: people call katarina a "low elo stomper"
they should just nerf my babygirl until she's complete garbage. i miss when people barely played her. let's be real tho, she's always been toxic hahaaha. even i hate playing against her and i've been maining her since Season 1
: Please do not let Twisted Treeline die.
Man I still remember the day they completely trashed TT. It was during Elise's release and they added alters and removed some of the camps. Friends and I used to play it so much for fun but quit after that update. I wouldn't be surprised if they gave up on it and threw it away like they did Dominion and Nexus Blitz which were their best game modes IMO.
Εlin (EUW)
: People troll my games because I pick Vel'koz support.
i actually banned vel' koz for a while because of 1 guy who completely shitted on me and my adc down bottom and single handedly carried 1v9. i'd rather lane against a zyra or brand
: Nothing feels worse than loving a champion who isn't on Riot's favorite list
League has never been good with balancing. I mean it's a good thing that they always want to change things up so the meta doesn't get too stale but ever since the tank meta began a few seasons back, I feel like they just overtune things way too much for a few weeks then nerf and buff another champion again. What's even worse is when they rework champions and make them either unplayable or extremely busted until they get constantly nerfed/buffed every patch. Imagine being a Swain, Aatrox, Akali, Yorick, and Ryze main.
: Things I felt Nexus blitz got right
man i would do anything to get dominion and nexus blitz back. u pick ur champs and u fight for the objective with less stress. it was all fun while they lasted
Bultz (NA)
: Can you please expand upon the thunderlord skins
: Can someone please tell me why they find this meta fun?
my friends and I who have been playing since 2011-2012 haven't found this game fun since season 4. i feel like most people who like it are those who played the game when it was already shifting to the tank/one shot meta and are used to it. everyone has their own opinions but i'm only saying that because most of the people i know that still play a lot today are those who joined the game late
: Had my worst experience in league today
Its crazy how you can go on a win streak and have decent or competent teammates but the moment you get into promos, everyone all of a sudden wants to troll or you get flamers. League just hasn't been fun in a long time because no one's trying. If it was norms then that's a different story.
Rencith (NA)
: Ahh...someone who is finally touching at the root of the issue. I tip my hat to you sir. Match making isn't broken, riot INTENTIONALLY fucks with it. 45 almost 50 percent of all players are stuck in silver. Why is that? Because riot notices how much play time drops once people get gold, and that means lost profits and money for them. So they go out of their way to stack the matchmaking algorithm against silver players. Why do you think those in diamond and plat these days are safe? Most of em got there in the old elo system where one person could in fact just rely on their own skill to get them to high elo. My suggestion? Don't play league. The only way riot is going to learn their lesson is if you as a consumer vote with your wallet and your time. If they lose enough money, they may actually be forced to be more hands off and fix the algorithm..not likely though, if you aren't a huge streamer or an esports player, they don't care about you.
This^ I've been playing since Season 1. Been Plat every season besides season 4 in which I was diamond. I have my old first account that I quit and gave to my cousin who ended up quitting anyways. I play it every season reset and get the account to gold just for the rewards then log off. After finishing placements, I always end up around silver 3-1 and holy shit the game is so hard. Before I used to be able to win my games straight away and get to gold. Now I find myself losing to silver players. Even if I am playing at my absolute best, my teammates just can't be carried no matter what. Solo carrying has been dead for a long time.
: Been playing for a decade, its better today then it ever was, so I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
> [{quoted}](name=LordBadToo,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=veoaK6QF,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-04-12T18:18:46.717+0000) > > Been playing for a decade, its better today then it ever was, so I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I don’t think you’re playing the same game as us my guy
Quáx (NA)
: Im gonna try and make Ivern sound overpowered HASHINSHIN STYLE
: Say the reasons you dislike the current state of the game
-Lack of carrying potential (as you said). Nowadays it's super hard to solo carry especially. -Too much damage. Everyone can agree that the damage is extremely high in this game. (not a fan of the new rune page and never will be). Sometimes I'll die so fast that I don't even know what I died too unless I watched the replay. -Matchmaking is horrendous. -Champions/Champion reworks have overloaded kits. The ideal seasons for me were 2-4. Every season isn't perfect and there was always something that everyone hated but I felt like those seasons were the most fun for me. I could play non-stop and would always have fun. There were times when I'd be stressed/burnt out from losing a lot but it's nowhere near as bad as today. The game isn't even enjoyable but I still keep playing the game for some reason lol it's sad.
