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idubbztv (NA)
: ***
Your name is fitting
: so like that horse spear dude from smite? I like it! he could ride the horse into battle.
that ult gives me ptsd xd
: Hey what support are you gonna be?
ive carried games with nid support :Lo
: no cuz lux has no aint dive potential like morg you dive into a morg she can shield the adc from the cc or and ult while u dive to aoe slow and root you while popping hourglass to safe her self morg is a way better then lux as a support but to each their own
Lux shields actual damage. Morg only shields ap damage and cc. Lux can also q.
: morgana is gonna be able to peel and shield better... has an aoe root .. she typically builds more supportive when lux wants to get deathcap and other AP items to try to kill and do damage THATS WHY
They pretty much do the same thing. Lux's root is just kinda worse but it's bc its a basic ability. With lux you can build athenes and redemp and ss and do support things.
: > [{quoted}](name=Témptress,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iEitrVFf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-20T11:25:32.365+0000) > > While dead*** Your dead, its terrible enough Tibbers enrages. Tibbers should die when you do, take what you have as it's already pretty great.
LOL They made tibbers better though lol. She was in a pretty rough spot for a while.
: when i play adc i hate supports who are mages trying to be supports {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} for example i prefer a support who has utility and some type of cc/engage some of my favs are {{champion:412}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:111}}
LOL *hates mage supports like lux* *prefers supports like morgana* KEJNMKJNG
: Because he is easy to punish in lane and is riskier than assassins because of lower mobility, in order to play well with him you need to know his limitations and you must practice a lot your mechanics in order to pull off combos reliably. But even then his mains are in Challenger and Master tier (Season 3 Gragas, Panunu and Woody if he won that D1 promos). Mage Gragas could be very situational, pick as he was supposed to be. He snowballs as hard as Assassins and when you're ahead you can straight go full AP to demolish squishies if not then you build tankier in order to survive. This is what his build path suggests since his rework.
In what way is he easy to punish in lane? Q is spammable and does decent damage? Assassins can dumpstered on by him. I cant really think of a mage that can successfully out trade him with the exception of like ahri
: Gragas, Maokai, Galio, Malphite... All the mage tanks seem to be pretty insane at the moment. It would be good if they were a good counterpart to the lethality meta slaving going on, but often times the mage tanks and the lethality slaves are on the same team to balance each other out.
I doubt theyd meaningfully nerf gragas. He has too much "flashy playzz" with his fucked up hitboxes that riot refuses to fix
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tieger05 (OCE)
: Kayn is not OP... Stop it.
He has been out for literally 9 days. Shut up.
: You can manually control it with alt clicking.
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: What are you talking about? .... QW is all an Orianna needs to delete an adc. REQ is all a Viktor needs to delete and ADC... QR is all a syndra needs to delete an ADC. R is all a veigar needs to delete an ADC.
Viktor isn't even played anymore and syndra is like a 47% wr rn lol
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: Kayn needs buffs. Badly
Is this a joke? Because it's a piss poor one if it is 1)He is still new it will break the game if he gets mega buffed after nobody has mastered him 2) He is already strong. That ult is so good and his escape is very easy
: Remember when top laners actually got to pick summoner spells
: he weng tanky ap and became nigh on unkillable didn't he.
: > [{quoted}](name=HateDaddy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MGhb7giU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-19T07:34:50.383+0000) > > *his body slam needs to have it's ability to stop dashes removed.* this is not possible unless you remove the knockback
Or at least fix the hit box. Rito pls its been years
: But how? Clarification: (I am referring to how to nerf him)
For one, I cant recall a year where gragas wasn't overwhelmingly good in pro play. His hitboxes are horrid. His damage is so stupid. Have you ever gotten all in'd by him with him having just a revolver? So dumb that he can pretty much one shot so early
: Lol I haven't faced an AP Gragas in a while.
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: >I legitimately just want to know. There's nothing FUN, or INTERACTIVE about his play style. He just one shots, repeatedly and sure it's just "|low elo" but still dude. Nothing screams fun like him dodging your cc while you are under tower and killing you. Like he is probably the only champion that legitimately makes me want to rage quit because it just isn't fair to play against. There is no time to react to his burst. Hard CC, not blowing all of your abilities at once, baiting out his Q, coordination. All of those are counters to Yi (or any squishy assassin in general). Master Yi stomps low Elo but struggles in high Elo where people know how to use the aforementioned strategies much better.
Hard cc he can dodge though and that's pretty much the counterplay to everyone. I have even seen high elo people get annoyed with yi bc he's so stupidly broken. There's a reason kayle sup item and yi jg was a thing.
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: I miss the old league of legends so much.
When I think of old league of legends I think of morganas splashes prior to updates. Good times
: {{item:3075}} Woh hey, I found your counterplay right here!
: omg annie can get her stun up and q me now im stunned with no counterplay because i cant back off even though there's a big sign telling me it's up same with jhin
Actually you can do this thing {{summoner:1}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3111}} . <--- This is what counterplay is. An auto attack, is not counter playable. Wow that logic was bad
: Its not like he can do that every shot Jhin's last auto does a ton of damage then he needs to reload and work through three shots to get another tankbuster shot he has counter play If he dosent attack he will automatically reload or jump on him after his fourth shot while he doesn't have dps potential
While he reloads, he gets movement speed. He also has 2 other abilities I believe he can use whilst reloading. Not to mention it's ridiculous with lethality and warlords that just broke him
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DaNinad (NA)
: Almost like she's a burst mage or something
: Every hook should be 1 pixel, especially Nautilus lol XD Like hooks are far from the only lying hitbox in the game and I'll say something like a Thresh hook is pretty fair. Blitz seems to be the one with the most magic hand in the group IMO.
