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: Wait, so that's TF, Thresh… Karthus (?)… who else?
Thresh in particular looks legit, but he already has so many skins.
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Miror B (NA)
: Read the article, could not disagree with 4/5 of those picks more: Cabochard: Although he may look to be underperforming a decent bit on vitality (who isn't?), if we're looking at the team as a whole then Hachani is without question the biggest one. After having a pretty good split on KT in which many people were calling him the 2nd-best korean support behind gorilla, he looks to have not only regressed massively when it comes to playcalling (the team looking scatterbrained at times) but in overall play (most deaths of any support in EU, and if he wasn't leaving the team he would be on pace to break the record for most support deaths in a split). Cabo's "gimmick" has been a bit like NFL player Derrelle Revis: half man-half boulder who will slowly crush anything that opposes him. When your support is constantly killing your team's tempo, it's kinda hard to be proactive. Aphromoo: Kinda agree, albeit we could pretty much list all of CLG here. NA got better as a region, they didn't get better at all as a team, and now the meta is slowly forcing them down the standings. Piglet: While a bunch of people on here seem to think that piglet has regressed massively from his "dominant days", I'm under an entirely different impression. Looking at the ADC meta, it's kinda hard to really fault piglet in any way as not only are utility adc's the "norm" right now (none of this hypercarry stuff that he is known for) but botlane in general is a giant cluster-bleep- with mid mages being played as supports and often doing 2-3x as much damage as their cs'ing lane buddies. If we're going to blame anyone on TL for "botching", look at the Top/Jg. Lourlo is by far the worst toplaner in NA right now, being a massive liability not just in the laning phase (I need to check, but I think he's tied for first among all EU/NA players for most deaths in the first 15mins) but also in overall teamfights (rarely being in the right position at times and often hitting tanks while his carries die off around him). Reignover's a bit of a weird case, as he seems to be thoroughly lost right now without any sort of "buddy" on the team and due to LeeSin-problems he's pretty easy to ban out by other teams. Pobelter: Not really much to say here. If we want to point fingers at who is to blame for IMT's "averageness", Dardoch seems like a prime candidate due to the constant misplays and predictability with jungle/gank routes. Although Pobelter was kept to give them a "sturdy midlaner", he's not coming off the 2016 that Dardoch had in which he not only won the spring rookie of the split but was also widely considered the 2nd-best jg in NA behind the aformentioned reignover. Trashy: A bit of an odd selection for "underperforming" jg, as there were not only the two I previously mentioned but also the likes of Amazing (who is apparently being benched in favor of Broxah) Chaser (who looks to be worse than shrimp right now) and if we're including challenger then the always happy Santorin (who is on a GCU team that somehow lost a game to BGJ). Going into 2017, I thought two things about EU: that G2 would win yet another split in a row, and that barring them and 75% of FNC/UOL there were no "high-quality" teams there. Considering both things are happening and Splyce was an average team last year, it's hard to call Trashy "underperforming" when the expectations for the team consisted of not missing playoffs.
Hmm, interesting feedback. I appreciate the comment. First, I guess it is important for me to clarify that I am choosing players who are farthest below their general expectations right now. These are players who came into the split with a certain amount of weight on their shoulders that if they do not carry it, their team suffers. Second, I tried to stick to one player per position. So, even though I could point fingers at plenty of under-performing players, these were the 5 most under-performing in my opinion. For example, Reignover is way under what most would expect at this point. Week 3 was not bad for him, but Weeks 1 and 2 were horrible. However, he switched teams and is adapting to play without Huni. I would put more blame on him than Goldenglue, Lourlo, or Matt, because they are all young with limited international experience, but Piglet is supposed to be a rock, who is a veteran, who got kept on the roster over Fenix, who has been a world champion, and who has historically shown really high levels of play. Looking at other NA and EU ADCs, there isn't a single other one that comes close (in my opinion) to how poorly Piglet is playing versus what fans/his team have come to expect. Then look at Splyce and CLG. These are 2 of the 3 teams to keep their entire roster. Yet, when you compare them to G2, the mid-game shot calling is day and night. Coming into the Spring Split, most expected the synergy of these squads to improve and shine compared to the hodge-podge rosters thrown together with imports, rookies, and veterans, speaking different languages, from different regions, etc. However, Splyce is solidly in the middle of Group B in EU, and CLG is in