: > [{quoted}](name=Témptress,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fBKGTRdx,comment-id=000300060000,timestamp=2017-09-19T07:34:02.074+0000) > > Typical Twitch players don't buy mercurial though. Also in case you didn't realize, 1 HYPER CARRY, melting teams costing roughly the same as a burst mage who can get 1-3 targets at MOST (factoring in if shes stupidly ahead) is an issue. Typical low ELO Twitch players do not buy it but the higher you climb, the often you will see Twitch buy Scim since the tank Meta is all about CC'ing down targets. Syndra is also a control mage, she has a CC, a Slow and poking capability, Twitch does not. The problem with AP mages right now is the fact our items are not diverse enough. We are always stuck with the staple {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} and then we have the option of usually 1 defensive {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} ,1 offensive item {{item:3151}} {{item:3285}} and our Core. ADC players can play around with their {{item:3086}} slots, we cannot do that at all. Back in the day we would have one more offensive option which was {{item:3116}} but that item got gutted. I wish Riot would combine {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} into one item making {{item:3135}} a component sorta like {{item:3035}} and rebuff {{item:3116}}. That would make me happy as an AP player.
Honestly I agree with pretty much everything you said. If we improved Ap itemization I probably would be less annoyed by how many build paths adcs abuse
: So you think Syndra should have the same dps as a Twitch while also being able to stun? What would you say if we gave Twitch a stun on his W? ????? You act like you barely learned the game and like you are still discovering the most simple aspects. The niveau of this discussion is so low and you continue to keep it down by bringing more useless arguments. And once again NA upvotes the biggest shit.
That's not at all what I am saying. Stop raging. You aren't comprehending what I'm saying, Autoing people to death with ease shouldn't be compared to someone who's itemization is piss poor against tanks regardless. The day I see syndra kill a tank is the day I uninstall lmfao. Hyper carry items should cost more. Point, blank, period.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kill Denied,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fBKGTRdx,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-18T19:11:40.196+0000) > > I wanna see you playing adc without > > {{item:3031}} 3400 > {{item:3812}} 3500 > {{item:3153}} 3400 > {{item:3072}} 3700 > {{item:3508}} 3400 > {{item:3139}} 3600 > > Just how biased do you have to be to actually think your post makes any sense? > You are making a brainless ADC witchhunt. Everyone with half a brain can see that you just picked the cheapest items while you ignore all the other ADC core items that are among the most expensive items in the game. lul Typical Twitch Build vs Tanks: {{item:3006}} 1100 {{item:3031}} 3400 {{item:3085}} 2600 {{item:3153}} 3400 {{item:3139}} 3600 {{item:3036}} 2600 // Total = 16700 VS Typical Syndra Build vs Tanks: {{item:3020}} 1100 {{item:3089}} 3800 {{item:3151}} 3100 {{item:3102}} 3000 {{item:3135}} 2650 {{item:3165}} 2900 // Total = 16550 Hmm
Typical Twitch players don't buy mercurial though. Also in case you didn't realize, 1 HYPER CARRY, melting teams costing roughly the same as a burst mage who can get 1-3 targets at MOST (factoring in if shes stupidly ahead) is an issue.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Témptress,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E75KfEp0,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-09-19T03:02:01.819+0000) > > You really cant tho. If he bullies you with autoes at lv 1 2 and 3 you cant really do anything you are ranged he cant bully you with autos early game minions will mess him up, you are playing it horrible if he is beating you early esp at 3 when you get all your spells you can 100-0 him i know this cause i play ez mid a lot into leblanc an she has potential to even kill me at lvl 3/4 and i have an escape/dodge for her chain varus does not have any mobility.
The difference being varus has three damaging spells and ezreal's main one is q. He outranges leblanc. By quite a bit.
: pretty sure you can 100-0 varus the moment you get to lane as leblanc if you have even a doran ring and a revolver. if your not building gunblade into that match up you are doing it wrong as who needs shitty armor when you can just 100-0 his ass before he can react.