: Is Lowering Damage Even Under Consideration?
i just wish they'd get rid of lethality and the new runes. bring back the old runes and make it accessible to everyone. baron buff is also WAY too OP but that's just my opinion.
: Look at my match history and tell me skill matters in League of Legends.
Skill stopped mattering ever since season 5 IMO. All the issues have already been addressed. Extremely high damage, broken runes, overloaded kits etc. Scarra and Doublelift made good points in their videos. One thing that I hate the most is that solo carrying is just extremely hard to do now. If your teammates do bad, it's pretty much over.
Chronabis (EUNE)
: Aatrox Mains Community Post
It's just not fair for the people who main him. Just like you stated, a rework should stay true to the champion. Warwick and Kayle were good examples. I felt like Aatrox just needed a mini rework to his kit. Similar to Caitlyn, Katarina, Vladimir, Zyra, Xin etc. He should've never been a combo focused character. There's already Riven. Just like all the other AA focused fighters, Aatrox was different. Trynd is a splitpush focused champ, Yi is a melee hypercarry, and Aatrox was a ranged-sustain fighter. It would be nice if he got the Leblanc treatment but I don't think they'll revert him.
: Ight, Time to get Downvoted :)
Being an Ivern main, It felt like it a slap to the face waiting this long just to get a skin that wasn't to your liking, but not everyone will be satisfied. I'll buy it. But I'm probably gonna stick to his Candy King skin.
: A Public Service Announcement to all Ranked Players...
This is really important. Even though you're gonna have plenty of times where no ones willing to switch, it doesn't hurt to ask.
: In your opinion, what are the unhealthiest champs, mechanics, strategies in the game?
{{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:133}}
: Don't even let that shit bother you. I never get bothered by someone flaming or trying to tilt me because I know that it's their main goal. I don't give them what they want. I don't even mute them. I just watch and laugh as they miserably try to tilt me. I tell them to literally keep going and to not stop flaming. That's how meaningless it is to me. I know, I'm weird. If someone says even 1 thing that is meant to hurt your feelings, immediately mute their ass, because there'll ALWAYS be more of it. Mute their pings while you're at it as well.
Same lol. I tell them to just keep typing. I'll read it and I'm still gonna play because I'm not tilted easily and every game I play to win. Never flame my teammates even if they troll pick or play bad. I don't even type to them. It is what it is. However, I can see where these people are coming from when they say it gets to them. Some people in this game are entitled, self centered, and overall annoying as hell. The only time Ill ever mute is if they're spamming chat or spamming pings.
: Apex looks to be taking Fortnight's Crown by purely being a better game. Maybe that's Leagues Secret
I don't know when the time will come but if the next MOBA game looks promising, I'm supporting the shit out of it. My love for league died in season 4 but I always come back to it just because of the time, effort, and $$$ I downed on skins. I'm also extremely lucky none of my champions got reworked completely like Swain, Aatrox, Sion etc or else I wouldn't even hesitate to uninstall the game.
Çaged (NA)
: "Imagine only being allowed to lane once you've put more than 3k gold into an item." You ever played {{champion:55}}?
This^ if kat can do it, so can akali.
: What’s a Ivern?
a champ that’s useless in Aram and nexus blitz 💔
: I did a blind pick after years of just only rank..
I've been soloing and duoing with only 2 friends throughout all of season 7 and 8 and man it was so stressful. I literally play nothing but ranked. I swear I got to the point where I just wanted to quit league again. Recently my cousins who haven't played since like season 4 decided to hop back on. We played a few games of blind pick and it was so damn fun. They were getting wrecked because of the burst meta and all of the new champions that they've never seen but that night was filled with nothing but laughs. I think everyone who's stressing from league needs to hop on blind pick every once in a while. You'll get those games where people are sweating and go extremely tryhard but most of the time, everyone is just there for a good time
Sakura Tree (EUNE)
: 1. whats this about triumph ? and yes she outheals if the enemy doesnt have enough poke logically 2. its meant to be a way of sustain and additional oneshot potential since without it it would be harder for champs who build it 1st to actually oneshot smth. akali and kat both benefit a lot from the early ad from this item as well as the additional spell vamp to help them sustain poke and it wouldnt make much sense if they built smth like a {{item:3100}} or a {{item:3285}} 1st item lol so if the item were to be removed some new form would need to be added
I main Kat and it is strong on her but it's a core item that's necessary. Getting zoned and harassed all laning phase is annoying, especially when the player is good and doesn't let you in on them easily.
