he doesn't even care about it, but he knows "GD goes crazy over it". Posting things that you don't even care about because you know it will get upvotes is pretty much exactly what I said.
That's the point, OP in here is pointing out that the other post is pointless because it doesn't give real reasons and is just farming upvotes.
: I'll stop complaining when riot creates female character with more body diversity. The male champs have such a wide range of shapes and sizes. But all the girls are small and pretty, most of which with some form of emphasis on the breast area. Call me when they make a huge, fat monster female tank.
Zedex (NA)
: Ya got sources? Seems like you're just talking out of your ass and lose to CertainlyT champs bro
I mean you can look in the forum archives, I remember these threads.
: I had a similar thing happen with an Irelia and I was Twisted Fate. She was clearing out the enemy's harpies and since I was oom I was using my blue card and last hitting to get back some mana and she yelled at me for doing so. I was just like this isn't even our jungle camps so why so mad. And then she got into a 1v4 and while I was running to help but pathfinding was being annoying she died, yelled at me and disconnected. Somehow we did better after she left
You get the mana back even if it doesn't kill the target... You should have used your blue cards on the big wraith so that she could kill it faster and still get all the gold.
Rioter Comments
: Wow seeing Vayne vs. Kalysta in every single ranked game is great fun!
Season 2 Graves v. Vayne every single goddamn match. Never forget. Tbh I don't think I've ever seen more stale ADC picks. At least now there are like 3 or 4 people will play.
: > [{quoted}](name=FalconPawwwwnch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4RVeheMb,comment-id=00130000,timestamp=2015-08-17T05:37:57.665+0000) > > Out of all the Vayne games that last 0-25 minutes, she wins over half of them Did you even do your research? Almost all the adc's have over a 50% win rate between 0-25 minutes. The role is called Attack Damage Carry for a reason. Because they are champions that build full damage to kill the enemy team. And if they get ahead. REGARDLESS OF WHAT ADC IT IS. Between 0-25 minutes. They have a higher chance to win the game. Here let me put this easier for you. Format ADC - Time of game - Winrate Percentage Jinx (0-25) Winrate : 53.59 Ashe (0-25) Winrate : 53.7 Sivir (0-25) Winrate : 54.13 Draven (0-25) Winrate : 53 Varus (0-25) Winrate : 52.57 Kalista (0-25) Winrate : 53.85 Caitlyn (0-25) Winrate : 50.92 Corki (0-25) Winrate : 54.11 Graves (0-25) Winrate : 52.75 Then theres vayne (0-25) Winrate : 50.68% Whoa thats crazy, its almost like, as if. Any adc that gets ahead between 0 minutes and 25 minutes of the game has a above 50% winrate. No way. All stats were taken from Champion.gg The same site you used for you links and stats. Basically using this stat is pretty much invalid for your argument. So if you have any other stats you would like to share with me go ahead.
: The current strategy Riot employes:
ugh so real about Yorick. No one complains about it, but he is still the most painful champion to lane against in the entire game.
: @3 Shouldn't new players be doing bot matches to learn the game until they have those summoner spells?
bot matches until level 10? I'm pretty sure I started playing against real people after like 2 bot matches... Idk how much worse smurfing is now (I started in season 1), but I still think it's a little absurd to expect players to get to level 10 entirely in bot matches.
: except RIven has been hated since forever, ELise has been hated preseason 5 and late season 5, zed has been hated forever, Pee sin has been hated forever.
Elise was completely irrelevant for a good portion of this season. Zed was total trash tear for a long time. And I really don't remember any Riven hate when she was released...
: personally i think you should be able to play 3 champs at all roles so that's 15 then just add 5 more to your main role then you have 8 champs you can play in your role plus 3 in the other 4 roles
I see no reason why you should need to play all 5 roles. I personally am a shitty jungler, so I avoid jungling if I can. I know how to do it, but quite honestly I would rather not. The same goes for ADC, I know how to do it, but I really would rather not play it. I got myself to gold by playing 3 champions top and 3 champions support for the majority of my games. I think it's way more important that you get really comfortable with a couple of roles rather than trying to be good at all 5. I know I'm a shitty jungler, and it stresses me out trying to deal with all 3 lanes at once, so I just don't play it.