You really cant tho. If he bullies you with autoes at lv 1 2 and 3 you cant really do anything
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: Holy shit +5% AS and +5 onhit magic damage? At level 18? DEAR GOD WHAT IS RIOT THINKING.
|The point was it needed nerfs, not buffs,.
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: Remember to take {{item:3140}} instead, because items should be able to do more than a summoner spell.
Reminder that aps have to nullify damage for a little bit of mr and a full cleanse while ads can fully build it for damage and lifesteal too
: yes, apparently you are. Annie is no longer played mostly as a support. She was for like 2 seasons. Then again, I've been around here for 4 years, so, i've seen a lot of bullshit.
I remember annie support being played in like s4- s5 but that's about it o.o
Rioter Comments
: she was top tier support for like a season or two :) even morgana that i've used to main mid, its supposed to be mid. But some players played her support so, she's mostly a support now
So zyra, velkoz and brand.. Arent mages.. because they are played support? Annie's win rate is 45% in a support role. 51% in mid. So.. I'm confused
: nobody gives a fuck about what riot wants. riot wanted {{champion:53}} to be a top laner. Is he a top laner? riot wanted {{champion:82}} to be a bot laner. Is he a bot laner? riot wanted {{champion:104}} to be an adc. Is he an adc? riot wanted {{champion:21}} to be an crit adc. Is she building like a crit adc? This is like the meme of "It is me that's wrong? NOOOO, ITS THE KIDS!!!!" Riot is having an identity crisis with themselves and in the process, they are fucking over several champions. Like, lets take {{champion:90}} , riot wanted to make him a minionmancer (or a summoner), a type of hero that fights mostly with his pets. They failed. They also wanted {{champion:1}} to be a mage, which failed again. And the list could go on and on :) Sometimes they force a champion to take some role that they heavily intend that hero to have. Like, lets say {{champion:203}} which is forced to go jungle. She's either OP in top player ranks or she's absolute trash. That's what over forcing gets you. They were supposed to design balanced kits (to some degree) and let the players figure out themselves the builds and the best role for that champion. As of the past years, they have decided that they know better than everyone else with their limited testing (if any) on roles and builds. Which lets us in the current situation. Diana is a 'victim' of this. She's by all means an Assassin. The real deal. The type that goes in, burst the living shit out of her enemy and then has to escape (without a free get out of jail card like poster boy zed or ekko gets). But riot isn't content with that, so, they will alter her more and over or forget about diana all together if she[s not popular. That's the reality she's living in. I've quit maining Diana sadly, after the mage update. The huge amount of AP nerf on multiple items made bursting down the enemy mages or adc more difficult. Before, if the adc or mage didn't build a single defensive item, I could one shot them even from behind when I got my 3 items power spike. Now I couldn't because I lacked damage. But I got worthless cdr wooooooooooooooooooo. Meanwhile the adc does burst per second to me >.> In many games we got comebacks or wins because I had wards in the right places which allowed me to see an adc/apc walk by themselves in an unsafe spot and go to assassinate them. Now, unless i've snowballed heavily ahead, its impossible. And Diana has the worst laning phase out of all assassins. Why? Because she only gets a gap closer at lv 6. Akali gets her W at lv 2. Kata gets her E at lv 2. Ekko gets his E at lv 2. Zed gets his W at lv 2 or 3. Fizz gets his Q and E at lv 1,2 or 3........ Talon gets his Q and E at lv 1,2,3 So, its really hard to snowball heavily ahead unless the enemy mid laner is making a lot of mistakes. Now back to Diana. Her recent buff was huge because it allowed her to still be useful even tho she can't execute her burst. If you are not confident you can burst the enemy carry. You can either split push or stay around your adc and when someone comes close, fight those with your adc providing focus fire. Ignoring the entire 'diver' concept out of the way and staying as a squishy fighter that fights for her adc master
You... lost me > They also wanted {{champion:1}} to be a mage, which failed again. And the list could go on and on :)
200M (NA)
: okay? https://i.imgur.com/xXjZxqF.png
Was just trying to share as a Diana player myself ;~;
Dìana (NA)
: I have 1.5m :D.. lol.