: Riot, I don't think diamond players like your reworks
I wish Riot stuck to much simpler things and just gave champs a little more boost in their kit. For ex: Xin Zhao, Caitlyn, Singed, Cassiopeia, Skarner etc. None of the gameplay is changed drastically and they're still pretty much the same champ but better. No one asked for their champs to be busted and banned constantly, just more viable to pick so they wouldn't get flamed.
: Listen carefully, folks. Runes Reforged and Season 8 was designed to cater toward casual players so that low skilled players can equally compete against higher skilled players. By adding overpowered/overloaded runes, new/updated champs with overloaded kits, and RNG elements, Riot made it possible for everyone to one shot players. The skill gap has been diminished. League has been dumbed down and it's all about who shoot first wins. So, I can understand that people are having a hard time climbing, because everyone is playing a casual game where Riot is holding players hands. The competitive integrity has gone out the window since Riot implemented RNG elements like klepto, dragons, plants, scuttle. Also, let's not forget RNG elements in a champion. I'm talking about the infamous abomination, Zoe. It was really sad hearing casters joke and saying stuff like, "Just Dodge the Q." When she was clearly one shotting people across the map. That was one of the main reason why I didn't watch LCS this year. Some casters, who kiss Riot for money, complained about zoe. Season 8 has been a total mess. I didn't play much of it this year. I didn't pay attention to league esports, and I don't care too much about Worlds. If the game is garbage, why would I watch people play it? I hope Riot makes heavy changes to League during Preseason 9. I'm not talking about changing shit just for the sake of change. I'm talking about necessary changes that will fix the issues we have been dealing with since Preseason 8. League needs to return to a healthier and competitive state.
Spot on. I never liked the idea of RNG in a MOBA game. I played religiously since season 1 up until season 5 and played casually from season 6-7. Decided to come back in season 8 and play seriously again and it's just gone downhill to me. I feel like I don't even know the game anymore. Damage is way too high, solo carrying is almost non existent making it harder to carry games when you're doing good, runes was a good concept but just a mess, community win mentality has gone down the drain. No one bothers to try anymore. There was nothing more satisfying than a 40+ min game and making the biggest comeback of the century. Now your team can give first blood and will type "gg" in all chat, refusing to communicate with the team and FF every chance they get. No one plays for laning phase either anymore. It's all about who can burst who faster.
: If your main could have any skin line which would it be?
Pool Party Katarina, PROJECT Diana, and any new Ivern skin at this point..
: how to quit league
I would've been quit this game since season 5 but the only thing that still gives me the drive to play are the certain champions I like. Most of my friends already quit due to constant changes and champion reworks. Until the day comes where they rework a champion so much like they did to Swain, Sion, Poppy. You can see me on another game. I also support HoTs and I play it every now and then because it's such a fun game and a big stress reliever compared to league.
: The way I see it, the current problem league is facing right now is the ridiculous abundance of early damage afforded by keystone runes leading to severely one-sided mid and (god forbid) late games. I'm not saying that there weren't some silly builds with the old rune system. The new runes are undoubtedly better in concept and execution, but in their current state, some of the keystones are so superior to all other options that they have really centralized the game. Specifically, Electrocute has allowed assassins to stack on a staggering amount of scaling adaptive damage. Unlike arcane comet which can still be dodged, this damage is instantaneous, allowing certain champs who's kits naturally allow them to pull off the 3 hits needed {{champion:64}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:38}} With 140 champions in the game and more to come, there will always be champs who drift into higher viability, but when all of those champions fill the same role in the same way, the game becomes dull with matches coming down to who was able to get their 3 hits within half a second.
Early game damage is definitely a problem. You literally have no room for mistakes or else you're deleted in seconds. The game now is literally about who can get their damage off fastest before being the first to get deleted.