a 4-way tie for 5th (which is anywhere from 5th to 8th). Their primary shot callers, and the roles that seem to have deteriorated since Summer/Worlds, are Trashy and Aphromoo. When I look at other Junglers and Supports, I cannot find anyone who is letting down their teams and fans more. And when they step up, their team will climb the rankings. Cabochard looked really good last year, especially Spring Split when Vitality finished 3rd in the regular season. I thought he always seemed to be a dominant laner who could hang with Odoamne and Vizicsacsi. He could then translate that into split-pushing and skirmishing. However, lately, he has been given several opportunities to play this style and come up short. And, yes, we can blame other members, but he is the one Vitality kept, he is the one who played all last year with them, and his numbers have him coming up short after laning phase. I learned today that Hachani may have lost his starting spot, so we will have to see if this effects Cabochard's play at all. Not much to say about Pobelter. It is easy to pick on him right now, but he really is the one with the team on his back. I disagree with your views on Dardoch. I think he has been doing the best he can. I almost put Flame in the article as the top laner, but he is adjusting to much more than other players and I already had Pobelter so I did not want it to become all about Immortals disappointments so far. But Dardoch has high kill participation and plays well in the early game. He seems to be tilting less, which is good. I think it is up to the other players to step up, not him. You mentioned Amazingx. Indeed, he has been a soft spot for Fnatic lately, but this was already showcased last year on Origen. Sure, there were other plenty of issues with that roster, but he did not look too hot. I had tempered expectations for him or Soaz this year, and I feel like Fnatic was relying less on him to carry the team, in contrast to Trashy-Splyce. Thanks for replying, though! I appreciate your views. Of course, it is a subjective piece, so many different opinions out there. I am rooting for all of these players to improve. I tried my best not to make it seem like I was kicking them while they are down.
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: NA Jerseys
I know Jinx makes some of them:
: IEM Katowice Rundown
I would rank C9 and Flash Wolves as toss-up to win. Unicorns could pull it out, but they will need to make fewer mistakes. H2K amd EDG just below those 3. Then Kongdoo, then M19 and ROX.
: Biased NA LCS Standings after Spring Split Week 3
Just to echo here, I read what place they are in by the number on the left, not which teams are above/below. So if FLY and TSM have a 2, the they are tied 2nd. I don't see any bias there.
atomick (NA)
: Can FlyQuest pull off the win over Cloud 9 this weekend?
It will be an exciting series regardless who wins. I have a feeling C9's top and bot lanes have a significant advantage that will be the demise of FLY. It will be a good standard of measure for how good FLY really are. #C9WIN
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: > [{quoted}](name=TBakes,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=L5MtIHhb,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-03T23:56:22.530+0000) > > Idk, Jankos Game 1 early game was not bad. He got the kill on Cabochard top. He applied pressure bot to prevent that lane from being abused more than it already was. He secured the Infernal Drake. From there it kind of went downhill for him and the rest of H2K. They mis-played the teamfight at Baron and threw the entire thing. > > Game 2, he got kills on Hachani and Cabochard within 13:00ish. He got 2 picks on Nukeduck and was BMing throughout the game. Finished 5-1-4 and H2K looked much more decisive. > > Game 3, his Ivern was out of control even after giving First Blood to Nukeduck and Djoko secured 2 kills top. He helped his teammates secure some kills top, a pick on Hachani bot, and the Drake. A couple of 2-for-0's mid, H2K takes Baron, and Vitality can't come back. I'm not saying Jankos was overall weak, I'm saying he was not that strong as implied It is not like VIT couldn't keep up with H2K because Jankos was playing godly or because Djoko was bad and not doing a good job, VIT had different serious problems that didn't depend on jungle match-up
Gotcha, I can respect that. Thanks for the discussion!
: " I actually said "Unicorns will win the series, but Splyce will take it to three games." - Oh you did, my bad! I thought Fnatic were going to start off better than this but I was wrong, they look like C9 back in 2015 but a little worse. Caps is the new blood on the team with a decent shotcalling core such as Soaz and Amazing and a proven veteran Rekkles. Just disappointed. Vitality looked pretty good against H2K but Nukeduck needs to step it up dying 3 and 4 times a game on a team that has been together for a year now as well as a leader, he's been to Worlds and the bigger tournaments in the past and have played for some time now and he still doesn't seem like a leader. That Riven tho! I can't tell if G2 are actually an A+ tier team now or if there just facing EU teams that are weak like the previous year ? What is your opinion on G2 are they actually a team now or just another flash in the pan ?