I have had a thresh hook, hook BEHIND minion and snatch me. So tilting against that demonic fucker -.-
: {{champion:79}} ?
{{champion:412}} ?
: thing is they're completely balanced and counterable if you have eyes... just don't walk where they can throw their balls at you and they lose almost all of their damage.
The number 1 china repping mid laner said orianna doesn't have counters. Because, she doesn't. She is too good and anyone with a basic knowledge of the game can see that.
DaNinad (NA)
: Syndra with the 47% win rate. Oh noes she one shot someone she's broken
Oh no someone walked into her q another q a w and an e and then ate an ult. Wow it's almost like she shouldn't be rewarded for the enemy walking into her skillshots ECKS DEE
: Orianna and Syndra have been meta for ages now
Syndra feels like actual trash now. But ori I agree with
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Témptress,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FyYdO8jW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-17T14:30:03.602+0000) > > Lucian one shotting people with {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} &gt;? Everyone is one shotting people with those. Has nothing to do with ADCs. There are tons of compilations lately on youtube Sejuani, Gragas, Diana, Teemo... fucking everyone oneshotting people Assassins arent bad, new lethality makes everyone into assassin
Ranged champions shouldn't one shot? They get sustain and dps? Not burst
archerno1 (EUNE)
: What are you even on about?
Lucian one shotting people with {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} >?
: He is a support mage that goes mid with poor build paths. What does a ms buff matter to you?
"A support mage" Nice meme LOL
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Skorch (NA)
: Heroes of the Storm is calling...
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Durzaka (NA)
: >Need a semi glass cannon assassin? Go the other form and just one shot. LOL Yeah. Good luck doing that as Shadow Assassin.
: I'm M6, so not exactly "New" at Kayn. But he is definitely not even close to being on Ivern's level. Why Ivern is strong: * Ivern has instant and safe counterjungling * Ivern has a shit ton of utility packed into his level 3 alone * Ivern is very good at ganking * Ivern has crazy good objective control with his bushes * Ivern is relevant the entire game * Ivern has a shield, a teamwide dash, damage, a knockup, a root, and a shieldable meatshield at his disposal. * Ivern can easily escape from or just straight up 1v1 other junglers (provided he has daisy) * Ivern has a support's (CHEAP) itemization on a jungler's budget which means he spikes quickly and easily Issues with Kayn: * One of, if not the worst, dueling potential of any jungler. Run into the enemy jungler and you're basically dead. * Next to no utility until at least 12 minutes in _if you're proactive at ganking_ * Fairly bad ganks * an ult with next no damage until you transform * SA has a way in, but no way out (i.e zero real teamfight potential) * SA requires taking on ranged opponents, no easy task with ADCs and peel/shield supports like Lulu and Janna being meta rn * SA requires at least 3 items to be truly effective * Needs to discriminate with his ganks in order to get Darkin or SA, and if you get the wrong one you;re going to be in a world of hurt * Darkin will get destroyed if he is focused with CC in the slightest * Ulting doesn't really allow for any escape potential since if moves with enemies, can only really be used to avoid being focused for a bit. * You can't just transform to either one in the middle of a game. You have to plan which one and set up your masteries and build accordingly. Things Kayn has going for him: * Darkin is a crazy good frontline and spikes with 2 items * Darkin is really good at shredding tanks * Unique and unexpected ganking paths * Up to 2.5 seconds of invulnerability (albiet the enemy can control where you go) * Huge healing with ult * Dive potential * Crazy fast clears * Able to steal objectives easily * Fantastic roaming speed * Darkin transitions into lategame well So I'm not saying Kayn is weak by any means. He has clear strengths and weaknesses. However his Shadow Assassin form needs a bit of tweaking because it's really just far weaker and takes way longer to spike than it's counterpart, Darkin. Darkin is for carrying games, SA is for having fun. It would also be nice to see some small buffs to his early game dueling power so he doesn't get destroyed by every other jungler. Rhaast is absolutely 100% fine. It's the rest needs some changes. Ideas I propose: * Giving Q a bit more damage, and reducing the bonus monster damage so his clear speed is the same * Taking the bonus cast range of of SA's ult, and giving it some missing health damage + extra range when coming OUT of it so that he can use it to escape * Giving SA some extra AD scalings. Also what do you mean by "semi glass cannon". SA Kayn is absolutely a Glass Cannon.
black cleaver gives him more of a tankier feel therefore, semi- glass, His shadow assassin isn't bad and his dueling isn't bad either, Don't expect an assassin to outduel a duelist. Cant tell you how many times ive barely won/lost a duel to kayn as Diana on equal footing
: it really isnt though, if you dont have a tank anywhere else your going to go darkin kayn, so you could just pick a normal tank. And shadow form, well, is just horrible.
Shadow form isn't even that bad?
: And who should kill assassin then?
Literally any bruiser is capable of doing that
: They do win if even though? Only a snowballing marksman can beat a assassin 1v1. Exceptions being Vayne and Draven that kill anything non tanky that is equal to them.
I disagree. Twitch can blow up an lb before her passive procs if they are on equal footing
: Cool Rant, but here's another reminder: Caitlyn has been OP or Very strong for FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR longer than Draven ever was/is.
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