Xys (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zhugan,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Ka5HG4bA,comment-id=00040000000100000000,timestamp=2015-08-07T23:00:21.447+0000) > > OH MY GOD! I never considered the silent majority! What a novel concept for me to think about! > > I know about the idea of a silent majority. Ironically, I'm not talking to those people. I'm talking to the people who are complaining about how terrible it will be to have to play on what is roughly half of my current ping. > > In fact, if you bother to read my original post, I am pretty much exclusively talking to the people complaining about how awful this change is, and not the people who don't care or think it is better for the game. Because, to the people who aren't upset or think that it is a fair or a good change... > > They aren't shedding tears. They aren't complaining or raging. They don't need to get over themselves because they are already where they should be about this announcement. The thing is, it IS an awful change. It is not the right way to go about fixing this issue, and it ultimately creates a playing field that, while it may be equal, it's equal at a terrible average ping which results in NA being a less competitive region due to having such suboptimal ping. I'm not saying that the cost of low ping is someone in the continent getting fucked over, I'm saying the best solution is to split the servers or do it the way DotA does it. Splitting the servers would divide the community, yes, but the way DotA does it would not and EVERYBODY would have low ping (unless you're playing with a friend the way DotA does it).
You realize people live around Chicago right? As the servers are currently located, there's a large portion of the pacific ocean that has way better ping that most players. By moving them to Chicago, there are people living in all directions, so that rather than the signal basically only being used in one direction (going East) it is now used both ways. It most certainly decreases the average ping from what it is currently. The only people I can really see being upset about this are pro players who relocated themselves to California to have lower ping. However, for the majority of the players base (essentially anyone East of Wyoming) this is an improvement.
: If you live on the east coast of north america, you can't animation cancel on riven and it has nothing to do with skill or timing, that alone should be enough to discourage adding more of it, since it's discriminatory based on something outside of the player's control But the gameplay reason is that being able to 'cheat' spells cast animations causes a character to have far faster burst than opponents can react to, causing scenarios like riven, where her opponent dies while stunned and isn't given a chance to fight back (one of the many reasons riven snowballs ridiculously like she currently does)
I was wondering how people did it so fast, should have known it was just my ping.
: Is it me, or has the player base never been more dissatisfied than it is now?
I feel like Riot is kind of reverting back into the Season 3 "release madness", except now instead of just trying to release a bunch of champions really quickly, they're trying to release a bunch of everything really quickly. This season I have honestly just dropped jungle because of how often and how drastically they are changing all of the items in there, I just can't keep up with who is supposed to build what anymore. Additionally, champion concepts are getting so insane that it's impossible to play against them until you have played them yourself (which is true a lot of the time, but I think it's particularly difficult with champions like Tahm and Kalista to understand what is going on just by playing against them). I started in Season 1, and I took a bit of a break at the beginning of this season and got back into it just as the tank meta was falling apart. I'm starting to feel it might be time for me to take another break, I'm just finding the current state of the game frustrating and even after a few months of playing pretty consistently, spending a lot of time on the forums, looking up guides every once in a while, I still feel like I'm just learning the ropes on a game that I have played for 5 years. At the end of season 4 I felt unstoppable, like I was finally starting to understand the really complex parts of the game, really on top of all of the items, complex mechanics, felt comfortable in every role (not to mention had finally climbed my way up to gold). Now I feel like almost everything has been unseated very rapidly and I'm left trying to figure out what is still relevant from those 4 years of learning.
: Don't worry, unless you're playing in high ranked lobbies, chances are the person you are fighting against doesn't have a full runepage either.
eh... I had full rune pages even back when I was bronze in season 2. I don't know that that's really a safe assumption to make. Optimized rune page? Probably not. But full rune page? Most likely.