Vitality needs to reel in Hachani first and foremost. He was literally feeding kills today. Complete opposite page as Steeelback, who is one of the most passive ADCs I have ever seen. He isn't bad. He knows how to farm. But he is not lane dominant. The second issue is the draft. I think they are stuck in this meta, because Cabochard needs a split-push champ to play to his full potential. I feel like if he is one a Fiora/Camille/Jayce/Trundle, Djoko is on Ivern/RekSai, Nukeduck on a mage with CC (Ryze/Syndra/Twisted Fate), and the bot lane plays a passive farm style then Vitality can win more games. But if Cabo is on a tank, Djoko plays some kind of carry ganker, and Hachani keeps over-extending/face-checking then they will keep losing. Nukeduck seems fine to me. He literally saved Vitality in Game 1 and handed them the game on a silver platter. The Zed pick did not work for them. I don't think it was necessarily his fault. He got close to assassinating H2K players several times, but Vitality could not properly pressure the map without him to allow him to split-push. Same thing happened with his Katarina last week. I loved watching the Riven. Flaxxish impressed me with it a bit. He looks wayyyy better on carries like Illaoi. He got the pick on Zven and almost got a couple more. Expect was playing on point both games. He made the most of the Shen pick. G2 look superior to every other EU team, in my opinion. I do think EU looks weaker overall than NA, but off the top of my head I would put G2 top 3 teams between both regions. I tweeted today "There is not a single team that can come back from a G2 4-for-0 and Baron at 24:00." Keep in mind, G2 are 3rd in Gold Diff. @15, 7th in First Blood%, and 5th in First Dragon%. But they are 2nd in First Turret%, 1st in First 3 Turrets%, and 1st in Baron Control Rate. That's how they win. They get a pick somewhere, or a positive trade and always take turrets and Baron on the back of it, then take the game away. I need to watch them play Misfits and Unicorns of Love at this point.
: > [{quoted}](name=TBakes,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=L5MtIHhb,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-03T19:38:35.490+0000) > > > VIT/H2K: Nukeduck proved me wrong today. He carried Vitality to their win today on Ryze. Hachani died way too many times in all of their games, which I did not pick up on last week. Vitality put up a bigger fight today than I expected, but Jankos is way too strong for them to keep up with early. > Jankos was not that strong this series except in game 3 with Ivern, and in general he is not showing improvements on his weaknesses this season - reason why h2k has been kinda shaky -. Djoko has been good but he has to work on expanding his champ pool because it limits the possible comp VIT can play with. And Cabo has been rather mediocre so far, he has to step up because bot lane is not winning due to Hachani unnecessary lust for plays that end up backfiring and Nukeduck can carry some games but not all the games
Idk, Jankos Game 1 early game was not bad. He got the kill on Cabochard top. He applied pressure bot to prevent that lane from being abused more than it already was. He secured the Infernal Drake. From there it kind of went downhill for him and the rest of H2K. They mis-played the teamfight at Baron and threw the entire thing. Game 2, he got kills on Hachani and Cabochard within 13:00ish. He got 2 picks on Nukeduck and was BMing throughout the game. Finished 5-1-4 and H2K looked much more decisive. Game 3, his Ivern was out of control even after giving First Blood to Nukeduck and Djoko secured 2 kills top. He helped his teammates secure some kills top, a pick on Hachani bot, and the Drake. A couple of 2-for-0's mid, H2K takes Baron, and Vitality can't come back.
: While you were wrong about Splyce winning 2-1 or the Fnatic games being close you weren't wrong with the detailed information regarding those games so I like the knowledge that you give for each game series. VIT vs H2K - If Vitality loses 0-2 or the games just don't look competitive then VIT are done for me. Last year I thought VIT would actually be a decent team that could be the next FNC but the players just don't work together, it's like having 5 star players but they don't have any synergy to work as a team. Add salt to the wounds as VIT are in a pretty tough Group B. H2K Wins 2-0 GIA vs G2 - Like you said GIA are decent early but when most teams fall apart late game or deciding objectives it's the result of no leader or shotcaller for the team and GIA's are realizing that. I want to say Giants will win 1 game but I'll go with my better judgment. G2 Wins 2-0 OG vs SPY - I agree with everything you said, if OG beats Splyce then it's pretty fair judgment to say Splyce are not ready to make it back to Finals losing to in my opinion the worse EU team this year. OG wins it's a shoulder shrug because I still just don't seem them making it top 3 in group for playoffs so for learning exp GJ if OG wins but overall it's whatever. SPY WIns 2-0 FNC vs ROC - This should be the better series from the upcoming games. Betsy has been in the LCS for going on like 5 splits(2 1/2 years) and he still seems like he has that freshmen style of play where he doesn't do anything but stands in aw to his opponents and stays above average in lane but loses outside of it. He's like the EU Pobelter but worse. Fnatic so far is looking pretty bad this split and possibly a #3 seed for Group A to just be eliminated in the first round.... If they even make it! However going with Fnatic this game. FNC Wins 2-1 Nice post and Have a Good One!