: > [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sg2xiWqy,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-07T05:21:05.340+0000) > > No. > > I'm sick of players giving up. I don't want my losses dictated by 3 people calling it quits. And I don't like having my time wasted in a match that's decided in the first half by people who wanna be egomaniac tryhards. \*shrug*
> [{quoted}](name=Strawberrycocoa,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sg2xiWqy,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-10-07T05:40:00.747+0000) > > And I don't like having my time wasted in a match that's decided in the first half by people who wanna be egomaniac tryhards. \*shrug* and that's how you throw away so many games that could've been wins. i can't tell you how many shitters ive had that spam FF because they lost lane only for us to come back and win the game after grouping for the next 2 teamfights
: yeah, league should learn from the most boring and casual moba in the market. Making you reach a certain rank with a champion isn't going to make you not feed on them. You will literally have the exact same issues regardless of you needing to have champions at mastery lvl 7 or at 1. All a change like this would do is make it even more obnoxious for people who want to actually trade champions and actually use champ select for it's intended purpose which is to coordinate with your team.
HOTS is in no way boring at all. If all my friends were down to quit League for it I would drop the game RN. It's actually nice to play a team oriented game that's objective focused and you can actually survive and not get deleted in 0.2 seconds.
: I miss nexus blitz so much...
nexus blitz needs to come back. same with dominion, idek why they ever thought about removing it instead of putting effort into it
: umm sweaty have you ever heard of the superior game mode Twisted Treeline
the game mode that was ruined after the elise update? the game mode that's filled with bruiser picks and meaningless objectives? i think he's good off that
Dat Kat (EUW)
: Nah nah, {{champion:55}} is included aswell. Her rework did nothing but lower her value in the game. Just because you don't see her in games anymore does not mean she's okay as is now. Because she's not.
I've mained Katarina since preseason 1 and honestly, she's still the same champ but just requires a little more thinking. She's still all about reactions. Get dagger placements down and she's still the same. Only thing that the rework hit her with is making her more predictable. You can't button mash for a swift cleanup anymore because most of her damage comes from picking up your daggers so if people aren't on top of them, you won't get lots of damage off. IMO though, if we had pre rework Katarina in this heavy damage meta, she'd be top tier for sure.
: Why I've quit League of Legends after 7 years.
Here's my take on the topics that you mentioned. Some you already stated. **Champion reworks/Nerfs ** - Although some reworks were good or solid IMO such as Warwick, Xin Zhao, Katarina etc, I feel bad for those champs that got completely reworked into a whole new champ. This constant talk about champs being too (basic) and oudated, needing to rework their kit into something more complex filled with dashes and CC is hurting the game and the dedicated players who downed so many hours into mastering that champ. I don't care what anyone says, I don't like how they did that to Galio, Sion etc. They've shown they can bring something new to a champ without changing them drastically so why make a completely new champion like what they've done with Swain? Some champions just needed some things added to their kit. For example, Sejuani E, Shaco JITB upon clone death, Cassio W Grounds Enemies. **The Matchmaking** -Ranked is completely trash but promo games are straight up cancer. The balancing is horrendous and Riot just gives you the worst of the worst on promos just so you can go back to series for the 5th time. You should be going against strong players around your skill level or a little above as well as having strong players on your team. ** Game time and dedication** -Games were actually fun back then because they weren't always a complete stomp like how they are nowadays. Solo carrying was possible and helped the good players climb the ranks. Games would last longer and would actually have a early, mid, and late game phase instead of a strong level 2 burst early game, seeing who could get their damage off first and snowball. There was never constant surrendering and people always played to win because most games were extremely winnable. Nowadays you could give first blood and your teammates are already trying to FF at 15min. Some people lose lane and will just constantly spam FF until all your teammates give in. **Playing with friends/Making friends** - I've played League since early preseason 1 and I've had so many IRL friends that played as well as many in game friends that I made. Playing with friends was so much fun. Hide and Seek Dominion, classic ARAM, Casual Normals, Ranked 5 teams, classic TT before Elise release. People in game on both teams were most of the time very cool. You could joke around and play the game and they would add you right after because you guys had a good game. Everyone was always online. Now my friends list is dead. Everyone quit because of the constant changes and the shitty damage meta that came along with the new runes. No one adds you after a game ends anymore unless you played extremely well and they just want to duo for freelo. It feels as if there isn't really a community anymore unless you come to the forums. **Conclusion** -Bring back season 2-4
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Graves is unironically a ranged tanky assassin with ridiculous jungle clears.
Not just the dmg and health he has but that smoke screen that's packed with an unnecessary slow
: Thinking about what can be done with Master Yi
There's nothing wrong with basic champions like Yi but I do agree that Master Yi doesn't need a full rework and mostly just a change to his E. Maybe give him something similar to Eve and Ez where he can mark the target, dealing bonus dmg to that target and if he attacks them it'll reduce his alpha strike c/d whereas a kill would completely refresh it along with his E. I'm not a Yi player but I hope they don't change him too drastically. People complain about AA melee champions being too linear but they all actually play very differently. Yi is a carry type AA melee, Trynd is a more split pushing-focused champ, and Jax is a bruiser type fighter. Not every kit has to be too complex either.