WolfBV (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=moberrybusiness,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qZVTnEng,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2015-08-06T22:14:12.564+0000) > > I literally just have 3 Generic AD/AP/Tank pages because buying a full page takes like.. math times D: > > If I were to make a page for Kayle or a hybrid champion, it'd go like this. (Mind you I'm shit tier lmao) > > Quint of Armor/MR penetration x3 = 6150, 9 seals of armor for 1845, 9 hybrid pen reds for 7380, 9 AP glyphs for 3690. > > That is literally 19065 IP for one rune page that built off hybrid penetration. Can't you just buy Tier 1 runes to start with tho.
Tier 1 & 2 runes are a total waste of money. While they're cheaper, their stat boosts are basically negligible. That's another one of the problems with runes, you can't even buy the useful ones until you reach level 20 and it's highly likely that you wasted IP on the lower tier ones because you didn't realize they were useless.
: Am I the only one who played both old and new Karma and much prefers her after her rework?
I just feel like they made her ultimate much less interesting. Before her rework there was always tradeoff with which ability to use it on, but since you had two stacks, you could feel safe knowing you had a backup in case something changed. Now without stacks, it just feels bad to use it because the empowered abilities aren't insanely better and you feel at a disadvantage when it is on cooldown. I think the new abilities are better (like wtf was her old E), but I still don't like the way they reworked her ult.
LankPants (OCE)
: >Examples when someone with no understanding reworks a Champion: Add {{champion:43}} and {{champion:37}} to that list. Neither of these champs players actually wanted the changes and the Sona changes didn't actually fix anything. -Edit: Thank you good sir :)
ugh rip old sona. She was so fun. Honestly before her rework she felt so good to play, thematically, mechanically, really just all around. To this day I do not understand why she needed reworked.
: Most Hated Champion Help Thread
Honestly one of the hardest lanes to play against is definitely {{champion:83}} . There are a lot of people who have probably never even laned against him since he's been super unpopular for a long time. But seriously, pray you don't have to lane against this bitch. It's just stupid. And the solutions to most champions I'm seeing is "punish them before lvl 6", which is honestly a kind of shitty solution because you have to do a really awesome job for them to fall so far behind before their level 6 that they can't catch up. And with Yorick, his moment of unbeatability really comes once he gets his tear, so quite honestly it can be his first back a lot of the time. Once he gets it, he can just use his e on cd, zone you from farming, and keep his health topped off.
: I hope a support update comes after the fighter update
Oh gosh. I just wish you could play season 1 and 2 support. You think you're the only one warding now? There used to be no sightstone and no limit on how many wards you personally could put on the map. e.g. 90% of your job was to just keep buying individual wards and putting them down. Like you would have to buy at least 5 every time you went b. Sometimes you would have multiple stacks of wards. The only gold boost items had flat gold gain, pickpocket didn't exist, and the useful actives were on items like Shurelia's Reverie, which had no offensive stats. Also getting AP was waaay harder, because there was maybe one useful support item with AP on it (old WotA, though some people would still flame you for buying it...). Truly this is something that they have been working on forever, and they've made a TON of progress in this field (you think champ picks aren't diverse now? Back in the day it was {{champion:16}} v. {{champion:37}} every single goddamn match.). Personally, I would much rather have "non-support champions" taking on the support role than having it relegated to only 2 or 3.
: It's very strange that she's suddenly a hot topic. Very few people complained about her until a couple of weeks ago, and I have no clue as to why. It could be that because she simply wasn't touched while maybe those around her were nerfed, bringing her to the forefront. other than that, beats me.
I mean the addition of Luden's was pretty recent, and that definitely increased her power.
: I'd just like some kind of visual effect for her passive being up. Unless you pay attention to it you sometimes end up stunning a minion wave when you thought that W would set it.
There is a visual indicator, she has the white swirlies around her when it's up. There is also a stack counter right above your abilities.
: Is it just me, or has pathing and minions gotten WORSE lately?