SPY/UOL: I actually said "Unicorns will win the series, but Splyce will take it to three games." Which turned out about as I expected. FNC/MSF: I think most people pegged this match-up a bit less lop-sided. Misfits looked much more in control than Week 2, which I was happy to see. The first thing I said about this series was "Rasmus “Caps” Winther will need to maintain dominance against Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage and transition into other lanes." He did not get to do that despite being on Zed and Kat. Fnatic did not quite play properly around those picks for him to snowball. VIT/H2K: Nukeduck proved me wrong today. He carried Vitality to their win today on Ryze. Hachani died way too many times in all of their games, which I did not pick up on last week. Vitality put up a bigger fight today than I expected, but Jankos is way too strong for them to keep up with early. GIA/G2: Watching this right now XD Looking correct so far. OG/SPY: If Splyce lose, feelsbadman. I think Origen are better than Roccat and will be surprisingly better this week. Splyce need to convinve us they are strong, though. They need 2 clean wins. No tilting. FNC/ROC: I agree, Betsy is reminiscent of Pobelter in their current forms: underperforming for no apparent reason. Both should be anchoring their team in mid lane, but seem to be out-classed lately. Not their full form.
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: TL- Lourlo needs to step it up and go beyond even further past super tank and to super super tank because TL needs a carry because Goldenglue is whatever, Reignover is trying to find Huni, and TL's bot lane sucks. CLG - Aphromoo ok what happened to his shotcalling ? Seriously it went from 14 kills and 9.9 deaths a game with only 4-5 towers lost to 27 kills 30 deaths 11-12 towers lost gosh! Like has he gotten bad at it now or what? Also who tells Darshan to go in as a supertank but the team doesn't follow? Darshan will be 1v4 while the other 4 members of CLG are in the back watching like HELP him it's 4v5 in your favor and he's tanking everything. Either engage with Darshan or don't engage in stupid ways like you have been doing. TSM - Looking better since week 1. TSM members mainly Bjergsen and D-Lift have a bad habit of focusing on CS more so than helping the team. Really D-Lift but Bjergsen does it too, I understand pushing a wave into the enemy tower but when someone is in trouble and you focus on 1-2 minions c'mon! Hauntzer died so many times since joining TSM where he would get tower dove 1v2 and he would see the dive going to happen but it doesn't happen for secs then once 7 secs are up Hauntzer is fighting under tower for secs and dies. Bjergsen makes half of the mid to top journey so many times to get free blues but to take 3-4 more steps to get a double kill but nope too hard! 2-3 cs> 2 kills. I mean Bjergsen roaming was the only reason TSM beat SSG at Worlds so a suppose a winning method other than "camp mid" is too hard! NV- Seraph sucks plain and simple. NV needs a new top laner to be successful if not it's 10th place until they do. C9- Once the poke support meta ends so will C9's high of being a top team. If the meta changes to lane dependent where Sneaky has to rely on his lane 2v2 it's over. EF- Getting better but they need to find a new mid laner in the future. Having Froggen is cool and all and adds a "hey support our team we have 1 of the Greatest mid players in the world on our team" but honestly Froggen has been mediocre since 2014 summer. I understand he has had a "team" since 2014 but he hasn't changed his playstyle ever! 4 players needing to change their playstyles or 1 player Hmmmm? IMT- Improving is #1; winning Split should be nowhere near their objective they can try to win this Split but be reasonable and just improve for right now k IMT. Young team, young org, just improve and work together right now. P1 - becoming a #1 team in my opinion. Should be deadly by Summer DIG- same thing as stated with P1 will only get better with time. FQ - Will fall back to earth; as Moon can't steal Reignover's power much longer and we have no choice but to resort back to his #1-2 worst junglers in NA.