: What in the flying fuck is wrong with the damage in this game???
Man I feel it, I play against Zed's mid all the time and they'll always miss double shuriken but can land at least one E+ignite and it's almost my whole health.
: Blood Moon Camille - fan art
What Blood Moon Evelynn could've been
: Promos were always like this. It's based on if you can actually carry your team. But no one can carry idiots.
This^ Riot always give you trash when you're in promos. What makes it frustrating nowadays is that solo carrying is just way more harder than it was back then.
Lowvyr (NA)
: 3v3 is dead.
I still remember the day Elise was released and they changed TT. They should revert it back to the original. Way more diversity and a lot more strategic.
: I don't think "boring" champions are a problem or should be changed just because they're "boring".
If you're going by boring as in simple mechanics. I agree with you. I see so many people complain about reworks for champions because they're too "linear" that their kit is bland. Many people complain about champs that they don't even play and say "I'm going to play them now because they actually take skill" then go back to playing their mains. Not every champion has to be complex nowadays which is what I've been seeing with many reworks. I know so many people who dropped their champions just because the change was too severe.
: Does anyone else really miss Hide and Seek?
I miss dominion in general. I remember all of my friends and I would play hide and seek all day. First couple people to die had to switch their spots out for our other friends. Sometime's we'd all just queue up around 3AM and meet up in draft dominion and just battle it out to see who's better. Fun times..
: So unpopular opinion, akali isnt broken.
I don't think anything about her kit is broken at all besides her shroud. If you want to keep her from getting targeted by champions then that's fine IMO but the fact that it could also ignore turret hits is absurd.
: Tell me an unpopular League opinion that will trigger everyone.
Can't tell if these are actually unpopular opinions or sarcastic comments but it's funny to read
Nyvelle (NA)
: I miss having friends to play this game with, it's too bad they all got sick of it and quit
I remember when my whole friends list was always on. Friends from IRL and friends I made from Norms/Ranked. Everytime I logged on everyone was always on playing or just chilling with their client open. Me and my friends from school would always talk about playing all day and just wish class ended already so we could all hop on skype and play right away. Now my whole friends list is dead. Everyone's quit since season 5 and I still hop on once in a while to stay updated with the game and play a few matches. Back then I could play solo norms/ranked and still have fun but now I just feel scared and I end up leaving my client open, deciding whether I should play or not.
: This might be unpopular, but I really don't enjoy nexus blitz.
It's your opinion, don't be worried if it's unpopular or not. I personally love the mode. The strong buffs you receive for winning the event make it feel worth it and even when you don't win, it's still not impossible to come back. I also love how the games are kept short so you know you won't be spending over 30+ minutes stuck in the game. I'd say the only thing they need to fix is the burning circle spots and king of the hill circles being in enemy base or near turrets. I'd still prefer dominion over this mode but I haven't had much fun in League until this mode came out. I hope they add a rank to it tbh.
: That's a good question. My best answer is hit the ADC with some CC and blow him up. Maybe add some champs with skills that give debuffs to things like damage, AS, and movespeed. I get it that there are things you need assassins to do and a role they fill, I'm just thinking there are some pretty heavy balance costs to keeping them in the game. Do you remember that old morello article that talked about how too much healing is bad for the game? Well I'd say assassins are on the other end of that spectrum of problems in the game. In order to do their job, they have to be able to get to a target reliably and then they need enough burst to blow that target up. That makes giving them proper counterplay difficult, which is why some tend to get nerfed so much.
They just need to go back to square one when the game was good before the tank meta and all of the other nonsense that followed. I would rather play the mage meta again with Orianna, Syndra, Xerath etc than your standard Zed,Yasuo, Talon AD mid's every single game. Assassins actually took brains to play back then. Now it's just about who's gonna all-in first.
: 100 to 0 under tower at lvl 1, in 2 Seconds
Ryze obviously could've played it better but I can't believe a lot of people are fine with Talon being able to dish out that much damage this early in the game. It's nothing new though.
: one for all is no fun
Bring Dominion back!!!! and add small jungle camps for my man {{champion:427}}
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