Omg :O I see you all the time on Diana threads >~< ilysm <3
200M (NA)
: i made this same thread when the diana changes were put on pbe. https://i.imgur.com/nCHtxJS.png
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: Isn't this your first season?
It's like my first season *trying* Xd
: Tanks are played in every role Top: {{champion:14}} {{champion:78}}{{champion:57}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:59}} Mid: {{champion:14}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:3}} Jungle: {{champion:14}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:59}} Bottom: {{champion:14}} {{champion:82}} Support: {{champion:14}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:59}} I mean come on
People still play poppy? I have never seen mid sion Morde bot?
: I mean this would be more of a QoL change if anything. People can flash out of your snare if they mash hard enough in some scenarios. That just isn't how it should work.
I like how it'll force sion to end cast but other people can continue casting. I hate how it is coded tbh.
: >makes fun of someone else's elo >stuck in mid plat with over 1000 games with a barely positive winrate 700 more and maybe you'll hit D5 one day. One day.
*is hard stuck gold with over 800 games * welp I guess I'm trash ;~;
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HenzoAF (NA)
: Not even close: 1º {{item:3056}} 2º {{item:3091}} 3º {{item:3004}}
: Evelynn is having AP withdraws. She hasn't come out of stealth in weeks. She keeps saying that she's gonna kill vayne any day now, but we all here her screaming at night "JANNA STOP! PLEASE!" while she sleeps. A new recruit showed up. Her name is Shyvana. Her AP burst is the best i've seen in a long time. Maybe we still have a chance? maybe we still have hope? Shyvana died today. She tried her best, but she was gunned down in melee range like an animal after her full combo failed to kill twitch. We don't know what to do. Is there any chanc--- oh no! he's here! twitch just appeared out of no where! talon is already dead! i think he's co(journal entry ends*.)
Good lord finally someone added onto it, mind if I pin this to my o.p? I'll give credit
: I don't know. {{champion:28}} +{{item:3147}} +{{item:3100}} always love a little ADC walking in the woods a lone.
Ah a true hybrid eve, i respect it {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
RuFiot (EUW)
: Oh no, assassins need to rely on their teammates now (if they don't 2 lvls above the adc or ahead) wtf? Rely on teammates in a team work game? Riot pls.. why I can't just go and kill the adc when he is solo? adc's are too mobile.. they just need to stand there and let the teammates peel for them.. their kit should have 0 escape, right?
1)I think you were missing that this was somewhat of a joke. \Also I think it's pretty funny when you forgot the point of an assassin was to kill an adc until assassins got nerfed for "counterplay" so now adcs are almost always victorious 1v1ing an assassin
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: > You are only going to farm upvotes because of the new players that don't have access to all content. Let me get this straight. People who *don't* have everything, and still coughed up IP for Runes, are going to be the ones saying "It's OK that we don't get a sizable refund", while those that *do* have everything and were sitting on heaps of IP are going to want more and down vote this? How does that even make any sense? People who are still lacking content should be the ones wanting a higher refund, so they could get what they still are missing. I'm among those who bought tons of runes, don't have nearly all the champions, but I agree with the OP. I got my use out of my Crit Damage runes, and whatever other wonky setup I tried, I'm happy with the time I got with them, but it's time to move on. Rune Pages bought with RP were the only thing leaving a bad taste in my mouth, but the skins for those seems like an OK trade to me.
People that don't have everything wont realize just how much work people had to put in to get all the runes or 5+ rune pages, therefore they generally wont understand why people want a refund
: Rune Refunds: Unpopular Opinion
I just don't like that runes were a REQUIREMENT if you wanted to actually win or be on equal footing with someone. No ranked game ever had a person without runes win easily. And now that runes are getting overhauled, FORCEFULLY, in my understanding that means that you can not use your runes during season 8, therefore you wasted time effort and sometimes money for runes just for it to be taken away. I know for most people, along with myself occasionally spent rp to get a rune page or something. Therefore it's only fair to get at least half back as a refund.