TL: I honestly don't see what more Lourlo can do. I would say Reignover needs to learn how to play carry Junglers like Kha'Zix, Rengar, etc. Not just Rek'Sai and Olaf. Piglet needs to exhibit more lane pressure and higher DPM on immobile carries. Matt, Lourlo, and GoldenGlue are meeting or exceeding expectations, in my opinion. CLG: aphromoo is underperforming. He seems uncomfortable on squishy, damage-oriented mage supports, which is surprising. Darshan has some bad games, but he showed an amazing Trundle in the series vs. C9. Everyone else is doing fine. TSM: They are getting it together. They need to decisively beat CLG this week to re-instill hope in their fans. Their shot-calling is getting worked out. Individually they seem fine, but teamfighting and objectives seem iffy. NV: They just got their starting Jungler, so consider this their Week 1. Seraph is playing over-aggressive and taking bad trades overall. Once he is reeled in they will look stronger. C9: Looking strong, and I imagine they will stay at the top. Not much to say about it, just superior in almost every way to almost every team at the moment. EF: I think they found their stride last week. Look for them to continue to grow this week. Akaadian has been blowing everyone away. I love the pocket picks from Looper and Froggen. Mostly their Bot lane needs to step up, in my opinion. IMT: I think Pobelter has looked mediocre, and Flame is on a different page from everyone else. He either engages too soon or too late, stays too long or peels too early. These types of decisions need to be cleaned up. Dardoch looks strong. Bot lane looks okay. But everyone is counting on Mid, Jung, Top to perform. P1: Looking much scarier this week. I want to watch them play TSM this week to prove themselves. Inori is crazy good. Arrow looks like one of the best ADCs. Zig will need to hold his own against more dominant Top laners. And I know Ryu has another gear to shift to. Should continue to trend upwards. DIG: Looked weaker in Week 2. Chaser seemed over-aggressive at times. Simply invading too deep without vision and setting his team back. They need to find ways to give Ssumday and carry/split-push champion. He seems under-utilized on tanks. Keane is above expectations, holding his own against the best in the league. Bot lane seems fine. They need to beat better teams before I am convinced. FLY: Looking great in my opinion. Decisive Baron calls, aggressive early game jungling. Hai doing the highest DPM. Balls playing teamfights well to cover up poor laning. Bot lane holding their own. Other teams will need to punish early game mistakes and then hold themselves. FlyQuest will punish poor decision-making.
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: So What Happened to the Weekly Articles?
You should bookmark a website I write for: We upload new articles several times a week for NA and EU LCS, as well as other esports and sports. Hopefully that helps ya!
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: What would be some good ideas for non-comedic Tahm Kench skins?
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darkdill (NA)
: Speculation: Elodie is a new upcoming Champion, and will fill the singer/dancer niche
I agree. If not, I got Karma-esque vibes from her character. Isn't she from Ionia?
Sharjo (EUW)
: Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun - Champion Teaser
I'm glad I got to read the Singed story before watching this. Watching the machinery pump serum into him I'm like :*(
jurrrr (NA)
: Yasuo in competitive play Here is the VOD:
: The turrets are already coded to do a % max health damage to minions, depending on minion type.
Ah! I did not realize that, but it makes sense. Well, I don't see the harm in having them do more damage to champions and not affect minion damage. That way the gold reward/incentive for first brick stays the same; the pressure is still there to perform well bot lane. But the risk of failing bot is higher for the aggressor and failed dives/ganks are punished harder.
: It would really have to only do increased damage to champions, since the damage to minions is designed to make it possible to farm under turret. Increasing damage to minions would mean two shots to kill melees and one shot to kill casters. Basically, it would be a nightmare for ADCs if they had to farm under turret.
Yeah, true, but I am sure some adjustment could be made. Idk if it is possible to do more damage to champions and not minions.