This has been happening to me when I teleport to turrets actually. Once the tele finishes I'll have like 2 seconds where I just can't move because I'm stuck on the turret? Like I think this has happened 50% of the time I have teleported to a turret in the past week.
: When I ping MIA, they die anyway...
Yeah I kinda agree that one ping is often hard to notice... Especially if someone is pinging something else or something particularly distracting is happening in lane. If there are 2 pings I will always notice, but every once in a while I'll miss it if there's only one. And if I know where they're going, you best believe I am going to keep pinging as long as it looks like they haven't noticed.
Xochtil (NA)
: I'm not talking about winning games or who's best for teamfights, i'm talking about just having fun facerolling everything by pressing e. like wtf xD just a fun champion to fuck around with.
Yeah that's why I didn't enjoy it. It was just super boring. I could stand still and hit e on an enemy and if they got too close just kill them with all 3. It was even fun because it was just so stupid.
Anrui (NA)
: As a Diana main, I +1. I play Diana everywhere but bot lane and in lane I lose fairly hard against most people. Then I hit 6 and assert my dominance because for some strange reason they don't think I'm going to go in and chunk them out after I hit my Q. Not to mention, their jungler usually never tries to shut me down at my level of play (silver). I am a jungle main and when I play top Diana, I am like a juicy chicken dinner up there pre 6.
Replace Diana with Akali and this used to be my experience. Now Akali is just trash even after level 6. {{item:3070}}
: I play league much more thank smite and I feel the same way but about SMITE in which SMITE it way more fun than league to be honest. I also play SMITE on the Xbox and its like a perfect transition.... Although SMITE it more fun I seem to play league more because I am just attached to it and I am honestly much better at league.
I totally agree, whenever I'm playing smite I am just like "this game is just so much better. Why do I still play league?" And then I go back and keep playing league...
: I'm not high enough level to play ranked yet in Hots, but realistically there is still some toxicity...although toxicity has been around in gaming for a while.
well as it is, HotS causes a lot of toxicity by how awful their matchmaking is. It's honestly shocking if you don't have someone with at least 300 games played in every match, even if it's only your third match ever.
Xochtil (NA)
: Yorick Mori
Honestly, when I bought him after playing him a couple of games, it was the most boring faceroll laning phase I had ever seen and refunded him because it wasn't even fun just spamming E and being impossible to kill. But people currently don't play him because he doesn't teamfight super well. In late game, he is essentially just there to ult someone.
: Isn't what we all try to do in all the lanes(try is the key word)? Besides Veigar isn't a little kid you can't just bully him out of places just like that he will stuff magic in your face unless you can actually kick him out.
The thing with Veigar is, he is gated ridiculously hard by his mana pool, so if he is using his mana to do anything other than farm his Q, it hurts him really bad. So forcing him to use his stun or to fight back will really hurt his laning phase.
: Wait, you have games that last long enough for level 3 upgrades and baron? Most of mine seem to be decided by early surrenders so far. Which, really, what else can you expect from a mode where MINIONS can snowball.
Yeah most of my games have been very clear 20 minutes surrenders...
: The problem is that the brawlers snowball the game. If one team is ahead of the other, then that team's minions will be stronger. I've played several games where the minion waves always naturally pushed toward the losing side, forcing them to sacrifice towers just to have a chance at winning teamfights. It's like if the entire enemy team all bought a free {{item:3060}} and spam it as often as they can. Now they have a split pusher that, while easily shut down if some enemy goes to put a stop to it, is zero risk and allows for 5v5 teamfights while minions backdoor. The new items are alright, but they're nothing I would build an entire game mode around. It's basically a normal SR mode where it's easier to keep your lead once you get it; something Riot has been careful to avoid on the normal map. If it wasn't for that GP icon, I'd never play this mode at all.
Yeah that's how I feel. It just makes the game more annoying for me because the game is decided before you can even get out of the laning phase. (As I just learned this makes {{champion:83}} just stupidly overpowered)
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