: {{champion:34}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:106}} That's 8 out of the ~130 champions in league that are stated to be of some god-like form.
{{champion:420}} Too. There are also the "ascended": champions of shurima which id assume counts
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Daunt (EUNE)
: You're underestimating Cassiopeia's zoning potential on level 1, she can deny you the entire wave if she wants. Katarina has no way of getting near the minions while Cass is freely spamming E on her.
No I am not, as someone who plays both champions and knows the matchup like the back of my hand, her e costs 40 mana, out of a 320 pool at lv 1. if she spams e she will go oom, not to mention how garbage that damage is at lv 1
Shaikh (EUNE)
: It's been a very..VERY long time since Riot released a pure Assassin champ!
: Do you even know the mana cost of her E
Mastery 6 with her, id assume so? 40 at rank 1, so assuming you are lv 2 with about 350~ mana if you hit it 4 times that would be 160 mana, that is HALF her mana pool. And if you didn't hit q first it wouldn't do any damage which is 60 mana assuming you hit q twice and hit e 4 times. You would be out of mana
: New Rune: Ultimore- Are You Ready For...
If a lux picks this up.. her ult on kill is 20% max cdr I believe. holy fuck.... lux ult every 10 seconds I'm gonna kill myself
Galiö (NA)
: Nothings overpowered when theyre all overpowered ;)
: because lucian mid has 45% win rate unlike what you listed
Lucian mid used to be extremely good, and still though, it's obnoxious, I'm pretty sure zyra mid never hit past 50% either tbh
: That shield amount is a lot squishier than Sion's. It's not going to protect her from 3 to 4 of Cass's E.
If cass e's you 4 times, she will be so oom itll be a free farm lane
: {{champion:131}} ?? How do you plan to survive pre lvl 6?
Daunt (EUNE)
: Cassio can kinda bully all 3 of those champs until they spike up a bit. Katarina and Diana are pretty screwed till level 6 (altho Kat can probably trade with her a bit earlier if she plays it out right) and Syndra will just get zoned as her main damage tool is her Q which can be missed while Cass can spam E's on you.
Kat will never get bullied by cassio unless kat walks into her w, syndra you just have to be able to position properly. And Diana can just farm safely
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: Ezreal isnt even that bad rn. People flaming ezreal in champ select isnt gonna make him play better magically. Until mid diamond champ choice doesnt matter anyway.
I didn't flame him in champ select. After the game however I explained how bad of a champion ezreal is. And doesn't he have the lowest win rate?
: Is it normals? Let people play what they want. Is it ranked? They're probably most comfortable on him over other ADCs, and that can make a pretty significant difference in how someone does.
Sorry, should have elaborated that it's ranked. But that's the thing, they don't do well, ever.
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: > [{quoted}](name=JamesTheMage15,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2f6gLNMG,comment-id=0003000000010000,timestamp=2017-08-30T20:19:49.430+0000) > > Quinn is mobile and her only dash is tiny and slow. Cass doesn't have a dash
They are saying cass has mobility through her q bonus speed and her w slow forcing others to move how she wants them to, that being said her mov. speed is shit. Have you ever been out run by an adc? Fucking obnoxious as hell
: Primarily playing Ahri and Anivia, I've never had a problem fighting against Cassio. Both of these champions can hit back for over half her health with **hard** CC, meaning that Cassio can't retaliate during the 2-3 hundred base damage combo which procs Thunderlords. Plus, her Q is really easy to dodge, especially on champions that have a decent movement speed, and is short range enough that she needs to walk towards you to hit most mages with it during laning phase, opening her up to a stun+burst combo.
{{champion:134}} {{champion:131}} and{{champion:55}} also absolutely make her life hell.
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