: We've had a lot of conversations about this since the original implementation of the first turret bonus. There's always been a a slight feeling that the number is too high. But, we aren't convinced that lowering it makes for a better game. At the current number, it creates interesting decisions for players. Do you stick around for longer and risk your life for the turret? Do you attempt to create more pressure in lane? It's possible we could retain the those questions with a lower number, but nothing about the decisions it's creating would make us want to change the bonus amount. The other important question, that other posters already reflected on, is what is it doing to the game pacing? It is a snowball mechanic, and on the patch it was released we saw the expected increase of snowballing off of the first tower. However, the movement wasn't that large, and there was a general sentiment I'd heard and agreed with that the game wasn't snowbally enough at that point in time. Winning lane or early game contributions didn't hold enough weight. I don't know that we're in a perfect state now for pacing. But we've had game states in the past that were much more snowbally by my personal feel. If we determine that pacing is an issue and the game gets too snowballed, I don't know that we would actually reduce the bonus gold here, and might instead use a different lever.
I'm sure you probably have, but have you thought of buffing the damage of bot towers? Thematically, it might make sense to have a turret with less fortification, but higher ability to damage champions who take aggro. It makes bot lane dives more risky by punishing an unclean dive and allows the minion waves to die quicker if the dive is successful. More of a high-risk, high-reward scenario. The first turret gold is the same. There is still an incentive to push bot lane, but there is also more of a punishment for a whiffed dive. Because right now it feels like whoever is in a position to dive first wins even if they do not kill the bot lane, because the duo still has to back or risk getting dove again. Just a thought!
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: Someone's already found it ;) It drove them kind of mad (like, devolving into "is it that the pig drawing has 4 udders?" kind of mad) But you're welcome to keep looking. It's nothing significant or crazy lore-wise though, just a fun easter egg. I'm a huge jhin fan myself, so.
> [{quoted}](name=Hexadriven,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=4vw3LzME,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-12-14T18:53:58.310+0000) > > Someone's already found it ;) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Piltover Map Has a Jhin Reference According to a Riot Member
I searched for quite a while yesterday. Could not find anything solid. I can only guess the letters attached at the top must have a reference of some sort. Maybe he is the one in possession of the map, or possibly the person referenced to be trying to get the map? Also, I had the thought maybe the stamp symbol has something to do with Jhin. It looks kind of like looking down the barrel of a gun with a scope. Not sure, though. Bummer.
: man where are you guys seeing this I go to this website and downloaded the app. They do a pretty good job of tracking off-season roster changes.
Elipo (NA)
: what story is that from? me wants to read it It is a short story called "Progress Day" that was released a couple of days ago on the Universe page. Enjoy!
: Well Camille does say "Bravado is contrary to civility. Much like boys". maybe i'm reading to into this.
I also think she means boys more like young boys. You know, rough-housing, uncivilized little apes? That's how I would interpret that line.
: Some people are going to be upset that attention is being brought to it, but imo it's mostly cultural backlash. Some people don't like having this "shoved in their face" and I think we all know those non-hetero people who are all too happy about being special snowflakes. I for one am happy to see a lesbian couple, as I would be to see a gay couple. More general representation is cool so long as it's not overblown and shoved into people's faces. We can always use more variety in character archetypes, since it adds something new and interesting to the game, even if the character isn't in the game itself. Just thematically, it can enhance someone's perception of the world. If I were some minority, I would be happy to know that I was included in the game. I probably wouldn't play that character just because of that, but just knowing that they exist would be enough to feel more welcome in the game. Anyways, if anybody gets offended in some way regarding this post, just keep in mind that it matters a lot to some people, and it certainly isn't harming anyone.
I agree with pretty much all of this. Thanks for the comment!
xScarfy (EUW)
: I read the title as “Leblanc Exist In Runeterra“ first and was like “what could this thread even be about?“ and than I read it and thought like “thats not about Leblanc“ >.<
: I read something a while back saying that {{champion:89}} x {{champion:131}} is canon, although I can't find it now. Maybe it was false...
I haven't re-read a lot of the lore/color texts, but this was the quoted text above is the first example of homosexuality I have noticed. It is possible I missed it elsewhere (I'm not purposefully looking for this type of stuff), but I figured I would share in case others missed it and it mattered to them.
: I'm happy about this, super happy about it actually, but some of the comments in this thread are kind of getting to me, I think. In regards to it being shoved down peoples throats, or being made overt, I just want to say that when people say this it seriously sucks. As a gay man, my relationship with my boyfriend is exactly the same as a straight person's relationship with their partner. As such, in a story when a character mentions that they find another character of the same sex attractive, or when a character is hinted at being gay/bi, it really isn't any different than a straight character saying they find someone of the opposite gender hot and it sucks that even when a character's same gender attraction is hinted at in even the SLIGHTEST, all these people talk about how it's being shoved down their throats and it shouldn't be a big deal. If Darius was confirmed to be gay in an offhand line, he would still be the same character. If Nidalee was confirmed to be a lesbian in a side comic, she would still be Nidalee. If Garen was confirmed to be bisexual and even stated plain as day, "I'm bisexual.", he would still be the Demacian Justice after the fact. Representation of gay characters (and lgbt characters in general) IS a big deal to a lot of players who fall under that label (including myself), because if you look at media that portrays us, we tend to be stereotyped, or treated as a joke, or the character's ENTIRE personality is that they are queer. Stuff like this matters a lot to us because it normalizes lgbt people as just being....regular people.
Glad it's important to you! I posted the quote in hopes of it reaching someone that would find it meaningful. It's nice to see that most of the posts have actually been really positive and discussion about character, not just queerness. I always get annoyed with those one-dimensional, type-cast roles that are blatantly inserting a queer character into the story in the name of diversity. The example above is perfect in my opinion because it almost sides past the reader in the context of the story. It is like a passing moment. But it was described for a reason. And, as I mentioned above, it gives Tamara's character that James Bond feeling of secret spy who chooses to indulge him/herself sexually on the mission. It is a small, yet significant flavor in the text.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: I thought It was a weird male name, since my language has no gender specific pronouns. I did not give a chance for this person to be a female. It was that unsignificant, and I love it. Not surprised to have gay people in Runeterra tho, just got excited.
Small, yet significant. I had to go back and re-read it to make sure. When I was reading "each time Kimba has offered her a chance to spend the night in her arms" it seemed intentionally left up to interpretation, but then it says "she may take her up on the next offer" and solidified.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Well I guess Noxus and Piltover aren't all that uptight about who you dig. I thought it was a nice touch. It's subtle enough to be just a totally natural thing, not blown out of proportion or anything. I dig it.
Exactly. It is showing an aspect of Piltover's culture and Tamara's character. Her response reminds me of James Bond in a way. It definitely adds to the whole "undercover agent" aspect of the story.
: And this is surprising how? It occurs in nature. Would be more surprised if it didn't exist. Don't really understand why it matters so much to people.
Yeah, like Sharjo said, I'm just pointing it out as part of the story someone out there might care to know. I agree, it is not surprising in the least. I imagine the writer(s) included it on purpose, though, to shed light on their world. Might be more prominent in Piltover than other places. Maybe it is common all over. Just because it has existed throughout time an space in our world doesn't mean it has been openly discussed or acknowledged, especially in a public gesture such as this.
Sciela (NA)
: ***
I wasn't saying it was right or wrong or that I advocate it or disapprove. Just merely pointing it out as a small, yet significant, part of the story. I figured there are people out there who would find it important.
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: Is it me, or does the average game take about 5-6 re-queues to actually start? (5-30 minutes)
I would say it averages 2 dodges in pick-ban per game played for me. (Queue-dodge-rejoin-dodge-rejoin-play) Sometimes more, sometimes none, but I feel like it averages to 2 per game, which is extremely annoying when it is one of the last players to lock in.
AceBlack (NA)
: Mostly because of things like this. {{champion:11}} :Hey, can u pick a tank top? {{champion:122}} {{champion:11}} :Omg that's not a tank that's a bruiser. {{champion:122}} : Then u pick a tank {{champion:11}} : I'm reporting you.
> {{champion:11}} : I&#x27;m reporting you. Lol, this is so real it hurts.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mye,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=PfuHvaPd,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-28T13:48:17.410+0000) > > Nupe, I&#x27;m referring entirely to EU on this one. For some weird reason, NA has gotten smarter over the past year or so, instead deciding to take either rookies (dardoch/matt), proven challenger players (ninja/seraph/shrimp), or proven korean players (huni/reignover). For most of EU (origen being a big one that isn&#x27;t), it seems as though they&#x27;re willing to overpay for unproven/terrible koreans because apparently that&#x27;s better than growing regional talent. Are you really freaking serious? Dude, let's look at the Koreans import in EU LCS history Season 3 and Season 4 no KR Season 5: the first Koreans arrive in EU LCS. In Spring Split FNC that has to totally rebuild the roster after everyone but Yellowstar left after S4 Worlds, pick up **Huni**, a rookie discovered when bootcamping for S4 Worlds in the Samsung Red roster (the all Korean team Samsung wanted to send in Eu copying LMQ situation that forced Riot to introduce residency rule),and **ReignOver** that was a jungler playing in bottom tier LCK teams (IM 1 and IM2) and was considered wasched up since he was known for throwing games after getting early game advantages - hence the nickname GameOver -. Meanwhile Millennium that had failed to keep their LCS spot in the Spring Promotion with their old roster that had finished among the last in EU LCS, bring in two KR for the Expansion tournament. Millennium fails again, but the KR are picked up in other teams. **Ryu** is picked by H2K that was losing Febiven to FNC...and do I have to remind how people believed how he was completely falling down from being the former number 2 mid in the world after losing the famous Zed vs Zed Game 5 vs Faker and then when he got moved to jungler and KT Bullets had a terrible LCK Summer Splt with Ryu ending up being released previous to S4 Korean Regional Finals? The other one is **H0R0** that was never considered a top player in KR as SKT Telecom S was performing far worse than the sister SKT K team (the one that won S3 Worlds) and never achieved much success, and after leaving Millennium was picked in that shady situation that was SHC-> MYM and all the incident involving Selfie (known as Kori at the time) No other KR arrive in Summer, heck H0R0 doesn't even play in Summer except as short term emergency substitute replacing Kikis that left UOL shortly before Summer Playoffs and Regional Finals Season 6 Spring Split: FNC replace Huni and Reignover gone to Immortals that paid them A TON of money, and replace them with **Spirit** (I said the only big KR import ever paid a ton by when coming in EU), which requested to have his friend **Gamsu** with him. Gamsu was in a mediocre Dignitas team , and was decent but not great in his DIG stint, it is not like FNC bring him as a top player or spent huge amounts for him, but they did because they desperately wanted Spirit G2 gets finally promoted to LCS, and brings **Trick** and **Emperor** to their roster . Trick was a young sub in CJ Entus for Ambition (that was not playing good in that period) that played few games in 2015 Summer and was not used in playoffs and regionals, leaving the team as FA, but wasn't a well known player even in KR. Emperor was coming from his experience in BR first, and then the unlucky situation in TDK with the visa issue where he was good in the second half of the season but was not enough to same them from relegation...not exactly a top FA No other KR joins EU until in the last 2 weeks of the split Giants which is in the last position in EU LCS and has to face the Summer Promotion Tournament next do changes to the team to avoid the relegation and call for help **Wisdom** and **S0NSTAR** (they also change their top laner as well). Wisdom was coming from a split where he was teamless, after being the alternate/sub jungler for Koo Tigers that he left after he had not seen playing time at Worlds behind Hojin (that was retiring) and a not convincing performance in the KeSPA Cup after Worlds, with Tigers releasing him picking up Peanut after that tournament. He also left the team just after the promotion team to join CS team Misfits S0NSTAR was teamless too after last playing for a bottom tier LCK IM team that performed badly at KeSPA cup too and was released when IM became Longzhu Summer Split: G2 picks up **Expect**, a fairly unknown top laner that was a sub in a LSPL roster. Giants pick up **NighT** that was a young and upcoming talent in a mid tier team in Korean Challenger. ROCCAT picks up **Parang** and **Raise** which, like NighT, were young and upcoming talent playing for a mid tier team in Korean Challenger Vitality picks up **Mightybear** which was a young and upcoming talent playing for a good LSPL team that failed to be promoted and **Police** that was coming from Apex Gaming that had just being promoted in NALCS after being in Esc Ever, but was not playing in the KeSPA and IEM tournaments that made Ever famous UOL got **Move** that had been teamless in Spring after leaving Gravity in NA and **Veritas** that was teamless in Spring after leaving Vortex that was a bad NA CS team disbanded, and previously was coming from Oceanic region EU LCS teams have never overpaid massive amount of money on KR players, the ones that have come to EU were seen either as declining players, were coming from previous bad/mediocre situations, were teamless for quite some time or were just very young and unproven players (if you exclude again the Spirit signing by FNC, and even him was coming from a bad split even though people were giving him the benefit of the doubt because of the whole Team WE situation) This is nothing like what happened in NA with the signings of well known estabilished players like Huni, ReignOver, Piglet, GBM, Impact, Lustboy, Helios, partially ohq and then the EU players like Bjergsen, Svenskeren, Alex Ich, Froggen, Yellowstar, Freeze, dexter, even jensen as he was not playing in LCS only because he was banned...and I'm probably forgetting someone
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